Dalton @Daltonwouldbemyname
Our story has ended, there is no happy ending, no long goodbye.
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a who...?
What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
get drunk and write a lot
thank you <3
I love you
who are you
Soz I haven't been on today , HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAE!!  The Daisies Dance In The Wind⚓
my birthday was the 9th but thank you
haha I'm a baby in comparison to you XD  Eilish
Yeah ok but you are a cool old person so shhh  Eilish
and you are a raaaaad teenager cx
Pfttt old people are rad  Eilish
hmmmm some... some take it too seriouslyyyyy
20 years of wonderfulness <3  Eilish
uhmmmmmmm noooooo I'm old ew
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DALTON. Wooooo 20 years you oldie ;3  Eilish
im ancient
On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?
I know but it's better then going to the hospital and being locked up  Kelly
Thats very true too
I still haven't really accepted it I guess that's why I'm still me ahah but yeah I'm just forced to it's not like I wanted to  Kelly
Being pushed into therapy can help no one
:( aw this makes me so upset because you deserve to be happy and I've been in this DBT therapy and yeah I guess it's helping since I'm still here but idk  Kelly
Well good, therapy can be okay if you accept it, but its hard. im glad it works
Well how have you been? I know that's like a horrible question I feel like but yeah  Kelly
Uhm i cant say that ive been okay lol. you?
Depends on your perspective, always have hope dalton xo
i think i lost that a while ago
Wow I wouldn't think you would and I guess I'll come off anon now since you know it's me...this is weird sorry I'm so awkward omfg  Kelly
It's okay to be awkward im awkward too cx I rememebr everyone, i missed you
I'm not on anon anymore.  R i l e y | R e c k l e s s
Im confused ._.
You're going to be disappointed it's just me, kelly.. I don't even know if you remember me but yeah my old ask was kellylovesdalton or something like that but yeah wow I feel really stupid
I do remember you actually, i was going to guess kelly but i didnt want to be awkward.
Aw why? That's easy, get better then(:
Getting better is not easy
Pleaseeeeeee come off anon? I won't post if you dont want
You are, you're perfect in the way a shard of glass is, broken but beautiful
I'm nothing beautiful i'm just a really really big mess. And i'm getting worse
I don't have the same ask account that I made just to talk to you and you never saw me before so yeah
First letter of your name?
Exactly&thankyou aw, you're perfect:* xo
I am very very far from being perfect, but thank you
I found you on witty awhile ago and I guess I'd always talk to you in your ask but like I said you wouldn't remember me so there is no point
Can you please come off anon