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Cossette✨✌ @Cossetteluvssyou
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bryans a sophmore right at sr?
Which websites do you visit every day?
i luv you ❤️
Awww u date him?isnt he a sophomore
thats over.
How many people do you think you've met in your life?
Who's bae
Bryan is baee
First three songs in your favorite playlist?
Mostly kid cudi or Mac
What's the best comfort food?
Ramen noodles
Bruh I've Neva seen a pic of ur parents b like ur dad or momma
My dad died when I was very young and me and my mom aren't thattt close .
When do u take ur braces off
In a month
Weird selfie
Weird selfie
Fav colors?
Black,blue & white
What makes life worth living?
Music and internet
Do u have any baes from the ridge
Do you know Kevin likes you
I knoww
How about Isaiah
Nothing lol omg
So u n Stephen
That was some lowkey stuff in 8th grade!?! Nothing between us.. Were just friends
If you had to choose one tho?
Baseball! Ufff
You like guys that play soccer,basketball,football,baseball?!
Any sport
Loli Fuentes girl? From elementry
Elementary? Oh yeah I think I saw her in lunch
Baeee hook me up in that weed and Xanax
U know loli goes to southridge !
How is southridge tho is it hella ratchet or like it's straight
Straight but ratchet
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Ur such a cool depressing child bruh