Dominique Hyde @DNiqueHyde
Dominique Hyde @DNiqueHyde
Favorite NBA Team: Chicago Bulls/#obeyreality/ I love to hoop & Run track/Follow my beautiful love ‎@BriannaHeartsU ^_^/ Im on a path to make my dream a reailty
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Wussup who is this
Awe well I think you should talk to who ever you talk to the most . Who ever text or call you the most
Rite... The person I really want I barely hear from
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Who prettier jakenya or Prisca ?
I'm not judging that.. Both are pretty
Awe so she just a friend , & y'all don't talk like that ?
I mean idk what to do yet.. I'm stuck in a hard situation
Yea you right people got their own opinion .
Who is they ? & who do you talk to the most everyday ?
They name jakenya and I talk to my Homegirl Prisca mostly
No because she a fake & she think she's all that which she really not she ugly to .
Um we'll ppl have diff opinions of things
Aw I thought you talk to somebody .
I do but idk if they really like me.. I barely here from them.. I mean I like them but idk if they actually feel the same way
Who your Crush ?
Don't have one rite now
Nobody just know I don't like her she a Thot
How is that? You must hate her for no reason
If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?
You know a bitch name Prisca ?
Who is this?!
It was IG. They deleted it though
What is the meaning of the life in one word?
Yess positive!
What social site is it on facebook twitter or Instagram? What's they @ or page name?
Well there is somebody pretending to be you...
Are you serious????
Were You In GA This Summer?
No I wasn't... I wish I was
How would you describe your style?
who's the cutest person you've met on chatous lol
What's chatous?
What's the most expensive thing you've ever broken?
damn smfh  DeMarco Benford
Who sent the last text message you received?
My Homegirl
Do you talk to somebody ?
Yeah I do rite now.. We not together but we talking
Have you ever hit a girls cervix?
Yes only one time
Who are you?
I'm good