Dalton @Daltonwouldbemyname
Our story has ended, there is no happy ending, no long goodbye.
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Not the best tbh.. you?  Molly
Whats wrong? if you dont want me to post it i wont, just so you know. And eh. pretty bad honestly. meds im on give me these weird mood swings.
Don't be sorry! it's fine  Molly
How are you?
Would u ever b with a gurl?
Why did you spell girl gurl ;-; Sorry. Uh idk? I don't think so. I'm really weird with relationships anyway, i don't exactly know how i am with guys even really honestly. I guess it all depends the person. If i'm really close with a girl or something and i grow feelings, who knows what will happen? For now though i'm content with the person i am with. We have struggles and all of that but he makes me happy. so i will have to say no, because in this mind set im just happy with him.
It's fine! you're not a bad friend  Molly
im still sorry D: i just have a lot going on kinda
Are you still dating the same guy?
What makes someone powerful?
being able to walk away from people who don't belong in their life anymore makes someone powerful. Being able to look at someone who once meant everything to you, who kept you alive, who made the worst of pain turn into something amazing, being able to walk away and say "youre not the same person anymore" being able to take that bad out of their life and knowing they will be okay without that person.
Idk.. everything :c  Molly
Sorry again :c i havent been on D: im a bad friend :c
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daltooonnnnn  Eilish
Fishy c:
Oh god no, I am only nice to those that I admire but thank you very much for at least thinking so!
youre really nice trust me
What is the best commercial you’ve ever seen?
I love this song too much. But it hurts too much too :/
I need lots of hugs atm.. :c  Molly
whats wong love :c
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I just really love how kind and loving to absolutely everyone. It's very inspiring
you do really good at it!
I hate time differences man  Lexi Loo
Me too ugh
Oh my god I haven't been on in ages! Hi I hope you are doing well, my dear! You are a wonderful human being! :)
Hey there anon, thanks for being a total sweetheart c:
Daltonnnn I need a hug :c  Molly
*hugs you tight and picks you up hugging you so tight* i wannnnna give you loads of hugs
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I wish I could  Molly
Me too
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way too far away
Like dooood come mereeee
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very far awayyy
toooo far away
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different countries too :o  Molly
Lmfao true ;-; sooooo farrrrr awayyyyyy
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it's spring here so it's nice weather
jesus fuck we arent even the same season ;-; i forgot to remember this... its summer here... autumn reallllly soon
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nah not really
i like it coooold. i like not drowning in sweat
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:o *closes curtains*  Molly
AHHH. its chilly here, is it chilly there
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aw so are youu  Molly
maybbbbbeeeee im stalking your window again oooo:
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I'm happy that I could talk to you again  Molly
youre stilllllllll amazing
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I really missed you too Dalton  Molly
Im happy, so happy that youre here
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