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I actually had a good day today  Molly
Yay! I'm glad you did! What made it good?
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Have you tried nyquil or one of those things that's supposed to help you sleep better?  Eilish
I take sleeping pills from my doctor, but then I can't wake from nightmares. Ughhhh I'm so troubled ._.
that's good c:  Molly
Yeah haha
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I knowww. Try going to bed earlier or take naps. have to take naps bc I usually only sleep like 3 to 5 hours at night .-.  Eilish
If I take naps I wake up feeling sickkk. Idk why. Sleep sucks I hate having to sleep but I love sleep
I saw the movie of the Giver (haven't read the book yet) and I liked the idea of it and idk the ending was weird to me though  Eilish
The book kinda ends differently I loveeeeed it
was the movie good?  Molly
I liked it a lot, they didn't change too much
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yeah it was really good:)  Molly
Yay! The last movie I saw was the giver, I like that booook
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I'm not a parent but I have the same issue ;-;  Eilish
Duuuuuude. Ugh life. Why can't life start at like 930 even? Like I could do 930 no problem! If I go to sleep at 10 which I never do, ITS STILL NOT EVEN 8 HOURS
I saw it with my friend Tristan :)  Molly
Did you like it?
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I'm sorry :c have you tried putting on some music to help?  Eilish
Yeshhhh. I hate waking at 530 ugh can I drop out of being a parent ugh
Kitten buddies :3  Eilish
Fishy I can't sleeeeeep
The maze runner  Molly
Ooooo I was gonna see that movie the other day
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sorry I was at a movie  Molly
What movie?
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That was from me.  ·ẇȏяṭһʟєṡṡ·
i figured so XD
Welcome baaaaack!
thanks c:
well *Hugsssssssssss*  Molly
thank you c: and sory i went to take a shower before *hugs tight* MOLLY HUGSSSSSSSS
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Alrighm. Are you okay? --Jazmine. I was to lazy to log on.
yeah thanks im bakc noooow
Awh :(  Molly
yesh D:
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Yuppp. You're "totes besteh" is a smart cookie!  ·ẇȏяṭһʟєṡṡ·
im going to take a shower before i end up breaking something. ill be back in a bit.
Awh *hugs* why are you upset??  Molly
Because of people. I was in an okay mood too, ugh. *hugs*
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It was fuuun! Just a lot of walking. I'm switching Again because I'm more advanced Cx  ·ẇȏяṭһʟєṡṡ·
good! Oooo smart cx
Who do you follow?
like 20 people
Faggot? Oh sorry I was joking. A cultural festival down town. xc. I'm sad now though  ·ẇȏяṭһʟєṡṡ·
I know, i just dont cx Oooooo sounds like fun. How is your new schooool?
Oh haha Such smarts Dalton  Molly
furshur i am D: Molly im upset now, may i have a hug please
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