Danusia Francis @DanusiaFrancis
Danusia Francis @DanusiaFrancis
UCLA gymnast. British.
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Have you seen that Oregon gymnast with the seven toes on the one foot? SEVEN! I couldn't stop staring and she saw me looking at them. She probably gets an unfair advantage when on beam.
No wow definite advantage lol
when are man boobs acceptable ?
If the person is happy
Do you get turned on by anything strange, like chairs or spoons or something?
That thing you do with your eyes when you look at me like "come here and give it to me" and I just stand there jizzin my pants, how do you do that?
Lol it comes naturally
Your cat, my budgie - would be wow. Just sayin
can you speak any other languages?
I yearn to be your personal beam where you can walk all over me and do all that crazy skill shit right on top of me. Why isn't this reality? Why is God not a fair guy? Is it really too much to ask?
That might be painful for you
I think i've eaten some bad sausage. Have you ever eaten some bad sausage?
Lol no hope you're ok
Has anything unlikely happened to you today?
I have had some sad news from some friends the rest of my day has been regular
Do you think democracy is working in the UK? Do you think it's maybe time for a change. You could be our leader, our one leader.
I don't know if I have the qualifications haha
I saw one of your team mates slap your bum in your last meet, she's a lucky girl, I envy her very much. You have the perfect bum. Your Bum is perfect. They should build statues of it.
Lol thank you!
If I flew out to LA to see you compete could I give you a hug, a loving heartfelt hug full of warmth that would then get weird and increasingly awkward as it goes on and on and I just keep holding on to you never wanting the moment to end, would that be okay?
Haha I am flattered I would hug you back but may have to set a time limit
You'd make a great superhero.
Hahahah thanks that would be fun
What's the most unhealthy thing you've eaten whilst in the US of A ?
So many things haha: sprinkles cupcakes, the griddle pancakes, cold stone ice cream
Who do you think is the greatest person that ever lived?
It depends on what the definition of great is
I love you Nush! I would do ANYTHING to taste you. I would worship you and your precious pussy. You're so special.
Haha wow
What's a guy got to do to suck on your ear lobes?
Has the panty pincher ever tried to pinch your panties ?
is Cory your gbf?
Lol we are really good friends
Sexy ;)
Why wont you be at the university games?:(
I'm doing summer school :(
Is there another university games this year? And will you be competing
There is but unfortunately I won't be
laura mitchell should transfer to ucla she's doing so amazing!
She's doing great!! Would be cool if she could
When you shoot in your floor, is it towards miss Val Everytime?
Not every time just whoever is there!
What's your major