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“The minute you start to feel something, you have to run away, run like hell. Get away."
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hey hey
How would you do on a song competition show?
Bad i have bad stage fright.
I have a good voice though
How is your night my dear?
Pretty fabulous! I have been taught a rule of the english language from a friend and i have snuggles and a movie c: Plusssssss we are getting snow so i'm taking him out snow mobiling hopefully and yeah haha. So it's a pretty good night honestly
Getting old ;) jk
Yeah i am :c but legal to drinkkk
To say happy birthdayyyy
9th and im 20
April the what? And what age will you be?
What is the last thing you forgot?
How to make it stop hurting
well I was about to have a bath but my phone battery is low so I have to wait and I'm jist tumblring. you?  Lexi Loo
Not much I'm sore all over... Tired too. Ugh
Stillllllll (:  Kelly
heyy  Lexi Loo
I'm going to bed now so goodnight and sleep well  Lexi Loo
Not to ooooo much...
That girl in that picture down there is beautiful O_O
Damn right c: that's Iva.
what song was it? and shit happend but it's cool  Lexi Loo
Ronnie was playing it and singing it and i was like oooo i like that. and its one direction...
Are you sure its okay?
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Wooooo I'm okay I guess had a bit of a breakdown but now I'm skyping with a friend so it's all good  Lexi Loo
Send help. i like a one direction song and i was clueless to the fact that it was them ://// What happened?
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Are you a leader or a follower?
Leader bby
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When is yor birthday?
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good day to you Sir. How is one this fine evening?  Lexi Loo
It's pretty great actually, just got an email that ive been accepted for transferring into this one university! How are you?
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DALTOOOONNNNN <3 oh hush /.\ How are youuu?  Eilish
FISHYYYYYYYYYYY never c: beautiful girlllllllllll! Right now not so well hahah, you?
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Is that picture of Iva recent, and how is she? I haven't heard from her or talked to her in a long long time  Eilish
It's from september, She's still the same way, since september. I miss her
bae  Cara♡
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I love you
I love you tooooooooooo anon
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likers get 2 questions and a date or pass?
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likers get 2 questions and a date or pass?
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Show your barefeet please :)
Here ya go
Show your barefeet please :)