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Don't get me wrong lovey! I love your frizzy ponytail and I think it's genius that you implemented the hair in your choreo!
Cool! Should we expect more black and bedazzled leos in the future? They were GORGEOUS!
We get a couple of new ones each year so yessss! I have no idea what they will look like but I'm sure they will be sparkly!
How would you feel about wearing buns for your hair? I think they are so clean and give beautiful lines when competing. I think the Bruins should all wear buns in a meet!
I would rather keep my hair how it is as I think it adds character but if we had to I would rock a bun
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Which of the UCLA leotards are your favorite?
The black one we wore at the senior meet and our pink one from last year
How often do you get rips from the bars? Are they as painful as they look? Do you put ointment or lotion to help it heal?
When I haven't done bars in a while I get then sometimes. Then when I'm consistently doing bars using really get them apart from my wrists I cover in pre-wrap or tape. And I mostly try to moisturise my hands so they don't scar or get too hard
who is the greatest gymnast from your country? male or female
Beth Tweddle or Louis smith have had the best results
Will you be watching the Commonwealth Games?
Do you speak "LOLCAT?"
No I've not heard of it
Do you like boba danusia?
It's okay
thank you for the quick reviews. good reviews. Do you like to read about yourself on the internet/gymternet or do you try to avoid it altogether? Have you Googled yourself? Do you like your Wikipedia page?
Yeah I like to read about myself if there's something bad it doesn't tend to get me down. I've probably googled myself before. I'm flattered about the Wikipedia page! That's pretty cool
What's for lunch?
I only just got up haha I ate a banana gonna et lunch soon not sure what
Miss Francis, who are the authors of the books you are reading? Lora Condon (Spa Wars) & ? (title ?) How about a quick review? please.
Spa wars is by Chris Manby and he uses a lot of foretelling which I liked and it's message in the end is strong about bullying. And he other one I don't know where I've put it so still don't know the title it has "wedding" in the title though. Is really funny and switches narrators between two sisters throughout and there rational struggle to find love and the older sister to stop her sister from making mistakes
I agree with the last anon. You have a fabulous double pike!!! How long did it take for you to learn it?
Aww thank you! I'm not sure think I was about 10
What happened to your neck? Why is it sore?
I pinged off the bar to my face
Are you working on a more difficult uneven bars dismount or do you plan to keep the double pike? It's still a fabulous double pike but I just inquire. If upgrading will it be the Arabian double front?
I might!
To be fair Gymnastike didn't say "nod" to Dominique Moceanu. I said that. They said your mount was made famous by Dominique Moceanu. You knew that already, right? When did you meet her? What was said?
I would say silvas made it famous too as I'm biased towards Russia. Nothing out of the ordinary was said beyond nice to meet you I think it was freshman year toward the end of season
*smiling. What books have you gone and read while back on home soil?
Haha! One was called spa wars and the other was about two sisters making wrong decisions in men I'll have to get back to u on the title but I enjoyed both of them
Another cyber high five, you won best NCAA beam routine. Yeah! I voted for you. (to be fair I have only seen a couple routines) Gymnastike said your mount is a nod to Dominique Moceanu. Have you ever spoken to her about the beam mount? Are you channeling Dominique as you mount?
Yay thank you!! And no haven't lmao although i have met her and no lol I'm just doing me.
How much training time do you put in during the summer break in England? Has it been less due to your neck injury? How are you doing with that?
I try to do like 4 times a week but yeah because of my neck I've been just doing general work outs. It's still sore, annoying more than anything though
Cyber high five for watching Orange Is The New Black. All the people on it are the bomb! Have any favorites?
Hahha! Love it! Maybe crazy eyes lol they are all such good actors though!
Did you know you are in the lead so far for being voted for top 10 NCAA beam routine on Gymnastike?
I didn't, wow that's an honour :)
How are you enjoying your summer so far?
Loving it thank you!
Have you heard of Caroline Stanbury in the UK? Hagh?
Since Dana Mc. graduated, will she not be on the team any longer? Aside from the super seniors, who is not coming back to the team? How is PPL doing? What will be her best event this year? I love your beam routine. You have the best smile.
Yeah Dana wont be on the team :( Think everyone else is back. Peng is doing great I think she will be strong AA tbh! Excited for her! Aww thank you!
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Are there really 8-9 freshman starting next this fall! That'll be awesome depth!