Dana AlKanderi. @DanuDevilchya
Dana AlKanderi. @DanuDevilchya
26/April #WeAreTaurus. High school student and a instagram photographer *Check my page* "Haters makes me famous" -Never Lose Hope-
Other accounts:
Twitter: Dwaink35x
Instagram: Dandoosha04_
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شعرفچ بدوي :p
Madre 3ade
Laiiiiiish zg b zag !! Shfeeech !
Ma mdane aktbha tweet
اي صف ؟؟
السلام عليكم ؟ انتِ اي صف ؟
وعليكم السلام يا هلا منو معاي:)؟
ليش عطيتيني دليت من السناب ؟؟ -.-
Answerd down
ok sorry
No problem
What is (or was) your favorite class in school?
Lesh unfollow snap
I need my privacy
اذا بغيت اخطبج وانطرح تكملين دراستج تواافقين
Akeed la
Do you like sparkling or still water?
Still water
Their marriage? Hope it a love Story ♡
It was
What is your favorite story your parents told you?
Their marriage♡♡
دانووه نصيحه لا تنكتيييييين جد وأرحم أمج لا تنكتين
Mnu nkat 3la afach?
جمالچ يكسر الصخر و يطيح الطير من السما و يعفس الجو كلا
Lool jloojya hatha
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What is your best feature?
Being an engineer
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عظم الله اجركم منو متوفي؟
اجرنا واجركم مجاوبه تحت
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Do you agree that victoria secret should do a deodorant from their amazing smell ♡.♡!?
Leeeish la
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What is the weirdest word in your language?
Alot of words
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ترا محد يصور ب جامه الحين و خصوصا مع فلاش
Ee walla sheleeha 9ourtch fashla
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Bdzlch instgram direct now check it❤️
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I love you ❤️
Thankyou who are you
At least you loughed.
I did laugh so much, now your user asra3 sareeeeeee3:(