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Is hallie okay? I didn't see her in the Westwood photo with the football guys with the rest of the team
Yeah she's fine :)
You are so FETCH
Lets try to make fetch happen
Lol I think the person said that as a reference to Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls
Yeah I got that
Do u keep a lot of secrets cause your hair is so big? Hehe
Haha! No I'm a pretty open person sometimes too open. But I'm good at keeping other people's secret
I know you don't like to discuss or answer questions about politics but how do you feel about Scotland's independence?
I don't think they will get it
Do you want Scotland to leave?
I doesn't really affect me
Will ellette be graduating 2015? I see she didnt redshirt on the roster
I think so
Who do you think will win 'Tumble'?
I hope Sarah or Amelle
Just read your most recent blog. Good luck with your junior year at college. (Are you done with blogging about 'Tumble' now that you are in the states? Final show tomorrow night, I guess?)
Thank you. Yeah I'm so busy and the time difference isn't really gonna work. But if I catch it I will blog!
Favorite character on Modern Family?
Ooh that's hard maybe Philip or Manny
What is your favorite training drill? What is your least favorite training drill?
I don't like drills really I'd rather just do it but flyaway off bars is pretty fun if I had to choose least fave is tumbling to high mats probably
Which NCAA gymnast do you look up to? Which NCAA gymnast inspires you?
Sam Peszek, she's such a hard worker and so motivated
Name a skill you have never done on floor but would love to have in your routine.
Double layout
Describe overall feeling towards vault?
What is the best acrobatic beam series combination you have ever seen?
I love flick flick layouts from the Chinese
What American TV shows are you watching these days?
Modern family, PLL
Alright, good night and good gymnastics salute in the pool. Next time back flip underwater. Challenge accepted?
No underwater I don't do/enjoy
How is it you had roommates who are water polo swimmers and they couldn't get you in the pool and now you have roommates who are gymnasts and you are splashing/wading around in the shallow end w/ a smile on your face?
Hahhahaa Sophina brings the best out in me, what can I say!
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Funny how anon was looking for a fetish foot pic and you post one with zebra and pink socks. That'll teach 'em, right?
Right haha ;)
I'm too tired to list all the fetishes out there but foot fetish is pretty creepy don't you think?
Yeah I do lol
How hot is it in LA? Beyonce hot or Prince Harry hot?
Depends how hot you think they are but it's so hot unbearable for a brit like me
I'm not the one who asked you for the foot pic. but out of all the fetishes which is the most creepy to you?
Lol, list me the ones to choose from?!
At least you are halfway wet... and having fun???
Yeah haha I had fun
Does every apartment in LA/UCLA campus have a pool?
OMG Miss Francis, you are in the pool!!!! How... What!!! Good job. How does it feel????
HAHHAA yeah I don't mind if its not deep and I'm not forced