i look at what Jesus went through and i dont ask him why should i love you!? why should i do things for you?! instead i ask him: why should you love me? why did you go through all that torture for me so i can go to heaven. why?! what have i done for you to love me so much? i cry everytime. Guardian Angel 6 (advice page)

I also take love to the extreme. If you know I love you and care about you, then you should know I would do this.
Are others willing to die for you though you may not love or respect them back? I definitely am. Are others willing to be disrespected rather then give disrespect?

That's what you do for love! You do everything in your power.
Screenshotted and cropped from a kik conversation that I desperately want them to show how deep, how unstoppable his love is.
Solo again to all Muslims I mean no disrespect to Islam. Jesus's love is the ONLY love we need!!!!

Give us your best ALPACA pun

I don't even know what ALPACA is. I don't really care to know.
Anyway I have puns.
My two favorite puns are;
My family and I were camping many years ago at Yosemite Nat'l park I think. My parents told my sister something while we were walking along a road during a cold month. At that precise moment we were walking by a road sign. "ICY" And she said "I see why". I wasn't sure if she was responding to my parents or reading the sign or both.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

A ridiculous old pun.
I submitted 10 puns to a contest. Sadly no pun in ten did.

@EricBrooks727, you'll appreciate this a lot. Hopefully this will grow stronger. The Facebook video is so amazing.



we are 1 in the spirit we are 1 in the Lord. they will know we are Christians by our love. we will with each other we will walk hand in hand and together we will spread the news that God is in our land. Guardian Angel 6 (advice page)

Honestly one of the most amazing paragraphs I have written.

What I do care how people live? Wha.... Is it not caring? Do parents not care how their children live? Loving parents most certainly do. What's different, other than not being related to them? Fine, its not my business or anyone's. You know who ultimately cares about how people live, no matter what they do, believe or say? God. He desires everyone to live for him because it is beneficial beyond our imagination, but not going to force anyone. Soo please don't mistake genuine Christians to be controlling people. (And yes I get it that people claim to be genuine and prove not to be. Exactly why all the more gotta test them and see what fruit they bear). We do make mistakes as anyone else does. Genuine Christians do know what matters soo that's not even a clichΓ©. We do not know what is better on our own. We know because of God. Genuine Christians don't use God as an excuse to do something in his name. If we are to do something in his name, it is to be holy, sacrificial and out of love.
Soo my point is do what you want. But I guarantee you, if its not Biblical, it is not how we are supposed to live. And I do stake my whole life on that and literally do not regret it.

A song that goes with what you are saying ("Love is sacrifice" ... Not to be disrespectful to Islam, but the saying "for the love/sake of Allah" is not real love)
The Proof of your Love

And this verse
"This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief"
~ Apostle Paul
1 Timothy 1:15

So this isn't to disrespect Muslims or atheists/agnostics or Buddhists or whoever...

i decided to do a game:)Send me statements and I will answer with either True or False. Total honesty! Anything you want to know- nothing off limits (except for fetishes). Put T/F in the question so I know its for the game.And I'll send some questions out later tonight to ppl who send me statements. Guardian Angel 6 (advice page)

I have several to ask you. A couple to mind right away. I got a busy evening but I will work my questions to you in because one of my tasks I want to do anyway. .. and I messaged lurk. She sounds amazing

Out of curiosity, why do you still talk to me? tolo

I still talk to you because I need you as a friend.
I still talk with you because you and I started out as great friends and I think we have a great repertoire together.
I still talk with you because you look to me for spiritual guidance and I also look to you.
I still talk with you because you are a gorgeous, very sweet, special, precious young woman that I am grateful to know.

nobody believe a word this guy says. me and him are not friends. @ElliotThebestfriendofChris666 Guardian Angel 6 (advice page)

I can be mean. I tease our cat. She makes me laugh too by watching birds from inside the house and she can't get them. As she watches them, she lays on a rug and I will move the rug. :P I do pick her up and she squirms. Im rough but I never ever hurt her. I do get sleep out of her eye and when I do, I am really gentle.

Im mean to coworkers. I tease a couple different coworkers because its a lot of fun. I do make mean jokes and just up m cruel to them. They take it good naturedly.

If you KNOW me, you know how kind I honestly am. I have been hated so much and I will still love them. This love in return philosophy WORKS wonders and has worked on me!!!
I was told the message below on kik last night. Not the FIRST time a genuine friend told me that. One of my other friends that feels the same way, does say I am make the world a world a brighter place. :$ Okay, mind blown!!!!!!!!! Im honestly a guy that cares. Im honestly a guy that just wants to gift my friends, not because I feel I have to or buy their friendship or anything like that. I just want to send gifts. That's just what friends do. Show genuine appreciation and love.

What makes you laugh? Guardian Angel 6 (advice page)

So many things. So many people. I definitely make myself laugh.
Family makes me laugh. Coworkers make me laugh. Different comedians make me laugh; Red Skelton, Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart, Bruce Willis, Chris Pine, Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, Erik Estrada, Dick Van Dyke, Ted Danson, Victor French, Michael Landon, The SKIT GUYS!!!
Beginning of this week I was watching numerous videos of a young woman in the UK answering questions asked by her boyfriend. He asks her very simple questions and don't need to listen that hard to know it is trick question. Yet she comes up with the most insane stupid answers. I actually do hope she isn't that stupid, but I do not know how she keeps a straight face while her boyfriend is giggling and cracking up.

He told her a man lives in a pink ONE story house. The house has everything pink. Even he is pink. Computer is pink, dog is pink. Everything. Soo what color are the stairs? She says pink. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ She apparently doesn't get it.

This is by far my favorite by them. She was asked; if you had a pizza that could be cut into 8 or 12 slices, would you rather eat the 8 or 12? She said 8 because she couldn't handle the extra 4. (same size pizza, same amount of pizza) πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Scale of 1 to 10 how crazy are u?

Well... compared to a supervisor that constantly yells every morning, I would rank him an 8, Im a 2.
But for real, Im a 7.
Lets take a look at some crazy things I have done.

- I was once a security guard at a cemetery & part of my duties besides patrolling & locking things up, I had to take down 5 or 7 American flags & one Californian flag so they are not staying up all night. I had a crazy swing shift. Sun & Mon 3pm-11pm. Then Tuesday & Wednesday 11pm-7am. Only Monday I had to get the outgoing mail to a mailbox off the grounds. One of the other guards kinda "bought" me not to take down the flags because it was his job to put them back up & was tiring for him I guess cause he was overweight. The way he bought me was buying me dinner... while I WAS on clock when I should have been on the grounds. The crazier parts is when it was really dull for me, I would take my patrol van for long drives into the night. I would drive around in the surrounding area & grew braver by driving really really far away. Sometimes during these drives, while on the freeway, I would speed. I even drove home several times, honestly doing 80mph in a 35 zone mile & half stretch of road.

- In my own car I have driven 120mph many times on the freeway to get to UPS faster. Going that fast, the car did shake.
- In another car I had, a manual transmission, I would get going so fast in 1st, would shift right away into 3rd. Sometimes if I wanted to see how fast I could shift, I would go from 1st to 4th by working the pedals really fast like Fast & Furious type.
- The way I see women. Am I crazy here or just sweet? When I see a woman I haven't seen before, I feel joy & might feel inspired in some way. Of course Im joyful seeing women I have seen before. I generally like all women. I DO look on the outside as do other men. But I also look on the inside if possible.

There's plenty more of course

what do you think could help in ending all this hatred in the world? Guardian Angel 6 (advice page)

These are the only things I could think of.
If people truly the effects of hating someone and not living for Jesus....

We need Jesus


I have arachnophobia, claustrophobia, automatonphobia. what is your phobia (fear)? Guardian Angel 6 (advice page)

I don't have those. Yes, I looked up automatonphobia so I could properly answer it.

I fear losing friends or family whether by death or they leaving me.
I fear being shown I could be a sham or otherwise fake.
I fear going bankrupt and ending up being homeless.
I fear falling from a high height with nothing like a parachute or something to catch me.
I fear being torn apart like by a shark.

Though I like to like think I wouldn't hesitate to die for someone I love;
I fear being shot or being hit hard with a big fast moving object

What are your favorite summer songs? Lee

MY FAVORITE growing up. This is a Baywatch video. I love the song. Not posting it because of the ladies in swimwear, though they are gorgeous.
Summer of love

Still surfing

Hot fun in the Summertime

Rhythm of the Rain

A Summer Song

Summer in the city

Have you ever gone to any of the Orlando, Florida amusement parks? Which one(s)? Which one is your favorite? If not, would you ever like to visit any? Which one(s)? Lee

I have never been in Florida.
I have been to Disneyland, Los Angeles a couple times and Knotts Berry Farm.
I would like to visit Orlando and California Adventure.

Hi! I'm thinking of doing a summer related spam. Would you like to receive my questions? Lee

Yes, please! Of course. I don't know why I wouldn't want to.

Did you not see when I said some people are 1 to 3% Neanderthal? What are you not getting? Carson

I saw that. And you mentioned Christianity. But you did not specifically ask "could neanderthals go heaven" until I reiterated again a 2nd time for you to be more specific.
That's what I wasn't getting. Honestly.
You did ask something like how does neanderthals fit with Christianity or how does Christianity fit with neanderthals? Far different.

And again, I do have a legitimate Biblical answer and will be providing theological support from a modern day book. I took a picture of a printout. Its impossible to read so I'll type it up.
But PLEASE consider this picture before I actually answer.

you're saying people that lived when Neanderthals lived didn't go to heaven? Carson

Now you are finally being more specific and I understand what you mean. I have a perfect something for this.
But I don't even where you get neanderthals. I haven't talked about early humanity in a long long time

You're dodging my question Davd Carson

Im not trying to dodge anything. I legitimately do not understand what and why you are asking what you are asking. I already asked you to be more specific. Perhaps include an answer of mine that generated your question so I can get a better idea where you are coming!!

Yes how does it work with Christianity. Because some people are 1 to 3% Neanderthal. Carson

Neanderthals were early humans reportedly living primitively.
Christianity is a faith that simply says you get to heaven by Gods grace and forgiveness for you can not get to heaven on your own.

Why are you even asking about neanderthals?

So you're just going to play dumb on this one? Carson

Im not playing at all and Im not dumb.

Be MORE specific what you are asking about neanderthal human rights!

Are you going to answer my question later? Carson

I do not know what your question is and its gone off my page...........

No its alright... Jesus(A.S) is prophet from ALLaH He himself said to ppl to believe in one Lord that is ALLaH He never said that i am ur Lord so Believe me...n u know what i will lose if i astagfirullah thinks that Jesus is My Lord i will lose my Faith on ALLaH n i will deny my Religion... Meowcat

Can Allah?
Im honestly trying to be fair without being mean. Does his love never stop? Jesus never stops LOVING even those that hate him. I assume Allah doesn't love those people who hate him which isn't nice of Allah. If he were our creator he would love the haters unconditionally. Not loving them is not being the reconciling creator he needs to be.
Sooo Im seriously doing my best to be really nice and show to you how unimaginatively graceful my God is while Allah isn't. Im not at all trying to be disrespectful. Im merely pointing out the truth how a loving creator should react to haters.

JESUS FREAKS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Guardian Angel 6 (advice page)

Ok for you is ur Religion n For me is mine...And ALLAH indeed knows best..☝🏻️ Meowcat

I have posted this pic before. ONLY Jesus sets you free. No religion can! As my background says, Christianity is not a religion. It is not thought up by man. It is not based on deeds. It is not a list of things to do all the time because you have to.
It IS the only WAY into heaven. You must must must must must must must BE born again or you will never enter heaven.
Its very unfortunate you don't see this. I know you do want to do the right thing and follow the correct path. That's Jesus! Not Islam!

I will Make Partner To ALLAH which is shirk which is Not bearable at all...So I love ALLAH and i cant stand to Deny Him,His saying His words (Astagfirullah).. Meowcat

I just LIKE to say this about belief. You need more than just belief and some science from the Quran.
Basic Theology, theology on love, philosophy, history, logic and archeological evidence completely support the Bible. Only some science supports the Quran so its not nearly enough. JESUS LOVES YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!

The 9/11 terrorists and so many other terrorists (not necessarily those who say they are Muslim) believed very sincerely what they were doing was right. Whether or not Islam preaches those acts is moot. Those terrorists believed WHOLLY in what they were doing. But We know different. We know all those were wrong. See?
You need more than belief. You need evidence and facts. You need non- Islamic materials proving Islam.

Now on the flip side the disciples of Jesus died KNOWING Jesus rose again. They not only believed, they knew. Terrorists do not know what they are doing is right. There is a huge difference.

AND please do not brush me off. I CARE VERY MUCH about what you believe cause it affects your soul. And atheists believe like you; the common denominator is they don't believe in Jesus as Risen Savior. That's the common theme. "Don't believe the Bible. Its lies". Funny. That's what's what people say when they hate the truth.
Please know that good deeds don't outweigh the bad. (obviously shouldn't stop us from doing good!) Please know that Jesus is extending grace and forgiveness to you so you can have joy and eternal life. I am being serious here.

and i lose my identity,I lose my Peace,i lose myself bcx if i believe i will not b Me... n i cnt stand with this😊 Meowcat

You GAIN an identity with Christ!!! I know who I am through Christ thus I can tell Satan to back off and he must flee.
Without Christ, I Am Nothing. That's one reason why I am a Christian. Not only does he benefit me and DOES MAKE me happy when I am sad, gives me joy and so much GRACE this world can not offer and LOVES YOU more than you can comprehend, He also wants to give me what I ask for as long its in accordance with his will, THUS I have more than "hope" I will receive it. I know I will. Just a matter of when.

Jesus LITERALLY loves every single human though they do not reciprocate the love. Honestly does Allah? I am not trying to be done. I am being fair. Jesus loves YOU. The Quran admits Allah doesn't love me. I am doing my best to be sooo sooo nice and get you to see that Jesus offers you reconciliation to him, while Allah offers me none.

No disrespect to Islam. ..
I seek Jesus "as a precious jewel, to give up I would be a fool!"

My All in All

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Today is actually nothing special. Its just laundry day.


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WELL done. No way to say it better. Jesus IS #1!