Danusia Francis @DanusiaFrancis
Danusia Francis @DanusiaFrancis
UCLA gymnast. British.
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Will you be back at the July 10-12 camp?
:-* !!!
are you taking the year off of college this year to pursue worlds/olympics?
Just a few weeks off at fall
How do athletic scholarships work? what happens if you aren't the smartest student? will the university still accept you or are the academic standards different from the people applying without an athletic scholarship?
No you have to have the grades to get in also
Will you be at the June Ucla gymnastics camp? I'm going!
when do you have to be back at ucla at the end of the summer?
Early September
What are your plans for this summer nush?
Doing summer session A then going home to England for August! :)
what's the most physically painful game you've ever played with your friends
I guess dodgeball or something...
Are you one of those black chicks that only does black guys? Or are you one of those black chicks that insists on only doing white guys? Or are you quite happy to do both?  NushLover
I mostly go for mixed guys but I'm open to white and dark skin too.
But peng will try out for Canada worlds right?
Probably not worlds
Will sophina attempt worlds for Puerto Rico this year?
What do you think about "Cool Runnings"?
It's good lol
you know who's awesome? You👆 are 😊
thank you haha you're kind
could you live let's say Buffalo in -30° weather during the rough winters in February. It seem like Cali girl wouldn't survive in the winter in our rough city
Hahaha probably not although I don't like it too hot either!
Awesome! So does that mean you're going to skip the fall semester?
I don't think so!
Will you be attempting to qualify for worlds this year?
Yep for Jamaica
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Will there be any incoming walk ons next season?
Not sure to be honest
What did you end up doing for your birthday?
I have done so many fun things to celebrate its been like a birthday month and this weekend to top it all off I am going to Vegas!
What's your favorite song?
Ooh right now I love pia mia- fwu and anything by chris brown
I know I'm late but I just wanna wish you a happy belated birthday. You are beautiful💐 & have seem to have a beautiful personality & hope you succeed @ everything you do. Life is too short & don't ever let anyone bring you down. control your destiny. Much love❤❤❤. Continue being great☺  patrick spruill
Thank youuu that is really nice of you :( xo
Happy Birthday NUSHY! May you have a great and exciting birthday! You definitely deserve it - with a heart so warm and personality so inviting how could you not wish the best for you?! Xoxo
Thank you so much that is so kind :) xxx
Is it true ucla gymnasts have to use tape instead of sports bras? 🙀
Yep still sometimes do
What will your elite floor passes be?
Same as college