Lazyyy Feet @DMD93
Lazyyy Feet @DMD93
Canada <3! xDDDD
我是真棒 !! Canada :D!
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Why are you on  ☤ ℐℴ ☤ جبر الأعور
cuz im bored .. only reason
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تكون امي ولدتني عشان أحبببببببببببببببببببببببببببببببببببببببببببك وبس ...خاص
Maybe :O! you never know miss anonymous ;)
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what subject(s) you doing?  kay
Stats, MKT, and other courses :) but those are the major ones :)
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What makes you cry?
stupid questions ... and not having kabsa in canada :'(
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Thanks bruh :)
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What's your name?
just call me lazy :D
أمنو مآخذن قلبك؟  حًروب العموري69
7mdlllah no one :)
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ends with?
who is this?
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Someone u miss?
starts with an A
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Someone u miss ?
yeah name starts with an A :D
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oldest you'd date and youngest  kay
oldest: 23
youngest: 18-19
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can you walk on your head?
wait .. isn't that how people suppose to walk?!
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lufffff you more ! <3 whos this? :O ! the way you write is familiar ! x'DDDD
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كلها 5 ثواني اقرأها - سبحان الله . - الحمدالله . - لااله الا الله . - الله اكبر . - لاحول ولاقوة الا بالله - استغفرالله . - وذكر غيرك  رنا' Kingdom s
jzaaki alllah 5air ^_^
_ صباحح الخير مززي ..('
9aba7 L noor ! ^^
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كيف كان اول يوم عيد معاك ؟؟  Layan Alharbi
well im in canada, and i live alone ! lol so its not that great ! :P so didnt get good food nor money ! #FML
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Describe Trisha ^_^
aaaand trisha is?
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fuck me babe
dafuq is wrong with you lol
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How's Life?? ^_^
pretty good ... bit struggling with people but its alright :)
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Hey! can you please get me more famous haha as you lol but seriously can you give a shoutout to your vewiers for me because I really need more vewiers here xxx  Faysul Ahmed
god this question 2 years ago but sorry for the late reply bruh! LOL The famous days are gone :( x'DDD
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Sexy Coooll Canadian Boyy B-) Answer Ur MSN ;O :)<33
HAHAHAH MSN ! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN i got this question 2 years ago! #Miss_those_days
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What are your TOP 5 bands?
1- Breaking Benjamin
2- Alter bridge
3- Foo fighters
4- Seether
5- Panic at the disco
6- Red
thats what i can remember atm
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HELLO :D ahahahaha so i'm the picha person :D I LOVED THAT VIDEO & dude this is not how to pronounce it -.- so yeah that was VERY high pitched i still want my ears you know, you sounded like pikachu :3 & again thanks that was very nice i felt special in some kinda awkward way :p ciao x
wooooow ! i kinda miss the old ask lol
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How far can you go? JK! HAHA  KRISTINE
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