Dominique Hyde @DNiqueHyde
Dominique Hyde @DNiqueHyde
Favorite NBA Team: Chicago Bulls/#obeyreality/ I love to hoop & Run track/Follow my beautiful love ‎@BriannaHeartsU ^_^/ Im on a path to make my dream a reailty
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This nigga said I don't give out my kick on the internet' but it's it's in his bio on IG, RIGHT ABOVE THE ASK LINK
you got kik
I'm not sending over no website.. I don't trust ppl.. Who are you
do you have a big dick
I don't tell.. I'll rather show
Oh I guess I heard wrong
You did
I heard you crushin on 2 people
Nope I got one person I talk to
Where do you fall asleep besides your bed?
Why do you always unfollow and re follow me on Instagram
It's not me it's my Instagram
When's ur birthday?
Aug 5
Are u friends with people under age of 19 at least?
I got one friend who 18 but that's it
What is the range age of girls you would date?
20 and up but I'll do 19 but for me to do that you're head got to be on straight
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How many girls have you fucked in the last 6 months
To be honest none.. I been focusing on me
You ever hung out with or really FaceTime Jakenya to know if you would like being around her like that?
I been around her an FaceTime.. But who is this? An bring up another convo
She just graduated high school c/o 2014 All you gotta do is scroll down her Insta page..
Ok an how you know? Who is this
Jakenya told you that MCM was her ex or you just assumed?
One time I commented on her pic an a dude said something an she said it was her ex but it was months ago an Monday I saw the same dude as her MCM... But I give her space anyway.. I feel that I bother her
She like 19 23...
How do you know? An you rite
Her ex? What ex?
Idk I saw her on a pic with him saying MCM.. But I barely here from her now.. I really like her tho... I cut everybody off for her
You and Jakenya still talk?
I mean we never talked like that .. But idk... I gave her space... She prolly still have a thing for her ex so idk
What's ur brothers insta?
My brother is 13
What are the benefits of being famous?
How old are you?
Dm me on there or comment on a pic
Why would someone want to go on a space trip?
Perfect smile!!!
Thank you
Where so you live...?
Madison Tennessee
Well you don't know me personally haha
What do you follow me on