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Happy eid <3
U2 <3333 ~
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welcome to riyadh :D <33 w ram’9an kreem ~
Thanks <33 allh yshrfh
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What matters to you most - money, good looks or attitude?  Nouf Abdulaziz
Well I'm looking for the attitude
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Best thing about this vacation? c:  Raghad
I enjoyed from the first day ..
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what do you trust in loving your heart or your mind?  we2am
I trust my mind in love
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Your in an elevator and it just stopped, your stuck with one girl only, wht would u say/do?  Mary Albalushi
La t5afeeen bs bn6ee7 ;p
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thank you for the likes :D <3 and the Q my Q is would you rather be 3 feet taller or 3 feet shorter? i know my Q is bad just bear with me
N.n .. No shorter or taller ;)
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سأفعل المستحيل من اجل (........)  abdullah s.h
R'9a omi <333
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do you care about yourself more than others ?  Amjaad Mou' ~
i care about people before me
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Do you think memories can be lost?  Leena A
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if you work as a doctor and your patient is dead, what will say to his family ?  Nouf Abdulaziz
Ma a9l7 a9er doctor ;p
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Niice piic <33  NOURA FAISAL
ShukrrrN mn 4oogk <3333
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Would you rather hear the good news first or bad news? 
Bad news ;p
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When some body say food what the first thing get in you'r head ? ;p  MAISA
Pasta <3
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Some thing you need it now ?  MAISA
Ma a7taj shy :p
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worst colour ?
A9fr ;p
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What draws a smile on your face?  Raghad
aly ybtsm ly ;p
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Who was last one you kissed ;p  MAISA
ma a4kr ;p
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What is your favorite shampo ;p ?  MAISA
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 7bet also2al PANTENE ;P
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Name one thing you love from these letters " M A H A " ?  MA.
M : mdri
A : abdalrahman
H :mdri
A :abdalrahman ;p
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What's your lucky number ?  Leena A
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What soccer team to you like ?  Leena A
FCB .. Hilal
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what's the longest you've gone without sleep?  Leena A
Yomen ;p
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3 things you need it now ?  Leena A
I don't need any things ;)
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iPod or iPad ? Blackberry or iPhone? Guitar or Drums? Redbull or Power Horse? Google or Yahoo? Photography or Drawing? Facebook or Twitter? McDonald's or Burger King? Vampires or Werewolves? Chocolate or Vanilla? Dogs or Cats? Canon or Nikon?? ;p  Leena A
iPad .. BB .. Non .. Red bull .. Google .. Photography .. Fb .. Mc .. Non .. Chocolate .. Dogs .. Canon <333
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