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I can see why you liked your team Jamaica leotard it does look really nice

Christopher Berry

Thank you :)

Have you ever done dance ?

Christopher Berry


Can you add me as a friend?

Christopher Berry

Sorry I don't add people I don't know

I used to do Gymnastics when I was young and I also used to do dancing too

Christopher Berry


Are you on Facebook

Christopher Berry

Yeah and I have a fan page

You asked me what has ben the best day of my life so far, What has been the best day of your life so far?

Christopher Berry

Ooooh I don't think it's happened yet because I've had a lot of amazing days but none of them stand out as the best

What does NCAA stand for?

Christopher Berry

I think national collegiate athletics association that's my best guess anyway lol

in answer to your question seeing my team play in the FA Cup final for the first time in their history. Are you planning on returning to the UK after you have finished at UCLA?

Christopher Berry

Love it! And yes I am planning on returning :)

Ask me something, anything I don't mind what as long as it isn't too personal

What was the best day of your life so far

What Music are you into?

Anything with good vibes, love chris brown

Do you have a favourite competition leotard ? if so which?

Christopher Berry

Hmm I love all the ucla ones but think the one with the pink edging is my fave and I loved the Jamaican one we wore in podium yesterday!

the guy that called you ramen hair is obviously a pervert because he said I won't ask anymore questions.. hinting he was asking perverted questions.. Then to try & talk about your hair. I love your hair!

Right hahaha!!!! Thank you 💁🏽

Is Samatha Peszek in a relationship?

Christopher Berry


Will nicki Shapiro be out for the season since she just had surgery?

I'm not sure tbh

"perverts be asking you weird questions tryna play it off like they are asking regular questions lol😏. Stay beautiful girl" Lol I'd rather be a pervert than a white knight. U dont like my questions you wont get them anymore ramen hair.


perverts be asking you weird questions tryna play it off like they are asking regular questions lol😏. Stay beautiful girl.. you.. Samantha.. & Sophina are my favorite gymnasts

Lol!!! Yeah hiding behind their computers haha. Thank you so much :)

Merpit huhu?!


Do guys hit on you a lot?

I do ok lol but depends what a lot is for you

what happened to alex waller? why isn't she on the roster

She's retired she'll be around though she's still involved with the team

so basically you can be competing NCAA and still go to the olympics?


I didn't know you could compete at the worlds since you compete NCAA, am I mistaken or don't they have some rule like that

You can as long as you don't go pro (accept money)

Is Stella Savvidou joining the team later in the season?

I believe so

Why are you not in preseason with the rest of the team?

I'm competing at the world championships then going back to LA

Will Macy be able to compete this season?

I'm not sure tbh but I hope so!!!!!

Do you think Jem should've gone blond like you?

Up to her


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