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Youre legs look like pins in your Instagram EAT SOMETHING
Not only are they far from pins, but I eat a lot of shitty foods :L
A persons weight doesn't necessarily define how much they eat, or how much they exercise. If someone's weight isn't normal they could have a medical problem.
It just seems a bit rude to say "eat something" or "eat less" if someone seems too skinny or a bit chubby to you. Calling someone skinny is just as bad as calling someone fat so stfu. If you're not happy with their weight don't look at it ✌
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Do you prefer skinny jeans or yoga pants?
My mum put my black jeans in the tumblr dryer again.
They're already labelled as 'super skinny' so it looks like I'm wearing spray on jeans .-.
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Does ur teacher have booies?
Does ur teacher have booies?
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No makeup pik ?????!!!!!! <33333
Atm I'm only wearing eyeshadow and residue eyeliner (makeup wipes never get it all .-.) that's the closest you'll ever get to seeing me makeup-less.
Hallo USA tights.
Hallo top that's 2 sizes to big for me.
Hallo hallo.
No makeup pik ?????!!!!!! <33333
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Who died.. ?
Anya :'(
Saving stupid Andrew, that poo head.
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What is the last thing you picked up off the ground?
The pieces of my heart :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
Andrew: "she was incredible. She died saving my life."
Xander: "that's my girl, always doing something stupid."
*que me bursting into tears like a blubbering idiot*
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Omg you have dimples yayya
Bc I have a fat face haha. Babby face.
Could I keep my dimples and have a thin face too?? Does that happen .-.
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Pic of what your doing ? (;
Pic of what your doing ? (;
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Who knows you the best?
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What is the next big thing that will blow people’s minds?
Spike singing.
Spike is currently singing on my tv.
James marsters is singing on Buffy.
I'm dead now.
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chill with us on dubtℝaℂK.fm
I don't get girls who take pictures showing their belly, legs ect. And then say they're fat.
If you're so fat why are you photographing your 'cellulite' and sharing them with us, I don't get it :L
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first 2 likers get 30 likes?
Buffy was mean and made spike cry.
I don't like Buffy anymore.
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Dnt blame greenday ask might delete them from the universe </3
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Obviously that question was me. But ya'no I'm stupid and I didn't untick the box. Wooo go meee.  Life Is But A Dream ✞
Ask deleted the other question bc you were bullying me with greenday lyrics, Kirsty ffs.
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Green day wtf you trying to say ;-; I think they hate us.  Life Is But A Dream ✞
I've seen them twice, they love me
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You better have! Pewds is love.  Life Is But A Dream ✞
Pewds is life.
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I can't believe that you don't subscribe Pewdiepie on youtube. Sorry we can no longer be friends.  Life Is But A Dream ✞
I subscribed to him on Thursday XD dnt h8 me.
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Which celebrity you would follow on Ask.fm?
Sarah Michelle-Gellar.
original, ey.
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Lost a follower✌️
That's funny bc I have two more than I did yesterday :')
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Why do people kill each other?
Some peoples versions of Carpe Diem are homicidal or they like the taste of human flesh??..
Idk, personally I've never killed anyone: but I have a list, so one day..
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Post a selfie!
Ey, the prom
Post a selfie!
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1/1 ?
Fiesta tim.
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When is Your Birthday?!!!!
The best day of the year
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Maybe O.o  ✨❤King Ry❤✨
All aboard the banter train.
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Youtube subscriptions ?
That's it atm, sad tims
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