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https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BvlvSduIgAAKYOz.png:large I just took the Ice Bucket Challenge. Psychedelic Eyeball, Voidburger, Diabetus, I call for you to take it now! You all have 24 hours to follow up!  Ridley
The Ice Bucket Challenge. You mean beating the Arctic Caverns level in Battletoads with my eyes closed while being punched in the dick? I do that daily
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Ever take 'smart classes' in high school?  Sharpie473
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How many selfies did you take with the PictoBox in Wind Wake HD? Or did you even know you could do that?  Garrett Childers
I knew you could do that but never used it :(
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has anyone ever told you that you kind of resemble wil wheaton  dad
no dad
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Hi betus , i know how much of a pain it is to find a job and i just moved last month so relocating ( i.e moving) is very stressful too. Best of luck man hope everything goes well.  peter
Moving's the worst and I haven't even done it yet. Never move. Thank ya though
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Have you been to MAGFest before?  mocliamtoh
No but we applied for a panel at the next one. If they give us the thumbs up we'll be there!
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will you guys make it to comiccon so i have a reason to go there  auroni gupta
Don't see us ever going to SDCC, it's too big and scary for my tastes
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I remember only a year or 2 ago I watched the full original video of the BillyMC Christmas, but now I can only find the one you redid. Is the original still up? What happened?  Garrett Childers
Not sure what you're referring to. I remember we put an addendum after the video that had our initial reaction to his Xmas shopping line - we discarded/never posted the rest of the first run 'cause we felt meh about the rest but nothing ever got deleted far as I remember.
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What helps you relax most?  Garrett Childers
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Shit's really going down on your most recent podcast-video (specifically looking at a comment made by "AngryJewShow"). What are your thoughts on all these people on your channel to randomly show up, calling one another "autistic idiots" and "fags", stuff like that?  TonyAdams
Those sorts of comment threads are like a 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon game where you see the top comment talking about one thing and then at the end it's somebody trying to explain autism to someone else and you wonder how the conversation got there only then you're like wait comments are garbage and then you stop looking at them
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Happy Friday, Betus!  Curry Rice
Not anymore, boy don't you feel foolish
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Do you talk to yourself?
I use Twitter so yeah
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Have you guys ever done a scarecam Retsupurae? I think you guys are more justified using those things from the horrors and cringeworthiness you guys watch than most scarecam LPers.  Paul Balcita
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Did you ever play any of the Mass Effect series? Did you go Paragon or Renegade?  Ray Chapel
Yes, paragon all the way.
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Your thoughts on Robin Williams' passing?  Curry Rice
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Do you ever worry about other people in the house hearing you when you yell things like "BONER"?  Ruʀfsy Ruʀfs
Yeah, so I renamed my cat BONER so it sounds like there's context for it now.
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Any 100k special videos planned?  peter
We're too late :( but maybe a podcast if we have time
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How happy are you that now when I search "diabetus" on youtube, you come up first, BEFORE the Wilford Brimley guy!?!?!?!?!?!?!  Shyam
I'm the meme now, dog.
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whats the lowest your blood sugar has ever dropped. Once I was on the verge of passing out so i had to yell for my roommates to get me skittles and my meter it just said lo.  Brian Olson
Probably 30 or so, never been on the verge of passing out.
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do you actually have diabetes I swear i heard an insulin pump go off in one of your videos or something  Brian Olson
If it was a gimmick I certainly commit to it completely.
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Predictions for this NFL season?  ShadowFox
Seattle repeats and the entire country turns into fairweather fans of Seattle.
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That bit in the RTX panel where slowbeef gives away a capture card to a wannabe Let's Player. Did it warm your heart as much as it did mine?  Tangocow
No he's just gonna use it to let loose more putrid garbage on the Internet
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Is there a new podcast episode coming to my earholes soon?  Harald Björkman
That could be tricky short-term but we'll see.
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Which time do you usually do your streams, do you have a schedule, or specific/prefered day? (Should've asked that in the last question by the way.)  Minoru Leonardo
Just whenever I feel like it, there's no schedule.
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Where can I suggest bad Let's Plays to be retsupraed? Sorry if I'm just dense  minsker
If we're ever just looking for things to talk over the first places we check are usually our YouTube inbox and Facebook page.
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