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Darn have time to have a n actual convo rn but felt like saying hope you had a great day😊

❤ X' . 'X ❤

Most of it was great, honestly.
I did my primary job this morning in the hub for 7 hours that happened rather quickly. Then I changed into my UPS uniform and rode out with a driver who shuttled packages to one storage unit so a driver-helper could deliver them. Then he dropped me off at the storage unit I needed to work out of. The COOL thing is not driving a the golf cart. The super cool thing is im actually delivering parcels in my own neighborhood. Ok its not the first time I have done so. I have delivered in my own neighborhood with my best friend two years ago. The difference now is im delivering on my very own. That is totally new for me. Gives me a strong taste of what it is generally like as a driver.

Pictured is the golf cart with my last 4 deliveries. I had a total of 50 or so and started about 1130, finished at 240. A lot of hours worked this week!

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Have you ever pushed the emergency brake button aboard public transport?

I was gonna post a photo of what will happen if the button is illegally used. But its on some trolley cars and its not on others. I was on one that didn't have it.

If you press it and there is no emergency, you will be in trouble & cited. That said, why would I do that if I don't have a reason and I never have had a reason.

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Which animal has the most beautiful fur?

Light is terrible and photo is a little grainy but whatever. I'm exhausted and I have to sleep.

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If you could teleport, where would you go?

These are the words of a mother who did two abortions. So better reconsider is abortion the best option??

"I signed. I can't donate because I'm financially scrapped, but I still support pro-life. I'm a mom who made the horrid decision to abort twice in my past, and it still eats at my heart to this day. If you don't want to be a parent, that's okay, but give that unborn child a chance to live.

There are so many people out there wishing and praying to have children, whether they're couples who aren't able to conceive, or lost a child who was still quite young, or even single men and women who have always wanted to be parents and couldn't wait for a partner to stick around to make a family with.

There are plenty of people out there willing to adopt all of those potential children, and all of those potential children could grow up in loving families and become amazing people. Abortion is murder, just as killing a child who's been born and is weeks to a few years old is murder. Let that set well in your conscience if you're considering abortion. I wish I had, before I took the life of my innocent unborn babies."

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why didn't you answer my other question about the revelation ?

Solonas Akbar

Cause I have not read it completely yet. Cause the other one was much more simpler to type during my lunch.

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What is the worst 21th century gadget?

This is me. I tried to do a selfie in a mirror but my eyes were in shadows. So tried to do just my face and the UPS emblem. Yes it could be the uniform why I'm cute.

You gave me such a SWEET rate.

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I am sorry that you took so much time to type all that c*** and I feel bad because I barelly even read it :/

Solonas Akbar

Nah. It didn't take that much time. It was my pleasure to type it all. It is my pleasure to say the truth. It is my pleasure to be informative. None of it is crap. You believe in something that is counterfeit so you think the truth us crap. Go back & read it then. I'm definitely pulling a 2nd shift today. So I'm not gonna be on here but I will still receive any notifications. Even if you don't, its for anyone to read.

Please don't feel bad at all for me. I am blessed. I have responsibilities & I live up to them.

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Opinion on the new British five pound note not being suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

♡ P a u l a ♡

Kinda like @lightoflove said i had no idea about it either. I looked it up and this is the last thing I do on ask before going to sleep. I really have to.

One the 5 pound note.
"It's tough. It doesn't tear. You can spill beer on it, put it through the washing machine and it will survive to buy another round. But one thing it turns out it's not, is fat-free.
Because it turns out the plastic polymer it's made from also contains small amounts of tallow, derived from animal waste products - and some vegetarians are not happy."
I can understand they are not happy and that sounds rather gross.

"On Twitter annoyed vegetarians and vegans have said it's "not cool" and "disgusting" and asking whether their rights have been considered"
I will agree with this too. I actually don't know too much about British currency & don't understand how it all works. But.... gtg

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she is wrong bro and god is evil

Solonas Akbar

Glad you sent this cause I'm gonna disprove what you're saying in a vast epic way.

A short read. God is not evil nor responsible for it.

A longer read. To call God evil than you have;
• A misunderstanding of God’s Word
• A misunderstanding of God’s character
• A misunderstanding of God’s creation

My FAVORITE song how amazing Jesus/God is. He did not EVER have to die for us. Yet that is what love is. Doing something for someone else without looking for reward or thanks. Jesus paid the ultimate price!!
How can it be - Lauren Daigle

The Bible says to love your neighbor as yourself. Command from Jesus who is God in the flesh.

John 3:16-18. Whoever believes in the Son shall not perish. Whoever doesn't, will perish. Jesus did not come to condemn the world. Jesus came to SAVE the world.

Ephesians 2:8-9. "For by grace you have been saved through faith - and this is not from yourselves, it is a GIFT of God - not by works so that no one can boast." Notice the key word? Gift. So we sin against God which is direct disobedience & he has every right to wipe us out for our disobedience yet he takes our sin upon himself so we can be forgiven yet God is evil?? A misunderstanding on your part.

Oh I'm not done yet.

2 Corinthians 5:18-19. Basically God shows us reconciliation. We wronged him. Yet he puts us back to together with himself when he did nothing wrong at all! Yet you call him evil. As verse 19 says, God does not count men's sins against them through what Christ did on the cross. Yet God is evil.

Know why you "think" God is evil? Cause Satan's greatest weapon is man's ignorance of God's word. If he can have you think wrong about God, he has successfully deceived you & you will not enjoy the heavenly pleasures that are yours.

@Anne1972 is not wrong about God. You are. I'm not trying to be mean, but she is not wrong about God.

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Everyone has the same 24 hours. Why are some people able to do so much more with it than others?


Some people are a lot more productive than others. It all depends on how those hours are spent.
For instance this morning at work. I started working at 10:30 Sunday night but the official shift start was 11:15.For the first couple hours I was unloading trailers (Btw saw a DVD pack with 6 cool movies that are for kids). Anyway I was eventually told to go help sort parcels for surplus package cars. Its actually difficult to explain in words.
Anywayyyyyyys, my duty was to keep the walkway and the rollers in the middle clean. I worked one side and kept it clean & doing most of the work cause I'm fast. Then I was told to go to another one that was way behind. I began to to tire but never gave up. Then had our lunch period at 3:15am.
Continued working at the 2nd area then was told to go back to the first. I cleaned up the walkway. Then had to do the other side cause they were behind. I kept it rather clean & organized. Other people were working too with me, but I was still faster though I was tired. Total hours worked was 10 hours. Then I came home, some farmtown real quick and slept real good for 4-5 hours.

Also consider now that peak season is here, delivery people (not just UPS) are making hundreds of deliveries every day. Most UPS drivers if not all, now have close to 300 or more deliveries or "stops", just one driver alone. That's why drivers will have a helper these days. (if you see someone dressed in regular clothes wearing a brown mesh type vest, they are the helper). Drivers started at 830am this morning in San Diego to compensate for the higher volume and they might do more than 8 hours which includes doing any pick ups they have to do.

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How do you think you'll die?

I think I will die of natural causes. Ripe old age of 84.

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God chose to leave the throne to be spat upon, whipped, carry a cross to his place of death, had nails put in his wrists and feet and than die for us. die the very death that we deserved. if that isnt love than i dont know what is.

Guardian Angel 6 (advice page)

My haters need to realize this.
Your haters need to realize this.

Muslims also should consider this love. Its a love the world does not understand or know. Yet this is the very love that we need & its our saving grace. Literally. Every human.
This love is real and it REALLY makes me sad when someone says it is not real. Sad that people don't understand that simple concept.

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I like memes. That totally wasn't a hint at all 😉 (STAIF)


Any questions you send me I will try to answer as long as they are not too complex questions. Asking questions will be harder, idk. Its Christmas season so I'm swamped at work with two shifts.

I like memes too as long as they are not stupid or anything to do with shows I don't like, etc.

I follow you now too.

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Have you ever smashed something out of anger?

Being an egotistical manic to a very sweet and really beautiful female safety supervisor not only a lot of fun but SUPER hilarious!

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Have you ever had a friendship that ended for of a stupid reason? What was that reason?

I have had friendships start for stupid reasons. I have had friendships end for stupid reasons. But I can not remember what any of those reasons were. I have had so many friendships over the years.

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If you were offered the One Ring, what would you do with it? (Lord of the Rings reference.)

Carry it and sometimes hate it. I would try it on once. I would probably grow attached to it, but couldn't wait to get rid of it.

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Whether it's makeup, skincare, bath&body care etc, do you take notice of the ingredients and what you're actually using on your skin? Staif 💖

♡ P a u l a ♡

I don't necessarily look at the ingredients, but I do consider the brand of bath & body products I buy & what that brand claims to do. If I can get shampoo & body wash in one container, I will. But if I can't find one, then I will be them separate.

I was also using Gillette razors for years. Sometimes I would get the close shave I desired after repeated strokes. Now I use Hydro 5, which is better. My face is softer and I get a much better shave without the razor burn.

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What is one of your favorite story books from your childhood?

Bernstein Bears series WAS a bestselling winner for my childhood.

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If you had to choose between sewing your own clothes or growing all of your own food for the rest of your life....which one would you go with?

I would choose to grow all my own food for the rest of my life. Not that sewing is beneath me or anything like that. But I have better know how of how to grow things than to sew. Even if I did learn to sew, I'd still pick grow my own food cause at least I am sustaining myself in a stronger way.

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No matter huh? Read Matthew 7:21 for homework. Idiot.


Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.

Uh you realize they are two different concepts right? You call me idiot and yet Im gonna debunk this intelligently!

My answers are saying no matter what the world says or how it persecutes me or strongly hates on me and says I am wrong, I will always continue to say Jesus is the way!

Your mentioned verse is saying not every Christian will enter heaven cause their heart is not right which is not say Jesus is not the way! Jesus IS THE WAY regardless NO MATTER what.

Funny how you take what I say out of context and twist it for your sick pleasures. What you think I meant, is not what I was saying. But having a twisted perverted hateful view of the truth will do that.

Your homework!
Romans 10:13 John 3:3-8!

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Longboard or hoverboard?


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I love Mexican food. how about you? what is your favorite food?

Guardian Angel 6 (advice page)

I have a nice local taco shop that has been in business ever since I was in 2nd grade, El Ranchito. I know it has cause I remember the teacher taking us there. It is totally within walking distance of the school. Its still in the same location.

I typically get a supreme burrito and 5 rolled tacos. I eat it all with no problem.

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Did anybody get any bargains yesterday? (Black Friday) (STAIF) <3

♡ P a u l a ♡

I did not look for any shopping bargains. However I got a bargain anyway. The place I donate plasma to, had a deal. Wear all black and they give an extra $5 sooooo after work, I came home, changed and... then bought my snacks for next week plus buying extra snickers for the energy I will be needing. Got a rough week ahead & Monday is gonna be unbelievably long.

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Let me be persecuted for God. because that would be a true honor. to be persecuted for he who gave me everything when i had nothing.

Guardian Angel 6 (advice page)

Of the 3 links I could have put in this answer, I will put this one AND READ THE clock analogy!!!!!!

@luke144 @hllhhhlhlf @LLawliet114 @ebisimaikatabebokluk

The point is everlasting life is offered to you NO MATTER what you have done. Every single person deserves eternal death from committing a small theft or telling a white lie to the most heinous of crimes. That is exactly what separates Christianity from all other faiths @JVS92 BECAUSE the gift of life is not based on what we do or not do. IT IS based on what He has done. That is exactly how Christianity is separate from all others and makes Christianity exclusive. You need to understand that.

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I whipped Jesus with whips that tore his arteries open. yet he chose to still love me. i put the crown of thorns on his head yet he chose to love me. i put nails in his wrists and feet and yet he chose to love me. i pierced his ribs yet he chose to love me. no greater love than his.

Guardian Angel 6 (advice page)

This blood is for you!!!!!!
What else is there to say???

@Luke144 @hllhhhlhlf @JVS92 @ebisimaikatabebokluk @LLawliet114

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