Delanie Grundman @DelanieGrundman
Ask me a question. Do itt.
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Do you like Mitchell c
ew gross
I wish I had ur wardrobe
oh dear, hahah thank you
You're so pretty
thx :)
Answer my questions God damn
no fuck you in the d
What did you do tonight
Hang with Mitchey
Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?
Why don't you answer any of my questions
They're rude and they don't need to be repeated
You are the sluttiest 9th grader
Who do you follow
5 people
Your the prettiest 9th grader
Awh so stinkin sweet, thank you
You and Mitchell are such good relationship goals!!!(:
Thank you!
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Griffin neuer likes u he told me a couple days ago
Do u have any dating advice for me
Use a condom
You're so pretty!!!
Thank you
I love ur butt
Can you truly love more than one person?
How old are you
I am 15
Tbh|| Delanie you're absolutely gorgeous like I'm sososo jealous and your very nice and we need to hangout soon❤️  Sarah
Thank you! And yes
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Men with shaved or not shaved legs. If shaved why
No guy shaves their legs except swimmers hahah
Best guy friend
Brady Lockwood
Pap of messages
I want u to fuck ma
Wanna give me a pussy massage
What the hell
Your so hot
where r u going rn
Take a piss