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Lazyyy Feet @DMD93
Lazyyy Feet @DMD93
Canada <3! xDDDD
我是真棒 !! Canada :D!
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oldest you'd date and youngest  kay
oldest: 23
youngest: 18-19
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can you walk on your head?
wait .. isn't that how people suppose to walk?!
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lufffff you more ! <3 whos this? :O ! the way you write is familiar ! x'DDDD
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كلها 5 ثواني اقرأها - سبحان الله . - الحمدالله . - لااله الا الله . - الله اكبر . - لاحول ولاقوة الا بالله - استغفرالله . - وذكر غيرك  رنا' Kingdom s
jzaaki alllah 5air ^_^
_ صباحح الخير مززي ..('
9aba7 L noor ! ^^
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كيف كان اول يوم عيد معاك ؟؟  Layan Alharbi
well im in canada, and i live alone ! lol so its not that great ! :P so didnt get good food nor money ! #FML
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Describe Trisha ^_^
aaaand trisha is?
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fuck me babe
dafuq is wrong with you lol
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How's Life?? ^_^
pretty good ... bit struggling with people but its alright :)
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Hey! can you please get me more famous haha as you lol but seriously can you give a shoutout to your vewiers for me because I really need more vewiers here xxx  Faysul Ahmed
god this question 2 years ago but sorry for the late reply bruh! LOL The famous days are gone :( x'DDD
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Sexy Coooll Canadian Boyy B-) Answer Ur MSN ;O :)<33
HAHAHAH MSN ! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN i got this question 2 years ago! #Miss_those_days
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What are your TOP 5 bands?
1- Breaking Benjamin
2- Alter bridge
3- Foo fighters
4- Seether
5- Panic at the disco
6- Red
thats what i can remember atm
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HELLO :D ahahahaha so i'm the picha person :D I LOVED THAT VIDEO & dude this is not how to pronounce it -.- so yeah that was VERY high pitched i still want my ears you know, you sounded like pikachu :3 & again thanks that was very nice i felt special in some kinda awkward way :p ciao x
wooooow ! i kinda miss the old ask lol
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How far can you go? JK! HAHA  KRISTINE
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steph and good look and bet u will do fine baby XD
dafuq ! LOL
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هل نحن فى عصر الجنون ؟؟
لااا احنا في "المغرب" الجنون
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D0 Y0U L1K3 V1D30 6AM35¿?
show me a guy that doesnt like video games ! :P
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what do you think of China?  Margaret Bronte
big fan actually since i play Ping pong and i just love the culture ! gonna visit it soon :)
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aloha hairy guy!
LOL aloha bruh
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Do u ever see someone so attractive and ur just like "how " ?  7nani
everyday bro EVERY SINGLE DAY ! :P
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birthday?  kay
May 15th :)
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If you get this, you're either buff or funny x  kay
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Don’t be saddened by what you see By all the lies and treachery Life is cruel but don’t worry In your heart lies the key To unwind all the secrets Of this life we see
i dont get sad by lies or wtever ... but if you lie then you're out of ma life :D
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is that important to apology to the person who dont care about you or your feelings but you just loves him ?
why would you love someone who doesn't give a shit? #simple_logic
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