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Tbh Nice bum where ya from Tbh ily bye  liv
so heartfelt ill cherish ur tbh forever
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tbh: who dis  richelle
daddy dilu foh
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rate: 9 Patricia  ashley
grade 7 was wonderful
u ugly <3  richelle
:*<3 thnx hmu
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Tbh: ayy Awkward Turtle, we used to talk wayy back and those times were blessed, you're hella funny and mad chill  Jason Finna Sayroo
hella blessed thanks haha
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don't smoke while i'm gone  richelle
reply to my msgs
stop smoking  richelle
ur not my dad!!
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420 blaze it
blaze always
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Tbh - you rock 😉 & ur tall & funny  Deanna
lmao thanks
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hiiiiiii dillon tbh; we dont talk much but you seem v funny bc your ask answers and you're always making fun of richelle HAHAHA. ALSO YOU ARE VERY TALL LIKE WHAT EVEN IM SUCH A MIDGET. anyways, i hope we have some more classes together next year!!  mehak
u also seem very funny lool & making fun of richelle is a hobby of mine :) thanks !!
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How tall are you?
6'0 or 6'1
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8/10 :)))  nik
I seen you smoke. Don't smoke it's bad for u
sorry don't tell my mom
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Tbh: you're the hottest guy in fletchers and ily
but you go to fletchers ❤
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o ty so sweet💘💘  jazena
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are you telling me that I have potato sack eye bags?? are you tryna diss???  jazena
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sry I dont give rates to rude ppl. If anything ur like a -Malia 😊😊😊  jazena
u look like steve
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tbh: science with u was great, you're so chill and relaxed and you're really nice. Glad we started talking and ur pretty tall lol umm ur cool and ya :)  Ramandeep
haha thanks :)
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8/10 😛😁  Raza Zaidi
thnx bby
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What is your one major weakness?
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Who is your favorite YouTuber?
so many i have no life
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my mom doesnt even text me
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Tbhh; ay best friend 😎 I'm happy we met this semester! You're kind, funny & really nice  fαℓιѕнα .
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Did you ever hug Richelle
ewwww no
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Why do u always call Richelle a dude?
fammmmmmmmmmmmmmm i don't, she's a little boy
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