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No way! No it isn't ! Grind with me is pretty much the mother of throwback rnb .... I've never been so duspointed in a strangers options on my life :(
Apologies anon!!
Ahh but is it better than Pretty Ricky - Grind on me ??!
Yes, yes it is!
Let me lick you up and down, till you say something !
Tune that
If I was someone you hated would you stand on my face?
Haha aye maybe I would
Was this year a good year for you?
Next year's gonna be better!
would you stand on my face?
Hahaha depends who you are
Where do u live in Swansea pontardullias forest fach ect
Waunarlwydd!! #WM
LOL good guy Connor .. nice to know you :)
Cheers mushh
Who is your lord? :P
What is your favorite summer song?
why do you speak like a pirate LOL?
Hahahaha! didn't realise I did
Is Santa Clause real? Someone told me he wasn't and I got upset and cried and cried :-(
Nah pal
Who'd win a fight between Nathan Dyer and Danny Dyer..
When is Michu signing for Athletico Madrid?
Who's your most hated footballer of all time?
Hmm Chopra
Do u like any1 at all?????
Like who en????
Uhh cba
If you could signing any 2 players for the Swans (be realistic) who would you sign?
Hmm maybe Guidetti and a full back!
Who do u like in ur yr???????
No oneee
Best mates?????
Got a few
Will you miss Michu when he leaves Swansea?
Can you speak any Welsh..
Nope not really
Are you really 7ft 3?
aye m8
Who would win a fight between a hamster and gerbil
Urm hamster?