What is better: bitter truth or sweet lies?

I choose bitter truth!

Proverbs 27:6
Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.

On a slightly different topic, yesterday morning at work, I helped a female coworker that is Hispanic and lesbian, lift a long and heavy box up onto a conveyor belt that is eye level. I have helped her SO many times lift numerous heavy things, even lifted them for her. Thus over the past 8 years she has referred to me as "Hombre Fuerte" which is strong man in Spanish. Unfortunately though she and I have had fights. A couple times I have had to tell her off and be mean a little bit, cause she was mistreating really over the top.
In addition she calls me hun! :)

On Friday, one of my favorite coworkers told he got a job with the city and is transferring to the evening shift. As a result, he personally asked me to "protect" and look after his girlfriend who is also my other favorite coworker. He asked that cause he trusts me. He knows I AM a good guy and that I really would look after her.

What's my point? What I have always been saying. The LOVE of Christ works wonders.

How about the verse and photo instead?
Luke 6:28 even says "Do good to those that hate you, bless those that curse you and pray for those that mistreat you."

So by not doing those things how exactly are you making the world a better place, sir? Doesn't matter what she did. Why report her? My first instinct actually was to report you cause I love females a lot. I am trying HARD not to hate people cause it doesn't do anyone any good and obviously doesn't help me. That goes everyone else toooo so STOP hating. You are just hurting yourself.

Do shooting stars have the power to fulfill wishes?

Does Jesus hate any person? Any person at all? No.

And no to the question.
Not unless those "shooting stars" have intelligence and knowledge in them. NOT HAPPENING.

Photo - SAD but true. Even applies to me. Yes I will believe bad things that may not be true about someone. The fact they give me reason to believe it is not enough

1. No. 2. Same so I can use my mouth to say how gross your theeth are. 3 Your suck at taking constructive criticism 4 I do not, fix your settings maybe? 5. I'm sure God also knows that your teeth are disgusting. :))))

Ughhh here we go again. Feel like Im dealing with an idiot purposely trying to get a rise out of me

1) Uh yeah I did. I would know!
2) Your ORIGINAL point is to make me change something about me physically whereas I am not doing that. And just how do you know I don't wear my dentures? I have not told anyone online or posted any pics of my teeth. So unless you live close to me which I DOUBT. You can not possibly know the current state of my teeth. Where is your intelligence? Seriously?
3) you suck at receiving love
4) Screenshot of my settings. Since everyone else that messages me, I CAN get to their profile and not yours,....... reference previous question. Reference previous users before that. If I got anonymous questions off, WHY would my settings affect your name does not appear? Unbelievable! Really

5 You truly have no point

God knows I am Redeemed. He LOVES ME regardless no matter how I look or what I do or what what I say!!! That is acceptance of who the person is. Yet you can not accept how my teeth are. My teeth are just the way they ARE!!! ACCEPT IT You are truly unbelievable and not capable of loving someone, huh? Yet Im trying to be nice to you.
Redeemed- Big Daddy Weave

I just have ONE question... Do you have a Facebook account?

Amanda™ 

I do! I use Facebook more often than I use ask. I share a lot of great stuff, a lot of great Christian statuses or posts.
This is my Facebook profile picture

R u okay?


I hope you don't mind I use this.
My life is going ok. I missed work this morning, but been there long enough that I can afford a day off plus they still want me. Im not making it a practice of not showing up, plus I work so hard for UPS.

This afternoon I was thinking when all is said and done with this life, people that really knew me would wonder why I was so loving and compassionate. My finger would go straight to Jesus. The way I saw it, is pointing really fast at him to emphasize my point more, Jesus is my ultimate inspiration. To illustrate, I provide a gif. I love Nicolas Cage. I don't approve of him smoking. But the way he points further than necessary is how i feel! God. Its all God and that is all that matters.

What is at the same time funny and sad?

Not funny "haha" per se.. Funny as in ironic? Yes! The very things Muslims & atheists need to believe, they do not believe at all. Sad? EXCEEDINGLY.

Why Jesus died for us
No GUILT in life - for he died for us, taking our sins upon himself so we can be blameless!

Why Jesus rose again.
No fear of death - BECAUSE he rose again and defeated death thus we don't HAVE to go to hell. The POINT is he wants us to live forever in heaven with him.

What do you do when you love someone and want to be with them? You do everything you can to benefit them and allow them to make their own choice to be with you as well. But you are not going to force them because forcing them is NOT love.

Greater - MercyMe

Our God (lyrics from this song I have seen Muslims copy and make it part of Islam. Sad. "If our God is for us, who could ever stop us? If our God is for us what weapon could stand against?" Only YAHWEH aka Jesus is unstoppable. Only Jesus offers compassion and grace. No other faith does so, even to unbelievers. Islam doesn't. Only Christianity has a sinless savior which makes it SO exclusive & the true way to heaven. HE loves us beyond imagination knowing FULL well we will not reciprocate it back to him, knowing that, Jesus STILL died for them anyway. That is UNSTOPPABLE, never giving up love that no human could think up. Ever. "Satan REASONS like a man but God THINKS of eternity"!!) And I still love Muslims & atheists so much even if they give me hate/disrespect. Im gonna continue to give the gift of friendship!

Grace wins every time

Why are you feeling annoyed? /:


Oh that. That emoji fits my very crushed mood the best.
A close friend I have been friends with for two plus years made decision last month to do things with her new boyfriend, the acts I literally do not approve of. But who am I to saying anything?

This says it best.
What I do care how people live? Wha.... Is it not caring? Do parents not care how their children live? Loving parents most certainly do. What's different, other than not being related to them? Fine, its not my business or anyone's. You know who ultimately cares about how people live, no matter what they do, believe or say? God. He desires everyone to live for him because it is beneficial beyond our imagination, but not going to force anyone. Soo please don't mistake genuine Christians to be controlling people. (And yes I get it that people claim to be genuine and prove not to be. Exactly why all the more gotta test them & see what fruit they bear). We do make mistakes as anyone else does. Genuine Christians do know what matters soo that's not even a cliché. We do not know what is better on our own. We know because of God. Genuine Christians don't use God as an excuse to do something in his name. If we are to do something in his name, it is to be holy, sacrificial and out of love.
Soo my point is do what you want. But I guarantee you, if its not Biblical it is not how we are supposed to live. And I do stake my whole life on that & literally do not regret it.

Cause I've seen them, genius and they are gross

Hey "genius" reasons I thought of at 3am!!!!
1) I only shared them with friends
that means you are some how are backstabbing me so you are not a friend at all.
2) It is my mouth, my life.
3) You are not a friend. You are not nice. You do not accept me as I am, so your vote is not counted.
4) You constantly deactivate your account. Your vote/opinion counts even less.
5) What people think of me does not matter compares to what God knows about me so your opinion is literally hereby called redundant and thus your opinion is NOT accepted cause you do not accept me.

Sorry. People who don't accept me, who don't like me at all. 😜
Now who is the genius? :D
But since I got compassion, go ahead and message me anytime you do need sometime; advice, etc.

Fix your damn teeth

And JUST how do you know my teeth need fixing? You are extremely presumptuousness about someone you don't like and evidently don't follow. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

You're allowed to scream you're allowed to cry But Do not give Up Don't give up just because of what someone said use that as motivation to push harder! Hope you have a great weekend coming up if not hope the weekdays are ten times better! You matter and you're stronger then you think ily♥

Sarah manson J L

Treat others the way you like to be treated. (This was taught to me in school, but not told it originates from the Bible. I also KNEW as a kid no object moves without an outside force; wind, human or gravity or whatever. Its still a force. Different movement rules in space is redundant. So as a kid even I knew big bang/expansion didn't make scientific sense)
Love your enemy.
Love your neighbor as yourself.

Those love principles are taught in the Bible. Sadly these are lost arts, but not old fashioned. Sadly we have gotten away from God all because people rather not believe in God cause why believe in something you can't sense? Why believe in God when there is evil? Evil is real cause Satan is real. Why else would there be evil? Satan is exceedingly evil. He certainly isn't loving.
Love IS real cause God is real. All the evidence you need is here. You just need the depth perception to believe what is true.

Colton Dixon encouraging kids to bring their Bibles to school on October 6, "Bring your Bible to school" day

Of the 3 photos I really wanted to post, this one I have been meaning to post for awhile. People wonder what is wrong & just why. BECAUSE Satan believe it or not has deceptive power over us. Because we're sinners. Will do wrong because it is easy & does like sound fun & a lot of it actually is "fun". We hate so freely. We'll hurt others deeply & often, but that is NOT right.

Hate can not drive away hate -darkness can not chase away darkness. Only light can chase away darkness.
Hurt can not drive away hurt. ONLY LOVE can chase away hurt & hate. Thus, hate does not help anyone nor does it make the world a better place to hate/hurt people. That's EXACTLY why the love of Christ IS THE ULTIMATE CURE FOR THE WORLD. There IS NOT 1 other faith on earth other than Christianity that meets this truthful criteria.

Love covers a multitude of wrongs & kind words turn away wrath.

What makes you feel really uncomfortable?

Perfect question...

When there is tension between my dad and I, like what just happened in the past 60 minutes. Was fixing to leave for the library to get online and made the stupid mistake to check my phone. But also glad I did. I had to tell someone something. That's all I am saying on that. Then my parents and sister came home, my mom asked me if I was leaving and I said yes. My bike was out front ready to roll. She then told me my dad had to talk to me about me leaving my keys in the door from ..... yesterday. O.o

He ragged on me I needed to pick up my clothes in my room. Then proceeded to tell me that I leave my keys in the door, EVERY week and that it was a habit. I retorted, I do not do it every week and it is not even a habit. A habit is something you do more than every week. I have not. The habit I had was taking my keys in and setting them down inside somewhere then I forget to snatch up again then I want to leave again, I gotta look for them. That was a habit. He said it is dangerous I left them in the door cause someone didn't have to get in at the se4ond. They can take the keys and I would not have them anymore. I GET THAT.

My issue is; he thinks it is a habit. IT IS NOT. Him ragging on me is. Him aggravating me is a habit. Yes he loves me and sometimes he pushes tooo hard, tooo often. After him ragging on me, I immediately popped off my bed and quickly cleaned the clothes off my floor, put them all in the hamper except for the ones I wanted to wear, put the hamper in its spot and got dressed in a way I could without being indecent. Then finally was able to close my door and get my shorts on. He then left to go to the Miramar Air show. I asked my mom what about my keys and she got them for me and I left, slamming the door behind me PISSED off at my dad for unintentionally pissing me off.

So actually the fact that I stopped to take a look at my phone served a great purpose. I may not have left without my keys. Since I wouldn't be able to find them, maybe I wouldn't leave. But then again maybe I would have cause someone would be home when I got back but there wouldn't have a serious rift, not until later this evening.

Life is an art work Without an eraser make it beautiful by being you because you are amazing one of a kind beautiful worthy loved cared about just all around wonderful don't let the haters ruin your day! Hope you have a amazing weekend if not I hope the weekdays are ten times better for you ily♥

Sarah manson J L

I need atheists and Muslims to CONSIDER this

Do you understand that Jesus much rather have injustice be done to him then allow us to suffer forever because we deserve it for our sins? That is unimaginable true love beyond human comprehension!!!

Which rules are made to be broken?

I can't respond anymore
Jesus is not the Son in the sense you think.

And no disrespect to Islam but Allah has not shown love, has not shown sacrifice AND love is sacrifice so you can try to validate Islam all you like but the TRUE way to heaven is only Jesus! He is the way the truth and the life. No one comes to Father except through him.

Islam is essentially saying the Bible is lying when parts of the Quran confirms and supports parts of the Bible. But the Quran also contradicts the Bible. So either the Bible is wrong and the Quran is also wrong. Or the Bible is 100% correct in which the Quran is still wrong


i don't see him posting rants longer than War and Peace like you do plus he is a kid he can throw fits all he wants. you're the adult, act like one

And you? You throwing a fit. You care about what I post. Its my page and I will post what I want when I want. Soooo

I am not even requesting you do the same cause that is your page which I can't even get to. Sooo

im following him, not you. idc about your cops. it's just funny that a gronsass man is throwing a fit, because a kid prefers British English over American English, moreover he's right no one that speaks proper English says cuss and Americans did ruin the English language, boohoo grow the f up

For someone who doesn't follow me, you sure are interested in my answers and you respond to them rather quickly.
And if I'm "throwing a fit" then you are too, along with him. Yet you are throwing a fit here that I use the word cuss. SO WHAT?
You and him prefer British English, I prefer American. EACH to their own and yet Im throwing a fit? Please

you, a grown man in his 30s posts that huge rant, just because @nepriqtnomie who looks 12 thought that the word you used is silly? are you for real?

You're messing with the wrong guy at the wrong time.

I am grown. I am 32. I am an amazing VERY hard & fast worker that does a lot and seriously well respected at UPS San Diego unload/preload. I am trying to share the love of Christ with you CAUSE you have no idea how it would change the world. I would give my shirt & my last dollar for my fellow man. You betcha I am for real.

If @nepriqtnomie looks like a 12 year old, then why even ask his opinion of me which he judged me on one answer & one part of it? Just WHY?

Better questions than what you asked.. Are you for real cops are paid to gift people in dire need of stuff? GRANTED what they did was amazing. But the gifts did not come out of pocket for them. They presented the gifts bought by a rich guy. Had you watched the entire video, you would know that. But they are under NO obligation to do any of that.
Why haven't any cops done that for me? I have been pulled over A LOT. Why hasn't the Santee Sheriff that lives next door to me done that for me?
Why hasn't the San Diego police officer married couple that has lived across the street from me 25+ years EVER done that for me? I was certainly friends with their two boys years ago. Their dad actually did pull me over once 3+ years ago when he was off duty.

Are you for real asking multiple people an opinion of me?
I can't stop you from following me, but I can block you just causing online mischief & grief for me. The Bible clearly states to stay away from that cause hate & division. I'm being very gracious/merciful I have not yet. But I am ONE second away from doing that. So just stop. But do message me anytime you do need help.

News flash, lot's of people don't like Americans and America. Cry me river.


News flash. FINE a lot don't like Americans. FINE you don't like me.

But then again you are still not making the world a better place by doing that. At least try.
AT LEAST try to apply the golden rule and yet I still treat you better than you treat me.

What are you wearing right now? 

Clean sleeping clothes.

I also want to say something else without revealing too much.

There are 2 friends I miss. They both, I feel, have wronged me. They know I'm a great guy. I'm respectable and very likable. All I like is genuine respect cause I do give it. What's so wrong with wanting it back and cause I am older and more knowledgeable? All I like is a genuine apology for doing what they did. I still love them very much and it sucks not talking with them.
I'm not at all trying to be mean by not responding or purposely ignore them. They both are great friends to me no matter what. I know one will see this and that person does know who they are and I promise not to say anything about you. I do miss you friend.
Gotta sleep now so I can wake up at 230am

It was an anon correctig me, I didn't call you like that lmao. I never heard it before? It's funny and witty, but I didn't call you like that :D


You can try to explain it away all you like. The fact you said its your 2nd favorite word, just shows how much you dislike Americans. Again, sad.

Post a picture of your current lock screen.

Obviously not a pic of my lock screen. Just saying this to prove a point.

@nepriqtnomie, I refuse to be mean to you though you have grievously judged me so incorrectly you have no idea, but I am also gonna defend myself. This is by far not my first hate rodeo. Pictured is one page of a letter from someone that was on here, she once gave me hate too, 2 years ago. Yeah, she SWORE too. As of now, she realizes what she did was wrong and admits to being immature. She admits the golden rule is the best response. Do you KNOW the origin of the golden rule? She now fully realizes how amazing I am, how so sweet I am, how very caring I am. I care about people even people that hate me and I do TRY hard to care about people I may dislike, even if they give me legitimate reason to dislike them. You don't have a legitimate reason to hate me and the fact you resort to insults proves it. So what I use the word, "cuss"? Its still a legitimate word that describes profanity. You hate me anyway though hate doesn't solve anything at all, really doesn't hurt me. Actually doesn't benefit you in the least. You also have no idea how nice I am. You have no idea how very thoughtful and giving I am. You have NO idea how hardworking, very efficient, VERY WELL respected I am. Sad you judge me the way you do. Sad you think Americans are "cunts". Sad you think I am a cunt when you don't even know me. Sad you think I am a cunt when I would very likely take a bullet for you. Sad.

You hate people freely like I love people freely. Of the two of us, which is more friendly by doing that and makes the world a nicer place?

Soooo, potatoes are gonna still potate, I'm still gonna love.

I was told to do @ opinions by a anon so send your @ if you want one and you can use this as a selfie😁 sorry for bothering

Sarah manson J L

The answer to the question in the screenshot is my previous answer. Then they went and asked a couple people an opinion of me because I made my point so I guess they are butt-hurt. "Truth sounds like hate to those white truth." This is one answer. http://ask.fm/nepriqtnomie/answer/138888657160 I get judged based on one answer when they don't know me. They don't realize how much I care about people.

Truly unbelievable how mean and hateful we humans are. Resorting to name calling.
But I once was hateful too and I finally learned that responding with love is so much better. I also am unfortunately judgemental in a way too. Even if I take a longer time to do it and try to be nice

Is there something you found out about yourself while using ASKfm?

For the crazy "anon" giving me hate for my previous answer, cussing. Answering here to publish my point. They cussed and since im typing a lot, I can't have my answer disappear. BTW, only you continue to look ridiculous by cussing just for doing that. The fact that ask deletes answers for any profanity in a question says a lot how ridiculous it is.

Wow! You just..... have an insurmountable amount of hate in you don't you?

Cops ARE to serve and protect us. They are paid to do that. They are NOT paid however to gift people that are in need of things they actually do need. Not every cop is doing that BECAUSE they do not have to gift anyone. Do you understand at all the concept of a gift? Do you understand what they gave IS a gift and is not in their job description? They are going BEYOND their call. Not every cop is gifting people in need. Their job is not to support anyone in need.

They are paid to serve us, protect our lives and to cite us or arrest us if we break the law.

WHEN will the world see we need Jesus?

Where the happiness can be found?

Happiness is apparently a state of mind.
If you want JOY

Put Jesus first
Put Others second
Put Yourself last
Otherwise its counterfeit happiness. Even with putting others before yourself and you don't include Jesus, that is exactly what Jesus wants you to do and you get joy out of it anyway

Police showing random acts of kindness

Joy - Newsboys

Oh Happy Day - Edwin Hawkins

It's funny how you talk about love but then you post a picture supporting guns.. American Christians are such a disgrace smh.

Wow you completely misread the photo! Guns are NOT the problem. Hearts not believing in God is the problem


Ask @DavidRoss390:

About David Ross:

Proof of God. GO here http://ask.fm/DavidRoss390/answer/103671322310 If there is no God answer this! http://ask.fm/DavidRoss390/answer/103809947590
Why we need a relationship with Jesus-

San Diego Ca

WELL done. No way to say it better. Jesus IS #1!