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Crucified, Laid behind the stone, You lived to die. Rejected and alone. Like a rose trampled on the ground. You took the fall and thought of me. Above all

:D Gerald :3

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. He said Deny me in front of your friends and I will deny you in front of my father.


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Slept half the day, mowed the lawn, cleaned up a little, biked to the library, did farmtown then came home. Talked on the phone with a high school friend I haven't seen in 16 years. Now watching an episode of Supernatural on Netflix

What is the most interesting thing you have in your purse/wallet?

How about the most interesting thing in the car of the guy who drives me home normally?

That is a lot of cans of monster!

Why does nobody believe in God now a days Alex

1 They may not believe because there's evil in the world so how can there be a loving God?
2 They may not believe because events described in the Bible including the appearance of angels don't happen anymore or not as often or says "impossible" things that are too hard to believe. (Yet everything came from nothing with no outside intelligence, force or purpose is 100% more plausible)
3 They may not believe because there is no physical manifestation of God.
4 They may not believe because of bad things happening to good people or to them. (On "8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter", this funny TV show had John Ritter as the dad who sadly died very unexpectedly 9/11/03. They tastefully wrote it into the show the character died at the supermarket getting more milk. The mother played by Katey Sagal, questioned Why God's plan? The end scene of Goodbye made me shed tears last night.)
1 Evil being present is proof that Satan exists & that we are sinful beings that cause evil & have been for millenniums.
2 Secular sources even confirm numerous Biblical events in addition to writings & stories of modern people witnessing angels. If you saw one what would you say to get people to believe you?
3 There's absolutely no physical manifestation for feelings, music, time, spoken words, oxygen or carbon dioxide. Yet every being that has felt the ones that are applicable, well knows they are. Should Helen Keller have believed there is no such thing as sound or beautiful things because she didn't have those senses? I know God is real because I have felt him. Moreover every life is proof of God!
4 Bad things happen to us all. That is part of life. Believe it or not the "bad" thing is actually supposed to make you stronger.
I gave hate to someone 10 years ago I felt stole someone I loved. I was shown compassion & forgiveness. Then when I got hate, I was able to do the same!

Look at these

Why do we sin? Aнмє∂ ✌️

👍Got all day to answer this.

Sin originated with Adam and Eve disobeying God not to eat the fruit of the Tree of knowledge of good and evil. It is one of the biggest misconceptions that it was an apple. Makes sense but the Bible actually never ever specifies. I personally think the fruit wasn't inherently bad. God said not to. That is more than enough reason not to. Because He said not to, made it sin. They disobeyed and thus a just consequence had to be dealt to each of them because they each made a choice to disobey. Thus God cursed rest of mankind, but also immediately promised to send a redeemer for us so we wouldn't not have to endure the just punishment of hell forever. By the time Adam and Eve sinned, Lucifer and many other angels had already sinned and cast out of heaven. The Bible is clear that Lucifer sadly fell from heaven. Since God rested on the 7th day and looked on his creation and saw everything was good, logically, Lucifer became prideful after that; Adam and Eve knew him which is why he disguised himself and a talking serpent was no big deal to them.
I haven't thought about it often but it kinda makes sense at this point, is when hell was created to give consequence to the fallen angels. That is why there is hell. For fallen angels, not us. So please spread the word all you can, the ONLY way to not be in hell is to believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose again and to live for him daily, always seeking his will. But be CAREFUL! Demons even believe in Jesus and know he is God. The difference is to believe Jesus rose again and able to wash away your sin making you white as snow.

HONESTLY if people knew the unspeakable horrifying reality of hell that these descriptive words can not begin to paint hell, people would scramble for Jesus like a million starving people trying to get food.

What is the worst thing you got in trouble for as a child?

Why is this so hard to believe?
What is better than this?
America truly needs Jesus again. This whole world needs Jesus so badly. In a way the world knows it. Everyone is scrambling for answers and looking so hard and they want peace in some way. But they don't want Jesus. Anything but Jesus, yet only Jesus offers the peace they do desire and so much more beyond their comprehension.

Have you ever broken up with a friend?

Yes, unfortunately. Too many friends!

Why would he says those mean things about people I thought that he really change Jennifer myland

2 Corinthians 5:17
For if a man belongs to Christ, he is a new person. The old life is gone. New life has begun.

The point is; only through Christ do we change and for the better. Even AA, has some faith base. Sure its possible to change without Christ but it might not last long nor likely beneficial. Also exactly why Islam doesn't work cause they don't have Christ in the center. (no disrespect meant to Muslims). But of course, this doesn't mean we will be perfect.

Hey David my name is Jennifer that is my real name on here and in real life Jennifer myland

Good to know. Thank you for telling me.

Ah you can't compare some nonsense on ask to Hitler or ISIS? Me in general? I suppose because others did it so I copied I dunno. Whose Jennifer anyway?

Is it still not hurtful and cruel? Is it still not hate?
Is it still not finding enjoyment in someone else's pain?

I don't know if it is her actual name. That is her display name. But the person I am referring to is @myland28

Look honest q. It's online, how does she take the occasional hater? I would assume not too bad but what do I know?

I do not know her so I can not give an informed answer.

Well when you put it like that...I do like pissing about haha¬

I saw you ask Jennifer why do people hate?
Well why do you hate?
Why did Hitler hate the Jews?
Why does ISIS hate everyone else?

BECAUSE this is the human condition and we naturally hate. IF only we can love as easily it is to hate. The would revolutionize the world like you wouldn't believe.

I sent these earlier tbh when I was pissing about more.

Well you SHOULD really think about being more compassionate!

Haha I hope she is dumped by "bae"

You are just mean. Would you like losing your bae and I made a comedy TV show out of it?

Wonder how she would take losin her bae lol.

- Probably the same as you losing Jennifer as a friend and I liked it a lot.

- Probably just as hard, if not harder if Justin dropped out of the music business or worse, was killed in an unfortunate accident and I thought it was hilarious.

- Probably just as HARD as you trying to accept some very difficult change you lost in your life that you really love; family or some other very important thing like food or money and I just didn't care.
(See??? Finding humor in others true pain is not a funny thing to laugh at)

The point is TREAT others the way you want to be treated. Would you want someone wishing precisely the same thing on you? If you lost the number ONE important thing in your life and someone got enjoyment of that, it wouldn't be about hating them. It would be about getting through that heartache as best as possible.

Any idea why she gets hate like that? :(

I have reviewed her page and given her so many likes. (She has thanked me)
But I do not know why @taylor_bobcat_ gets hate. I have not gone through her page enough to see where the hate is. But from what I see (first impression) she is a great sweet girl and even in a b&w photo I can tell she is pretty.
As someone who has received hate many times and given hate too, I can give a speculative answer. The haters are likely jealous. Or she did or said something they personally did not like at all. But I can not give a legitimate informed answer.

What is the funniest thing to ask SIRI?

How to pronounce SIRI


How to become a better person since iPhone is about individual, instruct, inform and inspire. Becoming a better person means going beyond yourself and relying on Jesus. ..... the opposite of the iPhone. No Im not giving iPhone or Apple hate. Im just saying Apple putting i on their products makes it all about the customer when its supposed to be all about Jesus. Am I saying people can't have an iPhone or Apple products? No. Im just saying make sure you do make it all about Jesus, iPhone or no iPhone. That's all I mean.

Who is someone you envy?

As @Breel75 says "I'm not envious of anyone." It is also one of the sins God hates.
Are there things that I want so bad, but I don't have? Of course.
A wife/girlfriend
A house of my own
Be a driver and I would likely be a respectable driver.
No more debt
Money saved up
A better laptop

Besides why would I envy someone when I can preload 3 package cars? (Why, when I am a "wanted man"? Im very much wanted and last week I was rather repressed. Soo I am on a high endorphin kick now!)

Pictured is just one of three cars I did this morning, worked on for about 5 hours. And its worst and heaviest load. Way too many big and heavy parcels on such small narrow shelves. Every parcel has a specific location in the package car so the driver can find it easier. Yes it is complicated system, BUT once you understand the complexity, its very ingenious how its done. Luckily since not all the areas have designated parcels so that means, that empty space can be used as an overflow.

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"Crucified, Laid behind the stone, You lived to die. Rejected and alone. Like a rose trampled on the ground. You took the fall and thought of me. Above all"

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why are you talking to that @Svetvsmesdr kid ? is he a muslim or atheist?

I have no idea which honestly. I haven't gone through his page thoroughly. However I am talking with him cause every person deserves a fair chance at accepting Christ, NO matter what they believe. I know I got the truth and I am just here to say it. I know I have the truth because it is exclusive. While even Muslims would say what they believe is exclusive. Islam is actually too much like rest of the world! Genuine Christianity is the opposite of it and offers everything beneficial that Islam does not. Not only offers just love and forgiveness.
Total grace. Total unconditional acceptance by Jesus, its not what we can do! It IS what He has already done for us, so we don't have to! That is love. Sadly they don't see.

What is your most bizarre talent?

I am a man of many talents.

- I am amazing at doing evil Sudoku puzzles and doing Numbrix puzzles.

- I am amazing at working around extra big, extra heavy parcels and unload regular parcels making more space so I can move around better.

- I was so very extraordinary at scanning parcels, applying a sorting label to the previous parcel I just scanned, one right after another on a moving conveyor belt and at a moments notice, knock off a parcel that needed to be re-taped and continue scanning without missing one parcel and without stopping the belt. I certainly can still do this scan, apply ability but I have gotten more worn out over the years.

- I am very extraordinary at recognizing actors/actresses in something I haven't seen them in yet especially if they look different from where I usually see them in.

- I have an amazing talent of making a girl feel special and put her a smile on her face.

- Almost anywhere in my life I usually am productive. When I want to do more than one thing at the same time, I try too. Or when something I'm not ready to do yet and I can do something else, I will.

#wednesdaywisdom give someone you know some advice right here

Your life won't turn out the way you hope for. Be prepared for heartaches and hard times but have confidence in yourself that you will get through it. Everyone should know this world is cold, dark and harsh. That's exactly why you gotta love others like Christ has as he has loved you. Be nice to them no matter how they treat you cause you never know that is precisely what they need and they can do the same to someone else in need of it thereby changing the world. You will get lazy at times and be difficult to do things you don't want to do. Coming to terms with certain facts as hurtful as they are, will give you peace, healing and courage to continue on. However just cause you may not have the answer to a problem or question at that time doesn't mean there isn't an answer. Just cause you may not want to deal with something or someone at the moment means you are weak. Just means you are not properly prepared at that time. Maybe it will come, maybe it won't. And no matter what happens to me, live your life and be happy. Do what you need to do and TREAT OTHERS like you wanna be treated. Possibly in time with life experiences, you will become as wise as I am and you can impart wisdom to someone who needs it. I encourage you to be nice however if someone is getting on your nerves and they just need a good telling off, try to do so in a kind way. If you have to bring the heat on them. I don't mean police or actual fire. I mean prove to them how they are wrong and they should just back off and if they don't, you are more than willing to step up and help them see they are wrong. Be nice but definitely do not let people walk all over you and use you. Gotta stand up for yourself too, still be nice as possible. Gotta get away from noise and technology too. Go to a secluded lake on a sunny day and watch the wind make small waves and wonder stuff. What is life like under the surface? Clear your mind and be at peace that someone bigger than you and I is looking out for you.

Im not butt hurt you moron, the clock thing is something every 5 year old knows, and you're so proud of just discovering it, its pathetic lol

Actually Im am just discovering that type of analogy. I have known for years its better to study real money than counterfeit because counterfeit has TOO MANY variables just like the world. Real money just LIKE truth exists one way cause it is exclusive SAME AS JESUS. I also knew as a five year old that objects never EVER EVER move by themselves unless there is an outside force WHICH kills big bang. There is no outside force so there is no way the bang could have happened anyway. But your perspective on you see my answers is different than what Im saying apparently but you don't see that. Even a five year old would tell you off.
And apparently you don't even understand that NO MATTER THE perspective...... The hands would be always going clockwise. No im not just discovering this. I JUST never thought it thoroughly before same as you not thinking thoroughly that you are wrong about me.


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WELL done. No way to say it better. Jesus IS #1!