Dalton @Daltonwouldbemyname
You looked like heaven but dear god you sure knew how to make me feel like hell.
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What would you do if a friend killed him/herself?
depends the friend, tell me what you know
After this message, I am blocking you. Just stay away from me. No wonder Danny needed a break. No wonder Iva left when he got back. You're so tiring to be around
I hope you're okay today. And tell Ayden happy birthday for me!
Thank you dear :) today was a struggle but I made it through with the help of my three lovelies, Ayden iva and kitten :) I'm proud of myself. I will always miss her but I'm getting better. Ayden had a great birthday he was so happy, my little man is growing up
shes gone
What is your definition of pure happiness?
my sons smile
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I HAVE AN IDEA. let's put our temperatures together and find a nice just right temperature
It's freezing and it's not even winter yet  Mølly
its hot and its not even summer yet D: it will be about 32°c Tuesday :(((((
Dalton it's cold and I'm shivering and I can't get warm  Mølly
I'm too hot to sleep, soooo let's trade D: or i shall just send hugs and blankets to keep you warmmm
Daltonnn <3  Mølly
What's your favorite thing to do in the spring?
Long boarding
Playing football outside
Would you follow the white rabbit?
Yes I would
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What's the most important lesson you've learned in life?
To talk about whats bothering you, not to just let it sit and get worse
You're not going to remember me, and that's okay. I just want you to know that once upon a time, I was on the verge of killing myself. Today, I am so happy. You helped me through the worst time of my life, so I wanted to say thank you.
who is this? I probably remember you. I'm so glad I helped you! thank you so much
Bleh. How've you been?  Ayee, Im Jazzy.
terrible and you
I still feel like shit  Ayee, Im Jazzy.
its cool
I haven't talked to you in forever and I feel like a terrible fucking person for that.  Ayee, Im Jazzy.
its cool I dropped nearly everyone
Why do you have to be so far awayyy  Mølly
I don't know it makes me sad :(
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you're nice  Ashton
I miss you a ton when you are gone. I know you're really busy but I want you to know I will never hate you, I could never hate you. I worry of you and I care of you. you are like my family, you're not someone I would be okay losing. its Saturday night and I feel upset and I just wish I could drive over to your house and play cards with you or sleep on your floor and talk. You have no idea the changes you've made in my life. I'm really glad I met you, you're the best friend I could ask for ashtony.
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Hugs would be very nice right now  Mølly
I shall protect you with my hugs
Permission granted  Mølly
Ugh why do bad things happen to good people? I've known you a looking time, you're an angel. I wannnnna hug you. hugs would be nice
It's stuff with family and friends and just life in general.. I don't know how to explain it  Mølly
Permission to hug you until things are okay again?
I don't know.. a lot of things are going wrong at the moment  Mølly
do you want to talk of them?
I have chronic migraines, my heart hurts, I cant breathe and I'm sad :c  Mølly
Jesus ._. you need loads of love :( why are you sad hun
Dalton I'm in pain send help :(  Mølly
what's wrong?
Helloooooo :)