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You ready for Drake NWTS Sept 24
does r kelly like to pee?
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How does it feel to be famous because of your terrorist buddy?
about as good as being anonymous on a SOCIAL media site.
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have you ever been to worcester?
Do you have a snapchat ?
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are you confident or shy?
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Do you still have a girlfriennnd?
idk at the moment lol
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Yeah but I said IF it would happen?
wouldnt believe him
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You never answered my question Giovanni. What would you say to Jahar (if) he really did and he confessed in front of your face? Would you still be friends with him? Please anwer my question, I'm curious.
that would never happen.
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honestly is there any point in graduating highschool? has it helped you at all with stuff? because im considering dropping out
don't be foolish finish high school...your welcome
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Is UMass a classy place?
lol no
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I know this is a bit personal, but did he really fail like 7 classes during 3 semesters?
he did not
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"getting played by this guy i know." How did she get played by Jahar? Haha
it wasnt
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are you gucci guilty gio
yes it smells so goodd!! its all i wear
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Tara said she should write a book called "Making out with Terrorists"...
or getting played by this guy i know...
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Tara talks so much shit about Jahar tho. That does not make her look cute
she was a hot mess in the head sometimes but so nice
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so Tara became a lesbian after Jahar? .. that just suck for him haha
it was a fling
I never said she wasn't cute ! she's a pretty girl
oh no someone else did sorry
I thought Tara was gay? She cheated on her girlfriend with Jahar?
she has a girlfriend now but this was over a year ago...
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btw was Tara Indian cause I think I saw a picture of her
yea she is and you guys are cooked for not thinking shes cute
if you think a girl is good looking would jahar too?
lol he made out with tara she was really cute..does that help?
You are a very kind soul.
its my mom's doing
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Seriously it's important was jahar right handed or left??
i wish i remembered i think he was lefty though..why?
do you love bad bitches? is that your fucking problem?
guilty. jk lol not really shhh
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Wait so jahars marriage was basically arranged?
implied over and over again by his mom
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aye man ready 2 go gangbangin?
yea ill meet you there (locks door)
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