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❤Miss Nothing❤ @DeadPegasus1997
We belong way down below
❤❤❤ give me therapy, i'm a walking travesty ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤ hold your horns up ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤ gtfo off ‎@RyanColeMode unless you like being kicked in the boob. If you do you're a freak ❤❤❤
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6 inches big dick
I'm the antichrist plus six
6 inches big dick
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Pap of u naked
Pap of u naked
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Have u ha to use a condom before
Have u ha to use a condom before
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fine. i see how it is ;-;  ✨King Eruption✨
That sounded meaner than I meant XD
I can't hug you
I'm in my house
You're in your house
Your mummy is also in your house
Get a hug from your mummy :-)
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I Need A Hug :( ;-;  ✨King Eruption✨
Go ask your mummy
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Bed ;) xoxo  ✨King Eruption✨
Scuse me
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What sound drives you crazy?
The sound of my cockatiel Harley, trying to shag a plastic bird
What sound drives you crazy?
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calm down sweet. he is just a guy :L..
He's my guy.
You wanna ask for my half eaten bacon pasta too??
Well you can't have it.
Bc that is also mine.
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can I have him ? *.* xxx
I will roadhouse you.
can I have him ? *.* xxx
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Your Bf is well hot <3 >>>>>
I know :L
And what
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Bae  Sergio Fσx ♕
That dominoes advert is so unrealistic.
Four people to one pizza?? Bullshit. That's like two pieces each.
I eat at least half a pizza to myself when I have dominoes.
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How come you hate Pearl Jam? :)
Just everytime I hear them I wanna peel my face off just so I have something to throw at them, you know what I mean??
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we are the same u love taylor and i love her too Black veil brides 30 seconds to mars paramore new years day the pretty reckless  Deany Mikaelson Leto
Unless you have a vagina and a Somerset accent then no, we aren't the same.
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shes fucking hoooot & sexy  Deany Mikaelson Leto
I wanna lick her
Like I don't even like girls
But it's Taylor
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i follwed you and im in llove with ur background *-*  Deany Mikaelson Leto
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follow = follow?  Deany Mikaelson Leto
Those had better be The Pretty Reckless lyrics
Plz tell me
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like = rate?
No, fuck off you beggy prick, you're clearly the one sending me the other ones aswell.
Get out.
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Oxygen atom boobies.
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Followed :P  His Royal Highness
we're not here to pay a compliment
sing about the government
Oxycontin genocide
adolescent suicide
i'll give you my sincerity
a fuck about a Kennedy
here's what I've got to sayyyyy
if you can sing along to this part of My Way Home Is Through You, you know you're 100% Killjoy <3
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Bands you've seen ?
My first gig was when I was ten :L
The Saturdays
Scouting for girls
The script
Prima Donna
Green Day
All Time low
The Kaiser Chiefs
Green Day (again)
Eliza and The Bear
Charlie XCX <(Was utter shite)
You Me At Six
30 Seconds To mars
Young Kato
Don Broco
You Me At Six (again)
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What picture comes to your mind when you hear word "fun"?
Not Netflix
The piece of shit just charged me £5.99 when I canceled my account.
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Bbyyy x  TitsRus
Just fangirled bc Blake Lively is on the new Loreal advert
..I need a hobby.
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hi :)
So my mum gives me a sour patch kid and goes
"Omg eat this, it's sour."
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Fuck off my cheesecake
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What is your most unusual nighttime or morning ritual?
Phileas fog <3
What is your most unusual nighttime or morning ritual?
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