Danusia Francis @DanusiaFrancis
Danusia Francis @DanusiaFrancis
UCLA gymnast. British.
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What happened to some of the girls on bars and beam at Utah? Nerves?
The bar mats got moved so then the springboard markings were off which is what happened with janay and then I mean I don't think it was too much nerves as opposed to lack of experience and bad luck
Do walk ons have to pay for travel and the food at away meets?
No they don't
What is covered by athletic scholarship? Food, travel, rent, clothes?
That's everything I think. Not travel home though just to meets
Omg it says absurd! I meant absolute!
Hahahah thanks!
Danusia! You were an absurd star today at the meet! All the girls did great but your floor was the cherry on top! Xoxo
Awww thank you so much :)
That's great. Plus you have 3 D tumbles so that's always a plus
That's what the coaches said :)
Thank you! Your tumbles will come within time :-) are you still training the double Arabian?
Thank you! No I'm not we have a lot of great tumblers so the thought process for me was quality over quantity
What was Melissas injury? I loved your floor at season opener!
Her knee she didn't need surgery but something was slightly torn I believe. Ima www thank you so much hoping to improve those tumbles lol!
Yaw? Gross
it's so weird. It's like yaw have 2 digits for area codes
In the UK? I don't think ours has an area code
i use 2 think you and sophina were sisters :D
Hahah we get that a lot till they hear us speak then they are like well you're cousins then
Can you give us any updates if Melissa is okay or will eventually compete later in the season?
She is doing really well there's a chance she could do bars at the end of season
I was always curious since you're from UK. Do you use a brirish number or a number in the us?
I have both I used to have two phones but now I just switch the sim
why you don't like sharing selfies?
Just don't
well you should think about modelling. I'm a photographer.. & you have a beautiful form & nice long legs.. & carry yourself very exquisite. Just my opinion
That is so kind thank you very much!!
No sorry
beautiful british girl. You should be a model. The way you perform on the floor is beautiful.. Have you ever thought about modelling?
Thank you so much! I
modelled as a child. And a little bit for leotards but that's it
Aww poor thing! She's not completely out for the season is she?
Not sure tbh she could be
Why is Melissa in a brace?
She hurt her knee
Hey danusia! How was the most recent intrasquad? What were the the highlights of each event?
Hey, it was good thanks I think the highlights were: vault- Jordan was a great lead off and then Sam had a great stick. Bars- Hallie and Peng had good routines. Beam- everyone was pretty strong Sam and I had back to back solid routines so that was fun. And floor- Angi's routine was really great the crowd is going to love it!
you get suuper emotional when you & your team win. I never understood the passion in gymnastics. Until I saw the emotion that ran through you & your team. & you are very far good on the beam. Ucla gymnastic team looks like super stars
Thank you so much that is really nice of you. Yeah I think when u put so much time and effort into something and it pays off it really gets to me lol I'm a pretty emotional person!
I'm from South London. We should get acquainted next time you come back to Lonny:D
Haha that would be cool prob need to know who u are first
he's a pretty cool rapper.. & o yea one more rapper his name is OB O'Brien & the song is called Hamilton
I wasn't a big fan of Hamilton tbh
yea.. Do you notice Canada taking over.. You got Drake.. The Weeknd.. Partynextdoor.. Majid Jordan.. & this rapper P-Reign
Ohhhh yeah! I see that they all have a chill vibe too! More calm, I will listen to p-reign haven't hear him before
yea because he's different. do me a favor listen to this song called Chill Pad by Majid Jordan.. Reply when you listen to it & tell me what you think of it
I probably need to hear it a few more times to decide if I like it a lot but I like the vibe I'm doing an essay right now and it was the perfect chill vibe