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You have to chose A&M or Longhorns now.  Michael
What about the TCU "Horned Frogs"
Do you tend to stay out of a lot of issues that are "controversial"?  ShadowFox
Not at all. For example I choose Mike over Joel
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Odd question: What phone do you use? I need a new one.  Kaki
IPhone 4s, though with ios8 a lot of apps don't run as well so I'm upgrading in a few weeks
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Post a picture of your favorite movie!
You are asking me for a dick pic ask.fm
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Which news source do you trust to be the most objective? Or to put it another way, if you had to get your source of news from one place only, what would it be?  Trotsky
Google News works for me since it lets you read a host of different sources on different topics. I don't think it's a good idea to only hear about what's going on from one specific place since no news source is gonna be 100% objective. If I had to pick only one it'd be Craigslist Casual Encounters.
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Also, why haven't you LP'd Battletoads Arcade yet? There's decapitations, and shit.  tsihawky
I did but the videos were lost in time and space long ago circa 2007
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When slowbeef is away from retsupurae being a dad and all that stuff , well you do some solo vids ? I loved the ' how to sell video games to things that aren't men ' one you did solo.  peter
Having a kid will just make beef want to do RP EVEN MORE
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Battletoads 64 ROM-hack!!! Make it happen, please!?  Brigham Hood
ok brb
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just get Jim sterling and lowtax in the same podcast and let them go wild, you won't even need to speak!  Cybert
Wow that would go really poorly
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Which LPers made you legitimately angry/annoyed while Retsupuraeing them?  Jeff Mojica
Anytime there was a horribly clipped scream or pseudo yell that's always mildly irritating
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If you could only follow ONE person on Twitter, who would it be?  Trotsky
I'd hire a friend to make an account that automatically retweets my dearest friends so everyone feels loved
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How are you diggin Texas betus  Ahhhhhhhhh Ahhh Ahhh..
So far so good, no major complaints
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Any Retsutalks in the pipeline?  Jonny McBane
I hope so!
Do you think Battletoads should make the LEAP into the third Dimension?  tsihawky
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Why did you stop making podcasts?  Cybert
Lately we've been knocking out short things and then going our separate ways, we just haven't done a longer Skype sesh' (session) in awhile but I'd like to.
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Happy Friday Betus!  Curry Rice
Happy Friday, have a very #blessed weekend
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Have you seen this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4V9l6ZZazg and have you ever thought of doing something like that?  tsihawky
When you go more than 2 levels deep in commentary it gets incomprehensible
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Is it possible to send a Flashgame recording to you or slowbeef?  Michael Sonnenkind
Sure, you can drop a YouTube link here or tweet it at us
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do you and slowbeef ever fight  dad
No, my relaxed attitude trumps beef's abrasiveness and I'll fight whoever says otherwise
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What should I name my playlists? :( I need cool names to make up for my VERY cool music taste.  billy
Billy's Very Cool Music Tastes
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What's with SA's strange love/hate relationship w/ puns? Is there some ancient pun-master that I'm unaware of?  Leo Veenstra
Geop mods LP now so liking puns is mandatory
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Why aren't you and slowbeef friends?  Brigham Hood
Because we're lovers ;-) :-O
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Have you or Slowbeef made friends with someone who you Retsupuraed?  Jeff Mojica
Not even Slowbeef and I are friends
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No, fuck Circle Of Blood, The Adventures Of Willy Beamish wrongpurae!  Helpless Twat
Feel free to direct us at any longplay vids and we're happy to look at em!
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Circle Of Blood wrongpurae, maybs?  Helpless Twat
Whatever that is I'll take it!