Dalton @Daltonwouldbemyname
You looked like heaven but dear god you sure knew how to make me feel like hell.
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No hi? Okay
I don't come here often
Oh hi
I wish you happiness and good with all my heart in the world and the Hereafter Please Read the holy quran because it is the words of God. I ask God to guide you to the correct religion And live true happiness. Thanks very much  halzaheri
thank you very much but I don't share the same religion as you do. thank you though
Are you still gay?
I don't need a label. I need a hug
I miss youuu  Mølly
I miss you too
Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?
No I don't, because I think that is more attraction, I think love is just any person but talking about them for months and months and learning their quirks and everything about them, I don't think it's something you stumble upon
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What teacher in school made the most impact on you and why?
my art teacher :) he was gay and talked to me about a lot of stuff and helped me through everything.
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Sup?  logan
not much, laying in bed reading. hbu
Thank you  Mølly
you're welcome
hey man.  logan
Is that bad
I miss you. I'm sorry for what I did even tho you don't know of it. I'm sorry
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I miss you Dalton  Mølly
I miss you too
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You're 6'7" Dalton? I'm only 5'3", I'm a little baby compared to you  Mølly
I knowwwww I'm so tall :( I wish I was shorter haha
We first started talking around this time 2 years ago and although you may not be quite there yet seeing how much you have improved yourself and how much your mental state has improved too is so so heartwarming. I am genuinely so proud of you . You're such an amazing and strong person Dalton :)
thank you so much!
how is the old witty group? I miss it.. I havent talked to iva or katy or eilish or danny in a long time lol how are they? and how are you?
I haven't been on witty in forever. iva is okay I believe, going through struggles but that's life, I don't have any contact with Katy so yeah. eilish seems to be doing okay she's like looking into colleges and stuff, Danny is okay I think we haven't spoken in some time but yeah. I'm okay more or less :)
Wow I'm already short next to you I'd be tiny
my best friend is that way haha
How tall are you?  Mackenzie
6 7 ish
Awh that's so cute and BTW your awesome like I love your personality  Mackenzie
yeah he's precious. he's getting so big, he definitely got the height from my genes. thank you :)
H-how old is your son now?  Mackenzie
he's Eight
is she gone
if you dont tell me who i cant say yes or no...
Doesn't matter
What would you do if a friend killed him/herself?
depends the friend, tell me what you know
After this message, I am blocking you. Just stay away from me. No wonder Danny needed a break. No wonder Iva left when he got back. You're so tiring to be around  Katy
I hope you're okay today. And tell Ayden happy birthday for me!
Thank you dear :) today was a struggle but I made it through with the help of my three lovelies, Ayden iva and kitten :) I'm proud of myself. I will always miss her but I'm getting better. Ayden had a great birthday he was so happy, my little man is growing up
shes gone