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Our story has ended, there is no happy ending, no long goodbye.
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Im sure.. and yeah idk how to explain it  Molly
I love you Molly
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But I'll be fine..  Molly
Molly are you sure? I really am here to listen, is there anything you can say?
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Thank you Dalton <3  Molly
You're welcome my dear
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I don't really know how to explain it..  Molly
Well thats okay too, im here to listen to anything you have to say
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it's just stuff with my friends, family and also like my problems with myself  Molly
if you want to explain i can keep it private, like i wont post the things you say if you wnat
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Im not very good at talking about things..  Molly
We could try, im a good listener
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A lot of things.. just life really  Molly
Do you want to talk about it with me?
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Seriously  Melly
If you love me describe how i would make the sound of blood dripping. I have to be really descriptive and gory AND I DONT KNOW HOW TO MAKE THE READERS KNOW THE BLOOD IS DRIPPING
Not very good.. what about you?  Molly
Things are really hard right now. Whats bothering you?
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What is the worst gift you have ever received?
I think disappointment, if that even would ever count. But like being told someone would come for a holiday, or like make you something, and having them just forget. By no means am i a greedy bastard that expects presents, but presence would be nice. Like you get me?
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Heyyyyyyy  Molly
How ar eyou?
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No worries sweet <3  ( kita )
im bored have an image
No worries sweet <3
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Daltoooooonnnnn  Molly
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I made a huge mistake and would love to go back to like 1pm today where i didn't make this mistake. Also is it just me or is everyone in a weird mood lately? I've lost a lot more friends than usual this month.... maybe its me.
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What is your favorite story your parents told you?
When they met
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Do you like Miley Cyrus
Best friend IRL?
Ronnie and Travis ofc. For females i met this really nice girl, her name is Saaaaam. I choose her cx
You too :(  Melly
"So i keep losing weight just tryin' to be perfect. I'm waiting for somebody to tell me that i'm worth it."
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When did you have sex last?
this is a tad awkward o.o how bout noe
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I wish I could hold you and take the weight off your shoulders you are so special to me <3 Love kitaaaa
thank you dear <3
Are you any better  Melly
etter but not well like, hbu
You okay?  Melly
no today is bad, you?
Are you on
am now
Dalton, just breathe! Ok you should probably get off of here and go do something to try and take your mind off of everything, like go on a walk! I love you, please don't do anything silly  Quiggy, Hollie
Its 2am if I go for a walk I'll get yelled at by neighbors. I'm just sad and idek why really. II keepcrying
Hi hey hello I'm here! SweetieSweetie what happened? Plr calm down! We can wall-to-wall if you want  Quiggy, Hollie
I want to stop feeling, I tried I swear to god I am trying I feel so sick I feel so nauseous and stuff I'm not okay at all