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There was recently a Simpsons/Family Guy crossover and that made me think, what two video game worlds from games you've wrongpurae'd do you think would create the most entertaining content and why?  Garrett Childers
Town with no Name and Earnest Evans because it makes my imagination go into ridiculous overdrive
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I dreamt last night that I was really drunk and trying desperately to find a Dunkin Donuts, and right when I found it you and slowbeef jumped out and retsupuraed me. I laid down on the side walk and cried and you and slowbeef threw confetti on me and you yelled "later faget"  Arden Snee
Can't believe I failed to hashtag faget...
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Loving the clock tower 2 RP so far , will you guys do clock tower 3 ?  peter
If there's a good recording of it out there I don't see why not
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If you were a bird, where would you fly?
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Have you or slowbeef came up with an "out there" idea for Retsupurae that just never came to fruition?  bobjr
Nothing outlandish but a few things where either it's not practical or I'm too lazy.
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You're insinuating Galerians 1 wasn't really boring?  volt catfish
That stuff in the house was the worst as far as boring goes, supposedly Galerians 2 is that constantly.
Did you know there's a Galerians 2.  Emma
Yeah but I heard it was really boring
Have you ever done anything inappropriate in a church?  Trotsky
Played Gameboy
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Who do you think is better looking? Slowbeef or yourself.  Leo Veenstra
I prefer to imagine the retsuhunk that would emerge if we performed the fusion dance
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Preemptive Happy Friday Betus!  Curry Rice
Happy Future Friday
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What is in the center of the world?
what are you tolkien about ask.fm
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at your next panel you and slowbeef should have a fight to the death.  buttdicks
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I remember one time in Retsutalk that you saw a video of a Japanese guy playing Mario 64 and running away from a 1up mushroom where can I find such video  Brandon Goni
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What makes someone powerful?
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Do you have any puns ready for Ivory King?  Marisa Kirisame
That one's not as easy but I will find a way
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Where's my family?  Tangocow
I faget
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My nephew has gotten into screamy scarecam LPs, and it drives my brother crazy. So I showed him (my brother) your PewDiePie and DSP videos and he laughed a lot and said "Oh dear God, thank you!"  bri o degradable
Is your brother gonna be ok?
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Possible rongupurae suggestion: The Legend of Kyrandia games. They are fairly short, move along pretty fast, and are entertaining in that King's Quest V hideous adventure game sorta way. Maybe skip the second one, which is mainly just mediocre.  pslut her
Found a longplay of it, I'll take a peek (or make beef do it and do nothing myself), thank ya!
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Diabisquick, how are you adjusting to Texas?  Dallas
Pretty well, it's like where I came from only it rains a lot less and it's all flat n' shit everywhere.
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I noticed that in a Retsutalk episode you mentioned having traveled to Costa Rica, what was it like? I'm costa rican and people usually tell me that their first visit here was kinda unpleasant for different reasons.  Eduardo Viquez
This was shortly before high school I think, just a betus baby so I don't remember it very well. The biggest thing I remember is the roads being god awful and getting almost car sick/afraid for my life as the cabbie swerved all over the place to avoid constant potholes. The scenic parts like the hiking were purty.
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Will you always be an Alabamian?  Ruʀfsy Ruʀfs
I'm afraid so
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I'm really sorry if you've had to answer this before but do you and beef plan to fully RP the game with terrorists in from the RTX panel?  Polite Timesplitter
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You made a joke about Sweet Home Alabama in a recent video and it made me wonder what you think about Lynyrd Skynyrd and southern rock in general? Does living in the south make it a turn off?  Glagso
I like Skynyrd and I'm down with southern rock, but Sweet Home is so overplayed in Alabama it causes the same sort of visceral reaction as a normal person hearing the KQ5 town theme. The skies aren't even so blue because there's quite a lot of precipitation.
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Thoughts on Ridley not making the Smash 4 roster?  Garrett Childers
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