Jesus the son of Mary was a messenger of Allah, and His Word, which He bestowed on Mary, and a spirit proceeding from Him: so believe in Allah and His messengers. Say not "Trinity"" desist: it will be better for you: for Allah is one Allah: Glory be to Him (far exalted is He) above having a son.4:17 Muslim Speakers

Not original response. But it'll work.
First THO. Allah is an insult to our creator. "The god" ???? Com'on! That is very non descriptive & not as glorious as Jehovah or Yahweh or I AM that I AM. Jesus is absolutely more glorious than Allah BECAUSE his name is far above all other names!

Now the part I wanted to post
This does have hilarity..... However this is definitely how people will be reacting when they realize the truth; you MUST BE born again to enter heaven. 'We're sorry, we're sorry! We believe. Please!'
Ladies will be saying "ladies first", guys will all be running. But it'll be too late at that point..... And yet the truth has been here & people refuse to listen.

And... God is far exalted anyway!!!! You're saying by having a Son he wouldn't be?
FYI! The Bible is extremely clear that son & Son are different. Its context of the letter.
Nothing MORE beautiful than getting beauty for ashes. NOTHING MORE BEAUTIFUL than getting unimaginable undeserved grace & love because of who Jesus is, not because who we are or what we have done. NOTHING more beautiful than still receiving blessings from Jesus, because He loves me not because I ask him, but ask & you shall receive.
"No greater love than this when a man lays his life down for his friends."
To add to that for even people that hate him, disbelieve in him. He STILL calls them friend though they do not call Jesus friend/Savior. That is absolutely so mind blowing I FRIGGING WANT ALL MUSLIMS TO REALIZE!
Sacrificial love is absolutely the best & originates from Jesus. Muslims NEED TO realize Jesus is the ultimate friend & ultimate reconciler. You have admitted Allah does not love me. How then does he plan to reconcile me to himself?? You're saying Islam is the way? Allah will only love me if I love him first. What kind of love is that from a creator?
"Christ loved us first while we were still sinners." That IS TRUE love & grace we will never ever understand here on earth!

we Muslims call jesus as Hazrat Esa. Muslim Speakers

And Jesus said anyone that comes in my name claiming I am he, he is a false Christ.
.... ANY man that says he is Jesus and didn't die or didn't do anything that Jesus did, IS ABSOLUTELY a false Christ.

His name is not Hazart Esa.
His name is truly Jesus Christ. His name is truly Immanuel. He is truly the Blessed Redeemer. HIS NAME is above all names and He is Lord and God incarnate and anything other than a glorious name, Islam assigns to myyyyyyy King and my friend is not factual.

Im gonna flip this question back to you.

i am sorry but i will not be having internet starting tomorrow. so i will not be answering questions nor will i be able to send any. love you all. hope to talk to you soon. Guardian Angel 6 (advice page)

One OF best motivating inspiring Christian movies EVERRRRRRR

Describe your day in emojis!


What is the best way to say goodbye?

This very morning one of the two kittens/cats we have is dead. The cause of death is unknown. I never got a chance to say goodbye to her.
As soon as my dad told me, "Cutie is dead." I dropped in keys in shock.

*Prophesy of Quran* GENETIC ENGINEERING "They will alter Allah's creation." (4:120) The holy Quran has prophesied the plastic surgery, genetic engineering,gender changing and cloning in this short and concise sentence. Muslim Speakers

To be honest this can mean anything. Tattoos, piercings (though this be against Islam)
It can mean basic surgery. This can even mean injuring someone beyond repair of surgery.
And if you're gonna believe a volume that has science, WHY not the Bible which air has weight, innumerable stars, wash hands under running eater to prevent disease (discovered couple hundred years ago), wait 8 days till after a baby is born to circumsize. And that God is time transcendent!!I

What good those words are that aren't acknowledged by the end of the day? What good news is it, if the news itself is of no good to the one at the receiving end? Canann :)

1) if not acknowledged by the person intended for, perhaps they will still serve a purpose to who needs it. I do wonder about my social media pages after I'm gone.

2) if its no good to them, then that is their problem for not receiving it as they should and allowing the Holy Spirit to work on their heart. I have done what God asks of me. Tell all I can and pray for them. Its his job to get through to them. As hard as that is because I know all too well we humans like proving each other wring and like attempting to change one another.
Its way too hard to change ourselves. Thats 100% true for me. So changing someone else would be multiple times harder.
(I got no photos on my phone and I have next week off from work. I stayed up too long tonight backing up photos, screenshots and other miscellaneous on my phone. I'm getting a brand new phone today because my phone was such a failure yesterday)

David, there are 7 things you don't owe anyone an explanation for. 1) Your level of education. 2) Where you live. 3) Your appearance. 4) Your political views. 5) Your belief in God. 6) Your alone time. And lastly your life and/or relationship choices. :) Canann :)

Thats fine but better is saying the truth. Better is showing the love of CHRIST. Better is being a light in this dark hateful cold world. Better is forgiving when they are not sorry.

David, don't bother giving your personal views to anonymous questions. For you're only squandering your energy to nameless creatures! Canann :)

My feet may fail. My heart may fail. His love powers me though I'm still weak.

How will they know unless someone goes to them and preaches to them? How will they learn about the good news unless someone tells them? How blessed are the feet who bring good news!!!!!!!

- David Ross

Ran out of room for the previous... JUST something for them to consider!!!!

I have agnostic coworkers whom I really get along with. I have two FAVORITE agnostic coworkers. I really truly like them a lot and they are dating and I do desire to be with the girl. She prefers to be with him and I actually do like the guy a lot. One coworker once called me a disrespectful name years ago for awhile. Now he wants to work with me. He prefers to because of my work ethic which is in part to my faith. I have a couple Muslim friends on here. Two satanist friends on here. I have several Muslim friends on Facebook and definitely a strong brash atheist friend on Facebook I have an agnostic friend on Kik who ONCE gave me hate, cussed me out. (I rarely delete what is sent to me so I still have what she sent, but not keeping it as a reminder or anything like that)
Then she realized how amazing I am by not returning hate. She realized how genuine and truly nice I am and gave me genuine sympathy and support TODAY because of said heartaches I've had today and its not the only time she has. She and I are totally great friends. So actually returning hate with love not only solves the problem, it just might be beneficial to you down the road when you really need it.

So my point is; watch out how you give out hate. You just may end up regretting it. (The agnostic friend on Kik realizes what she did was wrong. She is sorry and can't believe how immature she once was)
And also DO NOT judge before getting to know someone.

You have no idea what they're going through.
You have no idea how genuine they just might be.
You have no idea what they know and believe may very well be the truth.
You have no idea just how nice they are.
You have no idea how totally amazing, supportive, inspiring they are.
You have no idea how hard they try.

Picture is reposted for you to see the quote by Jesus. EXACTLY what we need to do. Bless our enemies. Bless you whoever you are and hope you well in life. I mean that.

ffs stop whining about muslims and atheists, what a brat.

Its extremely ironic you say I'm whining & all this stuff you accuse me of when you're doing that to me .... & I don't even hate you for it & plenty of people would return hate to you. But that certainly wouldn't solve anything. Actually I'm not whining. I'm saying the truth whether you see it or not. I'm showing the love of CHRIST whether you see it or not.
My mom said that answer you are referring to is deep. I posted it on my dad's Facebook & he liked it.

As for the posted picture, in general. Consider the quote by Jesus again. Its also interesting you give hate to the ISIS guy. I say SHOW him kindness. Show people who are in the KKK kindness when they totally give hate & racism. That is the point. To do the opposite & that would help solve the problem. Show you, whoever you are kindness & you're giving me strong hate. Jesus also plainly said if the world hates you, it hated me first. So actually thank you. Though the hate depresses me, though my phone has failed too many times over, though Muslim & atheist ideology absolutely depresses more than you know, THANK YOU.
It depresses me because they both promote anti Christ.
Interesting how they both say that. Before you reply & say "that's because it's good", consider its the same as saying 2+2=5.
You know its not 5. You know the answer is 4 & would correct anyone saying any other answer. I'm doing the same thing. You just don't realize how right I am & I am not even trying to boastful. I am pointing the way to Jesus!
Consider that truth is exclusive.
Consider that Jesus is exclusive.
Consider that my reaction is exclusive.
Consider that pure sacrificial love & grace is exclusive. Atheism & Islam don't have those. Both is everything & uplifting!
If you were to send this to a Muslim, they probably would give you hate. What would that even solve? They give you hate. You give it back. They return it & its a vicious never ending cycle. So how to break it ? Show love.
Thank you very much giving hate. Really.
You just confirm all the more this world needs love, only the love of CHRIST.
Thus I WANT the love & light of CHRIST to shine all the more. I'm doing my best to be the salt of the earth as Jesus calls me to be. Its not you or the world, I have to impress. I just have to love you as hard it is.

Flip the situation.
Someone online tells you the best thing in your life isn't real or just incorrect.
They tell you the exact same thing you tell me. Stop being a brat and don't go on at other people. Yet you have a higher calling. Not to be disrespectful to them, you have an ultimate message that actually is what they need to hear, yet they don't realize it and don't want to hear it, despite your best kind efforts to say it. IMAGINE how depressing that would be!!!

Picture is more explicit what we all should do, every day. Love one another as Jesus says in the previous picture. That is my point. Muslims and atheists don't practice this and yet ... I am wrong and you're right?

Best job you ever had?

Wouldn't trade it. Wouldn't give it up JUST as i will not renounce my faith in Christ no matter what Muslims and atheists say. I serve for a greater purpose. You can ridicule me, hate me, insult me and I'll still show kindness. They can say all they like Im wrong. The Voice of truth tells me "follow me and don't be afraid."
Being a UPS employee is the best. Its taught me how to be productive, not just at work. I work so hard. I can work fast.
Being a Christian is the best. I have forgiveness. I have grace. I am covered by him and he is in my corner. He is a friend to me though i sin against him. I have guaranteed eternal life because of what Jesus did. Its not what I can do. Its not what I can say. Its about what his grace does. I am loved and accepted NO MATTER WHAT by Jesus. I am unashamed to be a Christian for Christ.
For the person giving me hate if you see this. I AM unashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God that saves. That is a lot better than being proud of a religion that has killed others. (Yes Muslims have killed converted Muslims who became Christian and it is a real Islamic law they have for any person who converts. Christians don't do that for their faith. However i know about the crusades. Those were not approved by God. Just so you know) Have Christians killed and raped? Yes. But they DID that of their own free will, not because Jesus says and they don't make a religious connection to their act anyway and IF THEY do they are liars. So don't attribute what they did because they are Christian. Attribute it to the fact they are human and sinners ....... yet still loved by Jesus!

i was told to do @ opinions so send me your at and i will give you my opinion of you. Guardian Angel 6 (advice page)

Something i wrote 3 days ago to Muslim on Facebook telling me about Islam. Met him on here. After 3 years of studying it i still don't get it.
I try not to pride myself on things. But this what i wrote, truly channeled the Holy Spirit I think. I showed my mom and she says that is deep!! Its a home run answer.

i don't believe in holy divinity in the Quran because the divinity of Christ in the Bible is clearly stated, in the Quran it says it wasn't that way. YET, Non biblical harsh secular sources confirm the Bible, saying the exact same thing. That's exactly why i believe in the Bible, not the Quran because the Bible is completely true, the Quran is not. Since the Quran is not completely true, (since its not revealing Jesus as who He is truly, makes me wonder what else is also not true. Thats the main controversy and the one that matters)... no amount of Islamic prophecies would convince me Islam is true way to heaven. Our Creator is not the only supernatural being that has superior intelligence that work miracles as well. Its your choice to narrate more but you would be wasting your time and energy. You should realize there is nothing we can do to enter heaven. It is not by works. Not even close. It is by grace we can not earn which only comes from Jesus which Islam sadly demotes. Jesus is our messiah, our savior and redeemer, our friend that doesn't give up on us. Ever. Even a friend to those who aren't friends to him. That's something is amiss in Islam. Only Jesus is truly like that which proves all the more Jesus is God in the flesh.

when i was a sinner broken and alone, Jesus ran to me to heal my broken heart and clean my dirty soul. Guardian Angel 6 (advice page)

When I read this at first, I didn't see how Jesus would come running to me.
But I have been listening to an amazing song a lot lately, The Prodigal by Sidewalk Prophets which I honestly thank @Breel75 for telling me about and getting me totally interested in Owl City. The Prodigal is amazing. The father in the parable is honestly how God is. Forgoving, loving, caring and grateful for a returning son.
People that don't believe should honestly think about that undying love that only comes from Jehovah/Jesus.

What's the last text msg you received?

Draw near in Hope towards God
Draw near in Faith towards ourselves
Draw near in Love towards others.

Have you heard anything about Pastafarianism? What do you think of any invention of new religion? Is it true that atheism and religion are dialectically mutually constitutive to each other? Gospel

1) Noo. what in the world is that?
2) Religion is man trying to Jesus. Christianity is Jesus coming to us, so there is no invention that can get us to him.
3) Um I don't even know what "dialectically mutually constitutive" means... that sounds really confusing and I consider myself to be a deep thinker.

Matzo ball or kugel?

How about neither?

How do you make sure Earth knows you love her?

I get that it is earth day and all but this is a stupid question. The earth is not a she. The earth is not a he. The earth is not alive. There are specific living things on it which make it the earth, but if there none the earth still would not be alive.

****How do I make sure God knows I love the planet I'm on?****
I help recycle as much as I can. I don't pick up every single recyclable thing, but i get what i can and if im not in a rush or tired or out of my way.
I try not to litter or do other hazardous disgusting things.

Hey guys could you give me a hand in liking my picture? Ignore this if you like I'm not bothered ❌Dorty goff❌™

I think i liked it. It thanked me for voting. I shared it on my Facebook so you should see it there.

Glad you did message me. I was gonna answer something else by you to say that the senior guy i clean house for on Fridays, was playing a documentary tourist video for England. I thought of you so much. I wondered where you were in relation to where they were.
You're seriously so amazing and pretty and i do like you a lot.
Know that you are loved by me and I by God.

Have you read Collective Courage? It discuss majorly about economic democracy. There's where I come up with that question. Gospel

I haven't

Do you listen to literary audiobooks? Gospel

I did listen to one maybe as a kid. But I don't prefer that method.

Do you agree that without money there is no way to price goods and thus economically calculate, and then socialism will fail automatically? With regards to socialism in practice, do you think they want to exterminate the wage system entirely? Gospel

Wow, where do you come up with these deep deeeeep questions? Lol
This is way too deep for me to answer. I'm not an economist and I don't know enough about socialism to adequately answer.

If you wouldn't like to receive my question(s), do tell me so. Have a nice day! :-) Gospel

I just arrived at the dentist for a check-up on my sutures/stiches in my gums. I got inside before my mom and closed the door behind me and then held onto both door handles behind me nonchalantly. When she attempted to open the door, it didn't open very far. Then I did let her in. 😂😂😂 Even the receptionist laughed.
I don't want to ever stop teasing my mom and being impossible to her.

I don't want to ever stop receiving questions from you. 😊😊😊

If you get this I follow you, stay awesome 💕 ❌Dorty goff❌™

This made me smile yesterday. Thank you very much, Sophie. I thought you unfollowed me after I wrote my last answer to you. I hope we remain friends for the longest time and for you to know you always got me.

What's your story? (feel free to ignore) Lee

I rather not ignore questions from you.

I could tell my tale of how i fell in love and lost, but I wonder how many would believe me. I'm typically someone people don't listen to. Of course I have made mistakes, sinned, failed and have embarrassments, see previous answer for two of them.
I have seen too many people come and go at UPS in 8 years.. I'm glad to be a UPS employee and know what I'm doing, even when it looks impossible to be productive, I find a way and to maximize space.
My best friend whom I met in high school is Catholic and is a UPS driver and started out the same as I almost two years before. He has a great love for the vehicle manufacturer GMC, which I loathe. I love its rival, Ford motor company. But if someone was messing with his GMC truck, I would tell them off and leave it alone.
I know all too well what it's like to have not much and still get by. There have been countless times in my life when I didn't know how something was going to work out, but I had faith in God to pull me through and He did. Not totally when I hoped, but it worked. Things have worked out for me when I had no expectations.


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