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Danusia Francis @DanusiaFrancis
Danusia Francis @DanusiaFrancis
UCLA gymnast. British.
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Any plans on comin back to elite and competing for Jamaica?
Hmmm we shall see, one goal at a time :)
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are you watching trampoline and tumbling worlds?!
I'm too busy!
Nush how are your upgrades so far hunty
Not bad thanks!
Nush please suggest that type of leotard that Mustafina wore on fx event finals! They are gorgeous and would look GREAT on you all! #wishfulthinking
Awww thank you! Okay!
fair enough. good night to you Miss Francis & check out Miss Mustafina's event final fx routine: // Regardless of result, she has still got the grace & beauty. Her tumble whip backs are fabulous & unexpected. I could see you doing a routine like this!
LOVE IT. She is captivating, so stunning. Thank you for sharing!
Eww KUWTK? It's all about the RH franchise! They both might be staged and elaborated but with the Kardashians it seems to be the same story line whee disick is drunk, Kim is queen bee, kris controls Bruce and they all eat salads. I do like khloe however..
Each to their own. But yeah I find khloe and kourtney hilarious
Good to hear. Post a pick of you driving down King's Road in London with a UCLA bumper sticker. Is it a plan?
Hahhaha we'll see about that one
U can start small & post YouTube videos of u going for a drivers license & then getting a permit (starters license when you practice driving) &e then taking the test. Is it you won't drive, can't imagine driving or could care less? (even Ozzy Osbourne has finally gotten his drivers license)
Haha if I had time I would. I wouldn't buy a car here it would be a waste of money for two years so I'm just gonna finally learn when I'm back in England
I feel like the British love KUWTK more than the Americans. If you could have a show like that about your life would you do it? How would you do it differently? Can we start with a reality show of you learning how to drive in LA traffic?
Maybe, I guess it's because they aren't British we are fascinate because people aren't like that. Hahahaha I would do it. Learning to drive Would be a good episode!
I get why the Kardashians are famous and they work hard to stay that way but what exactly fascinates you about them? Is it the beauty, style, and or money? They do have a lot of money!!!
Yeah all of the above hard to say but I do love KUWTK
Who are the equivalent of the Kardashians in Great Britain?
I don't think we have an equivalent but we have the royal family who are probably a little more fascinating and much more private
What makes you think their marriage will last and why, why, whyyyyy do you love them? (they do have a cute baby!)
I find them both fascinating and north is soooo cute
Do you think Kim and kanye's marriage will last?
Yeah! I love them
If you could take a road trip anywhere in America where would you go and who with?
To New York (not sure if that's really a road trip place but I really want to go) and with a friend from home
Do you get mad about the Jordan questions?
Not mad, I just think it's her personal business
How is college life in the UK different from college life in America? (considering you don't go to college in the UK how do you think it is different from talking to friends who do?)
The drinking age means the party culture is very different it is club orientated in the UK. In the UK you can fail on a yearly basis here you can't really just your gpa drops. Sports isn't a big deal in the UK. You just do your chosen degree the whole time in the UK no GEs like US. Most unis aren't campus's in UK either. That's what I can think of right now!
LOL ban face tattoos so true
Glad you agree!
Were you born to do NCAA gymnastics?
It's been assumed
What is your fascination with kitteh kats? Heehee
I think I was one in a past life
They don't know what a British accent sounds like? #nosweg
Lol! They do they just love it. I mean I can't complain better than them hating it
If there was one rule you would change in NCAA gymnastics what would it be?
Hmmm that's hard I would maybe ban face tattoos
When was the very first time you came to America? What was your reaction?
When I was 9 with my gym, I had a great time
Aly and Gabby are going back to camp at the "ranch". Any inside news on what Jordan is doing?
Jordan is getting a UCLA degree!!!
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Tell us something strange or funny or weird about Americans.
How much they love other accents
What is your favorite thing to do on campus whilst not doing classes or gymnastics?
There's not much to do on the actual campus so I guess eat or when I get a massage