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Diabetus @Diabetus

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Do you get annoyed at people sending you questions with jokes already in them?  Ruʀfsy Ruʀfs
Not if they cause me to chortle with delight
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Do you think you'll ever procreate?  Time Stalker
Sure, I just need to find the right Craigslist posting.
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you think you will have changed your mind about having a kid when you get to slowbeef's age?  peter
Don't remember ever saying I'd never have kids! But sure once I'm 80 years old I might want to give it a shot.
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Hey betus, are you gay? I ask cuz I was watching the Obscure 2 playthrough and I heard you refer to sex without a condom as 'bareback'. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think that's a term outside the gay community. Sorry if I'm just a big retard.  no
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TieTuesday claims to be "The Diabest." What is your response?  N
His let's play career is fucking done
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How can a YT channel (not necessarily gaming) get more subscribers over an extended period of time?  Brigham Hood
Community engagement, frequent audience interaction, show your dick
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Have you read any books where after finishing it you didn't necessarily feel satisfied or at ease, but like your mind had opened up a bit? As if you were now better equipped to think about life's complexities.  Dectilon
I can't even read this question
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Did you know Chubby Checker's real name is Ernest Evans?  Tangocow
Well now I do
Out of all gaming genres out there, which one do you think you're most skilled at?  Kyon
Cas games
Is a ProtonJon a bathroom in an atomic physics laboratory?  Doomulus
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will you ever guest on a LP with megajose?  peter
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What is your biggest regret?
let's play
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Would you or have you ever considered being an actor?  Hunter
Once upon a time but I'm far too risk-averse and non-talented for that
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Favourite bird?  L☻☻tcoat
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I suspect my boss may be a goon. What should I do?  Will Staples
Watch anime together
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What was your first favorite band?  ThatPazuzu
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You've mentioned that you've played Xenogears, I believe. How much have you played, and what did you think of it?  Ruʀfsy Ruʀfs
I played it to completion and really liked...disc 1.
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What is your audio setup like (namely your mic) and why do you sound so much better than slowbeef?  Rip Roarin Boogerpenis
We both use Blue Yetis, I think the difference is I tend to stay closer to the mic than beef does when talking
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Ever had a fight with Slowbeef and had to beat him off?  Vulgaris
Yes and I always win
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Would you ever eat a man? Be honest.  buttdicks
Yeah, down to the butt and the dicks
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If you could only choose one news channel on TV to get your news, which would you prefer?  Trotsky
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WatchMojo just uploaded a video called Top 10 Let's Play Channels which I'm far too afraid to watch, but I can see PewDiePie and Markiplier on the thumbnail. What does this mean for the future of the internet? Will we prevail?  Garrett Childers
Look you can't argue with the facts inherent within a top 10 video
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Are you the godfather to slowbeef's baby?  peter
I'm actually the real father
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Any chance of guesting in a "Conjoined wins" video? I've been binging on Rebirth since release and would love to do some "multiplayer" stuff.  Chr0nite
I'd like to do some runs with other folks, but I'm having some trouble getting audio/timing stuff down when I run the script (sorry dectilon!) But once I'm cozy with that I'll probably open the floodgates to guest races
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