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hey diabetus, do you agree with this? https://twitter.com/JohnnyUtah_NG/status/510152665616363521  Jeremy
Doing let's play is a strange thing to aspire to but like other career paths it's something you can get better at and it's never bad to strive to get better at doing things you enjoy. I think he's talking about DSP types.
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Would you ever do 2 player Battletoads with slowbeef?  bobjr
I would never let anyone hold me back like that
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what is an underrated burger condiment/topping you like?  mocliamtoh
Onion rings, I'm the Internet :(
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What are the benefits of being famous?
You can force people to watch you play shmups
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When was the last time you've played Battletoads?  Brigham Hood
I did the turbo tunnel after slowbeef tried it out to see if I still got it (I still got it)
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What's your favorite project that you've done (both on Betus and Retsupurae)?  Brigham Hood
Dead to Rights
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Where does that NO vs ATL game rank in all time favorite games for you?  insane
Not too high but it was neato.
What is the best game you bought on a whim?  kalonZombie
There was that PS3 Twisted Metal game I got at release but it turned out to be only kinda ok.
You just reminded me of my worst flight experience with the whole circling thing once circled for over 30 mins over schiphol airport because of torrential rain and reduced visibility, in the end the pilot just landed in heavy rain anyway never be so scared and the rumbling and shaking was terrifying  peter
Now I know what Amsterdam's airport is called. Ask.fm is a great educational tool.
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What/When's the most terrified you've ever been in your life?  DIGITAL@MUGI
Life is terrified of me
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How drunk were you doing the snatcher VLP?  andrew
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I'm 100% convinced that you thought of the "Diareadus" pun and got someone to ask you a question so you could use it. You're so transparent, god.  Sara
I think the same question was asked many months ago with that same answer! Sometimes it's good to whip out the greatest hits.
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If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?  Gecko
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You ever had a really bad flight?  volt catfish
Just the kinda situations where you're sitting in the middle seat while the plane is on the runway for 90+ minutes because they need a maintenance guy to fix the clicker on a seatbelt or the plane circles where you're supposed to land for 2 hours because the weather won't let you land or you get to the gate before the plane has taken off but they closed the plane door which means you're fucked and have to wait for another 5 hours for the next flight look just never fly
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Any plans for a Retsupurae European tour?  Glagso
Holding out for PAX Latvia
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Is airport food better than airplane food?  John "Grenade" Mayor
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What's your favorite Tarantino movie?  Trotsky
Pulp Fiction
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If you're leaving the South how do you expect to keep that Southern Charm?  bobjr
I leak southern charm like diarrhea
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Hey Betus, what should I have for lunch?
Airport food
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Hey Betus, who should I root for this coming NFL season if I'm not American and have no home state inclinations?  withheld mcfakename
St. Louis' QB tour his ACL for the 2nd year in a row and they play in arguably the most difficult division with their backup guy so if you like underdogs I'd say cheer for them. If you're in Europe I think six teams play in London this year so you could pick one with the prettiest colors or best mascot or most fuckable head coach
I didn't get the "HATEron" reference on your Twitter. Is there a pun I'm not getting?  Tangocow
Hate rhymes with the Pat in Patreon and I like the idea of people paying you to hate them
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how do you feel about amazon buying twitch?  charles belles
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What would you say to the president of the U.S. if you met him?  Garrett Childers
Which one of the Meet n' Fuck Kingdom reviews did you write, Mr. President?
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Do you enjoy watching people riff on stuff? (People like InfiniteElgIntensity for example) If so, who and what do they riff?  Quartrez
Naw if I'm watching stuff on YouTube it's usually for RP purposes
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What do you think of anime in general? What's your favourite/most-tolerable anime?  Dimenticon
I don't hop down the rabbit hole of anime that much so I've only seen the more mainstream stuff if you can call it that. As far as that goes I think it's fine. Fav that I've seen is FMA Brotherhood.
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