Abdullrahman @De7o
Abdullrahman @De7o
أنا دحيييييمة ، دقوو القمرررق Instagram: Dubie12 ☺️
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يعني انتم من جاد تشوفو السعوديات وايد حلوات؟
اذا قلتي سعوديات ترا انتي تتكلمين عن أمي وخواتي وككل الشعب .. أتوقع مافيه مثل جمالهم ابد ومافيه مثل اخلاقهمم وواظح من وايد انكك كويتيه .. انا من جد أشوف السعوديات مليكات جمال بس مايمدي اشوفكك لان فيه 100 كيلو ميك اب هههههههههه مع الاحترااام الكبير
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Thank you♡  NSW
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What snacks do you eat at the cinema ;d ?  O's
sweet popcorn, nachos cheese and cocacola ♥_♥
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S.W.A.G :D  Mary Albalushi
S.W.A.G -----------> S : Something W: we A: Arabs G: got -----------> somthing we arabs got ;)
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waaa7d mn al3yaaal raa7 alkdsh 78h :p <33  Aziz Alaqeel ✨
wa7d mn al3yal rash 9'3r hhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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kdsh O.o
not anymore =)) it's the mohawk bab ;p
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Love the background!!! YOLO? Drake's fan?  Mary Albalushi
Wazzzzzzup ppl !! im back after the finals exams \=D/ let summer begin \=D/.
Thx Marya and hell yea I am. OVOXO
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هل الحب يشوة سمعت البنت في زمننا الحالي اذا نعم لماذا ,,؟  MOUSH " Xs "
الحب ما يشوه سمعت البنت ... البنت هي اللي تشوه سمعت البنت
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ahleen / kefk / ana a5alfk al r2y mn n7yt ely y76on 9orhom fy al bb ana a76 9ory bl bb ala8y kl 97baty zarfynha w km mra ashof y3ny a7s kolha nfs al shy w 3la 8olt rashd a74r 3dwk mra w 7bibk mlion <33 atmna w9lt wjht n6'ry  DR: RAWANQahtani
w9lt <3 bs e4a ma feeh th8h beeni w been a97aabi ajl ath8 fee meen ? allah ystr 3laa kl albnat w y7f'9hm ;p
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why ur profile is in popular section ?  SeeMz ☻
dunno ;p ask the manager of ask.fm ;p
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tba nswy sex ? mooool3h anah
go fuck urself =))
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ايش رايك بالبنات اللي يحطو صورهم ! فيصل :$ا
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f,v,,singer :D  d.a
i have more than one singer. my top 3 r :
1- Tyga
2- Wiz khalifa
3- Drake
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It's not YOLO it's YOLT* :D  Aroto ★
what is " YOLT " stand for ? ;p you only live twice ? if so, r u zombi or somethin' ya zeenk ;$
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Loving you is my greatest pleasure, But getting your love in return is my most valuable treasure ♥
awww that's so sweet of u ♥ i don't no who you are so i can return it well ;p but anywayz, you said somethin' great and I appreciate that. i love u ya anonymous ;$ ;p
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Aktaar Asmaa2 Ynadok/i Feha E Nas ;P ?? <33  Maria❤
Alnas : 3bdulr7man. Almdrsah: Abdull. a9d8a2i al8reben : d7om w 3zoz ysmeni de7o w a5oh 7mod ysmeni d7mni hhhhhh. fee albeet : mn youm ma jt e5ti al9'3era w e5tr3t li " d7man " w ahli ysmoni d7man =))
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do you have more picture for you ! | FANTASTIC BABY
yea i do. check them out on facebook. u gotta add me tho ;)
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If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?  Haifa Bnt Aziz *
To the paradise on the earth " Brazil " <3_<3 ugh i wanna be there all the summer ;( btw im looking for a partner tho. i got 4 tickets, who wants to go with me huh \=D/ ? ;p
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⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩read it carefully ;p⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩  Abdullrahman
heey guys ! hope everyone is doing well *,* my old facebook has been disabled ;( so i got a new facebook account =)) < this guy has no one on his friend list ;$ so add me if u want to ♥_♥
here is the link : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003861567466
If the link doesn't work, here is my name : Abdull Alhenaidi. You can search it and find me out ;p
luv ya'll <3 peace
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Thank's for liking my answers honey! :) Have a great day!
I have no idea who u are, but u're very welcome and u have a great day too :)
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d7ooooooooooooooooooom bt7l8 wlla wsh w’93k :p ♥  Aziz Alaqeel ✨
< ha4a alshy 7lll8 \=D/ ;$
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maybe i will see u n Miami;p  Noudi*.*
yaay ! that's gonna be too much fun ;p \=D/
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i need a lot of [ ........…........… ] cuz i'm [ ........................ ] ?  EmmDee ♬
i need a lot of [ .......sleep...… ] cuz i'm [ .........sleepy as hell............ ]
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leeh t7b tjmm3 likat ollah malha fayda rdd 3L as2la a7la -_-
hhhhhhh ya 8af6ni ya konaan ent =)) ana adri malha faydh w ma 7aawlt ajm3 likes ya zeenk bs e4a jtni as2lh md7 aw a7d y8ool hi wsh tbeeni a8ool ? lw ajawb 3la kl shy 9art al9f7h klha zy ke4a ☛ Hi .... Me : Hi !
wa7d thani ☛ Heey ur hair aw ay shy thani is bla bla bla ;p .... Me : thankYou bla bla bla !! shoukrn lkl wa7d 8ali klaam 7loo wallah 3laa 8lbi klhm bs y8ooli fee mkan thani a7sn 97 ;) ? wlaa 4oleek eeli yjoon y8olon plz like :) wla plz ask ;( ya 8lbi ana lw 3ndi so2aal bji as2lk bdoon ma tji t8ooli !! w e4a a3jbni shy bswe lh like bdon ma tji t8oli ! m3leesh kthrt klaam bs klaam kan b8lbi kan wdi a8ollh <3333 ;D
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