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thoughts? :) xo

Taylor Nicholls

taylooor youre forcing me to do this but that okay!! i lava you we used to be rlly close but we drifted which is l@me!! we have to get closer again ok? you're quite good lookin and youre v v sweet at times and you always make me feel better when im sadddd. and i used to even have a lil crush on you waAay back in the day hehehhheu aw :') love u tay hang soon xx

you look beaitiful...hihi

thnku gOd bless XxxXx

Note ?


Beautiful eyes. I love it


Hi gorgeous


You're beautiful x

thanku so much sweetie plz come of anon :* x

Ur really really pretty lol

Keighton Nicole Morgan

r u like 12

what kinda guy you looking for ?

basically him yea

Love your eyes :P


thanku xo

whay state you live in?

a new york state of mind

Pretty eyes omg aw (:

thanku xox

O.K :)


G.O.O.D.B.Y.E :)

facebook?..... :)


i deactived it don't rly want u 2 hmu either

with my hand , holding dick and flirt it ;) and you?

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh go away

add me on facebook :*

you're on anon x

wanna Come to fuck in egy ??

speak english

Thoughts Beb x

annaliese! ive known you since the day i was born weve had our ups and downs over 14 years but its always ok. we have so many memories like when we went to fiji and the fatty tried to give us his ice cream and when we used to go ti that awkward skate park and hang hahahah and sometimes dior and carlos would come and carlos would likw scooter and youd get so annoyed hahah and that neighbors kid who told her dad about us saying she looks like a cow and we had to apoligise and when we made ianna hhahahahah and we used 2 watch burlesque back 2 back and your dad would take us to knife shops and we would always lie on the tramp and talk and make honestly the worst baking ever and we went through a phase of wearing all matching clothes and i would film your music vids theres so much more but id be here forever if i said it all i love you so much youre like a sister to me we need to hang soon love u matey xxxxxx

What insects are you afraid of?

fucking pray mantis's like OH MY GOD WHAT THE????¿¿¿

tap or gap likers? x

yes im bored so will do everyone ;ppPPPppPPpppPP

its me charlie

i know what u did charlie

why werent you at school today???? XOXOXOXOXOXOX

because its sunday XOXOOXXOOXXOXOX

ur so pretty! :)


thoughts on tane?

gorgeous oml

hugo and esther arent they hokking up or waty

isnt that a type of fish ((( hoki )))