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Who knows the most about you?
Anthony, Taylor and Emily
Are good morning texts from a guy cute or annoying?
They're cute
Unless it's 3 am in the morning and I'm sleeping then no
Good morning :D
Good evening
So when can I do that
Well, for one thing, I don't even know who you are so...
Did you get asked to prom yet?
How many slices of pizza do you usually eat?
Don't you mean how many whole pizzas do I usually eat? In that case-5
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I saw you at your meet today, you look good in your uniform
Who is this? You should have said hi!
Are you the dirty type?
Who even are you.
Are you a good kisser?
I dunno I never kissed myself
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Sure why not
What's up what's been bothering you? I think I stole some bodys future question.  Anthony Visalli
School basically and I'm currently lacking some time with friends and time to myself. But thank god I'm done with cookie booths and Anthony you should text me.
Has anything been bothering you?
Several things actually.
Who is this person that keeps talking shix about me. He's abouta get punched  SiknaMalik❤
I dunno man
Lol I didn't send that one  SiknaMalik❤
I'm confuseddddd
Sikna stop.
Devon I see you answering ask hmm not answering my texts back smh -.-  SiknaMalik❤
ur booty is swag
Um who ever that was I don't stalk her you dummy. We are this thing called OMG "friends" bet ya didn't know that !!!  SiknaMalik❤
*sassy snap*
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Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?
Australia or Scotland
ICE CREAM!  SiknaMalik❤
one direction, coooot or nawhhh ?  SiknaMalik❤
Not my type of guys, but if you like them then that's cool
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Wow that sikna girl stalks you and asks to many questions. I want to ask you out. But Idk. Maybe not. Like I really like you but im scared. By the way you dont have to answer it just some thing I though I should share.
Whoever this is, you shouldn't be scared! Don't worry I don't bite :) just take me out on a date if you're really unsure about it and see how you feel from there?
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GURL I didn't steal your quote -.-  SiknaMalik❤
Lol look at an old black and white pic of me and see the quote
PIZZZZZA  SiknaMalik❤
You forgot the N