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What if you and Beef had a Kitchen Nightmares Esque show but focused on Let's play. Beef being Gordon Ramsay and you being the guy that makes British puns
Finally a good Kickstarter idea
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What would it mean to re-fenestrate somebody?  N
Install Windows 10 for them
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I just watched the faceship pun video for your let's play, ever have trouble remembering if you did a pun before or not? I would have so much trouble with that.
I have a pretty good memory for pointless bullshit like that
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Is there a specific reason you don't like the NSMB series? I wasn't a huge fan because I felt they tried too hard to revive the sidescrollers that didn't even need to be rebooted.  Brigham Hood
It just didn't feel like much of an evolution for Mario platforming. It's like the first Mario Bros but prettier and you can be a penguin. Ice flowers were a neat idea though
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Ever since Pewdiepie went on Stephen Colbert's show, do you think someday, youtube celebrities such as yourselves could ever hope to be on a late night talk as a guest?
Probably not, so I'll just make my own late night show
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Since you live in Texas, could you be..... An Achievement Hunter?
I'm not in the California part of Texas
Will you ever take our all advise and play Ace Attorney games? Do you own a 3DS and what game would you buy / do you own?  Melinda
I have not a 3DS, I'm not much into mobile gaming stuff
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last night I had a dream that I was in a banquet hall and they were setting up for a youtuber event, and I was looking round at all the place names, and they were all big name vloggers, and then you and Slowbeef were also gonna be there, but you were seated really far apart it
That's no dream that's a nightmare
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Do insulin pumps hurt? I might have to have one and frankly needles scare me to death.
Nah, no more than using injections, and you're going through a lot less needles with the pump. After awhile it just becomes another part of you and you hardly notice it's there. The conveniences you gain are totally worth it
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Do you still live in Alabama? I thought I remembered you saying something about moving.  Time Stalker
Moved to Tex a year ago
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Do you like your life in Texas or do you prefer to be back in Alabama, or does it not make much of a difference for you?
I'm pretty cool with it, there's a lot of conveniences here that there weren't in AL and state-run stuff seems a bit less awful. Cost of living is still low which is nice. Miss family obviously but they're not so far away that it feels like I could never visit them or them visit here. I mostly wanna move into a bigger place so I can get my own LET'S PLAY STUDIO ROOM
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Are you disappointed that there wasn't a Chaos Emerald hidden in the Radical Train level?  Tangocow
Yeah, it was my only real disappointment with the game
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Do Southerners make better steak than northerners?
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If you could fulton only one thing what would it be  Brandon Goni
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Would you wear an insulin pump cover with 'all hail shadow' on it if there were one?  Melinda
I will make one
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Are you an early bird or a night owl?
I'm a Chill Penguin
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Have you and beef ever retsupraed your or his, or anyone of the SomethingAwful forums' let's plays?
If you've been around LP long enough to remember Deceased Crab and Oyster, we riffed something from each of them way back when
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When was the last time that something that was labelled "Horror", whether it's a game, a film or book, actually freaked you out?
Can't remember the last horror labelled thing I saw so I'll go with Sonic 2006
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top 10 worst games?
Sonic 2006
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In the south, how often do you hear the word "hootenanny" unironically?
I've only ever heard myself say it :(
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Apologies for that news article I shared a snippet of, when I find myself having extraordinaly awful days, as yesterday and today have been, I always look to try to make someone else happy. A sort of "I can't help me so I'll help them" thing. Sorry you got caught up in it, and sorry I couldn't help.
Don't sweat it, I don't answer everything in my inbox because sometimes I'm not sure how to answer things aside from a "haha" or "cool." But you're good and I did chuckle at the story
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Do you smile at strangers? Why or why not?
That seems too personal, so I draw a smiley face on my ass and show that to strangers instead
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Listening to old podcasts again and you say you'd like to visit germany. Ist there any particular reason why germany?  Melinda
Most everybody there speaks English so it wouldn't be too awkward to eat at restaurants and ask where the bathroom is. Lots of cool landscapes and castles to see and rule over
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If you had to pick one song to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?
All Hail Shadow
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What's your favorite and least favorite main series Mario game and why?  Brigham Hood
Favorite: SMB3
Least favorite: NSMB
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