Dana AlKanderi. @DanuDevilchya
Dana AlKanderi. @DanuDevilchya
Kuwait city
26/April #WeAreTaurus. -Dreamcatcher-
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امتحانج باجر؟
Oh sorry your day is already finished haha, you know there's a difference in time between Kuwait and US
I should clap for you wala shnu?
I was just kidding, btw how was your day?
Lol my day was normal
Stop listening to ghetto music LOL
Klish mala shghel
I asked you that, because you wrote in Twitter that! 😂😂😂 So what do you think about smoking weed?
It was a song lyics?
I know you haven't even tried it 😂😂
Then you don't have to question me that
Yallah study 7bebti
la laa ma ykhu9aaak
If you smoke weed once you get yourself addicted to it :)
Hal shee ma ykhu9aak✋
Hey! What's up?
Hey i'm fine
انا ضفت closed بس محد كلمني و يرد عليي شنو كيكج
Mskar accounte yuba😂
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A7san shy
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Kik kik kik kik kik kik kik kik
Closed closed closed
Good luck babe 💙
اقري على نفسج والله عيون الناس ماترحم💙🙌
What things should you never tell your parents?
I'm on drugs
صعب كان
شكراً على المعلومة 😅❤️
Good luck (blue heart)💙
شلون اعرف منو مسويلي فولو بالاسك
Ma ybayn bs yktboun chum followers
?Have you finished studying
Gave me your snap chat? Plz
Sorry its private
ما عطلتي؟
Ma bdait a9lan:)
متى تعطلين
لا بتقعدييين هني وتدخلين معاي جامعة الكويت انشالله انا ماقدر اسافر
Ana shkuu😂