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What is your favorite children's story?
what's up
fine thank you.
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Same here :)
Dp grade || A-  HOLY SHIT! Someone Actually
Nawww thanx haha
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Like my answers and i will return the favor. Have a nice day :')  Innocent af
Thanx :D
Did you guys go to the city today?
Yeaa had heaps of fun with the retards jks. hahah :P
Did you guys go to the city today?
When do you feel the most comfortable?
With friends :P
I mean without actually knowing the person?
Yea I can.
I missed you ^_^  I Put The Hard In Hardwork
Really now? Aww so sweet.
Which picture the best describes your city?
Go on google images and search up Melbourne simple. :))
You shouldn't be judgemental
I'm a human I can't stop being judgmental okay -.-
Do you remember me ?  I Put The Hard In Hardwork
Yes ofcourse :D
How do you usually express your emotions?
You can see it in my face lol
Thoughts- Fardina :D how's life?! Well I miss ya hon! We couldn't really meet properly when you visited bangladesh! I still remember those times when we used to be bffs! But then you left :( but I still remember the last day when we talked on the phone for looong! Anyways, always be blessed! :))  Mehnaz
Haha true that call. I miss you too bae!! And thank you. Ily
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should guys respect girls?
Just remember this "treate others no matter if they are boy or a gir, like how you wanted to be treated"
How can you be motivated?
When someone beats me.
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Are you judgemental?
Sometimes yea
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I'm Sorry everyone. I know I have less activities going on, but now I am back and get ready to ask me questions and getting likes :D
When one should stop learning?
Never :))
What is the Universe made of?
Big Bang Theory
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Follow back? ‎@biilaaaall
Followed xx Like this Answer Please :)
How can you tell that someone is lying?
when they smile or look side to side :D
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