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@Jacs666 ok I was not gonna do this but you did it after I blocked you. Now you did it to me and I officially unblocked you here so you can respond Gonna boil evolution and go nuclear on you. but short answer

David Ross

Read? On the internet? You got to be joking. While I do that, its a site I trust. The internet is too big to look into a subject as that and anybody can post anything they want and does not have to be true. Too much on the internet is lies and you expect me to research rather than look at evidence?
Plus I rather compare evidence with theory and know what? They do not match. Not even close. Science is comparison anyway!

Teaching origins objectively

As William Harris Ph. D says here "every code that we know of comes from a mind."
Jonathan Wells Ph. d the following speaker says evidence does not match!
Darwin said if "multiple slight successive modifications" were found my theory would break down entirely. Well we got them. Sexual reproduction. Male and female

Btw we "are" computers. At least our brains are. Its a literal CPU and has memory. Yet you don't expect a mechanical computer to evolve and we are far more complex! But you don't see that.
Take my challenge! http://ask.fm/DavidRoss390/answer/141293317318
Gravity and wind are forces and are acceptable outside forces. But they are not intelligent forces and intelligence is needed not just force. But you rather twist things to fit what you believe rather than look at the evidence and shape your beliefs on that.
Lastly I asked a great atheist friend on Facebook if another atheist agreed I'm a manipulative prick what would she say? She said, "that's just rude"

My point is even if you, Jacoba yourself were one, I personally would not believe it cause that is not at all what true friend is. You also don't see that.

Is it possible that I can chat through whats app

✌samir helwany✌

Im sorry I dont have that app any longer.
I got Facebook, kik, snapchat.

What do you think makes a person beautiful?

Their heart!
And this person is blocked cause I am not having negativity in my life anymore. Bye ✌

Is it possible to be friends

✌samir helwany✌

Yes. 💯% 😊😊😊

where do you come from😊

✌samir helwany✌

I come from the USA. 😊

I'm sure God is very happy with you talking like that to that girl and about your coworker. Your passive aggressive tone and threats probably make Him very proud. Thanks for the shout out btw. ✌💜

Alexandre Deff

The fact that I actually am ministering to "that" girl and sharing his truth with her..... though she does not see the truth cause she does believe otherwise, thus any truth she hears she will see as a lie. That is exactly why CIA officials study real money. That is why I follow only Jesus cause he is truth and proved it. All else is counterfeit.

The fact that I actually did not yell nor scream or act out my anger on my coworker and I bit my tongue .... does put a smile on his face.

And it was not a shout out. Im saying God's word supersedes whatever you say or think. You need to know that. But thank you for sending me this. I needed to say this. The truth needs to come out about God's mercy and grace plus bountiful unconditional love! So thank you again and send any questions

Not give a crap, thats why you mention us. K. :)


Well you answered a question on me and telling you how I feel, I do not care what you say!

How to raise your self-confidence?

Not give a crap what other people say about me. That includes what @Deff0 @DareVx @BobbyAndonovmk say about me. What God says is infinitely more important.
It is still ridiculous that anon is asking people that don't know me just to make themselves feel better about disrespecting me. That's the same thing as asking my best friend what he thinks of my agnostic friend that once gave me hate or what he thinks of the atheists I talk to. He does not know them. Those people do not know me so .......

Do you have any cool nicknames?

Big D, D.R.

if God does not exist, I CHALLENGE ANYONE AT ALL to come up with the physical reason how millions AND millions of parcels worldwide could unload themselves, organize/sort themselves and load themselves onto the correct delivery vehicle IN the correct spot then deliver themselves with no outside help or outside intelligence as proposed by the "big bang" for the start of our universe! This is a literal ludicrous idea. Yet it is precisely what atheists believe. That is exactly how I would prove Bill Nye and Stephan Hawking wrong and I dont even have a college degree. That is cause Newtons first law of physics supersedes bang theory. Three key words Law supersedes theory. Really hilarious.


I talked with an old homeless woman in pain Monday night.
Just 45 mins ago I saw her again and she asked me to hold her and I did. I also remembered her name and other things she told me about herself.

At least a dick with money not a pussy that has to rely on waitress and strangers. Do you give blowjobs in public bathrooms so you can afford the rent and your bill? Get your home, you parasite

"Get your home" LOL! I love it. You are making my day. You know, "you are making me live" you know what song I mean

Hahaha!! 😂😂😂😂😀😀😀😀
Where did you even come up with this?? Lol!!! Really? Blowjobs? Hahaha.
Oh Btw, she offered I accepted this free gift of FOOD, cause she is loving and does not want me to go hungry and a few friends told me that today!

Hurt that I made you look bad? Well, dont come to a very strong Christian apologetic's page and pass very incorrect judgment cause what it is gonna happen, you just make yourself look like a fool and I get likes.

Bahahahahahahahahahahaha If you are SO productive and good ot your job, why are you homeless? 30 year old man who still lives with his parents and can't even afford dinner :D Can you get more pathetic than that? And donating FOR MONEY lmaoooooooooooo gimme a break.

My ride home told me to say "you are funny. Hahaha. At least Im not a dick"

But my response; Im actually saying.
Wow I gotta laugh at this actually 😂😂😂😂 Are you actually proofreading what you type?? I am not homeless. If I am living at home with my parents I am not homeless. If I actually gave my dad rent and have been FAITHFULLY giving him $100 rent every week for the past couple months without fail... I at least got a room. And my mom does serve me dinner. Did you even read this? http://ask.fm/DavidRoss390/answer/141213361350 I guess not. Rather sad you don't get i put other's requests and needs before my own.

And i donate to help make ends meet even more. You also dont take into account I paid part of my cell phone bill just enough to make it work and saving the rest for most of my storage rent cause I can not have late fees.
However I am picking up $50 from western union cause a new LOVING Christian in LA had compassion on me. Something you do lack.
And a Denny's waitress is also offering to feed me today, picking up the tab cause she is also amazing. You are not amazing. Sorry. You just aren't. Thanks for the laugh and smiles though!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

If you have no money, how do you have a house and wifi????

Ok my parent's house! 😔

Followed 😊

I haven't eaten anything in 24+ hours cause I have no food of my own and got no spending money for food.
About to eat dinner though. Trying to labor participation help, so I can eat. Wednesday I am gonna donate plasma for money

Additionally was delayed getting home cause lonely homeless woman that is in pain needed an ear, meanwhile Im sitting there shivering, tired and starved wanting to get home

Hey everyone. I'm starting new so I made a new ask. @OnlyIndependent it'd be nice if you guys follow it and please don't answer this but be welcomed to ask any other questions that's not this one. Btw I will be posting a post on there for ppl who want to get my spam.

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All the drama I been through, I think may need a lobotomy.

What can make your day better?

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When I do something for someone, I am there for someone and I may not get "You are so sweet to do that for her." It makes my day better to help her cause I know I am helping.

I played a farm game today at two local libraries. The second library I was trying to finish my game as quick as possible so I can get home and eat cause Im starving. I have no food of my own and I got no spending money to get food. I actually do have money. I'm saving it for storage rent cause after Wednesday I will be getting charged late fees. Wednesday I do plan on donating plasma so I am sure to have enough money for it.

(legitimately shivering cause its dark and rainy weather when I got a shirt and shorts on)

I had possible spending money Sunday. I gave that away to someone I prefer to have it cause I don't want her to struggle. Plus she just got a job on Thursday and want see a check in two or three weeks! So Im honestly just helping out a single mom.

The Walking Dead: The zombie apocalypse is about to happen. Out of all the resources you have in your house or on your property, what items would you grab to help you?

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Question already answered. continuing from previous

The person here again paints me in a bad light. She just doesn't like the fact I actually proved her wrong that beliefs can be wrong though strongly believed. Yes I agree with her 100% the skin color does not matter and that is why I did not mention it in the first place cause I knew all too well she is a BLM supporter and I was not gonna let her call me a racist when I legitimately love African Americans. African Americans are legitimately hilarious. I have several African Americans coworkers Im friends with or get along with. I had problems with a couple of them. 90% of them i got along with naturally.
She doesn't like the fact I made a point though he believed he was helping, he actually was not and I told her that I told him not to put on the oversize packages. But no she rather paint me in a bad light and do anything to make that happen.
She doesn't like the fact I actually proved her wrong on a previous message. She doesn't like it about the possibility of being wrong about God though she strongly believes it. So I do wish her luck

I legitimately love women. I legitimately love African Americans and people that know me personally know this! So all online judgments that are otherwise are false and I could say it is an immature judgment cause you think you know me but you don't know my heart. I will also say that it was actually mature and NICE of me to take the side of the trailer with less room. I know how to work with little space. He gave me no space and AUTOMATIC etiquette is saying sorry for being in your way.. But she skips over all that. She rather disrespect me. Additionally I blocked her cause I seriously can no longer have her negativity any longer. I am not someone who gets offended easily but I do get saddened VERY easily by disrespect and by lies! I can not tolerate it any longer.

But as I said 2 answers ago, Im not perfect! Sorry!

Guys. Send me your favorite tv show because I will send out a question based on the show, so yeah! Use this as filler.

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I just gotta say this cause this has been bothering me for years I have not said anything. This is a secret and I am actually ashamed to have noticed this but I did actually privately ask an African American girl on here more than two years ago this very question.
"Is it racist of me to notice when an African American gets in my way but I don't saying so not to get unnecessary trouble going?" She said no. She said Im the sweetest ever. I would show a screenshot but unfortunately I lost it cause my inbox is overfull.

I am legitimately not a racist.
I am legitimately not rude, or arrogant.
I am legitimately not immature.

Honestly most of the time African Americans have gotten in my legitimate way is at work. I stay quiet cause I just don't want trouble. Its not just work. Its been in public too. I definitely don't say anything. I can't help but be frustrated. But I just let them be and wait for them.
In addition, an African American woman at work was racist to me in front of others and I still really like her a lot. She said "You are not a real man cause you are not black."
Moreover an African American male earlier this year actually called me the N word loud and clear in front of others.
Just today at a public library there was an African American male using the computer next to me and he dropped a slip of paper and fell my way. I picked it up for him. It dropped again. I again GLADLY picked it up for him and he thanked me. Then I got frustrated at another African American male but I refused to say anything. This other every older guy was trying to make a computer reservation cause all available computers were being used. It looked like the reservation computer was rebooting. I walked around for a minute and came back. No change. He gave up at that point. I approached it and all he had to was click a cancel button and he could have made a reservation. This kinda inked me.

What is the last thing you searched online?

The last thing I searched Google for was Rachel Joy Scott's quote about compassion.

The very last thing I "searched" for online was this
This Blood is For You - Carman

I really like your way of writing about everything...u do it in a nice gd way You let others know your opinion and thoughts in a great way without offending anyone #i respect your opinion very much and honestly wish for u the best

"I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same. People will never know how far a little kindness can go."

Rachel Joy Scott
Student, First Victim Of The Columbine High School Massacre

I am living proof the compassion of Christ works. I gave compassion to someone giving me hate and they turned out to be my best friend. As I have admitted on my page long time ago and to you, i am not perfect. I have given hate. I have yelled. I have been mean.
I am not afraid to speak the truth. I don't want to say it harshly. The point is not to shout your argument. That does nothing. The point is to improve your argument.

I have been shown compassion when I did not deserve it in the least after giving someone hate. It meant everything.
I share compassion cause I know it is everything to someone else. Soooo really, literally the compassion of Christ works. There is no greater love than his. None. Not one human compares to his. This is what I WANT everyone to understand. Only Jesus completely understands and there is no comparison to him and to do that is not right since Jesus is God in the flesh.
Jesus gives an everlasting peace. Only Jesus. I want all to consider this. How can you have peace unless you accept it from Jesus? Peace begins with having peace with Jesus which we can not have peace if you do not accept his free gift of salvation when he died for us all, so we can live forever though not one human deserves this unbelievable grace. Romans 5:1 is eloquent as well.

How can u be so kind and confident??

I am kind cause Jesus is so kind. He is literally so kind to me beyond than what I deserve.
I am confident cause His love never gives up. My love is strong but I do give up on someone at some point.

I am kind cause I do have kind parents.
I am confident cause I do have confident parents. They are amazing. They do irritate me from time to time. But I got it good.

I also totally realize you appreciate my confidence. That's not the only reason why. Its everything to you. You need it. You need a true loving supportive friend. Jesus is. I am, in a imperfect way. I am here for you. Really.
Really talk to me whenever you need to.

Is it wrong to be yourself?? Even if u r a bad person??!!

It is never wrong to be yourself. However has your person changed over the years? Mine has. Not so immensely that I am a totally different person entirely. I have matured & put away childish things.

If you are constantly doing bad things with no course to improve yourself, then yes I say that is wrong. The Bible clearly says to do good and help others. (BUT doing good deeds do not save you from hell or your punishments. Do good not for attention. Do it for INTENTION).
This is what sacrificial love is about. Love others, love yourself. But don't love yourself in a prideful way. Love yourself in a way that you will take good care of yourself. A person knows what they need to do. Important thing is, you are loved and forgiven no matter what. No matter what I am here for you and you can confidently talk to me about anything. Hope this helps!

What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?

Woke at 4:20am. My thought was "Gotta up now. Donate plasma before church. Gotta be at the afternoon memorial service for a recently deceased coworker."
Actually didn't leave until 5. But its all good. I got me some down time at a local mall.

Its impossible to tell but I am clean shaven and I do have my dentures in, so when I smile, it looks perfect. Yeah I know I do look good. I do feel so grown up. I have come a long way from being a fidgety boy.

Who is the most overrated person in Hollywood?

I agree with @XxXxXx_D :D
Kim Kardashian!

3 reasons to smile today: Jesus loves you.Jesus died for you.Jesus will always be with you😊😊😊

Jesus loves you ツ

The Case for Christ movie looks very amazing. And I know all too well Lee Strobel really set out to prove the Bible wrong. Sorry atheists but you got no adequate apologetic "rescuing device" to come back from that.

Now watching I'm Not Ashamed, based on the tragic Columbine shooting. A bad thing turned into something that is a testimonial of what the love of Christ is all about.

Decribe your perfect holiday

cassie-jay jevons

I would leave on a plane for the Bahamas for a month long vacation.
Literally no laptop
Literally no phone

I WOULD love to get away for a month and have no worries, no stress or responsibilities. Get up when I want, have people cater to me. That would be so very nice. I do need a vacation. Its possible in couple years I can do that. I will have enough paid time off I can be gone for a month.

Sometimes I would be bored. During those times I would go for a walk, go swim, socialize, read, just relax or watch TV.
Just bring clothes, swimming trunks, bathroom essentials, money and my Bible.


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WELL done. No way to say it better. Jesus IS #1!