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youre hot

Yeah, I've been sweating so bad this week lol
Please get cold again :(

What color pencil you use for drawing?

I use all the colors equally so the others don't feel bad.
Why does color matter!!!

Ok so apparently the police just got called on me, and a few others on ask but they're all in different countries Omfg I'm laughing tell me what to do ~anon

soz I haven't really been around to say the daily "you're cute" stuff I've had a lot of messed up sh!t going on lately so if I don't do it everyday, That's probs Why ~anon

Don't worry about it, sorry, and let me know of there's anything I can do to help you out!

What do you think people think of you?

Wouldn't know because I'm #based

Hey dale, I think you look cute in glasses

it was meeeeeeee


heheh I knew it but I can never be sure, and I read it in your voice in my head x)


every time I do this I have to count the letters omg

What can you do that others can't do?

ur mom while I'm playing black ops!!1!

Oh I know the feel. I'm not so fond of wearing mine in public either. so I just go blind most days cx ~anon

I'd highfive you for this but I think we'd miss

you wear glasses????? and my hair covers my good eye o.o ~anon

Yeah but I'm not completely comfortable wearing them in public x_x

you kept glancing at me at lunch o.o whyyyy and I would've waved at you earlier bit I'm almost completely blind in one eye and thought it was just movement :p ~anon

Sorry? Ha, but I don't thINK it's on purpose x)
About the eye thing, same on my right eye, or both without my glasses lol

If your life were a movie, what would be the title?


what would you do if ~anon disappeared? not just on ask, but at school too


Do you like high heels?

Nah I'm not that "adventurous"
And ladies pls don't wear these if yo man is a lil short

why aren't we close anymore, it makes me sad. :ccc


I think you know who I am. :o/

Don't use that nose, it bothers me so much you don't even know

I don't go to your school. And I doubt you don't hate anyone.

Unless I have lived with you, I don't hate you.
(not referring to Holden)

Xbox or PlayStation?

Nintendo B)

Who is the most annoying person you can think of at your school ?

Same answer as Julio lol

Hey cutie, you never respond to my "questions " so I just want to make sure you're seeing them ~anon

I see all
I'm just too lazy or forget or can't think of anything to say or


ily more gaz (I think) ^///u///^
Sorry I'm not on anymore, it's hard to get on because Holden's

Hey dale.. It's me that really werid anon who said she( or maybe he) missed you. I'm not here to beg for you back for.. A chance to talk to you. I never see you. And if I try to talk to you you wouldn't listen. I know it was my fault. I did something bad. And I know I should be treated with hate but

Assuming you go to my school...
what nobody has done anything to me
just talk to me omg I don't hate anyone

Who is the biggest gossiper you know?

the whole female population

have you ever ran away or thought about running away?

Nah, but for a few reasons.
While running away from your problems sounds good, it causes even more problems.
Plus, I live with Holden, why would I.
You'd get in trouble with the po-po, living at a home is much more comfortable (food, money, warmth, etc.) and all that.
You probably want to run away because of someone you live with or have to see daily, and I can guarantee that I've had it worse in most of the families I've lived with. It isn't that big of a deal. However, if the conditions are unsafe, get help.
It always gets better, and you get stronger. Assuming you're in highschool you'll have your own place soon anyways.
jk let's both run away and live off nature together


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