Danusia Francis @DanusiaFrancis
Danusia Francis @DanusiaFrancis
UCLA gymnast. British.
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Who is Miss Val?
The head coach of ucla gymnastics
Have you ever been mistaken for someone famous?
Yeah leona Lewis
Do you go clubbing a lot? You seem to from your instagram.
Yeah I go clubbing quite a lot
How are you answering these? Are you sitting and answering from a laptop? Smartphone?
Does Miss Val monitor your social media? Are gymnasts not allowed to say anything controversial?
Yeah people monitor what we say, you have to be a bit careful
Does Ruby Harrold have a boyfriend?
Don't know
How is LA different from London?
Weather, culture, people, vibe
"You mean boys and girls can both use them?" Yes.
Don't think that's a good idea
Do you get free food as a student-athlete?
Your food is accommodated for if u have a scholarship
If you had a daughter would you want her to be a gymnast?
If she wants to be
Would cats make good gymnasts?
I'd say so
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Do you get points deducted if you pick your wedgie during a routine?
Who all is going to worlds for Jamaica?
Toni-Anne, Maya and me for girls
Would you be ok if UCLA made all bathrooms and lockerrooms gender neutral?
You mean boys and girls can both use them?
Have you seen the Full Out movie?
Not yet
When do you move back to UCLA??
After worlds
Does Kelly Simm have a boyfriend?
Don't know
Does Rebecca Tunney have a boyfriend?
No idea
What kind of smartphone do you have?
iPhone 6
Can you please ask Jenny Pinches to create a ask.fm?
You should tweet her or something
ok 😌  Marco S.
post a picture 😄  Marco S.
No sorry
pap  Marco S.