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Our story has ended, there is no happy ending, no long goodbye.
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Today has been good. I started school again so it was v tiring and stressful but man I love my friends ok. There's a bottle of cider that my mum bought me ages ago and I'm tempted to drink it but she'd kill me bc school tomorrow  Quiggy, Hollie
I have to take the kids to school in the morning ehhhh 530 is tooooo early
Awwwh girls are sweet at that age, boys are too but slightly annoying.  Lexi Loo
I agree with you hahaha
How's your day been? I keep on forgetting about time zones and shit so it's only like 2pm for you >.>  Quiggy, Hollie
Its been okay I woke late and im hungover but other than that can't complain too much cx yuuuup 222 pm rn. Hbu?
Awwwwh I haven't seen my cousin in uniform but I'm picking her up from school on Friday so I'll see it then. Kids are so cutteee :33  Lexi Loo
My son is tall for his age and when he gets dressed he looks so fucking adorable I just melt. They are both excited and nervous cx
I have a cousin and she starts school on Wednesday it's like o.o it feels like only yesterday that we got a text saying she'd been born  Lexi Loo
Exactly she's really excited and I bought her uniforms and she's so pretty and I'm like wait I thought you were 2/.\ and my son is skipping a grade and just holy shit
I mean it, are you single?
it really doesn't matter if i am or not tbh.
Awwh kids at that age grow up so fast :3  Lexi Loo
I know omfg :ccc
It's not sore anymore so yay!  Quiggy, Hollie
awwh how old are your kids?  Lexi Loo
7 and 5 but the 5 year old is my niece cx
Aw that sucks and yeah  Kelly
I'm bored teleport here and let's sooooo something fun
Aw why? And I'm fine so far  Kelly
Just eh. I'm hungover ._. Are you sure?
How are you doing today beautiful?  Kelly
Pretty bad hbu?
I was sleeping and I just woke up like half an hour ago xD Idk what's wrong with it, it always does this haha  Quiggy, Hollie
Ouch poor kneeeeeee.
Aw cute! I'm good man, I'm tired as fuck tho and my knee hurts so yeah xD  Quiggy, Hollie
Go to sleeeeep and what's wrong with your knee?
yeah cats are lucky. They get to just hang around at home all day like I've been doing the past few weeks, they don't have to go back to school tomorrow  Lexi Loo
Ewwww school. My kids start school tomorrow too.
I know what you mean. It sucks.  Lexi Loo
Sometimes I wish I was a cat. It seems easier
I really need a glass of water rn but it's 5am and I am scared of the dark >.> how are you, Dalton?  Quiggy, Hollie
I woke up real late ._. My friend slept over apparently tho cx she scared me to death lmao. I'm eh its far too hot. Hbu?
I fucking love you dalty  Hollieyoubabe
I love you most Hollllliiiieeeee
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It was about Evangelicals and yeah and a group of children went to this jesus camp and they want to end abortion in America and every time the talk about it they all cry. Idk it was weird man.  Quiggy, Hollie
o.o well then ;-; PROCHOICE. boo prolife peoples D::::::::::::::::::;
What makes life worth living?
Her hips make me question my sexuality. Honestly omf.
What makes life worth living?
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I have brown eyes :3  Hollieyoubabe
Brown eyes are amazing okay brown eyes are the absolute best, one of the billions of reasons you are fucking beautiful <3
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What's your favorite eye color?
Bright bright green, or any kind of brown eyes. i love brown eyes cx
ahh, trust me i'll stay lmao  fearless vampire killers
i can do that pffft c;  fearless vampire killers
you can stay here, here is lonely. its a house not a home