Lazyyy Feet @DMD93
Lazyyy Feet @DMD93
Canada <3! xDDDD
我是真棒 !! Canada :D!
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snapchat?  kay
what about it
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you are a very nice guy and I am very lucky to have you in my life as a friend :)
thank you and that actually means alot but i wish i knew who im talking to xD
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LOOOL Tayeb nada ???
Who's Manar I'm Nourah
nouraaaaaah <333!
nope doesn't ring a bell x'D
It's me !!!
Hello me :O! how you doing x'DDDD
manar? hahah
you never pay attention to me anymore why dont you love me :( you wont even look in my eyes when we make love
Am I hottttttt
pfffftt HELL YEAH !
who's this xDDD
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HOW OLD r uuuuuuuuuu
OVER 9000!
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haha tell me about it !!!! x'D
الله يسقي قلبك بالفرح قد ماهو جميل *.  مزون .
Ameen oo ajma3een inshalla <3
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ما مصدر ازعاجك؟
your questions
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الاسك مللللللللللللللللللللللل والنت كله ملل هل يوجد عندك وسيلة للانتحار -__- ؟
cut ur hands and start biting your tongue.. its gonna hurt
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did you add me on Chatous?
aaand who are you?
kiss or hug?
why not both
meeting new people doesnt mean forgetting the old ones .. if u know what i mean ..
true.. unless if they became so stupid and silly and started to talk about u behind your back, then you can forget about them.
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الدرجة من 10 الى اي مدى انت غيووور؟!  هَنــــــــــد ♡♥
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Why do some human beings choose to impersonate a person instead of showing their true self, in your opinion?  Shosholitα♡
wow great question! i've missed those lol. anyway Mmmm cuz usually they believe they can live the life of the person they are impersonating x'D but the thing is they dont know that it doesn't work like that.
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Loooooooooool chill u random retard wtf is wrong with u seriously lol  Manar khalil
fj2a he came here and started hating x'D
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You find me weird/funny take the question yourself who do you hate ?
You ... that was simple bruh !
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If you had had the chance to choose your own name, what would you have chosen and Why?  ☤ ℐℴ ☤ [Lets Be AloneTogether]
i honestly dont know ... but i kinda like my name, so i would never change it
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كلمة بحرف (ع)....؟
3andaleeb :Pp
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Wallah I haven't opened it in a year now it's dead
yupppp x'D
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ضحكتك أجمل ضحكةةة (: صح؟!
you tell me ;) ! x'D
yh i swear b4 like 2 years ago or something .. it was AWESOME ama now .. MEH
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do you ever screenshot sweet conversations and read them later ?
nope. i only screenshot notes, or appointments etc xD