Dalton @Daltonwouldbemyname
You looked like heaven but dear god you sure knew how to make me feel like hell.
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What's the most important lesson you've learned in life?
To talk about whats bothering you, not to just let it sit and get worse
You're not going to remember me, and that's okay. I just want you to know that once upon a time, I was on the verge of killing myself. Today, I am so happy. You helped me through the worst time of my life, so I wanted to say thank you.
who is this? I probably remember you. I'm so glad I helped you! thank you so much
Bleh. How've you been?  Ayee, Im Jazzy.
terrible and you
I still feel like shit  Ayee, Im Jazzy.
its cool
I haven't talked to you in forever and I feel like a terrible fucking person for that.  Ayee, Im Jazzy.
its cool I dropped nearly everyone
Why do you have to be so far awayyy  Molly Abrey
I don't know it makes me sad :(
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you're nice  Ashton
I miss you a ton when you are gone. I know you're really busy but I want you to know I will never hate you, I could never hate you. I worry of you and I care of you. you are like my family, you're not someone I would be okay losing. its Saturday night and I feel upset and I just wish I could drive over to your house and play cards with you or sleep on your floor and talk. You have no idea the changes you've made in my life. I'm really glad I met you, you're the best friend I could ask for ashtony.
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Hugs would be very nice right now  Molly Abrey
I shall protect you with my hugs
Permission granted  Molly Abrey
Ugh why do bad things happen to good people? I've known you a looking time, you're an angel. I wannnnna hug you. hugs would be nice
It's stuff with family and friends and just life in general.. I don't know how to explain it  Molly Abrey
Permission to hug you until things are okay again?
I don't know.. a lot of things are going wrong at the moment  Molly Abrey
do you want to talk of them?
I have chronic migraines, my heart hurts, I cant breathe and I'm sad :c  Molly Abrey
Jesus ._. you need loads of love :( why are you sad hun
Dalton I'm in pain send help :(  Molly Abrey
what's wrong?
Helloooooo :)
Wow It looks like you've been through a lot, and Im sorry to hear that because you dont seem like a person who deserves it. I hope you'll become truly happy one day, even if I know that you'll always remember the pain but it will just be a reminder of how strong you are, so best of luck <3
Thank you sweetheart :)
Damn, thats just...I dont even know what to say :( You must have felt awful, I mean I see you still do, but I cant even imagine the pain you felt when you found out...how did you even find out?
My best friend Iva, her friend Vivian told me. He was really great, even though we dated the main thing he was was my best friend and family. it was really hard at first, when I started crying it took like a week and a half to stop. My eyes were so raw they bled underneath. and I was still in high school then and this one kid used to pick on me for being gay and he was like why is there a date on your arm faggot and o told him that my best friend/boyfriend Alex died and he actually skipped class with me and kept trying to hug me. like it tore me apart so terribly. I felt lost. Danny my current boyfriend, is the only reason I'm here now I think, he really pulled me out of it.
Im sorry if I made you upset, that wasnt my intention :/ And Im really sorry for your lost...how did he die if I may ask, you dont have to answer if you dont feel like it tho
that's okay he died may 4th that's why its weird its really close. He died like he had something wrong with his head. He had a few strokes and he was getting better and he was outside in like a care facility like and he wasn't on machines and he had another and yeah he died.
Thank youuuu c:  Molly Abrey
you're welcome!
Daltonnn, it was my birthday on Monday!  Molly Abrey
omg happy late birthday!!!
Who was Alexander?
why are you asking that today of all days its nearly yeah. uh he was a really magical person. he was my best friend he was like my brother in some ways, but we dated for a while. He was the absolute sweetest human being I have met. he was so different than most people like, he was an angel to me. He was always there even when he was sick it always felt like he was there. It doesn't seem real that in two days it will be two years since he died. He was my best friend he pulled me out of a terrible state of mind and he made me come out as gay, to myself and some of those around me. I helped him a lot too and that made me feel like an all around better human being. I remember the exact moment I was told of his death, I was just silent I didn't cry at first or anything. it still seems like a joke sometimes, I just want him to pop back up some day, I miss our little talks and how happy he was when he was around me. idk I think he was an angel, I honestly don't believe someone so perfect could be human. nothing will ever get easier, I will always miss him, he was like a brother to me. if I could have one wish it would be to tell him every feeling I had for him, and how much he meant to me one more time. he was such a great kid, he would have sent so far in this world, I hope he's somewhere safe.
What is your favorite thrill ride?
roller coasters :) painful wooden track ones
Hi :3  billy dellow
hey :)
is she?
who are you.
is Iva dead?
who is this