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Connor Franta @ConnorFranta
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21 year old internet addict, food connoisseur, kitten enthusiast, design aficionado 1/6 of O2L
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whats your usernane?  Makayla Shea
My user for the site is ConnorFranta
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So I was thinking why don't they make coffee showers and nutilla soaps??  Hana Tesfaye
This is the closest thing we have to a perfect world.
So I was thinking why don't they make coffee showers and nutilla soaps??
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you got me addicted to the town of salem game and im not even sure how to play but its helped me with my lying skills. we would be the best pair you could be the god father and i would be the framer  Makayla Shea
hehehehe! One day my friend, one day!
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What is your bra size  LillyAndHana
34DD ;)
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Town of Salem Is one addicting game XD  Shubhi Raghav ^_^
it is! I'm trying to become a pro at it so I can beat everyone in my group chat on kik :P
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Hello !  Shubhi Raghav ^_^ currently playing a game on here! if any of you find me let me know through here ^.^
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because Kian loves the attention XD
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Heey connor!!!!  Madison Franta
Guys; I'm thinking of us all playing a game together on browser. The game is called Town of Salem and basically (if you haven't watched game plays) you are all given certain roles and you try to find out what role people are and select them to get killed. It isn't a graphic game else I wouldn't recommend it, it's a cartoon one but it's pretty entertaining and tests you to see if you can find out who's lying or whatever.
If it's possible to set a game up for each of us to play together would you do it?
To play we'll probably use a chat room as well to talk to eachother and like etc about what we are. :)
Watch game plays if you're interested (I suggest therpgmix) and we could play later today
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Connor do you believe in waiting till marriage for the whole birds and bees works?  Hana Tesfaye
I'd like to believe in marriage first but sometimes feelings for eachother grow strong and the whole birds and bees is a way of proving that love and affection to eachother.
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I ranted for like 3 hours about Alexa last night to my friend...I'm very opinionated ex specially when people do something like I can't stand liars and fakes like if I got to hang out with like cam or like you I would be to happy to hang out with you and I would be like I met con con! not lie  Makayla Shea
secretly you'll say how bad i was in bed ;)
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That's not Alexas number anymore she changed it and that's what she deserves for messing with the boys  Makayla Shea
she's so fake though, i feel sorry for the guys really. especially Cam <3 ‎@CameronDallasVevo
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I'm friends with them <3
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BABY  Hayes Grier
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Anyone want Alexa Dellanos' number? Feel free to call her a ratchet from me!  Connor Franta
+1 (786) 271-3089
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Con - Con  Luke Hemmings
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Soo does Con-Con have a girly-friend ;)  Mary Is Here
maybeeeee ;)
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who's that in your background pictyre!!  NatashaMcDonough
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Have heard that bethany's summerline just came out? Are you proud of her?  Yvonne
I am actually proud of Bethany for everything she's done! I think (and not to sound like a fortune cookie) that good things will probably happen to her this year :P
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followed ^-^ ps; huge fan & thanks for sharing! :D  C∆ITLI∏
followed back! and anytime! <3
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pap  sofea
it's asdfghjkl; GRUMPY CAT!
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I MET GRUMPY CAT!!!!!!  Connor Franta
So all of you better be jealous ;-)
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connor can you ask one of my friends?  Joey Graceffa
maybe ;) link me up!
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Hey I'm promoting my friends ask, she's starting again so I thought I'd help get her account out there : ‎@TheCaitlinJosephine
Follow & Like everyone! :D ^
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Hey there Con da Bon! C:  Aalia
Hey there Con da Bon! C:
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