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If you could have one superpower what would it be?
I like you
Me too
You and Mitchell are so cute!!
Aw thank you
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can I do what I want, do what I want with your bodayy
Can I do what I want?
Well duh
I honestly think your asking yourself These questions
Lol if I was asking myself questions I would've had to ask this question too
I think you and Mitchell are perfect for each other, both ugly
I personally think you can do so much better than Mitchell
How about you shut the fuck up
I mean hey it's better than the other names people have for you..
More like can't please anyone nigga damn your looks are repulsive
Just died cause you called me a "nigga" HAHAHAHAHA
That picture of u and Mitchell making out is all over the school
Thx to the lovely Sandro Rhinna and Brad Lewis :-) gotta love them :)))))))
You're so pretty
Thank you
I love your hair it's to die for
Thank you!
I wish so badly I was you.
Aw this is so sweet :)
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I saw that picture
What picture?
Funniest person u know
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You had sex with mitchell
You looked stunning at hoco :)
Thank you
You looked horrible at homecoming
You looked hot grinding
You looked really bad last night
U looked gorgeous last night at hoco!!
Thank you
Hot  Griffin neuer
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Fav 8th grade guys
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Ho on brady lockwood
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