Danusia Francis @DanusiaFrancis
Danusia Francis @DanusiaFrancis
UCLA gymnast. British.
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I swear from your instagram pic. you and your mom look so close in age. Do you get that a lot?
Yeah we get that quite a lot lol but she just looks young she had me at 30
Please recommend like a blue and gold sheenish type of leo!
What is sheenish? All our UCLA Leo's are Rebecca's mom and they're great!
Do you like going to festivals in the summer time?
Did going into NCAA gymnastics give you a new perspective of the American gymnastics system outside of the elite division?
Dom should be a professional leo designer
Yeah lol!
OMG no wonder she look relieved finishing floor! She was fabulous! I hope she's better already! Is jenn pinches okay as well?
Yeah she is feeling better now! Jen is ok just has a few little injuries
One more question: is sadiqua okay? I saw Val consoling her during the vault rotation
She threw up three times during the meet and the next day she had altitude sickness :( she did so well on floor considering!!!
They were different and they stood out! It took a while to warm to them but I started to like them more as the competition progressed
Yeah I agree!
For both regionals and Nationals? Is it true Dom designed the pax 12 ones?
Yeah hopefully as long as they are made in time. Yeah it's true. What did you think of them?
Do you have a new Leo for regionals or NCAAs?
Yes we do! They are beautiful!!!
Soooo..what did you think of UCLA's Pac-12 leo?
It was okay. It my fave one that we have
Where are you right now?
I love The Weeknd!!! You should listen the town
I do to! Okay!
Do you happen to know the names of anyone's floor musics?
Haha probably not
1 like me = 5 like with you  another love ♥‿♥
I don't know what this means but sounds nice thanks
do they make good pizza over in London?
how come you answer some of the most disgusting question. Spunk in your hair? & you said probs. i would ignore all these questions that's degrading. you are more than just a sexual object or body to fantasize over.. You are one of the greatest gymnasts in UK they better respect Nush. Team Nush:)
Aww thank you, yeah I'm gonna delete them
OMG the questions some of these people are asking you lol. I'm only laughing because they're obviously trolling.. But jeesh.. It's the question.. Care bear porno?.. Sorry you have to deal with rubbish trolls
Lol thank you yeah strange
You said somewhere you have a job now as well as doing school and gymnastics. I feel like that would leave you with very few hours left in the day! Do many girls on the UCLA team work? Also, what type of industry do you work in? Keep up the amazing work, and good luck to all of you for nationals :)
I am a student-athlete peer learning facilitator at ucla like a tutor for other athletes no I think I'm the only one with a job. Yeah I don't have much spare time! Thank You so much
1965??? you messing with my head?
Damn you have some creeps on here! Lol
Lmao I delete a lot of them too!
Good luck today nush!
Thank you!!!!
Do you have a kik?
Is there any chance Melissa will compete in the post season?