Danusia Francis @DanusiaFrancis
Danusia Francis @DanusiaFrancis
UCLA gymnast. British.
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Do you talk to Sam? Could you ask her to check her Insta messages? I sent her a DM and it would mean the WORLD if she read it!
I can ask but she obviously gets a lot!
Do u haz a sweg?
Haha yes
Are you excited to be a senior?! It seems like your college years have gone by so fast!!
Yeah!!! So fast!!
Is your hair naturally blonde?
How come you're doing summer school? Is it a choice or did you have to do it?
I have to to have all my junior year requirements finished
well I'm just crazy 😆.. I have fun with my hair..
I like that!
3 months. Then I went with lime green highlights for st. Patrick's day
Wow you're so brave!
it would look good. i got curly blonde hair & did it to my hair & it came out perfect
Oh nice was it just temporary?
idk maybe something exotic.. Like blonde with pink highlights
Oh wow! I like that but I've only seen it on straight hair so would be a risk
are you thinking about changing your hair color?
Eventually but I like blonde for now. What color do you think?
What's your favorite color 😊
is sam staying in LA next year?
is the team cliquey?
Not in a bitchy way but everyone has their friends
what are you doing this summer
Summer school till August then going back to England
Is Melissa coming back next year?
I don't know
As of right now are there any girls that won't be coming back next season? Btw you were fabulous and she have made event finals on beam! Were you guys frustrated that they were low balling you guys on beam?
I'm not sure about that yet. Thank you so much yeah it was super frustrating but I'm glad we did our job. We can only control that.
Do you know if Jenni is staying next season?
She is
Let's see if you know your music.. Do you like Johnny Gill?
I don't know him
Good luck nush!
Thank youuuu :)
Madonna is still cool lol. She on the wild side
Yeah she's a legend of her time
what do you think about Madonna kiss drake? Lol
Don't have an opinion on it
Oooh! Worlds for Jamaica, that makes so much more sense! Well I hope the end of your UCLAseason goes well and that training for Worlds goes well!
Thank you so much!!!!
If I was interested in some sort of manager position with the team. How would I get in contact with Miss Val?
Probably through ucla athletics is your best bet
I thought you were going for the 2016 Olympics for Jamaica or something. Could've heard wrong. If so, sorry for bothering you!
I am doing worlds for Jamaica
Are you still planning on trying for the 2016 olympics?
That's never been my plan