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You looked like heaven but dear god you sure knew how to make me feel like hell.
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aw dalton why?:( I'm goodd thank you!!!  Holl
can't explain tbh I just am. are you really?
how are you???  Holl
eh. hbu?
hey! :)  Holl
Would you ever get a piercing? Where?
I want to get my navel pierced again but idk. I have a lot of piercings.
same XD I looked like trash but that's the usual. I slept for like 3 hours after  Eilish
IT IS NOOOOT THE USUAL. you are always 500% attractive as fuck. sleep is heavenly and the SAT is too stressful D: i didnt sleep at all before teh test
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YES EXACTLY I WAS SO TIRED. One of my friends took it the same day and walked in wearing pajamas XD  Eilish
a whole bunch of peopel walked in in pjs and i was like oh uhm yeah you see... i wear pants ;-; hm ;-;
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I HAD NO IDEA WHAT LIKE 80% OF THEM EVEN WANTED ME TO FIND. I'm so bad at math I hate it >.> I finished my essay but it wasn't that good really but I was too tired to care XD  Eilish
Another question... why the fuck does it have to be so early.... like i got up at 630 for school and on that day i got up at 530... like WHY SAT WHY ugh i hate tests. I HOPE YOU DID REALLY GREAT FISHY WISHY
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I'm hoping I do well enough to not take it again XD The stuff where its like correct the sentence or fill in was fine but the passages were huge and the questions made no sense. SAME. Like some of them didn't even look like real equations I was just like how??????????  Eilish
LIKE WHEN DID I LEARN THIS SHHHHIT??????? the stupid fucking words got me like *picks a word someone said once in 1870* WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?????? hell if i know D: D: D: AND EVERYONE TOLD ME THERE WOULD BE LOTS OF TRIG ON IT AND THE ONLY TRIG QUESTION I GOT WAS TANGENT LINES? LIKE EXCUSE ME? i love math :cccc Ugh i scored highest on math... I DIDNT FINISH MY ESSAY SO THAT WAS JUST NO
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Decent I hope, the english wasn't too bad besides some of the passage reading parts, and math I'm pretty sure I missed lots of. You don't really get enough time for each section >.<  Eilish
my first time idk what happened but i kicked ass. and then i think my second senior year i took it just to see like if i could get better... and i got like 600 points less xD the english kicked my ass :C ugh i know i would look up and like when you have to fill in your own answers for math o.o i would get stuck on those and be liek AHHHH *rush*
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super tired ughh I took the sat saturday .-.  Eilish
oooo how do you think you did
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I need yiy  Katy
The only part of you that i regret is the part that attacked me when it was the last thing i needed. I regret so much more of me than i do of you. I regret that i allowed you to be hurt by me. i regret making you second best, i regret doing something wrong and instead of helping you changed from mmy best friend into someone i can't look in the eye. I do not ever blame you, i blame me.
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Sorry.  Katy
“You don’t understand the hell I went through after you left me.”
No, I won't. Please don't say I will.  Katy
"I don’t miss you anymore because, technically, you don’t even cross my mind. I don’t miss you because you’re a completely different person now. And how can you miss someone that you barely even know? But the you that I see in my nightmares that we call memories, I do miss that you."
You're so self centered oml -.-  Katy
“I mean, I hope you’re happy,
But the sky is still the sky without you,
And I’m not surprised by that anymore.”
Awww ^~^ real question Do you have any pets? If so what?  Not.ur.ordinary.chick
I doooo. 3 cats, a dog, and a snake CX do you
Awww that's so cute!  Not.ur.ordinary.chick
yessssss I adore them
Lol okay sowwie and how was work  Not.ur.ordinary.chick
it was okay I work with special needs kids c: they're sooooo perfect
How are you?  Eilish
Life has been better haha. but I'm alive. How are yoooou
Text me back xc  Not.ur.ordinary.chick
I wasn't home I have a job haha sorry
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What do you refuse to pay for?
I'm so tiredddddd I regret waking at 4
I got hugs at school :D yay  Molly Abrey
Yay! hugs are nice cx I have to take the kids to school but I have spring break, so I'm going to meet up with some friends and this kid I met at a party apparently .___. ewwwww I hope he's as nice sober as he was drunk ._. send help I don't like new people
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hey love  Eilish
Hey fishy
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Ignore her.
This song is stuck in my head :c Idk what song i should practice toooooooooooooo. Eh choices D:
Thank god she left. Dalton don't listen to her okay? Please don't listen to her. I know how cruel she can be personally. Everyone else might be on her side, but please don't listen to them or her. I love you. Stay strong handsome.
I appreciate that thank you anon.
vv because he's incapable of letting stuff go or being the bigger person and just not answering. He also loves the drama of it, it makes people like you feel bad for him.  Katy
Awh if only that were true. I'm sorry who started saying shit? OH WAIT THAT WAS YOU XDDDDD. piss off Katherine I haven't the time to deal with your little problems lol