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Our story has ended, there is no happy ending, no long goodbye.
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Which one? lol text me cx  Usofineuniqua
how many jobs do you have? send me your # i deleted it D: wont post
Pretty ok, wish we talked more. hbu?  Usofineuniqua
its been pretty bad recently but there's always an upside to things. hows your job
I'm sorry.  Usofineuniqua
i had to click on the link i was like who are you o.o long time no communicate. hows lifeeee.
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How would the world be different if everybody was vegetarian?
if slaughter houses had glass walls cx
I dunno like think of the people that slit cows throats. Like i feel like we are creating murderers man o.o
im annoyed
i have a pocket watch and it ticks so loudly that i want to kill it. but its a pocket watch and im fucking alice in wonderland so. jk but really though its annoying.
Yeah I know but I feel like it was a really selfish thing to do. Idk I just feel like I should have been there for you because we were so close, y'know and yeah like you don't even trust me anymore which sucks a lot because I really really care about you  Quiggy, Hollie
sorry im not a trusting person anymore. i learned my lesson, i fell apart
Hi ! I'm sorry to bother you but I just released my brand new video-clip ! Could you please take a look at it and share if you like it ? The link is in my profile ! I need advices.. Thank you ! ;)  Skyërn Aklea (✔)
I like it you sound good c: good job!
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this is the Garfiel cat rap song :))) epic...lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hy8zMOYD1FY
;-; cats
what about katy?
Hi okay you are such a precious human being and for some silly reason you don't see it in yourself. I'm truly sorry that I left but whilie was gone I still worried and thought about you everyday. I hate the character limits on here bc I can't write anymore but I love you and I'm sorry for everything  Quiggy, Hollie
you dont have to be sorry really its okay im glad you took time for yourself
Did you know that Iva is a liar?
Give me reasons or proof or i don't believe you cx
Name one thing you hate
When you wait for someone to text you all day or something and you text them and they answer in like 30 seconds. Like i don't mind if you don't text me first all the time, but idk.
What's the most awkward thing you can say in an elevator?
i think you should just start singing a really passionate love song
Name 5 people you trust?
Iva, Hollie, Travis, Danny, my cats
who do you trust more: Hollie or Iva?
Iva's around more, so Iva. But when hollie is around im pretty open to her too tbh
what was ur last text to your bf
we were saying goodnight ._. now i am boooooored. I'm going to watch Harry Potter bc HP is better than you :p byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye
What's wrong baby? You coulda texted me :o  PeopleAlwaysLeave
me, sorry i closed the window so i forgot
Nuuuuu >.< don't do that baby  PeopleAlwaysLeave
faith faith faith faith faith faith faith
I'm sorry dalty  Hollieyoubabe
Hollie fly to my house rn and parachute down bc i miss you and i want a hug. I hurt inside.
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That is not an answer mister  PeopleAlwaysLeave
faith help
eva deactevated?
*Iva ;-; *deactivated
And yeah i guesssssssssssssssss.
Do you miss alex?
sometimes it feels unreal. Like it was a lie my brain told me. i remember asking people to pray for him and going to church and stuff. It's weird when i go back and look like when i talked of him being in the car accident. Like he was alive then, his heart was beating. He's not alive now. Sometimes i pretend he's still in the hospital. it's unreal, idk how to feel. I've never really let myself say that hes gone.
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