Daniel Jayce @DanielJayce
Daniel Jayce @DanielJayce
Auckland :L
19, single. ask me questions
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are you easy to talk to?
If you're hot then yeh
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You're hot I'd so bounce on your dick any day baby
Na, try come from a less slutty approach next time
Why does Matt look so depressed in your dp?
He was just fucked off because he had to be sober D for that night
Woah calm down :/
Describe your first time...
First time...?
m.facebook.com/slayinthesehoes add me xo  slayin' you hoes.
U must slay all da hoes ay, na babe fuck fb xx
do ittttt. i will, stfu cunt<3  slayin' you hoes.
I'll do it when you visit next ;) hahahahaha aw whaaat
Slays with Kelli bro
Already have bro
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They're both surgeons (:
Thats pretty cool g
your dad and my dad know eachother...
Ok, how? Haha
Do you have siblings?
Yeah mate, 2 brothers and a sister
hi I miss you:((  slayin' you hoes.
Miss you too Kel </3
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hey how you been ? we used to be bestfriends .. lol .  Fuck You. oh. And You.ღ
Hahahahaha ay bish, who the fuck are you?
Do you have a gf?
Na, I'm on the suss haha
Who‘s in your dp???
The brother Matt
How can you be motivated?
Fuck I feel like a faggot reading these answers from ages ago
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Are you and connor still best friends?
Ofcourse, he‘ll always be my best friend no questions needed
the fuck
If you get this, it means that I'm following you and you're flawless ♥
Bitch ofc I‘m flawless x
daniella  kelli . 
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Just wanted to tell everyone I follow, I love them loads:) haven't been in ask and idek like I've been neglecting everyone. I love you all. You're all perfect and beautiful. I'm always here for everyone and you can always take to me privately over something. Keep smiling kids, I love you<3  i slept with sirens.
Shit ok thanks :L
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I miss yooouu :‘c
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bby  slayin' you hoes.
What's up? o;
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like =10like first 5?
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