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aw look ur being nice  richelle
im always nice you're always mean to me
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every1 likes me even u do:)  richelle
ok fine i cant lie ur pretty cool
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i didn't ask the period questions:(  richelle
i know its ok bud
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Do u like anyone?
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Would u date Richelle?
whattt nah she's a boy i like girls
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It's so obvious that richelle's the one asking those stupid questions
nice observation skills
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Can u have sex while being on your period
find out urself fam
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Shit, there'a a lot of blood? Ok screw that, I'll just stick to "How to Train Your Dragon" as my viking fandom
aii i respect that, those movies are my shit.
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Is Vikings a good show?
its amazing
theres a lot of blood so if you don't like that i guess its not the show for u
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Eww blood that's uhh
You have to send me ur name dummy  Deanna
say wordddd
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what is a "ladies period"?
girls bleed and shit which is their body telling them they aint pregnant
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thoughts on people ?
uhm people are ok some are messed up idk this question is hella vague
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this is like only pic in my camera roll
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shut up dillon no one asked
yes they did!
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likers get rate
sure 1-10
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r u kidding me i j wanted 2 know who UR fav character was BYE
sorry bud
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when have U seen richelle not boy like
ive seen baby pics of her those were cute and feminine
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What's your currently favorite show on TV?
arrow, gotham or vikings!
i didn't send that marine question literally who thinks of this  richelle
its ok u are a fish accept it bud
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why is richelle so boy like
she looks, acts, walks, and talks like a boy.
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wut do U believe in
i believe in richelle forever staying 4'11
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who's UR fav character in knb:)
myself ball is life
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Are you romantic? Why or why not?
no lolll
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