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I might answer if you revealed your identity to me?


Feeeeeelzzz..... Lol and btw no im not.

Bro? National trials kbm?

somewhere in august probably..

If you could eliminate any word from the dictionary, meaning no one can ever use it again, what word would you choose?

Remove the letter U.

Did you guys become friends through facebook?

Lol no , who does that
Btw why are you so curious

Tbh don't know you but you seem like a nice and sweet guy

Anum Masood


Thoughts on kashmala

A very good friend not close but achi bandi hai!

Check my last deal ❤️

Rowan Adel

Wut mate?

Do you dance like crazy when no one is looking? What music makes you dance the most?

Dancing crazy since 1995

What's something that everyone should do every day?


Dahim which things are important before taking admission in phase 5? What is most important?

Leaving certificate, mocks result and your previous Cie's result , this would be enough to get admission in any school, dont worry lol

Best vacation scene?

Anywhere with ma hoess. I mean bros haha

Is there anything you can do today that you couldn't a year ago? What?

Aint nuthin to it, Bhatti sahib made me do it 😂

Tbh -Bohot ache senior the. Ache bande ho. Kuch din pehle jo scene laga, Us ke lie sorry sir. :P Stayblessed.


Thankyouu larkayyy, nae nae sorrry wali koi baat nae hai sab krtay han bs tmhari badluck hogyi haha
You too bro!

Kehdo pleasee usko kehdo na apko duaein denge phir :')

Khusro wali feel hai apki is baat main.

Ask tuaha to activate his ask pleaasee B)

Jee kheriyat?

What's the coolest thing about your city?

Jinay Lahore ni wekhya oo jameya ni!

Konsi university mein apply kia?

Apply kyu krna hai jab admission hi hogya wa

Oh acha samajh agaya ye sath beard wale bhai ki kuch lagti hain? Mubarak ho bohat bohat :')

Je nae.

Shitty site pe aap ke total answers 1245 hain :x #Shittymuch?

Angrezi smjh nae aty shayd apko.

To ap ke sath kiun hain?

People like you are the reason I stopped using this shitty site. Pissholes _!_

Ye apki girlfriend hain sath? instagram wali pic mei the gorilla one?

Jee nae.

And who are those specific people? :)

Sabkay naam btau? Niklo shaabsh

How can people hear their own thoughts?

I heaaarrrr voicesss in my headdd they talk to me they understaaandddd...theyyy talk to meeeeeeee!


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