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-  Clara McGinley
My tears are like anchors that sink my heart to that depths of the deepest oceans. #Spain
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-  Clara McGinley
My friends are mean but this is why I love them.
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I did nothing haha
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Love it yeahhh  Niall Horan
‎@OfficialBarackObama1 there's the answer at your question
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It's okay honey haha calm down
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-  Clara McGinley
A fan wrote it for Niall it's just so cute !!!
There was a day
The september 13
when everyone was happy
and noone cried much heavy
cause that day
it became a great date
cause a special boy named niall was borned
if you hear his voice
you never get annoyed
you suddenly become happy
and you always feel so lucky
a wizard yes he is
how is he doing this
noone knows it sadly
but everyone becomes happy so it
doesnt matter
everyday he makes you smile
everyday he "eats" your heart
everyday he makes your day
hes perfect, what can i say?!
hes amazing he is crazy a lil bit
but thank you for it.
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-  Clara McGinley
You dream about me, I dream about us.
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What do you think about more than anything else?
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-  Clara McGinley
Say something I'm giving up on you.
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with who ? : O
You're so curious !
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you are in love now
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-  Clara McGinley
He doesn't know what he is missing.
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happy ?
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when you date you love to be in his home or in yours
I don't care I just want to be with him
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what do u love when u date someone????
When he does everything for protect me or when he is jealous god I just love it.
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<3  james brooks
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-  Clara McGinley
Let me play with your heart, your mind.
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When was the last time you screamed?
6 days ago
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-  Clara McGinley
If I go will you miss me? I do not want to try because I am afraid of the truth.
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yessss. i love you like xo  bella hadid♚
Feel lucky to have you :o
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forever and always ?  bella hadid♚
We're forever my love !
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Do you like italy?;-)
I love travel in the world so yes I do hope to go there one day
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and what is the best one
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