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Alive is my favorite from PJ10. Black is a beautiful reminder of what I'd be able to do if I had the ability to create poetry. Good poetry, that is.  Asmonplatinum
That's a good one too, I remember listening to it ONCE...UPON A TIME
What's your fave Nirvana song? Fave album? What do you think about TI-86s?  Asmonplatinum
I never really listened to Nirvana. TI-83s were my jam
Are you aware of the The Runaway Guys dating sim?  Justin
No but if I don't get matched up with Proton Jon the entire thing is horseshit
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Seeing that you typically main Mario in Smash, what's your opinion on the FLUDD? I've found him almost unusable since it. :(  N
I've never had much luck using it
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What is your favorite song on Pearl Jam Ten?  Asmonplatinum
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Have you ever used your RP cred to get stuff at cons?  bobjr
Just tons of pussy
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Are you guys mad that President Obama snubbed you for the interview with youtube celebrities?  Dr. President
Very disappointed. I'd have been like "I hope you're ready for a WashingTON of fun welcome Barack to the president interview."
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I think that deflate-gate is dumb. Can't a man just enjoy the feel of the balls in his hand?  ShadowFox
I sure do and no one ever asked me to host a press conference about it
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Post a picture of your wakeup face!
(;´༎ຶ ਊ ༎ຶ`)
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sixty nine  me
*nods* nice
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Do you like any anime? If so, do you prefer sub or dub?  Hunter
Sure, if the dub's done well I prefer that so my eyes aren't constantly darting up and down my personal anime jumbotron
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Found this Parallel Worlds fan in the twitch chat for agdq http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj83/hyparbeem/watchoutforthatbeamosagdq_zps31004ed7.png congrats you meme generator. you  Shyam
Umm excuse me it should be *that* beamos not the beamos wow what a party foul
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Who do you typically main in super smash brothers?  Dr. President
Mario or Dr. Mario
just wanted to say that you and slowbeef have made me laugh through a lot of difficult and depressing times when not much else has so thank you for helping make things easier and more enjoyable, and also for always keeping it cas'. means a lot  Lauren Joy
Thanks, appreciate hearing things like this!
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It's time for Retsutalk? Tonight tonight? Slowbeef and Diabetus gonna make you feel all right?  Nate Annunziata
Not tonight tonight but hopefully sometime next week sometime next week
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Have you ever thought about doing a co-op run in Spelunky with slowbeef? It looks like it would be a fun game to watch both of you playing on co-op.  Minoru Leonardo
That's local only right? I don't want a baby screaming in my ear the whole time...and slowbeef's kid might be there too!
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I had fun in your fantasy league and was very disappointed I didn't make the finals. Very hopeful you do another next year.  Chris Barnewall
Glad you enjoyed it! Hope to give it another go next year
Diaegregious, do you dislike your job as much as I do?  Dallas
I quite like being a professional diabetic
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What are the chances of you playing sonic 06 in your lifetime ?  peter
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Favorite Metroid game?  Lazarus
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If they did an HD remake of Mario Sunshine for the WiiU like with Wind Waker would you get it?  bobjr
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I hope you don't get a bad impression of the Sonic games from Sonic 06. Sonic 1 - 3 + Sonic CD were good, and Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 were good as well. After Adventure 2 was when they went far downhill.  Tharthandorf M. Aquanashi
All I've really seen of the Sonic-verse is Sonic 1, which I played several stages of, and I saw Cybershell's LPs of 1-3 and...now Sonic 06. So I'm mostly wondering how the series went from A to B like that.
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How did you do in Fantasy Football this year?  bobjr
I made two leagues, one I did terrible in and the other I won. Thinking next year I'll try out a more standard 10-12 person league and only bring in the really enthusiastic folks so more trades/drama/trash talking can happen
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What's your favorite Binding of Isaac: Rebirth item?  Nobody
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What's your favorite Binding of Isaac: Rebirth item combo you've gotten so far?  Nobody
Whatever it is that produces that always-there giant ring of death that you can move around the room
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