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What podcasts would you recommend to people that enjoy Retsupurae? I have a huge workload of mindless crap coming up that I want to bust through and I need some suggestions to ease the boredom.  Shyam
Try out F Plus, improv4humans, Never Not Funny, Hollywood Handbook, Doug Loves Movies, Spontaneanation, and maybe Retsutalk
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http://i.imgur.com/SbDaPaE.jpg Are you the person in this ad?  bobjr
Yeah that's a pic of me being born
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Are you looking forward to watching slowbeef get all the S-ranks in Sonic '06 after he's finished the main story?  Tangocow
Oh yes
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What is the first thing you would do if you woke up and realize you are Mike Dawson from Darkseed II?  Chris
Celebrate my suddenly working pancreas!
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Best enemy A.I. in a video game?  Jake Bell
Ice Cream in Anticipation
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Do you ever watch JonTronShow?  TonyAdams
No I refuse to watch anything that isn't spaced appropriately
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What about your teenagehood makes you cringe?  Rurfs
Same things that any ex-teen would look back on, shit's awkward
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Have you ever considered doing more edutainment themed lets plays besides captain novolin? (like rex ronan for example)  Dave Shar
I don't think I'll ever make a formal LP again. I've taught you everything I know
Are you considering having a second child or are you set on only having one child?  Cock Tray Fifteen
Oh shit, where is my first child?
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fuck the fucking fume knight jesus christ what even is this bullshit. oh yeah, your thoughts?  Dallas
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Do you have a phase you went through during your childhood/teenagehood that you look back on and just cringe about?  Shyam
Yeah like all of teenagehood
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Is it upsetting that Slowbeef's baby is slowly taking your place?  ShadowFox
I'll always be the first baby
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Who's your favorite superhero?  Ray Chapel
Captain Novolin
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Where do you see the future of Retsupurae 5 years from now?  Brandon Goni
It will spinoff into a new show called Diabetus and His Amazing Friends
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Dog, I'm playing Crown of Ivory King and it kinda seems the difficulty is a little fucked (pretty long distances from fires and hordes of the same enemy with lots of HP). I'm only at the 4th fire and I'm sort of trudging along here. What did you dig so much about this one? Does it get a lot better?  Dallas
I liked the setting and how when stuff melts you can go back and explore other areas, and I thought the bosses were neat as well as the concept/execution of how you make the main boss a little bit easier. You may be underleveled a bit or in NG+, I only really had problems with the optional area (maybe I was overleveled!)
How have you kept your face puns in check since the Galaxy lp ended?  bobjr
I don't know how to tell you this, but they all got loose and have been running amok since the LP ended
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On episode 23 of the podcast, you had a really awesome remix of one of the retsutalk themes and lil jon's get low, do you have a source on that?  Spencer James Whyte
I wanna say the guy who made it is the same guy who did the original theme (Skyler I think was his name?). The version you hear on the podcast is the whole thing though, I didn't cut it off.
How long do you plan on commentating with Slowbeef on his bloodborne videos? Because I don't want you to stop because these BB videos have some of the best retsupurae material in a while, but I imagine you'll have to pull out at some point because you also want to play it and spoil it for yourself,  Bloodporn
I'll see it out until the end, I won't have a PS4 at any point in the foreseeable future so I'm ok experiencing the game secondhand
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What music/bands do you listen to?  Chris ϟ
Podcasts, conversation is my music mannnnnn
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Diabetus, have you tried looking on ebay for a ps4?  Dave Shar
Nah I'm not an eBay person. I'd rather use a craigslist casual encounter to jerk someone off in a Walmart parking lot and get a ps4 that way
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If you had to have a kid, which gender would you prefer them to be?  Bloodporn
Chaotic Good
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What would you sacrifice to own Bloodborne right now? An arm? A leg? Your .txt file of Mario Galaxy puns?  me
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It's cool that you're keeping Mr. Beef in line during the BB playthrough (he likes to miss a bunch of stuff).  Jonny McBane
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What do you think about Bloodborne from what you've seen so far?  Jonny McBane
I think it's swell! Guessing that if I played it it'd probably outrank the Souls games in terms of Betus Enjoyment
Betus, I never told you this, but last year I took a hit of LSD and watched The Beatus Beat for hours. Thanks for the cas' times. ლↂ‿‿ↂლ  Dandy
You're welcome
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