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Danny Garcia @DannyGarcia126
Danny Garcia @DannyGarcia126
Hialeah bro
Ask me a question
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What is your attitude towards hunting?
Who do you trust more, your friends or your parents?
Wht painted on your wall?
You're brother is gay
My little brother
What’s the best way to learn a new language?
Practice everyday
Who did este cheat on you with?
What's your obsession about it? Are you gonna do anything about it? No. Am I gonna do anything about it? No. So why the fuck do you care?
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It bothers me that I think you're so cute like why me? :(
Stop asking yourself, "why me?" and start asking yourself, "why not me?"
Stop driving home drunk it scares me
I've never driven home drunk
What do you look like right now?
A very sad and depressed 17 year old child
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Have you ever liked someone you know you can't have?
I've liked someone I never thought I could have but then things changed lol
Why did you even show up in my life bitch!
Idk :(
I fucked ur bitch
Este cheated on you
Oh well, I treated her bad so it's alright.
I'll just give you my number then, its 786 899 9939
You're an idiot Anthony
but foreal tho lets go burn, give me your number
DM me and I'll give you my number. I'm not putting it out there like that.
Its not ribe, awk!
I wish it was though
its -RIBE
Text me if it really is -RIBE
Just answer it
I don't have a top ten, I've honestly never thought of it.
Lets go burn!
Text me then!
That's just a weird question to ask.
Top ten seniors then
Top ten guy seniors? O.o
Seniorss meaning not just you
Kevin Rodriguez and Luke Perez. They're #2 and #3 after me.
Who will go to hell?
Bad people will go to hell
Name the best looking guy seniors that graduated
Danny Garcia
Do you have a crush on Melissa