You are beautiful ❤ @DemiLovatto
You are beautiful ❤ @DemiLovatto
Sherman Oaks, CA
Everything will work for you in the end so now stop worrying and go live the life you deserve ♥
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My guy bestfriend just ignored me suddenly and I don't even know why. I want to talk to him but can't get the courage to do it. What should I do?
I understand you're afraid of what he's gonna tell you but I've been through this too and I know that if you don't ask him all you'll do is blaming yourself so the best way is to just talk to him about it.
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i feel like i'm giving up , i want to stay positive but i still being weak , what should i do to cheer myself up ..?
Giving up is never the answer. The dark moments actually do go away but you can't just wait for them to go away. You need to stop thinking like that cause that's what makes you feel so badly. You have to be kind to yourself and appreciate yourself and trust me that's when the bright moments come.
You are worthy of so much and you should start believing that because it's nothing but the truth. We all have bad moments sometimes, and that's okay because our mood is like a roller coaster, it goes up and suddently you feel down but it's okay to have bad moments as long as you can pick yourself up again and start fighting and be sure that's something you can do. I believe in you.
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why am i such a mistake?
Except you are not and you have to stop thinking so low of yourself and start believing in yourself. You are on this earth for some reason and you have your own purpose and I promise you will figure out what is it sooner or later.
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I made a mistake and my friends never forgave me for it, what should I do?:(
You know what, people make mistakes that's just the way it is and there's nobody perfect out there. I'm not perfect and you are not perfect and your friends aren't prefect too. Honestly if you apologized and explained your reasons and admitted it was a mistake then there's not much else you could possibly do. Try to talk to them about it again and if they refuse to forgive it's their loss. On the other hand you should give them some time to forgive you because forgiving isn't easy and some people forgive in the matter of seconds and other people need time for it and that's okay.
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I have some skittles in my mouth wanna taste the rainbow?
You guys are going to be the death of me.
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12 days clean i know it's not much but
Don't say it's not much because it's incredible! You're trying and that's what matters and I'm so proud of you.
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i have nobody to stay strong for and i just hate myself i'm a failure
You have somebody to stay strong for and the person is you because YOU are the most important person in your life and you happiness matters and you should never think anything less than that you are strong beautiful and wonderfully made and that you are f*ckin amazing. I love you and it's the time for you to start loving yourself and appreciate yourself too.
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3 months clean today. 2 weeks without fasting or binging/ purging
I'm SO proud of you! You're so strong and that's incredible!
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what's your biggest weakness?
So there's this man..xD
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Do you like weiners?
I don't even know why this made me laugh so hard.
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I've been 5 months clean today
5 months!!!!! That's incredible and I'm so f*ckin proud of you right now!
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Can I have you? ♥
I don't think a certain somebody would like that very much xD
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I love you more you never love me :(
What was that? That you know I love you more? okay okay, glad that's sorted out.
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You are soo beautiful<3
I'm not even close to being as beautiful as you are. :)
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I'm really sad, nobody likes me, I'm ugly and fat, I'm cutting myself, I listening skyscraper every day because make me strong...but nobody cares, nobody...I'm alone and say :CCCC Help me, please :'(
First of all, you should stop thinking so low about yourself because you are NOT fat or ugly. I care about you more than you can imagine and you're definitely not alone and I can promise you there are people who care about you. You are so strong, stronger than you think and it's the time you started believing it.
Cutting yourself will not help you, it hurts you and makes you want to hurt yourself and the beautiful skin of yours even more. You should talk to somebody and get the help you need and deserve. I believe in you, my fighter.
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I need a hug please :(
I have a big hug waiting for you. And while you're in my arms how about you tell me what's going on?
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I wanna cut so badly I look like a pig and disgusting
You are not a pig or disgusting or anything like that and you shouldn't think so low of yourself. You are beautifully made no matter what size or shape you are.
You do NOT need to cut. You're so incredibly strong and you can keep going and live without cutting because it doesn't do you any good.
I'm so prouf of you for staying strong and I believe in you and I know you can keep going.
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Roses are red, pickles are green I like your legs and what's in between
Someone wouldn't be happy to see that...xD
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What's the most amazing thing someone ever done for you?
My boyfriend used to flirt with other girls sometimes and he decided to stop doing that because he saw it hurt me. Have I mentioned I love him? xD
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I struggle with my weight and fully accepting myself. Being a dancer in this world is hard when you're not what most companies want. You've helped me a lot. I think you're a beautiful person inside and out. I love you. I'm a warrior.
I think YOU are a beautiful person inside and out. This world is literally f*cked up cause it makes people think they're not worth something. Trust me, love, your weight or anything doesn't define who you are or measure your talent.
I love you.
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you're bitch
Uh so am I supposed to cry now?
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U whale and i don't like u
wow, I wish I had an actual f*ck to give :)
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You must be a ninja cause you snuck into my heart
I actually am a ninja...
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What is your boyfriend like?
He's a cutie. He is one the the most supportive people I've met and I couldn't be happier to have him. He's a real man no matter what anyone says. He knows how to treat his girl.
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