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What things most surprised you about Texas?  Ridley
I have to get a front car plate too?!?!
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How do I become as hard as Battletoads?  Ruʀfsy Ruʀfs
If you're a Battletoad you could turn your dong into a concrete pillar at least that's how it happens in my fanfic
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Are you paying attention at all to the World Series?  Jeff McCreary
what's slowbeef, is that one of those food companies?  Cornman
Slowbeef is...a #gamerdad...
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Why is your channel on Youtube called "Diabetusrp" instead of simply "Diabetus"?  Quartrez
Diabetus was already taken as it often is on social internet websites
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diabetus this is actually a fucking thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=va7aNo52Xgs  Arden Snee
Wish he had uploaded this a couple days earlier so we could have Music Monday followed by Tasty Tuesday and start the week off perfectly
Do you like sparkling or still water?
Excuse me but why isn't Mountain Dew an option
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Now that you live in Texas, are you a little scared you might get ebola?  Trotsky
Texas is currently Ebola free so I can roll around in bloody diarrhea again without fear
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I'm having trouble remembering a game that's on the tip of my brain, and figured that you might know which one it is. It's the game where you shoot at Nazis.  Ridley
Dark Souls
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Did you know that the MC is back?  tsihawky
Glad he's getting some lays
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Do another "Hey, Examine My Let's Play! (HELP):"  Helpless Twat
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Given the disenfranchisement in America, Do you tend to encourage your friends or people around you to vote?  Trotsky
I haven't even registered to vote in Texas yet :(
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what's something that slowbeef does that annoys you  Shyam
Having children
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Hearing you latest podcast about patreon and money etc Have you and slowbeef thought about doing a couple rifftrax (silent hill revelations or unintentionally funny movies maybe?) i'm sure alot of people would buy them and might be something different to consider if you run out of bad games.  peter
Yes but that's a pretty time-consuming undertaking if you think about Rifftrax in the sense of scripting things out instead of bullshitting through it as is our SOP...if we did an i-Riff I'd wanna prep it, especially if people are expected to purchase it rather than just click a youtube link.
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You have to chose A&M or Longhorns now.  Michael
What about the TCU "Horned Frogs"
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Do you tend to stay out of a lot of issues that are "controversial"?  ShadowFox
Not at all. For example I choose Mike over Joel
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Odd question: What phone do you use? I need a new one.  Kaki
IPhone 4s, though with ios8 a lot of apps don't run as well so I'm upgrading in a few weeks
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Post a picture of your favorite movie!
You are asking me for a dick pic ask.fm
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Which news source do you trust to be the most objective? Or to put it another way, if you had to get your source of news from one place only, what would it be?  Trotsky
Google News works for me since it lets you read a host of different sources on different topics. I don't think it's a good idea to only hear about what's going on from one specific place since no news source is gonna be 100% objective. If I had to pick only one it'd be Craigslist Casual Encounters.
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Also, why haven't you LP'd Battletoads Arcade yet? There's decapitations, and shit.  tsihawky
I did but the videos were lost in time and space long ago circa 2007
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When slowbeef is away from retsupurae being a dad and all that stuff , well you do some solo vids ? I loved the ' how to sell video games to things that aren't men ' one you did solo.  peter
Having a kid will just make beef want to do RP EVEN MORE
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Battletoads 64 ROM-hack!!! Make it happen, please!?  Brigham Hood
ok brb
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just get Jim sterling and lowtax in the same podcast and let them go wild, you won't even need to speak!  Cybert
Wow that would go really poorly
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Which LPers made you legitimately angry/annoyed while Retsupuraeing them?  Jeff Mojica
Anytime there was a horribly clipped scream or pseudo yell that's always mildly irritating
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If you could only follow ONE person on Twitter, who would it be?  Trotsky
I'd hire a friend to make an account that automatically retweets my dearest friends so everyone feels loved
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