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Our story has ended, there is no happy ending, no long goodbye.
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top or bottom?
I like the tops of mountains bc then you can look down and its really pretty and the air is nicer and its just pretty c: But valleys are really nice too because like i like big open places like fields its fun to run through a field in a way because you barely feel like you're moving. So i dunno, i like climbing tho like hiking so i guess mountain tops are better than valleys D:
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who was the last persn u had sex with?
Why does it matter ;-;
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If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?
I think it would be the reflections of your true love in your eyes. Because eyes are really bright and shiney and happy when you love someone and if its their reflection its like they are right there infront of you and idk. Love isnt everything but when your world is falling apart its really nice knowing that you arent alone and i think it is happiness
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Drink loads and loads of tea! I hope you feel better soon! I'm not too good idk  Quiggy, Hollie
I drank like 80 billion cups D: no talking for meh :c Whats wrong? and thank you c:
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What the fuck is wrong with you .-. did i not say to leave me alone enough? Jesus fucking christ.
Love you:)  ( kita )
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Bon soir, Dalton! How are you?  Quiggy, Hollie
Sick :c i lost my voice D: and im busy the next days! You?
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Literally you're annoying, piss off
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Fucking stop.
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Piss off
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You are sweet but I am not nice and you wouldn't love me. I'm just having a really bad time and I wanted you to know I love you
Pop up, please
Closest friends on here?
Iva, Hollie, Danny. bc they all have ask so if you mean just on ask then yeah. If not then include Ashton too c: bc he doesnt have one but i trust them all a lot
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On witty!
Today is one of you're bad days.
What do you mean lol
What was the worst age you’ve had so far?
17 or 15. Both were equally bad in different ways
Heyy, how are you?  Lexi Loo
Hey c: Sorry i always answer somuch later D: Eh not very good haha. How about you?
how are you?
I don't know really. Upset. hbu anon
I am totally down for a sleepover man. I hope you feel better soon dude  Quiggy, Hollie
Hollieeeeee I'm going to murder myself D:
Damn I was asleep by the time you answered  Lexi Loo
Sorry about that! Its 636am. I have been up for two hours. I can't sleep ._.
Do you wear a watch?
Not unless i dress all fancy
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whats ur username on chatous?
Idk what that is sorry
Man I wish I could be with you and hug you and just sit on the floor and chat to you. I'm sorry.  Quiggy, Hollie
Come have a sleep over brah but im sick so D:
Hey, it's late and it looks like you're not on but if you're lurking round not saying anything then hi I can't sleep and I need someone to talk to.  Lexi Loo
Its 1028pm rn. Im here now but you sent this 3 hours ago D: Hi c:
Why don't you want me to worry about you?  Quiggy, Hollie
i dont want anyone to worry about me. I have a really high fever and i was breaking so bad i ran a few miles to drag my friend here. and now shes sleeping and the whole fucking point was for me to not be alone. my tongue feels cold, wtf. i think im going insane.
What is the meaning of the life in one word?
i dont think there is one word that can define life you know. Idk. But i think it has something to do with the people you love. Not just your friends or just your family or just that special person, but its the way my son runs to me when he has a bad dream, and the way my niece throws herself into my arms every morning to do her braids. Its the way my best friend smiles when she's proud of me, and how elder people in my life at some point in time have always sort of told me i was better than i made myself out to be, lastly but certainly not least its how like when im really alone and just feel like tearing my skin apart and laying there on the floor crying its how he comes to my rescue, like im young and he's young and we fight all too often, but when im bad he knows just what to say, and even if he doesnt he always makes me smile or laugh just so easy, its the way he one day popped into my life a year and 4 months ago, and ever since he has never left. I guess if you wanted one word to describe it, i could say love. But love is so broad and its not who loves you but who you love. You need to love people to get through the rough times, and i guess my family, my friends, and my boyfriend have certainly gave a huge meaning to my life.
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