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So Jon and the other RG's are gonna be at MoMocon in May. Any chance of you going?  Matthew Newsome
Not remotely
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You can come to Mississippi instead. Go Southern to the max.  Vinny
I'd rather have a plow run over my nuts than move there.
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Slowbeef sounds like a wealthy guy, do you think he would hire you as a maid?  John Kerry
I already clean up his messes with all the umms I edit out in podcasts.
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I wish you the absolute best of luck with that phone interview betus!  Dallas
Thank you sir
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Maybe you should move in with Slowbeef, I'm sure his wife won't mind. Or come up further north and babysit Graham.  DadofGraham
Warm climates only please!
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I live in California and I recently purchased a large chocolate bar for just $0.99 (That's less than a dollar!) so that proves that things aren't expensive here pleasemoveherediabetus ill let you stay with me  Ruʀfsy Ruʀfs
It costs $0.01 here.
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What's your "favorite" Nicolas Cage movie?  Josefu Jostaa
Wicker Man
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FTL Advanced has a bunch of new features, sectors, stations, etc. A ton of new events, and C structures for every ship. There's a lot to it; it's also a free expansion for the game, so give it a run or two if you have the chance!  Doomulus
Oh neat, so it would have auto-updated on Steam? I'll check it out, might be worth a stream.
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After all these years do you still consider yourself a fan of slowbeef like I suppose you were during the old Super Metroid thread or has years of being friends with him opened your eyes to what a horrible jerk he is?  Josefu Jostaa
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If there was a Battletoads/Dark Souls crossover would you play it?  Bilbo Belgians
Video games would be done after that, so yes.
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If you are really laid off, do you think it's your chance to move to California or the progressive minded place that you've wanted to go to?  John Kerry
I'll go wherever the next job is if it's good enough. Cal's nice and all but it'd take a huge pay bump for me to go there, shit's expensive out west.
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If you could travel back to any point in history where would you go and what would you do?  Garrett Childers
I'd go back to when Shadow of Destiny was being developed to figure out what the hell everyone was on
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did you really get laid off?  Arden Snee
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If you ever had kids, what would be the very first video game you'd introduce them too?  John Kerry
I'd be like, "Y'know kids your dad used to be a real gangsta" and I'd show them the Galaxy 2 let's play which would have just recently been finished.
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Are you ever going to do another stream like Payday 2 where you play a multiplayer game with the viewers?(Like Left for Dead 2 or something)  Tae Han
Never say never
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Have you tried FTL Advanced yet? A lot of my friends have been recommending it to me recently.  Doomulus
I have regular FTL, what's different about it?
How would you respond if Mike Nelson asked you to get in on a RiffTrax with him? Would you do it?  Josefu Jostaa
Well yeah
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What's your favorite Nicolas Cage movie?  Josefu Jostaa
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I know you've talked over video game cartoons in the past, but would you be interested in talking over live-action stuff? I found a movie that I think deserves retsupurae's attention  Matt
It'd have to be public domain.
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Do you ever feel guilty when you select a dialogue option that offends someone in-game?  Vinny
Not unless it keeps me from getting a neat item, just like real conversation
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I want to see you and beef do a live action Sword of Vermillion like the one you retsu'd a while back because it had me in tears laughing.  HSN
Like...perform one? Guess that's the RTX panel then.
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I've been wanting to do a post-commentary LP with guests, much like your SMG2 LP in example. What would be the best way to send my guests the video to make commentary over, and the best way to handle audio? I know it'll be best to have them record locally, but should I take care to do more things?  IceFissure
Either Dropbox or upload it as a private youtube video, then share with just the folks you're talking with. All you really need to do recording wise is ask them to do some quick audio tests to make sure their levels aren't terrible/not clipping/too quiet/have terrible background noise. If you're worried they're not competent with audio or have never used Audacity before then just ask them to send you some samples and walk them through adjusting levels and so on.
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Do you have a favourite genre of game? I know you like difficult/challenging games, but is there a certain type that you find yourself going back to? (e.g: RPG, platformer, puzzle, etc.)  Éanna Q
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I really liked you and the beef LPing Metroid Fusion and the set up you guys had going where slowbeef had played the game before and was kind of guiding you as you played it blind. I think it worked really well. Would you ever consider doing something like this again?  Éanna Q
I'll probably be done with large LP type stuff after Galaxy 2's done.
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Do you ever find yourself speaking in a southern accent accidentally? Like with family or when you're pissed etc etc  Dallas
Not consistently, it probably just slips out here and there but it's not the kinda thing I notice
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