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Ever thought of accepting roles like Angeline Yap, Melody Low or Rebecca Chen those nude roles?

LOL NO. Not my field of interest.

Do you have snapchat?

Yes I do! Im at SC @cynthiakuang

U have a bf? πŸ˜ͺ😒my life is over...

Awww hahaha. Now you made me speechless. πŸ˜…

when is ur next getai appearance?

I don't think there will be anymore getais coming up. But if there's any, I'll be sure to update oh my fb. ^_^

what makes u want to join fhm model?

Always been on my list of to-do to appear on a cover of a magazine. And I'm glad I did it X

Did aileen tan and mark lee really slapped you? It looked so real, it must have been very painful. It's so hurting to see that. I hope it's not real 😝

Hahaha yes, they did! As long as it looks good on screen, it's worth it. But don't worry! Doesn't hurt that bad hahaha

Have you fought with your bf before?

Fought as in get into a fight or?

Dogs or cats?

Cats! But if I can choose both then both. Hahaha

Good job Su Ting !! I was really touched by your crying scene and hope to see you on screen often ❀️πŸ’ͺ🏼

Thank you! I hope I can bring more happiness/tears to everyone soon too! Hahaha

You are so pretty! Damn son 😍

Thank you, you're being too kind really X

Why must people be so judgemental towards you... Just because you are a FHM model their first impression of you is slut/whore... So disrespectful and rude. Anyway ignore those haters and keep working hard !! I believe in you πŸ’ͺ🏻😁

Thank you, whoever this is. X
You can never please everyone so it's okay, as long as I know my conscience is clear I don't have to answer to anybody.

Do you watch Running Man? If you do who is your favourite member? XD

I'm sorry but I don't watch running man. Hahaha

What's your fav song?

I don't really have any Favourite songs. I listen to songs depending on my mood hahaha

I'm not really sure about when their next carnival will be, sorry πŸ˜…πŸ˜£ but once they release intimations about it, I'll inform you! 😊

Sure! Thank you so much x

Will you be filming any new movies ?I'll definitely watch it if you're in it!!

At the moment I haven't received any new roles yet.. Hopefully I will soon! Don't worry, I'll update as soon as I can, thank you so much for your support x

Cool, we're actually from the same pri & sec sch. LOL

Are you serious? Hahaha what a small world!

Do you look through every phots tagged u on instagram?

Yes! But sometimes I might not receive any notifications.

You can speak Hokkien fluently?

Not really fluently.. I can speak a bit hahaha

You look more pretty in real life!! I look at your old photos and there was a difference to it!!

Thank you! You're being too kind x

Do more people recognise u on the street now?

Not really, I look too different on screen as compared to real life. I showed my mom this picture and even she couldn't recognise me. I have to say our wardrobe/makeup department did a very good job. Hehe.

where do you live?

I stay around Sengkang area.

Are u atached?

Yes I am :)

If Mediacorp offers you a contract will you sign it? I really hope that you could so that all the fans can see you act on tv as well ^^ jiayous~~~!

It depends, but i definitely hope to be given further opportunities to act elsewhere apart from the big screen. And, thank you so much for your support, that's very very kind of you. X

How old are you?

Turning 22 in a few months time x

U look like malaysian. Are u from singapore or malaysia? Just curious hahah anyways you're very pretty. XD

I'm from Singapore. Thank you, that's very nice of you x


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