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Dominique Hyde @DNiqueHyde
Ask me a question
RSS answers
U bae
Who is this? Lol
That bitch tf
I Felt Like It Woulda Been Weird Lol
Lol ok
I Was Going Through My Ig Following & I Went On Your Page & I Thought It Would Be Really Weird To Randomly Comment Lol But I Wanna Say You Have A Really Pretty Smile ^_^
Thank you love it wan't be weird.. you could of
Y don't you post pics on Ig
I don't be on there much like I use to.. But I'll post some tomorrow tho
Let's be friends
Idk who you are or what you look like
Chilling bored playing on my tablet
Trust reasons?
Nope just can't be with a person I can't see hold chill with or take out on dates
Just can't.. We can be cool tho
Would u ever do a long distance relationship
Naw can't do that
You seem very paranoid dam
I'm just asking but nvm
I used to have the biggest crush on you
Who is this? What website you know me off of
Youngest age you'd date?
You should change your bio on here Bri is gone
Bio on what?
Which word do you want everyone to stop using?
How old r u
If you had more money than you ever need, would you give it away?
Hell NO
umm is it true you banged gwen stefani the other day?
NO.. somebody being real childish rite now
What is your least favorite food?
Did u ever have a crush on me in high school Lydia
Naw I didn't but you cool AF I liked talking to you
What is your favorite story your parents told you?
Prisca sister . Sympho
Oh yeah I do but I'm not ready for a relationship yet.. I thought I was but I got alot I got to get situated first with myself before getting into anything
Do you like my sister ?
Who is this
This nigga said I don't give out my kick on the internet' but it's it's in his bio on IG, RIGHT ABOVE THE ASK LINK