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Daniel Jayce @DanielJayce
Auckland :L
19, single. ask me questions
http://ask.fm/Milliedeven - my girlfriend c:
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what why???  new ask.
She cheated :/ I found out on Matt‘s birthday that she cheated on me a few days before new years and she also cheated on our 5 months. We almost went out for a year ;o x
Who‘s in your dp???
Not me hahaha
But Will‘s on the left and Spykes on the right
ily ok sh  new ask.
Ily, uh me and Millie broke up btw o;
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Are you and connor still best friends?
Ofcourse, he‘ll always be my best friend no questions needed
Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?
Matt, Kelli, Danielle, Spyke, Ryan, Baylie, Cez and all the bros i guess
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the fuck
If you get this, it means that I'm following you and you're flawless ♥
Bitch ofc I‘m flawless x
daniella  kelli . 
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you fucking bubble brain imy2  new ask.
Ask.fm is gay now :(
How the fuck do I have 173 followers when I never go on :/ xxx
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Just wanted to tell everyone I follow, I love them loads:) haven't been in ask and idek like I've been neglecting everyone. I love you all. You're all perfect and beautiful. I'm always here for everyone and you can always take to me privately over something. Keep smiling kids, I love you<3  i slept with sirens.
Shit ok thanks :L
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I miss yooouu :‘c
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happppy birthday !  Fuck You. oh. And You.ღ
Lol thanks, sorry havent been online in fuck knows how long
imy :'c  new ask.
Fuck I haven‘t been online in so long ahahahahaa
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bby  new ask.
What's up? o;
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How on earth can two countries stop war when both of them are fighting for peace?
Just peace and love man haha
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Why are today's kids and teenagers so disrespectful? What would you ask the next generation?
Not all kids and teens are disrespectful
I probably wouldn't understand the way the next generation speaks
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What would you do if your friend flirted with your mom?
It's happened a lot of times and i laugh
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like =10like first 5?
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If you walked with a girl and realized that she's going through her period, what would you do?
I swear girls exaggerate their period
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If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?
16 or 17
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Follow for Follow??  Shayla
Yeh sure
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Do you have a blog?
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You finally r with Millie!! Nice
We've been together for over 5 months hahahaha
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What sport do you do?
Soccer and touch rugby c: