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How many times do you wipe your butt after finishing your brown business?  Ridley
I have no business dealings with the Cleveland Browns.
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How southern is too southern?  Eddy Zapata
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Have you thought about retirement?  voltcatfish
Insofar as I prefer jobs that offer a 401k (I'm waiting slowbeef!)
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Did you ever bought a game you regretted?  Minoru Leonardo
I see the third Star Ocean game on my shelf. Don't remember if I bought that or borrowed it without returning it from a buddy but either way it's regrettable.
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Hey Betus, do you know who did the intro for Retsutalk episode 53? It's not in the Podcast description!  Harald Björkman
'Fraid not, sometimes I leave submissions sitting in a folder forever and forget who sent what. It's a good 'un though
Our Town isn't a musical and you should turn on anonymous questions so I can call you a putz about it more comfortably.  General Ironicus
I autotuned the play.
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Wait, you're still alive!? My assassin didn't finish the job??  David John-Bores
I offered him triple what you're paying Mr. DJB or should I say Mr. Dead Jerk Boy
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I'm sorry to hear you went out of town for a couple of days last week. I understand how trying going out of town for a couple of days can be and I hope you're doing better by not having to go out of town for a couple of days. Stay in town for a while.  Shut-In Game Witch~♥
Thank you, I have been watching the film The Town on loop and listening to showtunes from Our Town to aid in my recovery.
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Hey man, someone posted a comment that got deleted saying that you were going through some stuff and if that's true I hope things get better man. You and beef have given me and my friends great entertainment and the least we can do is send some wishes and good faith your way. Get feeling better.  ManSeriesSA
haha what? I'm doing fine. I went out of town for a couple days last week and beef recorded a buncha stuff with DJB while I was indisposed. People get weird when the retsu paradigm changes even slightly.
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When will the first part of deep freeze be uploaded and have you RP'ed the whole game?  peter
Not sure, we haven't talked over any of it yet aside from the panel stuff.
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There was a video that was briefly advertised on the RP facebook page that has been deleted or something? Did something go wrong with it or did I hallucinate the whole thing?  Samuel L.
Don't think anything's been deleted recently so please seek medical attention.
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Hey I made another fancy "Dia-beat" for your nice podcast which sounds like Harvest Moon with 90s rap drums https://soundcloud.com/djsabretron/one-for-retsutalk/s-xRRfH  baby face
When did you turn British, and how did it happen?  Quartrez
I dunno man why can't I just be me
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Are there any foods you'd wish you could have but can't due to your diabetes?  voltcatfish
I'm so fuckin powerful I can eat anything...
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Got any plans for another 'traditional' LP or do you feel it's not cas enough anymore?  ColonelPanic
I don't have time for much aside from the rare cas stream.
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A solution to solve the "LP voice VS. RP voice" problem of RPing your own stuff would be to do a cross-RP, where Diabetus riffs on slowbeef's videos and Slowbeef riffs on Diabetus's's's's videos.  Quartrez
That's just circlejerky.
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Any other interests in your spare time other than gaming?  Angela Edwards
I run a good bit, like to consume a lot of comedy stuff, stand-up/podcasts...sometimes simultaneously!!
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I read in the comments of one of the RP videos that you riffed on some guy's kickstarter in one of your Retsupurae podcasts... Any idea which episode that might be?  Quartrez
I don't have podcast transcripts embedded in my brain so no...what a dumb question your mind must be literally made out of shit garbage (boom ask.fm retsu'ed #StillGotIt) [#hadtousecapsbecauseitlookedlikestillgoTITotherwise]
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Maybe it's time to shake up the formula then? I do recall Beef saying he found it hard to look over his LP of Super Metroid and you've expressed disdain towards your older Battletoads videos. So maybe invite a fellow Let's Player on some of their older (well received) content?  Ike
No that'd be boring, overly self-deprecated and confusing to listen to. You have bad ideas and you should feel bad for thinking up such awful banal garbage (boom ask.fm retsu'ed)
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Ever since you linked Ben Fold's music on your formspring, I've been a huge fan of his, do you have any other obscure musicians you like that you could plug?  Trotsky
Ben Folds is obscure? A buddy introduced me to The War on Drugs recently and I've been digging their most recent album, dunno how unheard of they are.
When do you think you'll do another LP RP with Beef?  RedRubyGold
If we ever stumble upon a good one we'd do it, but in this saturated LP era we live in there's just too much dull/uninspiring stuff out there. For the most part there's 15-30 minute videos with one or two obvious things wrong with them that we've seen a million times before already so there's not much humor to milk out of them.
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How much do you think the face puns contributed to the overall value of your SMG2 LP?  Garrett Childers
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Although Super Battletoads has been lost, and BT&DD was Guidoanchovies' LP; you have essentially LP'd 4 of the Battletoads' games. Will you LP the remaining game, Battletoads for the Gameboy?  Chris ϟ
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Honestly a lot of the early LPs (like from 2007) are pretty bad, which is understandable given that the hobby was young and undeveloped. What was the first legitimately good LP that you remember?  Vin
Was docfuture's stuff 2007? If yes, then that. If no, then also that.
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What's your best life advice?  Garrett Childers
Don't sweat the small stuff
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