Dean Hutchison
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john could batter you haha, he said he wanted to fight you to me and said u were a pussy?

hahahah that's actually the funniest thing I have ever seen

opinion on alanna?

see if am being honest everyone on ask seem to think I treat her like shit , if you have something to say , say it to my face and just to let yous all know I actually do love her to bit , if I did treat her like shit , why would we still be going out and btw just to let you know its 8 mouths now :) , and I am the happiest guy alive and I put all my effect into trying to make her happy so think again before you say I treat her bad and tbh I don't no where I would be without her , I am a lucky guy

you dont give two fucks about what john said about her, or how it made her feel, what boyfriend does that make you be?

ken what fuck you , u know nothing about that ,

Deano you bad boy

wit ?

am gonna pop a feel off hers and your cousins :D

right sound man

and arse ;)


What her tits there closer in the way rather than far out the way

cool mate

your birds got nice tits

ken eh

Honest opinion on rebeckah!x

sound and a gid laugh , goes out wae joe and we hang about a lot x

Do you think he will tickle her midgey nips ahahahahahahaha

right that just too far

Yes my cat is a pussy?

yes and so are you ;)

Op on kiddy fiddler Simon and Micala

if am being honest , I don't think it fare to call him that cos a lot of people in our day go out wae folk like 2 years younger so a really don't see whats wrong wae that

Can't man busy shagging ma cat and beating the meat

pussy pussy !!!!

Aye man ya cunt bring me a snickers so I will be as tough as nuts

mail me then :)

Top 5 best mates?

dk who else

Well fucking say it ya cunt or square goes

ken what fuck you and mail me if you like , if your no a fuckin pussy ;)

Sound people from Alva

there actually a lot cant be bothered saything all the name

u treat ur bird like shit

haha your funny like

u suck ;)

aww cheers pal

already have

haha that made me laugh mate

i want your gf

your no getting her ;)

What is the world's best song to dance to?


You and alanna fall out over anything, yous both nees to calmm the fuck down tbh

fuck off and stay out of other folks business

i am to scared to message you

why ?

your always looking over her shoulder , seeing what boys she talks to and that , give her some space

fuck off , and get grip of you life pal