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Save me the chocolates! Or throw it out to fans when you finally get your 10.0!
Hahahah that would be fun
Have you met Claudia Fragapane yet? She's fantabulous!!
Yeah of course. And yeah she is!
What is normally received when you're UCLA athlete of the week of UCLA play of the week? Extra $ toward your program, a trophy or just accolades?
Nothing lol just the recognition
Rubicon is so delicious! I share the same sentiments!
You have good taste
You can try kerns but I don't think it does it justice. UK chocolate is the best btw! Doesn't hold a light to US chocolate
Yes it really is I'm getting fat though need to try and resist the Cadbury caramel nibbles
When do you go back to UCLA Nush?
I'm staying for my sisters graduation so wot be back till like 5th sept
I have not seen that in the states! Is there anything that tastes similar?
Same. And I haven't found anything
Rubicon mango!!! Om nom nom!
Beeest drink!
Have you gotten it checked? I hope it feels better soon also!
I went to A&E thank you very much, me too!
i hope you feel better <3  Justin ♥
Thank you :)
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Your next is still sore? :-(
Yeah I'm so mad it's taking so long
How many hours do you train during off season?
Well I'd be training more but my neck is hurt so like 10-15 hours a week at the mo
Is the other team manager karli dugas?
Not sure of her last name but yeah
Did you wish you were able to compete at a Commonwealth Games? I heard it's like a party and the 3rd largest sporting event after the Olympics and Asian Games
Yeah would have been fun
Does jordyn have An ask.fm or did she? I saw one online but I'm weary of its her or not
Probably not but I don't know for sure
How great is it having the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry attend the team final? If The Queen was there I think I would split the beam!
Yeah that's actually so cool
Can I ask why do you like it? Has this new format for team final ever been done before? ever?
It hasn't been done before that I know of. But I think it's smart that people ha to buy tickets for two days and kinda makes it more exciting. And takes a bit of pressure off the gymnasts and is good for energy
What is up with this new Team Final format at the Commonwealth Games?
I'm not sure I quite like it though
Will Cassie still assist?
My bad yesss she will thankfully
Who will be the team managers?
Jordyn and a new girl Karli
Who will be the associate head coaches next year?
Miss val and then Chris is the associate head coach then we have randy and I think cale maybe
Chritty was that slag who passed gas when we were taking level exams years ago. Quite the ofus I'm sure.
What exams?
You truly have no recollection of Chritty?
Sorry yeah I don't have any recollection
Have you ever tried a tucked or piked full in/out, double layout, triple twist on bars or floor?
I used to do full out off bars and triple twist on floor when i was young and I've tried full in on floor but never competed.