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“I know you said sorry, but is it okay if I just don’t forgive you this time?”
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Daltonnn someone made me happyyyyy  Molly Abrey
Yay for shy frands :P but Molly is very very shy.. like I find it hard to talk to friends sometimes :/  Molly Abrey
I'm shy sometimes and not other times but if its people idk then I'm really shy. My friends I'm like super weird with
I hope you do have fun. and Molly is very shy too /.\  Molly Abrey
YAY Molly i my shy frand c:
Awh I'm sick too :c and yay for friends that can be your bodyguard  Molly Abrey
Awhhhh Molly must feel better D: ikr? cept thats a lie because when we're out hes more shy than i am ;-; and im super shy but oh well cx i shall have funnnnnn maybe.
Awh is Dalton sick? :c and ahh frat houses...  Molly Abrey
Mhm :c i have a sore throat and my stomach is like AHHH and then im like super dizzy but idk why eh. I know ewy D: my friend is going with me tho, hes 8 inches shorter but he can be my body guard XD
Awh do hangover remedies work for you?  Molly Abrey
it took me 13 minutes to put jeans on... wut. sick dalton is brain dead dalton. And no not really sadly. if its too bad i just wont show XD its some stupid shit is all just anyway .-. what are they gonna doooooo lock me up for not going to an insanity hearing when they all know im sane .-. i would hope not D: MOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY im listening to pandora and college parties dont excite me D: i have to go to a frat house.... theres so much sex in a frat house...
Yeahhh I did c:  Molly Abrey
im going to a party. i have court in the morning and im going to be so hung over :c but i need to be drunk. Struggle.
What is better the truth even if it hurts, or a lie?
the truth
I stayed the night with some friends and the guy I'm kinda going out with  Molly Abrey
ooooo did you have fun?
Molly is okay.. had a good weekend so I'm better than usual  Molly Abrey
good! what did you do this weekend?
How is Dalton today?  Molly Abrey
Eh dalton is eh. how is Molly?
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He's very yummy cx hehe  Molly Abrey
id lick him. jkjk
Omg Adam Levine :D and hai  Molly Abrey
He's yummy cx hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Daltonnnn I missed youuuuu  Molly Abrey
Molly hi im bored watching adam levines videos and chose to say hi so hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
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this beautiful man ok

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Name 5 people you miss.
My uncle
Myself before the sadness took over
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Found ur account and followed x Youre awesome x  Helen Keller Metal Concert
<3 thx hun
Why do people think they're so fucking important? News flash there are about 7 billion humans on this planet, i can easily replace your ass. Honestly you're a joke hun XD
I know awwwww  Melly
im not the only one by sam smith is my feelings rn
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Hey  Lexi Loo
My hair smells good
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Is it ever okay to give up on something you love?
i think so, if its like hurting you or if it's like killing you. Liek if your life goal is to be the top doctor but med school is killing you maybe you can fit that dream to be a P.A. for now and work up to that. As for people i think so too, if they gave up on you
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Are you dating that kid from college?
Do you know me? What kid are you talking about? Dalton is confused and if you know me go away pls
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How much do you weigh? You're really skinny....
Don't call me skinny thanks. But i weigh enough haha no concern of yours.