Summer Rose @DemiLovatto
Summer Rose @DemiLovatto
Sherman Oaks, CA
Taken. Not interested in anyone but my baby. ‎@JustinBieberVevo1994's tiger
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What is that one thing that never fails to calm you down?
God. :)
Would you kill for love?
I know what you mean I don't think "love" and "kill" really match.
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You are soo perfect!!! It's hard to believe you'd ever waste your time answering me....
You're beautiful.
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what if ur bf like
Freakin' adorable.
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What does being in love with someone feel like?  Lucas
It's a completely amazing and painful feeling. I don't think there's a way to ever describe it. It's unique.
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That you are taken doesn't mean you can't flirt with other boys
Oh yes, it does. Please tell me how awesome would you feel if your girlfriend/boyfriend flirted with someone else.
When you are in a relationship you should love the person. You should be completely in love with that person and if you are in love with someone you don't really feel like you wanna go and flirt with someone else even if the someone is hot or really cute or something.
Being in a relationship isn't just fun and games and sex and bye. (you can find a sex buddy for that idk what is it called) Being in a relationship means you commit to the person and you're ready to stay with that one person no matter what it takes. It shouldn't mean holding hand with your partner but sexting someone else.
Cheating is always having something to hide because you know your partner wouldn't like it. And I'm sure no girl or boy would be happy about you flirting with someone else. Remember if you have to hide you're already there.
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and whats ur name ???
Cute Dino.
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who r u ???
A dinosaur.
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3 words to describe your boyfriend
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Yes you are.
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break up with your bf
Yeah duh I will only because you told me to.
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post a selfie of you
Sorry, I don't want your eyes to burn ;)
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the person who has a effort to be with you but not sure of his feelings for you? or the person who is very sure about his feelings but he didn't make any effort?
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marry your boyfriend? lol you dream too big little whale
Gotta be painful to know he prefers "a little whle" over :)
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We should go to Vegas and get married baby  Drake Browning
I've mentioned it like one billion times on this page but I have a boyfriend. You had the pleasure to meet him already. He is the best person you could ever meet..literally.
I think you should go and search for someone who is gonna give you the attention in return because it's definitely NOT me. The only person I'm gonna marry is my boyfriend. Bye. :)
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From the day you walked into my life, you're all I think about. You're the reason I breathe. You are the stars in my sky. I wouldn't want this any other way. You're the love of my life.
Uhm...Do I know you?
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Can I talk to you off anon? I don't wanna annoy
Of course. I'm always here if you need someone to vent/talk to.
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You shall be my babygirl
I don't think somebody's gonna like that..
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what do you think about people who send you hate?
I think it's never just the hate. I think there's always something deeper behind the hate message. I mean it could be anything; it could be a heartbreak, it could be any kind of frustration or it could be self hate. And whatever the reason is I am really sorry they suffer so badly they feel like they have to send me (or anyone) hate to make themselves feel better and I think they should talk to someone about what they're going through.
If there are people who send hate just out of boredom, please stop cause you hurt people with feelings.
I think that's one of the biggest problems with hate on the internet. Like people don't realize that the people they hate on are real people with real feelings. Like there are people just like them behind the screens and maybe cry themseves to sleep people of the cruel things they say.
So I'm trying not to judge anyone because it also really bothers me that they're in so much pain that the only way out they see is hurting others.
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What are you exited about?
Right now I am really exited about tomorrow's 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend :)
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When have you ever been in a leadership role, whether in your family, at school, among your friends, in a job, on a team or in some other aspect of your life? What did you learn from the experience?  Lucas
Last summer I was a leader at a summer camp for teenagers and it was incredible. I learned to talk to people more and help them with their struggles and questions about God. I learned to better accept other people's opinions and test my own limits. I wouldn't trade that experience for anything and I'm hoping I'll get to do it again this year.
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I like my best friends so much, he has stopped by me through everything, he dropped everything for me so many times, he's helped me with any other boyfriend problems,and he's told me he liked me, but I really love him, should I tell him??
I think you should go for it. I know you're probably scared that it could ruin your friendship but if it's real he'll understand even if he doesn't feel the same and if he does you'll gain a beautiful deep relationship because trust me there is nothing more beautiful than being in a relationship with your best friend.
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