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How do you break the news of having an internet following to people in real life?
Tell people I invented let's play
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What was your favorite song off Weezer's latest album?
His World
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My face when I watch retsupurae every day: http://i.imgur.com/LxKWw3U.png
My face when recording something I know's gonna be good http://i.imgur.com/V8GAhGI.png
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Is Bloodborne encouraging you to buy a console or are you gonna wait for PC release?
Sony would never let it get released on PC, so I'll just be patient and get a ps4 *~someday~*
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Are you planning on getting a wii u soon? (if you haven't)
I've had one for awhile
What if slow beef has actually gotten the plaque, but isn't telling you?
Then the south will have to rise again
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How do you and Slowbeef manage to still be yourselves whilst you sail through this sea of homogeneity?
I don't have the requisite energy to scream constantly over unexpected video game moments
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Do you have tips on how to be a successful streamer?
Don't be too hammy because only I may do that
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Do you think Mephiles would have been a better character if his name was The Dank instead of The Dark?
I think so yeah
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Hey Betus, did you guys recieve one of these? http://i.ytimg.com/vi/N-6FbvLPhTo/maxresdefault.jpg
No :(
Darkest Nintendo franchise?
Splatoon looks like it's gonna be real fucked up n shit
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Hey, this is weird, but - any advice for a breakup?
Distractions help a lot to keep your mind from wandering, get more into your hobbies, stay busy in general and as time passes things will get easier
Will you start a patreon so I can give you the betus bux so the streams can resume?
I thought about it but having the Internet subsidize my Internet just so I can stream feels kinda weird and I think it'd create a weird pressure for me to stream on more of a schedule instead of the usual "hey how about a stream" spontaneity
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I'm sure I speak for a lot of your fans when I say we miss your cas' streams. When will they return?
I'd have to pay my provider more to get enough upload power to stream at an acceptable quality and I'm not quite ready to fork over extra betus bux for streaming just yet
Post a picture of the magnets on your fridge!
Can't, I don't know how they work
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5 cups left on the pong table?? what do u do?
How did you hack Pong
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Can you actually get type 1 later in life or is it only by birth like I hear many say? By extension, were you born with it?  Hunter
It's less common but def possible to have adult onset type 1. That's gotta suck though cuz I grew up with it (diagnosed at age 5) so at least the lifestyle of it has always been ingrained in me. Having to totally change your routine as an adult's gotta suck
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Where do you meet new people?
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Will we see you at RTX this year?
Haven't received official word yet from the RTX admins but odds are yes
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Years ago on Formspring several people including myself yelled at you to try out the Persona games. Did you ever?  Daniel B.
No, I'd need days to be 12 hours longer to play those
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What's an important life lesson you've learned from a video game?
Sometimes your moves...you gotta show 'em
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how fat were you when you got diabetes? i'm a skeletal goon fwiw
I was normal weight, you're thinking of type 2. Type 1 can afflict even the skeletous
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What would you do if you were Slowbeef?  ShadowFox
I guess play Gradius
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If there was a captain novolin cartoon, would you watch it?
Well yeah
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How does the south celebrate mother's day?
By talking to mother and telling her she has true grit and true grits
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