What one word describes you?

kind :)

Have you ever bought something on the internet?


What makes life worth living?

Eating Food and watching YouTube Videos :)

Real tattoo or henna tattoo?

Henna tattoo :)

What is your favorite way of wasting time?

Listening to music or watch YouTube video ! :)

What music do you prefer: Pop, Rap, RnB or Rock?

Pop rock music :)

How do you feel about snow?

I love snow :)

Who is your best friend?

Emily Do and Meena

What is your favorite type of sushi?

Any of them :)

What's your favorite drink?

Hot Coco :)

Do you prefer to talk or to listen?


Where do you find new music?


What color are your eyes?


Post a picture of the best sports team in the world!

LA Dodgers :)

Do you prefer giving or receiving?

Both !:)

Post a selfie!

:) ^_^

What was your favorite holiday?

Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years :)

What is your favorite restaurant?

Jack In The Box, In -N - Out Burger :)

Are you scared of the dark?


What junk food could you never give up?

Hot Cheetos :)

What is one of your favorite foods?

Hot Dogs :)

Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?


What are you thankful for today?

I am thankful for food, water, clothes, family and my best friends :) ^_^

What's your favorite breakfast food?

Hot Wings!:)

What is your favorite tea?

Ice Tea :)


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