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ترتبك في العائلة الكريمة😆💗💕؟انا رقم 23



هاااي اسألوني؟؟

may qhtani

Heey no?

كم ترتيبك بين اخوانك واخاواتك ؟


im the youngest :D
My sister > My brother > ME :D

miss eden lover who else?

i figured, just wanted to make sure :P cuz i was pretty sure no body i know still uses ask lol

ofcourse 🍪

hmm hmm, well i got a question, do I know you or nah xD


if you mean "NA AH" on deleting the page, then thats pretty convincing ! x'D

ابشع شعور ممكن تحس فيه !


fasting N canada .. dude we fast from 3:30am till 9:42 pm -_-

I've used this website for so many years, met awesome people thru here but im thinking whether to delete the page or just keep it especially after all the people i used to follow stopped using it. hmmm

Like = Question?

people try the impossible to get accepted by society, they have changed their personalities, laughs , smiles and even their daily routine and all that just to get the feeling of belonging to a community or a certain group. I gotta say what a fucked up time we are living in.


Hello everyone, hope you all doing great
i've always wanted to have a Youtube channel and finally just created one 3 days ago
going to upload videos regularly so if you have the time, go visit the page and give it a like, share and subscribe.
if you don't like the video we uploaded then more to come and if you DON'T like anything at all then SUPPORT me thru this journey

وضيفتكك ف البيت ! ☺️


well i live alone .. so basically everything

Ta3abt adawer 3ala ur kik user anyway happy birthday to you enshallah tekon 3a8elt xp jk la te38al enshallah tenbase6 o tefhalah fe ur bd o rabana ye7a8e8lak elly tetmana sana jameelah 3alaya o bethat al yoom da ma a6awel 3aleek happy birthday to you <3<3

LOL thank youuuuu sooo much ! x'D walla appreciate whoever u are <3!

what do you mean t3abt adawer ur kik -_- you couldve asked for it :P
anyway its Mo_oSe_ek :)

In your opinion what's the best gift to give to a boyfriend in his birthday and to a girlfriend on her birthday?

nice dinner and whatever they like

I thought you are from there! So where are you from?

half Egyptian and half Palestinian :D!

Are you from Saudi Arabia??

nah but i lived there :)

Do you speak Arabic or you prefer english

doesnt matter, it depends on the person im speaking too

Crazy weather out there isn't it? I guess it's like winter the whole year. Lol

Jana B.

yeah its stupid .. today it was -32 :) love it -_- !

Great!! I wish I could do the same to. Missin' KSA a lot now. :) Where in Canada do you live now? :)

Jana B.

lol well honestly i dont know if i miss saudi or not >< i just miss couple of friends and the family xD ! Mmm at this moment i live in winnipeg ! the worst place ever ! but made so many friends that i dont wanna leave at all lol

So, how often do you go back to KSA? ;)

Jana B.

yeah xD i go back every summer for a month or 2 just to visit za familia ! x'D

bbm pin?

dont use it
got kik if u want :)

the T is for Transgender.. so if you met someone who's from the LGBT community, you would normally befriend them?

if your anything other than straight then ill be friends with you but dont expect me to call or give a shit about what you do or even go out with you! :)

what do u think of LGBT?

Lesbians Gays Bi-sexual Tourism? im studying about that .. Mmm dont give a shit

تحبني انا ولا الدراهمم صارحوني !

Abdulelah ✖️

L darahm all the way bruh :D

LOL i knowww! walla zaman was waaaaaaaaaaay better i guess! hahah xD


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我是真棒 !! Canada :D!

Canada <3! xDDDD