Danusia Francis @DanusiaFrancis
Danusia Francis @DanusiaFrancis
UCLA gymnast. British.
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you get suuper emotional when you & your team win. I never understood the passion in gymnastics. Until I saw the emotion that ran through you & your team. & you are very far good on the beam. Ucla gymnastic team looks like super stars
Thank you so much that is really nice of you. Yeah I think when u put so much time and effort into something and it pays off it really gets to me lol I'm a pretty emotional person!
I'm from South London. We should get acquainted next time you come back to Lonny:D
Haha that would be cool prob need to know who u are first
he's a pretty cool rapper.. & o yea one more rapper his name is OB O'Brien & the song is called Hamilton
I wasn't a big fan of Hamilton tbh
yea.. Do you notice Canada taking over.. You got Drake.. The Weeknd.. Partynextdoor.. Majid Jordan.. & this rapper P-Reign
Ohhhh yeah! I see that they all have a chill vibe too! More calm, I will listen to p-reign haven't hear him before
yea because he's different. do me a favor listen to this song called Chill Pad by Majid Jordan.. Reply when you listen to it & tell me what you think of it
I probably need to hear it a few more times to decide if I like it a lot but I like the vibe I'm doing an essay right now and it was the perfect chill vibe
so I take it you heard his album
Some of it prob not the whole thing. You're a big fan?
your awesome. you have great taste in music. partynextdoor is underrated
Thank you! Yeah after recognize with drake I was a fan
hey do you listen to PARTYNEXTDOOR?
house of balloons is a good mixtape.. That's literally the first weeknd cd.. Then his 2nd mixtape is called Thursday & his 3rd is called echoes of silence then he took all 3 mixtapes put them on one cd & called the album trilogy a year before he released Kiss Land
Wow you're a bigger fan than me in guess but info like him a lot
you didn't answer my question:(
my favorite song by him is the party & the after party. if you a real weeknd gan that you know what I'm talking about & heard of house of balloons
Yeah I hadn't heard if it but I just looked it up
do your family have british accents?
I remember I met you & heard your voice for the first time & was thinking in my head like holly shit you're british? Lol. I seen your comps.. Just never heard you speak.. I thought you were black...Did not think you were from the UK
I'm half Jamaican half Polish but yeah born and raised in the UK
do you listen to the singer the weeknd?
Yeah :)
Won't that hurt your breaststststs?
Hahaha no it's just super annoying
What is rolling the field?
Lie in your back and roll
Do you only get to choose classes that take place after 12pm? You're wonder women for fitting it all in!
Yeah you can leave earlier if its like a mandatory class
Best/worst memory of your freshman year?
Gymnastically: Best: doing my side arias in beam final
Worst: rolling the field for a punishment
You are absolutely stunning, real and charming in your "Before the Storm" interview! I loved hearing you laugh it's contagious! I wish you the best this upcoming season and hoping for multiple tens across all of your events! Will they be doing more of these videos on the rest of the members?
Awww thank you so much that is so kind. Yeah they are doing a few more :)
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You're beautiful :)  Justin ♥
Aww thank you :)
What kind of hours do you train as a team? Is it something like 8am-12pm on weekdays?
You are spot on
Duz cory have chest hair? Hawwwt
Haha a little
Cory seemed like a ton of fun!!! At the meets, he just had so much energy!
Yeah the most fun ever such a great manager and friend
Do you miss Cory?
Yeah so much!!
What did you do for US thanksgiving this year?
I spent it at Cory's (our team manager who graduated last year) and his family :)