Dana AlKanderi. @DanuDevilchya
Dana AlKanderi. @DanuDevilchya
Kuwait city
26/April #WeAreTaurus. -Dreamcatcher-
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ya 3umree:*
What is the best song of all time?
Bleeind love- leona lewis
أنتي مو مخلصه من أمس؟
U are cutiya mo devlichya
If you could pick an eye color what would you choose?
Grey leaning to green a little bit
قولي فيرورو روشيه بلييييييز
Chub please
What would you name your next/first pet?
Depends on what kind of pet and what looks like
قوووولي فراري عفيه
انتي ب 12
Do you decide quickly or do you think a long time?
Depends of course
Avatarch naaaar ✨(bule hart)
Do you whistle in public?
I don't know how to whistle
Bla 7ana ana agoul
I saw in insta
la entty 36eni
Post a picture of your favorite building or monument!
Pisa tower
Post a picture of your favorite building or monument!
la maynf3 36eni
Give me urs
ما شاء الله اختج جميله الله يحفظها لج (bule hart)
Where did you saw my sister?
I need ur kik please
talk to me here
Well I'm new here so you betta answer :)
How old are you ?
How many times should I anwer this
Ok ok u'll calm down but really you are the one ! 6ab3an when I noticed that u wear snapbacks 9ar feni she a trip !
She a trip?
جم اتيبين بلانجليزي مشاءالله كل تويتاتك إنجليزي عاد صح ولا بس جذي :)؟
Lol la 9a7
Do you like long hair or short hair better on others?
It depends
Jamelat jamalla alla ya7fthich
shukran mafhmt eljumla;p