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is united kingdom considered an island?
I think so but maybe google it!
Great Job Danusia on the beam today!!! It was so awesome!!!!!! I love watching you!  Riley Goldberg
Thank you :)
Good luck today at your meet! I can't wait to go!  Riley Goldberg
you look like you're more from the island than UK.
Lol yeah probably
are you scared of spiders?
Only huge fat poisonous ones
you would look gorgeous!!!!! Not that you're not already.. But damn straight would definitely be a good look
Awww thanks :))
im just curious. Like what that flexibility do though? lol jk
Find yourself a gymnast gf haha
do you think about changing your hair color? I tryna picture brown or black lol.. Or even straight
Yeah I will eventually go back to brown. Maybe after college. I haven't straightened it for three years but all my team mates wanna see it straight so think I will do that after season.
the gon sound very perverted but by u being flexible is it true that girls use that flexibility beyond the mat? just askin
LOL no comment
yea 'cause you & s ophina always hanging around. how did yaw become best friends?
I duno really just bonded! We have a lot of jokes and obviously being in the same year we have had similar experiences and struggles together
Are you & Sophina best friends?
Yeah I have more than one best friend. But soph is for sure one of them :)
are u stuck up? u seem nice but u look like if the wrong person piss u off u will spazz on em lol
Hahhaha I hope I'm not stuck up lol. But I'm pretty honest so if someone's annoying me I will tell them
what words you stumble across when you try to talk like an american?
Some words with A's or R's in
U picky when it comes to men?
Hmmm yeah a bit
have you ever talk like an american just playing around or whatever? my one friend is from frankurt & he really good @ impersonating an American accent lol
I am okay at an American accent some words get me though lol
Do you enjoy british comedy?
ok im not tryna be funny but do you say I need go to the lube when talking about bathroom & do you say bloody when you mad or is it just stereotype?
To the loo lol and yeah people say that and bloody. I think I say it hardly ever though mostly because I just want people to understand me here lol
do you like the uk or us better?
The uk but I do like the us
thats so weird.. Lol americans really have accents? I don't even feel like I have an accent lmao.
Hahha yep
ok so when you are talkkng to other brits do you notice their accents?
Not at home but yeah here just cause I get used to the American accents
so does us americans sound like we have accents to yaw? I wondered lol
Yeah But im used to it. But if I hear a British person in America I'm like wow they have an accent then I realize it's the same as mine
you need to be my wife. you are extremely gorgeous
Haha thank you so much
Do u notice your accent?
Lol!!!! No
Do you drink while you are at uni in the states?
Not in season. But sometimes
do you drink since you are from London? or is that a stereotypical thing?
Yeah I do