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Do you fancy a good YouTube-poop from time to time?
I prefer listening to podcasts while I take huge dumps
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What's the most awkward diabetes based experience you've had?
I can see right through this - you want to know about the Betus Bone Zone but I ain't takin the bait
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Favorite video game sountrack?  Sharpie473
I've listened to Chrono Cross a few times, it's nice for work/study/chill/fuckin
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Do you think Ridley is still falling down that shaft?  Hunter
I like to think so *thought bubble appears over my head showing Ridley flail about in a purgatory-like void*
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If slowbeef teaches his kid a southern accent would you be obsolete in Restupurae?
That's the only reason he even had a kid
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Do you think you could beat Slowbeef in a game of Super Smash Brothers?
Oh easily
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What traits do you think you most inherited from your dad?
Pretty much every physical trait, we look very alike. He doesn't care for let's play or video games though so I'm probably adopted
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Did you know His World is actually in Smash Bros. for Wii U?
No but shouldn't it be the song for every stage?
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Speaking of backlog, how many games do you currently have on Steam?
What is some of your favorite moments during slowbeef's Let's Plays of the Metroid Prime series?
Omega Ridley
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What did you get Slowbeef for Father's Day?
A radical train
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What games did you purchase in the Steam summer sale?  Chris ϟ
I got Scholar of the First Sin on a whim, gotta say I dig the alterations. I was also gifted Freedom Planet, LISA, and The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom. The backlog grows stronger...
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What are you thoughts on the Metroid Prime series? And would you recommend it more than Other M since its available for Wii U via eShop?
I only ever actually played Corruption because I skipped out on the GameCube. But having watched the first two I heartily recommend the series...not so heartily on Echoes but it never struck me as outright terrible. I'd recommend tonguing your own butthole before I'd recommend Other M
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I've played and liked Donkey Kong Country 1. Does this mean I'm not stupid?
You know it's the truth
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Are you also pissed that Star Wars: Battlefront does not have -Space Battles -Prequel Maps/Characters -more than 12 Maps at release -a campaign ??? I feel so lost in life....
It's all I've thought about this entire week
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how big is the age gap between you and beef?
24 or 25 years
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No question, just wanted to thank you for that answer where you said you're your own worst critic. Knowing that you feel the same way about your stuff as I do about mine makes me feel like I might not be the high impact trash machine I feel like I am.
Back in the day I'd often ask somebody to watch an LP video before I uploaded it because I thought it was butt shit but figured that maybe I was being too picky
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Words can't describe how happy I am shenmue 3 is returning its evokes alot of emotion to me, is there a game like that for you ?
I gotta admit that before my skepticism started setting in when I saw the FF7 remake trailer I was like are you kidding me they're actually doing it?! Nostalgia's a hell of a thing
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what kind of barbecue does Alabama do?
Like...the best...
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As far as DaS3 is concerned, it is pretty soon after DaS2, but I don't think that they're planning on releasing it until mid 2016 or something. Is that still too soon in your opinion?  Diabeetle
I suppose not, I just don't want it to be one of those rushed out fast and then later fixed with a "definitive edition" type of games. Mostly I want the PC version to be good!
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What are your thoughts on the few bits of info that has been released in regard to Dark Souls 3?  Diabeetle
I'm interested but it seems kinda soon after the big rush of Dark Souls 2 content
With 100,000+ subscribers, will retsupurae ever endorse a presidential candidate anytime soon?
Donald Trump all the way
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With so much DLC these days, is a Let's Play ever really finished?
Shit did they add insulin pump DLC to Captain Novolin
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Do you keep up with the development of Nuclear Throne or are you waiting for the completed product? P.S. you got me into the game, so thanks!  Calle Åkerlund
Glad you like it, I haven't kept up too much after I did those few streams of it
You mentioned that going on the internet lead to you realizing that "some of your learned assumptions on the world" were wrong. What assumptions were they, if you don't find this question too prying?  Covok
The best way I can simplify it was "oh I already know how everything should be because of what I've been told" and change that more to "wait a minute, I don't know shit so let's try to learn about it"
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