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I turned off the stream a while ago; has Slowbeef stopped talking about American Horror Story yet?
He's still going
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Well it's about time
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If Slowbeef got diabetes would you disown him?
I would train him
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If Captain Novolin 2 was announced right now, what would you do?
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Well Betus, thanks for the recommendation of Jim 'n Nick's! Hands down the best food on the trip! Would you say Dreamland (your other recommendation is any better, or about the same?  Cooper Miller
I think it's pretty comparable. Those cheese biscuits are delic'
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Diabetes-themed porn?
I'll try anything once
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Do you know what your MBTI type is? I think you've mentioned being an introvert before.
Either INTP or INTJ
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Have you and beef considered doing more of those ''Conjoined Wins'' videos, I ask because I really, really liked those! Your Daily Afterbirth Challenges reminded me of how cas' you and Isaac are together. Or is it too tricky to coordinate to do stuff together on top of Bloodborne and RP?  Madrigal
There's not really enough time in a sesh to do more than RP or BB
So, I'm in Montgomery, Alabama for a business trip for a few days; even though you no longer live in the state, if you'very ever been down there, do you recommend any restaurants in that area?
Get some BBQ right now! (Dreamland or Jim n Nick's). I can't think of any places unique to Montgomery but the BBQ shouldn't disappoint anywhere in bammer
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What would you do if slowbeef somehow turned into a beast one day? (like a werewolf)
Do some more podcasts
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Now I know you've beaten off Battletoads before. But have you beaten off, the Lion King? For SNES?
I remember renting Lion King and wanna say I beat it off thoroughly
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How are you able to come up with so many Bill Clinton jokes for the Navigatr videos?
I'm Bill Clinton irl
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Aside from the plane/bus ticket and hotel cost, how much cash would you recommend having available when going to a convention like PAX or RTX?  N
Couldn't really tell you, I never get merch and swag just because there's never room for more stuff to bring back in my luggage. I'd say just set a budget for how much gamer gear you wanna get and shop accordingly. You may need an extra $10-$15 if you wanna grab a meal inside but I'd suggest eating outside the con center when you can because everything's so overpriced. Things like taxis and public transit you should be able to pay with a card, don't drive if you can because paying to park and finding spaces to park always sucks.
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What kinda anomaly is George Wood?
George Wood
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http://i.imgur.com/RhEmCpb.jpg You writing headlines for Fox News now ???
It's a side gig
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Why does your Bill Clinton voice sound more old and tired?
Being president of the United States makes you old and tired
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Would you rather be able to speak any language fluently or have the ability to talk to animals?
Speak all languages because I can already talk to animals saying things like "who's a good doggie yes you are" it's not hard
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Which is worse, Sonic '06 or this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zIDiHXvhOY  Ara Marson
I can follow along with this unlike Sonic 06
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Does slowbeef ever sleep?
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So are you gonna voice Tom Servo in the reboot?
I'm ordinary everyman looking, get me into that jumpsuit
If Stephen King started writing creepypastas on video games would you be interested? What game would you want him to write about?
Maniac Mansion
Yo Betus. You play Pikmin 3? You should do mission mode for Chuggaaconroy's LP!
No, just competitively
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Do you either strongly disagree disagree neither agree nor disagree agree strongly agree with the following statement: Battletoads needs a movie.  Jacob
Make it so
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Did you have a moment in your life when you wanted to be a musician or a video game programmer (or shit related)?
No, I've never had a moment in my life where I am simultaneously talented
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What cheesey song do you have memorized?
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