Loai Amer @DMD93
Loai Amer @DMD93
Canada <3! xDDDD
我是真棒 !! living in saudi arabia but currently studying in Canada :D!
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بتحكم على الشخص اللى قدامك من شكله؟  الاميرة (هند)
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❤️ انا احبك اكثر وقلبي يموت عليك ❤️
show your self ? :P
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i love you waaaay more anonymous ! :D
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love ur selfie pics :D  Gusti Nana Endriati
hehe thank you !
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First 2 Likers get 20 likes?
Mmmm no but ur welcome to like my stuff <3
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الحمدلله ع السلامة وكل عام وانتا بخير :)
alllah ysalmk inshalla oo ent b2lf 97a oo salama ! :)
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I miss you..i miss talking to you all the time..
aaaaaaaand who's this?
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post a picture please :)  Gusti Nana Endriati
I'm honestly not sure if you wanted me to post a picture of my self or just a random pic! lets just pretend you asked for this x'D
post a picture please :)
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Where are you at the moment?
Back home ! Saudi arabia * :D
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You can never "just be friends" with someone you fell in love with. Agree or disagree ?  Arni Khan
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Have you ever had Indian food?  Arni Khan
ofc <3___<3! im love with Indian food <33333!
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Why are you against gay rights?
we all know that God created Adam (male) and Eve (female) which means that "humans" love relationships should be between males and females, im not talking about friendship or brother hood.. im talking about "
Beside that .. the fact that when someone thinks he's gay it takes him A LOT of time to actually believe that he's gay, because it is against our natural behaviors. if being gay was something normal .. it wouldn't take that time as they say " to come out of the closet ".
P.s. Most gay people actually turned gay because of old "bad" relationship with girls (they started the relationship with a female which means his actual attraction was towards females). or because of bullying.
AND that is just my opinion ^_^
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Do u wanna build a baby?
LOL Mmmm you hot? :P ahha xD
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Thoughts on gay rights? =)
against it :)
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Mmmm i didnt change?
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yeah we are talking about shoes right? ;) its 43 xD
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do you want to raise your children as the way your parents did? and why ?  A Y A
yeah .. cuz i believe tht im well raised :D
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من وجة نظرك :: هل كثرة المال تفسد الخلق ( الأخلاق ) عند الناس ؟؟  Emad Hadad ( A )
well it depends how u use it and it also depends on the person xD
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Are you wearing socks right now? Post a picture.
yup and won't do that :3
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أسمك ؟ وسنك ؟ ومنين ؟ :D
Louai - 20 - egypt :O
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ممكن نتعرف واعطيك فولو و لايك
sure ^_^
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Caption this ./.
too small to caption <3
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Keep holding on Baby!!
im still waiting for YOU! i've been holding since almost 3 weeks ! :'(
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Are you someone’s best friend?  Arni Khan
yup inshalla !lol
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