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Ask I , and I reveal.
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What's on the top of your birthday wish list?
enough money to buy all the things I want :)
If you were a bird, where would you fly?
California , and Italy.
What is in the center of the world?
... The Core .
... The equator
---The Balance.
Which fairytale you’d like to live in?
Aladdin , i guess ...
Describe best moment of this summer with one photo!
Describe best moment of this summer with one photo!
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What is your favorite children's story?
Slick Rick - Children's Story ლ(˘ ⌣ ˘ღ)
When do you feel the most comfortable?
in pussy ...
When one should stop learning?
after death ....
What is the Universe made of?
Pure Energy :)
What is the most interesting thing about your family?
we're all very passionate people .
Why would someone want to go on a space trip?
to get off this fuqqin planet and take a break from the society. Probably even meet a better species .
How do you surprise other people?
i be myself ......
What personality trait do you admire in other people?
patience, understanding, loyalty, positiveness, supportive.
What to do on a rainy day?
smile ... and wonder who getz horny from rain . Haha .
First three songs in your favorite playlist?
'Tomorrow People' by Ziggy Marley
'AD4' by Curren$y
'As Small As A Giant' by Big K.R.I.T.
What is the meaning of the life in one word?
What is your Song of the week?
What time did you wake up this morning?
i havent even started to sleep yet ...
What's the most expensive thing you've ever broken?
My own heart .. haha .
Wasn't careful enough with it.
Do you talk to yourself?
Whats your favorite sportswear brand?
Nike, and Adidas
What makes a person rich?
having true, genuine happiness in life.
Real richness is in life, not in material.
How do you spend the majority of your free time?
If not now, then when?
hours ago .
When you’ll be 90 years old, what will matter most to you?
Much more life ,
my kids and wife ,
and not living trife .