OnlyDavz @DavidMoore405
OnlyDavz @DavidMoore405
On the journey to 17, CashFlow,Believe In Christ, HeavenOnEarth.
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Have you ever loved someone you have not met?
tell all the celebrities
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What does a perfect day look like to you?
when food is involved
fav celeb
rick ross
best moment
met chicken
nah fam  ☯Monica☯
thumbs up
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jussie smollet.
what do you hate
only a fool can let a fool be fooled by another fool
opinion on the EX
I Exchanged her for the present one bruh
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first like gets spammed and the rest 5 likes?
clap again
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I aint your sis blud  ☯Monica☯
oh thought you were
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thank goodness your in my school were gonna have fun
Ayy man school is for learning
my friend go and face your books
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favy group
Church Squad
favy group
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What was the last song you sang out loud to?
Naija Praise
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I can cook amazingly actually  ☯Monica☯
then cook for me sis
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you joke too much
i do most of the time , i need to be careful though
keep it confidential
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keep it one hunna
like him
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"I like the way you cook", that's the most stereotypical and idiotic thing you could possibly say to a girl... I personally believe she'd beat the shit out of you tbh  ☯Monica☯
lol so you cant cook
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gimme a poem
you know its true
a video you will never forget
Your Still Jealous..
What's your biggest phobia?
getting beats
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Do you actually believe in Jesus
yesssss forever and ever
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what do you do for fun
eat and eat
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How's your girl boiii
shes academic right now
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when was the last time you had sexual urge and when did u feel tempted
you rabbit
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