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Our story has ended, there is no happy ending, no long goodbye.
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Dalton, just breathe! Ok you should probably get off of here and go do something to try and take your mind off of everything, like go on a walk! I love you, please don't do anything silly  Quiggy, Hollie
Its 2am if I go for a walk I'll get yelled at by neighbors. I'm just sad and idek why really. II keepcrying
Hi hey hello I'm here! SweetieSweetie what happened? Plr calm down! We can wall-to-wall if you want  Quiggy, Hollie
I want to stop feeling, I tried I swear to god I am trying I feel so sick I feel so nauseous and stuff I'm not okay at all
It's fine! Don't worry about it! :)  Quiggy, Hollie
Hollie make my feelings go away. i used to be so good with that fuck where is that now i need it. I miss iva and then leo and i found out some things with my relationship with iva nd like i admitted we have been real different fo a while now and so i was thinking baout that and then i started to think about my actual relationship and how that is going and then i started to think and bad thoughts came up and they ate away at me and my insides and then i spoke of it and god i fucking should not have because now i feel worse and i fucking want iva here and i want leo bc hes really great and he cares and hes nice and when i said i was sad he made me laugh, and i want my actual relationship to be how it was becase fuck i felt so loved and happy and i was all proud and now when people ask im just like yeah its good im glad have him, it used to be so much excitemnet and i loved speaking of it now its just like yeah. idk i want ot all t stop i want to get drunk i want to stop feeling i want someone to fucking need me Hollie.
Don't answer any of this please  Quiggy, Hollie
Travis isn't helping and i hope he knows that too. hes being fucking annoying and trying to make me laugh and now hes laying with his head on my back and i feel like smacking him because im just sad and he doesnt know why so he keeps poking me and hes not fucking helping and i just want someone to talk to but i dont even really have anyone because the only two people i ever spoke in real big depth with was Iva nad Danny and i cant do that because Iva isnt fucking here and i feel so alone and empty and danny idk things are weird and i dont know whats going on and i literally feel like im about to explode i just want to idk i just keep fucking crying this tupid little thing i smakingme so upset and idk why
then read your answers and send more  Lexi Loo
i miss you i need a hug really bad right now i keep crying. not like something is wrong crying but like something is wrong and my eyes decide to make me look all weak and cry a really lot without anything happening. I feel all empty and echoy and hurt and i want it to go away.
Do you want to talk about it? We can wall to wall if you want :3 I'm okay man, ty!  Quiggy, Hollie
I wanted it to be better i wanted it to be better i wanted it to be better and now i feel stabbed all over again. Holie make it stop make the hurt go away, i dont want to hurt anymore why do i even let myself get hurt anymore why am i so stupid that i believe in things and i let myself get so hurt
I think so, he used to ell at me for talking to people and it turns out he talks to a countless amount of girls! So yeah, not that bothered anymore  Melly
Make me stop expecting and god make it stop fucking hurting
What do you think of Feminism?
I think both genders should be treated equally yeh. But i also believe there are a few differences that exist for reasons. Not practical reasons, but reasons put forth by our society. Our society should change but at the same time you arent a feminist if you put down males either... and i feel like some people don't understand that. Females are just as important as males i believe. I think that term has been used too widely now, people use it to form like "riots" and all of these things. I think its just something that should be followed.
How do you communicate most with your friends?
What are friends? What is communication? People don't speak to me haha. Im going out to lunch tomorrow with these two girls from my psych class and im kinda happy tbh because they are really down to earth and it makes me happy to be invited places c: YAY. We're going to this salad place >.> best part of hanging out with females is i dont get picked on for eating salad every meal XD
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Someone teach me to stop feeling
are you single?
I made a bet today knowing I would lose, but not only did I lose but I fucked all of my feelings and thoughts and now I just hate everything again. Everything is so bad.
Did you graduate high school
Yes I did c:
Sweetie, that isn't okay! You need to eat! You shouldn't do this to yourself! I really don't know what to say because I doubt you'll believe me anyway but I love you! Please stop doing this to yourself  Quiggy, Hollie
Hey. I'm sad today, I'm alone
rain sucks I hate the cold... next week I get a week off so I'm a snuggle in bed with my caattt  Lexi Loo
i love the rain but not cold rain.... ugh. i think the next day i have off is end of novenber sigh
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what's suicide room?
There's the link to it. It's polish? i think... but has english subtitles. its a movie, a retty good movie tbh
Awh thank you c:
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Have you ever seen suicide room? (Sala Samobójców)  Melly
only a little bit of it
I am tots over himmmmmmm  Melly
you are?
Hola, its raining for the last two days and tomorrow too and its cold and hateful and sigh
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Like he's accepting it and that but since I found out he's just been going crazy at me for going out with my friends or doing homework or talking to my pals like ugh  Melly
thats wrong no one should be that way towards you
So many people are terrified of clowns and I have no idea why. Like it's rly weird  Quiggy, Hollie
i saw this quote on tumblr and it said "I only feel beautiful when im hungry" and i think i agree with that for me bc when i look in the mirror and havent eaten for a while and i can suck in my stomach a real lot i feel like this is okay i can do this. Yeah idk
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The ending to asylum had me in tears, it's rly weird but it gets good after a while. When I was like 5 my dad's work had a Christmas party amd there was a clown amd my mum tried to get me to go see it but as soon as I came within 5 feet of it I started screaming. Idek why I'm so scared of them  Quiggy, Hollie
a few years back there was this christian music event and i went with some people and had to perform and shit -_- and there was this WEIRD ASS CLOWN WHOS COSTUME WASNT ZIPPED UP EVEN and he came near me and he gave me a sweet, and he was behind me so i was like oh who gave me this? and i turned around and i fell off the chair and i threw the sweet and ran like into the parkinglot. like way to go ;-; im so manly
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Murder house is like my fave season. I was watching freakshow whilst sitting beside my mum and she kept on making me jump everytime the clown came on screen because she knows they scare the fuck out of me  Quiggy, Hollie
Literally i love tate so much, asylumn kind of scares me im only on the 2nd episode tho, i just reallllly hate mental places like that and stuff so its scary kinda. THE CLOWN IS JUST NOT RIGHT OMFG. i hate it. travis had a clown mask teh other day and walked up and i was liek TAKE IT OFF BEFORE I SET YOU ON FIRE. clowns literally the worst things in teh world they make me so god damn uncomfortable
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I'm dead sad :( I broke up with my boyfriend cause he's being a complete araehole but like I dunno if it was te right thing to do because of the whole thing  Melly
i think you needed to, if he wouldnt man and take teh responsibility then yeah, he doent deserve you