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Girl please be careful and wrap yourself in bubble wrap! Heck the whole team! You guys are bringing home that NCAA title!!!
Knock on wood! Thank you so much!
Just saw Memorable Moments: Danusia Francis and it made me love you even more! Absolutely love the bit about how close you and your mom are and the love between you both, whether abroad or across seats in Pauley. :-)
Awww! Thank you so much! I honestly couldn't have a more supportive parent in everything I do!
Who are the standouts on each event so far?
Sam for AA, vault: laneisha, Jordan. Bars: Melissa, Peng, beam: Ellette. Floor: pua, Sadiqua. In my opinion. At the moment but we still have some people rehabbing like Peng so we'll see! :)
Are you still training an E pass on floor? Namely the double Arabian?
Since my neck injury and I sprained my hand I hadn't in a while but I just started to again this week
What is your current ambiance?
Do you have any interesting, inconvenient drug testing stories from your elite gymnastics days?
No! Mine were pretty straight forward
new floor routine you say. can you give us a hint as to how the music is? fast or slow or modern or classical, etc.?
It's a fast one for me!! I think everyone will be surprised!
You are now into your junior year of college. Congrats. Almost half done. Very good. What has been some of your favorite and/or least favorite classes?
Favourite was Scandinavian I had the nicest TA ever! And least organisational communication was soooo hard
What are you doing right now?
About to leave for practice
Miss Francis, how do you feel about gymnast who openly say who their hero is in the same sport and then has to compete against them at major comps. (for example Max Whitlock's fav. gymnast is Uchimura) Does it make it any harder?
Not for some one like Max who believes in his training and his ability. But someone who is easily star struck and not as calm and confident it would be harder for sure. It definitely depends on the individual
Miss Francis, hello. When and why did your love of all things Oscar Wilde start?
Sine I did drama at school a few years ago! But we are reading The Picture of Dorian Gray right now in class too so it is re-awakening my love for him!
What are some of your thoughts on the results of team GBR at World Championships? Men and Women??
I can't say I followed it religiously but just scanned the results and I was a little upset for the guys that they didn't get the team medal but amazing result for Max in AA. And I think the girls did well and what was expected of them.
But merpie tho!!! :-(
Sorry you're gonna have to elaborate
So you guys will train at Collins/pauley and your regular gym? I'm not the original anon but it's kind of weird that you guys are investing a lot into the podium (great if you compete on one regular season) where a lot of the season depends in your regular season
I don't know what the official training plan for next year is but I'm sure the coaches have the best interest of the team in mind. They have been doing this for a longtime so I trust and support their decision.
I didn't poo my pants danusia! But I peed a bit when I saw you replied!
What was the most interesting place you have ever visited?
Oooh probably Tokyo or Sydney!
Is the podium more forgiving on the body as well? I loved your yogi handstand btw Nush! :-)
Yeah definitely! Thank you!! :)
If you guys are raising money to get a podium for your training gym, how will that help you in the regular season when you don't compete on it?
Our main aim is nationals I'm sure we can practice in Pauley or Collins Court if we are worried about regular season!
If u answer this I will poo my pants in excitement!
Hahah don't poo your pants!
Nush u don't remember merpie!! Hoohoohoo
I'm sorry explain further...?
can you give me some motivation to stress less about college classes and exams
They are easier than you think just stay on track and engaged and take a deep breath when you're feeling overwhelmed. Organise your time and your notes wisely. You can do it!
How is the team looking so far? Any updates? We want newwwwwws lol
Looking good!! All got our new floor routines they are so cool!!
Merpie?! Mark hoo hoo
Are wedges shoes? Where from?
Yeah, they were from boohoo just casual cheap ones
What was the last thing you bought online?
Some wedges this morning!