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Aliya Mustafina has been recently wearing white socks for her floor routine at the Russian Cup. Will Danusia Francis wear black skull socks for a floor routine at a NCAA meet? This could be a new trend.
Hahahahaa! Maybe! I'm not sure miss val would approve
Oh my, will those skull socks help you get a date... with the devil???
Haha I'll let you know ;)
Do you find yourself bringing more and more stuff to the states every year or less?
I have left a lot of stuff there so it should be less. But the weightif my suitcase is probably the same lol
How are your preparations coming along for returning back to the states?
Not bad my neck is finally getting better. I hate the goodbyes though
Dream Job?
Tv presenter/ blogger/ maybe
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Tv presenter/ blogger/ maybe
gn :)
Night :)
"do you want to use me as doormat ?" what anon?
Right, confused lol
do you want to use me as doormat ?
Why is your home country so good at reality shows and gymnastics documentaries?
Haha we are a curious bunch
How much would you pay to "tumble" with Bluey Robinson? (I mean teach Mr. Robinson to tumble, of course!)
I would be veryyy happy if that happened
Just for kicks and giggles which discipline of gymnastics would you like to tumble with Bluey Robinson?
Ooooh anything that's up close and personal where he is shirtless
You once said the show 'Tumble' may not come to America because it is by BBC. I do believe USA broadcasting is in talks of buying the rights to the show like they did with 'Strictly Come Dancing' which turned into 'Dancing With The Stars'. Which American gymnasts would you like to see on the show?
As the pros? Would be cool to see Alicia sacramone
How much are you lovin' Nadia C. being on the show?
Yeah she's a great asset!
If I got to salute to Nadia C. during a vault off, I think I would be the happiest person in the world at that moment in time. This is my favorite part of the show 'Tumble'. What's yours?
I guess the performances of my faves
If you got to pick a celeb to "tumble" with who would it be from the show 'Tumble'?
I like Lucy she is really emotional about it. But I'd probably need a guy partner so the boxer
My interest in 'Tumble' is waning. Just watched some of the trampolining from week three on YT and it looks so messy. Just goes to show how hard it is to keep in sync. How are you at trampoline?
I'm ok, can do my tumbles on there that's about it. Yeah trampolining was better than the rhythmic
Oooh Miss Francis, now I am smiling and will go back to studying. I will switch my seating location from a chair at the table to the couch. (That counts right?) And I have set a goal to finish two chapters, so to speak. Thanks and good night to you!
That counts! Awww good luck studying! Good night!
Blog IDEA!??? Post a pic of a favorite or not so favorite leotard and tell a story around it.
Oooh Anon that is a good idea! I have took a screen shot of that and it will be dedicated to you!
The changing location thing I can't do right now but the goal setting thing is doable. Gymnasts love setting goals. It may work in the gym but do you fine it also works outside the gym? Do you have a good outside the gym example?
When I'm studying I will tell myself to get to a certain chapter or work to a certain time. Other goals might be to eat well but I'm not so good at that lol
Are you one to hang on to old gym stuff and leotards or do you discard them? (one word - Ebay!)
Everything is somewhere I'm not someone who frames their leo's or anything i'd rather have photos and videos and yeah I should definitely eBay everything at some point
Any tips for studying because I am losing my focus?
Take a little break then change location and set yourself a goal
What is the most favorite thing you have ever got in a gymnastics kit?
For the world uni games we got really cool zip up hoodies with a Union Jack in the hood. And at ucla we got these vintage style Adidas jackets and this Half waterproof zip up love them 3
do you mean UCLA paid for them (sneakers)?
I mean they were part of our last years attire all the athletes had them