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As a southerner, what do you think of the statue of the devil in Detroit?
I didn't realize the people of Detroit were such big slowbeef fans
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Who would win in a fight? ChipCheezum with his Keyblade vs. Chuggaconroy with the Monado?
I don't know what the hell a monado is but I'd probably pay to watch it
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If you could make a pun out of alias, what would it be?
I can't Garner the energy to come up with one
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Who would be the patron saint of let's play?
I'm free
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How would you compare Zero Mission and the original Metroid on NES? And would you say Zero Mission is better for people starting out in the Metroid series?
NES Metroid is pretty awful. I think Zero Mission and Super Metroid are good starting points
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Didn't like Zero Mission?
I liked it fine, think I just got distracted by something else at the time and never got back around to it
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If you're still looking for Ride To Hell, the Men Drinking Coffee did a good series on it, if you want a feel for it: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmkjEUJHDFarNtOcYyKiizXNmp-XpuBvp
I try to go into most RP videos without knowing anything beforehand
Do you ever look up at the stars at night, back stretched out lying against the soft outdoor grass, and wonder if Slowbeef is looking at those same stars?  Ray Chapel
*checks phone, gets up, puts blanket back in my bag, throws it in the car truck, drives home at 110 mph, logs onto computer*
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YOU NEED TO PLAY WRONGPURAE THAT RIDE TO HILL: RETRIBUTION GAME!!! NOW! ..... or at least after you guys finished Afterfall or Sonic... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ok!!! Did a cursory search but couldn't find a good longplay of it though
Have you played Metroid Zero Mission?
Dabbled a smidge but didn't play it to the end
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diabeagle, pretty crazy stuff. me and my friend actually RP'd Meet and Fuck Detective RPG about a year and a half ago. it was weird hearing you guys reading the same comments we read. anyway be prepared to hear from our team of lawyers. if yr curious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCG6HbF34pk  Dallas
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What are you more exciting for? Doing a Bloodborne video or doing a Sonic video?
Bloodborne because the surprises there have been neat whereas Sonic surprises are either "huh?" or "why..."
Are you guys still up for new Retsutalk intros, or is your backlog getting too large?  Jonny McBane
Shore, I still have some unused tracks but people aren't really submitting new ones anymore since we've gotten so sporadic with putting out new casts
Are you much into turn based RPGs?
I don't play them nowadays except for the FF5 Fiesta but I've got a nostalgic fondness for them
If you could promote a favorite game, how would you do it?
By featuring it as our 1000th video
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Would you classify video game music as a genre? Say, the music from Metal Gear Rising. Would you consider the genre of the soundtrack to be rock n roll, or video game music?
It may as well be its own genre because if I wanna listen to some I won't find it by searching "instrumental." MGR I'd classify as rockingest roll
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How did you survive getting through that meet and screw game? (e.g. the reviews were insane)
Excuse me but it's Meet n' Make Love To
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Have you had any interest in King's Field, The Dark Souls precursor at all?  Deathmaster780
Can't say I'm familiar, but does it involve a quest...
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How is Let's Play acceptance in your area? You're from the deep south and I'm curious if it is as bad as they say.
I can only engage in let's play activities in let's play embassies which operate outside of deep south jurisdiction
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At this point, what is it that you enjoy more? Watching a game so bad it's good, aka Darkseed 2, Ambition, etc. Or playing an actual good game like Dark Souls or whatever?
Depends on the mood, when you're feeling silly and wanna laugh watching bad games is a safe bet. But you're into pro-MLG SSJ4 mode you're too serious for badness
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Showed my mom the scene where you guys comment on Darkworld Mom's exploding head. She practically had your reaction. Any thoughts on this?
Go to your room son
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You and beef seem to Retsupurae games rather than LP's nowadays, do you think you'd go back to LP's or is it too much hassle with people potentially getting offended?
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I couldn't do that
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If you ever try to riff on Ride to Hell, fair warning would be to watch a longplay of it than play it yourself. If you think Sonic 06 is bad... Oh ho ho... You haven't seen a glitchy mess yet, my friend
I've heard this game come up a couple times and I know nothing about it, may add it to the to-dos