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Do you watch SNL?  Dr. President
Haven't watched it in a long time, saw some clips from the 40th anniversary special
Which Mario Party is/was your favourite? Mario Party 10 doing anything for you?  Dimenticon
It's all bullshit, all of it...I might get 10
Is it possible to 69 whilst 420ing?  me
Is it possible LOL look at this noob
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The snow, the lasers, the confusion, watch towers and a buggy! It's all coming back to me now. I was nine, that game in the backround of my friend's house was Sonic 06. I always used to randomly wonder what that game was, but you have shown me what it was...what it is  Nate Annunziata
I'm sorry
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Would you be willing to do a wrongpurae of a short-ish RPG if all the combat was removed?  ShadowFox
Shore if it's inspiring enough
Will DistantBetus ever return?  bobjr
Some bits outlive their humor pretty quickly and I think that was one of em
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Is there a Retsutalk seven-O in the pipeline?  Jonny McBane
If we can't do it soon then beef will probably do a couple at Pax with a nerd herd
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RP has more channel views that the entire population of the UK  Erin
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What's your take on the whole freak out over Nintendo's partner program or whatever it's called?  ShadowFox
Seems like a needlessly silly idea but what're ya gonna do when you're faced with a big company like that welcome back to the Nintendo partner program reading this just earned them 50 cents
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What's your favourite food?  N
BACON - said like how Ethan says Jason in Heavy Rain
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If life were dungeons and dragons, what class would you be? Not which class you'd want to be, but which you figure you would be.  N
Probably some kind of support class, like a mage/cleric who buffs up the party
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What bad LP cliches are your least favorite? Scarecam? Save states?  PlatinumJukebox
Reading text on screen with character voices
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If someone asked me "What is retsupurae?" how should I answer?  Shyam
Two dudes watch weird gaming videos
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Are you a formally trained actor or a hobbyist?  Covok
Sorta but I haven't done any acting in years except for pretending to like video games so the Internet will like me
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What's the most difficult game you've ever played?  Chris ϟ
Kaizo Battletoads
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Were you born with that awesome amount of laid-backness or did you gather it throughout life?  Josuke Higashikata
I've always had a roll with it/adaptable attitude about most things and having grown up with managing the whole betes thing and always having to be super responsible makes other things seem not too bad
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Hootenannies or hoedowns?  PlatinumJukebox
Can't we have both *barn door opens to reveal the sickest fucking party you have ever seen*
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Are hootenannys a real thing in the South?  bobjr
The legends are true
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What advice do you have for those whose major is undeclared and have to choose a major by the end of May?  Brandon Goni
Reflect on the classes you've taken so far and think about what lit a fiery passion in your loins
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Now that Jon Stewart is stepping down, will you and Slowbeef be willing to become the new hosts for the Daily Show with Slowbeef and the Betus Beat?  Dr. President
I am sitting by the phone and waiting for Comedy Central to call
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I wanted to say thanks, really I do. I've been stuck in the hospital for 3 years now, and it is a horrible and depressing place to be, and to be here with these problems for so long, it sucks. so thank you for all the content you put out, for letting me escape these walls, and enjoy my life again.
That means a lot, thank you and best wishes.
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I wonder why Cyberdreams made Dark Seed II if they just wanted to give the real Mike Dawson a bad name by making his character the most incompetent fool ever seen amidst mankind. Was it really worth the effort?  Tharthandorf M. Aquanashi
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What are you playing these days man?  Josuke Higashikata
Nothing :(
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How was the Super Bowl for you?  bobjr
Lotsa fun, I enjoyed it despite not really liking either team
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When are you streaming again? I assume that work has you focusing on something rather time consuming since it's been a while.  Asmonplatinum
Was thinking about streaming some Nuclear Throne over the weekend sometime to see if I can get back into the stream groove. I like the quick pick-up-and-play stuff
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