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How do you and beef try not to repeat jokes from old videos on Retsupurae?  Brandon Goni
Usually the source videos vary enough from one another that any repeats tend to be just personal verbal quirks one of us has. I also watch every video we've ever uploaded right before recording anything new.
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If the zombie apocalypse were like Sonic Boom, how long would you last?  Hunter
Think I have enough Guile to survive a Sonic Boom apocalypse
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Are you a little jealous that Slowbeef got Bloodbourne first and is now bragging about it on twitter?  Vorseland Raider
He's letting me participate in his first playthrough experience so I'll accept those table scraps
What would make you get a ps4 right now?  Dave Shar
PS3 kicking the bucket or finding $400 in the couch cushions
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Isn't Bloodborne just Bloody Whistle 2?  Doomulus
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Do you still have any Bill Clinton jokes left?  Minoru Leonardo
Haha do I have any left *moves aside revealing a 2 GB file called clinton.txt*
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What do you think of Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium, Chappie)?  Jake Bell
Really enjoyed District 9, haven't seen the other two
Are you feeling Sonic '06 recording withdrawal yet?  Tangocow
Feeling pretty good today so probably
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slowbeef and you walk into a bar, what does the bartender first say when he sees you?  bobjr
He'd squint maliciously and slide a drink very fast in my direction
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if you had the chance to go back in time and stop slowbeef from ever being born (meaning retsupurae would never happen and your shot at getting the silver plaque would be better) would you do it  Chad JesusClock
I don't think I'd reach silver plaque level subscribers if it were just my own LP channel and RP would be boring if it was only me so no I wouldn't stop his parents from porking
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Hey Betus! So I'm a junior in college studying sound design/mixing and there are a few RP fans in our 400 level post class and somehow we tend to end up using Darkseed 2 audio to play with different plugins and techniques that we're learning. I just thought you'd enjoy that DS2 is aiding education!  RadioShark
Don't miss (out on your classes) pal
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So far, just in general, do you like Alabama more or Texas more? and why?  Vorseland Raider
It doesn't matter because while they both have their merits they're no The Entire Country of Zambia
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How did you and slowbeef become such great pals? (If you don't mind me asking)  Dave Shar
In the humble beginnings of LP people would get into large chaotic Skype calls and goof around. We wound up in the same one at some point and we had natural friendly chemistry. I asked him to join in on the Captain Novolin LP, and the rest is history.
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If you got two good job offers from New York AND California, which one would you pick to live in?  Vorseland Raider
California, gimme that pleasant socal climate and immediate bankruptcy from shit being so expensive there.
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Is there a general rule of thumb you guys have for not accidentally talking over each other in your videos? I don't hear you guys say "Oh sorry, go on?" a lot.  Shyam
It's understood that if we talk over each other a little it's ok, whoever's editing the audio will usually silence one person or shift the waveforms around a little bit so they're not overlapping.
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Are you just waiting for "Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015" to come you so you can RP some f*** playing it?  Nate Annunziata
f*** yes
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Hey, you check out that new 20 Years of Final Fantasy LP on SA? It's chill as all hell. You could take lessons on being cas from these guys.  Covok
Naw I'm sure it's chill and all but I don't have 600 hours to spare
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So when Bloodborne comes out, are you gonna grab the Ps4 or are you still waiting for more games?  Vorseland Raider
I'd wait for more games, need at least 2-3 solid ones before I go and get a new console
Do you think anyone has lost their virginity to one of your LPs?  pslut her
Just me
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Have you been listening to any certain albums or songs lately Betus? Any sweet recommendations?  Mike MacNeil
Hotline Miami 2 soundtrack
Which Nuclear Throne mutant would you wind up becoming once the nuclear holocaust hits and the apocalypse passes us by?  Doomulus
My diabetes would be cured and I'd just be some normal guy walking around in the apocalypse
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What is the most underrated retsupurae?  Brandon Goni
I thought Urban Runner would be up there with some of the RP mainstays but it flew more under the radar.
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Hope you guys continue with afterfall :Insanity its perfect for RPing and the way the game goes is well.... pure Insanity  peter
We will but we're gonna start it over with fixed source recording footage
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If you and slowbeef were DBZ characters who would have the higher power level?  bobjr
My power level is 69,420 and beef's is like 3
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Man, I can't believe Slowbeef would be so unprofessional as to combine two days of PAX. That's almost as criminal as somebody taking three years to do a 42 episode LP!  Nate Annunziata
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