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Describe best moment of this summer with one photo!
I saw Mitchell ask u to hoco
How old are you
Congrats you and Mitchell are so cute together
Thank you so much!
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Your face is sex
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You're hot
So happy for u and Mitchell
Thank you!
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Cutest couple
How did you meet your bestfriend
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You can do so much better than mitchell
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How do you usually express your emotions?
Cry, yell, and punch
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Ho on sarah lappin
So nice and pretty
HO on ashley dinoble
So pretty and she's the cutest
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ho on abbey highlands
Don't know her
HO on Mitchell cotten
He's my whore
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HO on josh sickma
Who's that?
HO on Delanie grundman
I've heard she's a total slut and no one likes that bitch
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How can you be motivated?
You didn't answer my question?
I answered all the questions I got
Pap of homecoming dress?
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People you like to hangout with most
You aren't a slut you're beautiful love you xoxox
Haha thank you so much
You kissed Mitchell in front of like everyone at the game thts over obsessive
Huh over obsessive?
Pisses me off that all the guys like you...
They don't lol
I know u sucked mitchells dick
That's a new one