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Why doesn't Beef ever capitalize the 's' in Slowbeef? And who the hell is Proteus?  Marcus Sawyer(jk Morgan)
I'm not sure on either question
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I look forward to the downfall of you and mankind. Hahaha  buttdicks
how are you gentlemen
Wouldn't a less bullshit version of Parallel Worlds be Link to the Past?  voltcatfish
Well not quite cuz there's probably still mandatory bomb jumping
Merry christmas diabetus wish you and your family a great holidays.  peter
May you and all the diabesties out there revel in holiday merriment
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Going off one of your tweets I think you made an Interstellar joke so I'm guessing you saw the movie. What did you think of the film?  Garrett Childers
I enjoyed it, it's a good movie to see in theaters. A lot of the plot was like uhhhh what but if you're willing to go along with it it's a fun ride
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Who is your favorite Christian Rock band?  Joe Stalin
I used to ironically watch Creed music videos with friends and we'd imitate Scott Stapp freezing in a Christ-like pose and dramatically spin around like the camera would do
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How many hours do you sleep at night?
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Will you record a new playthrough of Parallell Worlds so we can have a record of your suffering in HD? Thanks!  Vectrex
I have a rom of it that's like a less bullshit version of the original but that probably wouldn't be too interesting to see. Maybe if I'm desperate to stream something one day I'll try it out.
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Thanks to retsupurae I speak English fluently. Thanks, Retsupurae.  WONDERBONER69
You are welcome, WONDERBONER69
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What's the cutest message you've ever written for someone?  Garrett Childers
Let's fuck? ^____^
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What's your favourite film by Quentin Tarantino?  TonyAdams
Pulp Fiction
Have you ever checked out The Tommy Wi-show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lK-IOLbvxE This is literally a video of Tommy Wiseau playing Dark Souls for some reason. Oh boy.  Shyam
Seen small clips of it but it's a little too out there to keep me watching
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What kind of dish can you make/cook?
I bought a plate once
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Do you speak any languages other than English?  Vectrex
The language of love
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In regards to Dark Souls 2, did you play all the DLC in order or release? Or did you buy all 3 at once and went to each DLC randomly.  Joe Stalin
(cont): And I only ask that because I bought all 3 DLC's at once and I'm approaching them, and I know you did a stream of the DLC but I haven't watched them for fear of spoilers
I played them in the order they came out but I don't think it really matters.
What do you think of the fact some people play Mario games while avoiding coins for added challenge?  Garrett Childers
I like it!
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Have you ever had a dream involving retsupurae?  Joe Stalin
Just doing retsupurae is like a dream come true...
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Do you do your Isaac races on Speedrunslive, and if not, why?  Drakodan
They're too cas' for speedrunslive
Any advice for getting over a break up?  RadioShark
You just gotta give it time, there's no magic panacea. However I do recommend putting on several retsupurae playlists and drinking wine
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What kind of music are you jamming out to as of late?  Alex Weil
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In your opinion, why do you think the game was called "Deep Freeze"?  Joe Stalin
Because it is what should have happened in the middle of the game's development
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I think deep freeze was tailor made to be RP' ed one of my all time favourites. Did you know the makers of deep freeze made another game called chaos break looks like more of the same , you guys should check it out see if you wanna RP that.  peter
Heard of it yeah, we might give it a look after sonic 06 drains our will to keep doing videos
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You know you're the first result when googling "Diabetus". You defeated a meme. Probs.  WONDERBONER69
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Is the merchant ivory king on vacation? I kinda wanted to see you fight two-cat...  Dectilon
I recorded the entire playthrough but need to get motivated to talk over it!
Hey Betus how do you and beef send each other your video files after you finish recording? A friend and I are doing a similar project to your isaac races and would love to know the best way to do this kind of thing. Thank you!  Alex Knowles
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