Courtney Ocean @Courtneyisacat
Courtney Ocean @Courtneyisacat
I'm 14 I love tumblr, Frank Ocean & Music also Instagram x x x x x x
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Now that you're here ask me something :*
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What is your favorite summer song?
I don't have one really just my playlists.
you look lost, theres the exit, do you wanna go out? xx
Yes, take me away to somewhere great xx
What’s the best way to learn a new language?
Listening to Dora & Diego speaking on television.
do u shave?
I ain't looking like a monkey.
he does, he always talks about you and answer me, do you like him?..
Hahahaha you amuse me anon.
do u know how hot u r so hot tht ur on fire and is now in ashes witch means ur a black cat
Ahahaha burning cats in ashes okay is that good or bad?
400 m8
Fenx hunbun c----:
Answer me, Do you like him or not? I kind of like him, But he keeps saying he likes you!
Well he doesn't hun.
Because if you dont like him, Then it gives me a chance You know?..
An then you know what speak my ass.
Fine -.- Do you like him lovely?
Haha why would you like to know this may I ask?
Do you lilke andrew or what bitch? If you dont ill take him ;*
wow how rude. Get taught some manners before you talk to me babe.
Your a poopusher, And you're very mean to andrew, and do you like him?:L
poopusher hah cute man
yolo like a lollipop right?
What do you look like right now?
Do you have feelings for anyone atm ? ;*
Speak my ass.
Who will go to hell?
Don't you mean hells pizza?
Way ho. Plus my last h/o for you was really long!  Caleb Moore.
You're pre crack up lovely & sometimes a snob but you're fab you have a cool sense of humor g c--:
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Oops wasnt supposed to do it twice, But that wasnt very long :c  Caleb Moore.
But you didn't say way ho ;o
Thoughts?xx  Caleb Moore.
You have a gr8 sense of humour. :)
H/O? c: xx  Caleb Moore.
Cooool :-----)
Whats your hobbies??
who do you like ;---)
Haha you know :3
I think we should hang at yours sometime, and get it on ;----)
Suck on my dick you asswipe
How romantic.
Love me now please? n.n
Already do sweetheart ;)