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You are so pretty :)

Just randomly checked this that's so cute thank u

I haven't asked you a question in six months so.. HAI HOW ARE YOU

hiiii im allrrreeet thanks how are you ?

how r u all????????? I am new here!!!!!!


ew oh my god

Care to explain come off anon maybe lmao

youre the first person ive ever hated lol

you're the first person to say that to me lol

Would you ever dye your hair?

Yeah I have a few times and I'm getting it done again sooooooon


oops bit late, thank you heheh x

how did you get 4/5 to follow??

spam and people rting, liam was unfollow and refollow cos he was following his recent followers:)

have you ever kissed anyone


STOP ! you are perfect, just wanted to let you know :') x

aw thats cute lol x

How often do you go to parties?


Would legalizing marijuana be a good thing or bad thing?

we were literally talking about this yesterday omg

Could you listen to my covers on soundcloud? I would appreciate it big time! The link is Thanks x

it says your user cant be found x

Melbourne itself isnt that good, like i get bored after a bit :) sydney or brisbane are good :) I'm australian:)

well id just like to go to ausss

Which cities would you like to visit around the world?

new york and melbourneeee

I've lied to my twitter friend about my age we've been so close for so long and idk what to do.


asked him if he liked me but he said he doesnt like me in that way. but i mean, his actions differ completely..

sorry i dont really know what to sayyyy hahah if you already asked him then i dunno dont ask him again?? omg sigh i dont know youre asking the wrong person lol goodluckk

attention and whatever. Also one day after school, i was having a really bad day and i asked him to wait with me, and he was waiting with me and smiling so much. He was looking at the ground and smiling. Whenever hes around me, he has a big smile on his face. long time ago, i (cont)


you see this guy, i really like him. we have known each other for like the past 2 years and all of his actions shows that he likes me back as well. Like he looks at me when im not looking, he smiles when he sees me, if i dont look at him, he will try to keep looking back at me to get my (cont)


i need advice xx


What's your kik boo? (:

i dont give that out sowwwy

Can you twerk boo?

never tried lol

If you feel stressed what would you do to reduce it?

we were doing this in psychology yesterday o m g

What was the last life-changing decision you had to make?

What college to go to, what subjects to take


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