OnlyDavz @DavidMoore405
OnlyDavz @DavidMoore405
On the journey to 16, CashFlow,Believe In Christ, HeavenOnEarth.
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You never reply to my messages
Not my fault
would you ever marry
my proposal should be at this level
how's your friends
Check the squad, were looking fly, looking fly
how's your friends - What do you think of this Song/Music Video
CrowBoy Is Crowful *thumbs up*
5 facts and PAP #funnyviralindex
5. Funny viral index what do I write
5 facts and PAP #funnyviralindex
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I would kill for you
Should I pray for you?
I would kill for you
Wanna know the favorite movies of Eminem? lol!/profile/eminem-eminem/?ref=ask
I thought he retired
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The most annoying thing
There Is A Demon Behind Slow Internet
The most annoying thing
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Is there anyone you really miss
I really miss revising in school hbu?
Followed:) Follow back maybe haha? Will start posting soon ✌️  Dan Fowler.
follow u tae go
oioioioi  Ben.
ioioioio thats how we do
youre a dick head . hannah isnt heavy
hannah montanna
youre a dick head . hannah isnt heavy
when is the last time you told someone you love them
This week or last week with my loved one #JoJo
do you tell people you love them and actually don't mean it ?
Thats sooo deep lol no, If i said i obviously mean it
Love One Another And They Would Know That You Are My Disciples , ForgotThe scripture
What are you terrible at?
One Does Not Simply Be Terrible At Someone By Lack Of Hating
whats your favorite scary movie
Its a scary movie.. there is no favourite, but the only one that touched my bones was final destination & paranormal activity
what is the best thing you can say to a girl
I like the way you cook.
Do you prefer to talk or to listen?
Listen and be heard bro
Can you truly love more than one person?
yeah I think
How do you get in the pool?
Why don't you dive
Oh why thankyou  ☯flyhighlikeakitemaybe☯
welcome bro
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did you imply heavy as in fat? or heavy as in a philosophical/serious/intense thinker?  ☯flyhighlikeakitemaybe☯
heavy as in cool
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can you think yourself into a bad mood
that's what sad people do I'm happy
your heavy bro
You lit need to understand that heavy is the new cool bro
are you blind? hannah is skinny af. idiot.
that's do sad looool
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