Lazyyy Feet @DMD93
Lazyyy Feet @DMD93
Canada <3! xDDDD
我是真棒 !! Canada :D!
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In your opinion what's the best gift to give to a boyfriend in his birthday and to a girlfriend on her birthday?
nice dinner and whatever they like
I thought you are from there! So where are you from?
half Egyptian and half Palestinian :D!
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Are you from Saudi Arabia??
nah but i lived there :)
Do you speak Arabic or you prefer english
doesnt matter, it depends on the person im speaking too
Crazy weather out there isn't it? I guess it's like winter the whole year. Lol  Jana B.
yeah its stupid .. today it was -32 :) love it -_- !
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Great!! I wish I could do the same to. Missin' KSA a lot now. :) Where in Canada do you live now? :)  Jana B.
lol well honestly i dont know if i miss saudi or not >< i just miss couple of friends and the family xD ! Mmm at this moment i live in winnipeg ! the worst place ever ! but made so many friends that i dont wanna leave at all lol
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So, how often do you go back to KSA? ;)  Jana B.
yeah xD i go back every summer for a month or 2 just to visit za familia ! x'D
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bbm pin?
dont use it
got kik if u want :)
the T is for Transgender.. so if you met someone who's from the LGBT community, you would normally befriend them?
if your anything other than straight then ill be friends with you but dont expect me to call or give a shit about what you do or even go out with you! :)
what do u think of LGBT?
Lesbians Gays Bi-sexual Tourism? im studying about that .. Mmm dont give a shit
تحبني انا ولا الدراهمم صارحوني !  Abdulelah ♚ 20k ?'
L darahm all the way bruh :D
1 person likes this Hahahahahaha Zmaann !!  Bassant♥
LOL i knowww! walla zaman was waaaaaaaaaaay better i guess! hahah xD
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u mean her but thanks. man
well yeah sure you got the point anyway :P
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y is it hard to find the person u love . somebody tell me?
cuz its either you're not giving "him" a chance or u might be just pushing people with something that you do.
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The person u missed start with A and ends with what ?
does that really matter?
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what will you do, if your parents is not at home?
throw a partaaaaaay
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Are you a morning or a night person ? And why  Her Highness
a bit of both but lately i've been enjoying the night times xD
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Hey. Can i have ur twitter?  Ghada Saud ᵔᵜᵔ
i dont really use it ... >< sorry 'bout that ! i only use snapchat, whatsapp, instagram, and ask (from time to time) xD ! :D
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Do you dislike girls with stretch marks on their bodies or you are okay with it?
nah it doesnt matter iguess - i dont know honestly
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cuz im bored .. only reason
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تكون امي ولدتني عشان أحبببببببببببببببببببببببببببببببببببببببببببك وبس ...خاص
Maybe :O! you never know miss anonymous ;)
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what subject(s) you doing?  kay
Stats, MKT, and other courses :) but those are the major ones :)
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What makes you cry?
stupid questions ... and not having kabsa in canada :'(
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Thanks bruh :)
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What's your name?
just call me lazy :D