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What's the best comfort food?
Bengali Bhaat and Curry :))
Haha lool who told you to you are smart i told you like same as peci peci peci peci peci peci peci ;) :D
They are smart, and since you didn't know that, you are dumb :)
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What makes life worth living?
Friends and Adventure
background a pecar pic tumio dekhte pecar motoi :P
True True I am smart. Thanx ;)
Nothing hehheeheh ;)
Okay :D
Likers= follow?
Well yea but you have to follow back :D
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No worries xo
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Kik?  αвяєѕнмι
YEa diinaaxx
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How would you explain color to a blind man?
with feeling and emotionals
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Nawww bae!! Ily
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I am a tree
Ahahahha I c
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No I just followed you  I AM GROOT
Ohhh Kay thanx xx
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Oh hey  I AM GROOT
Hello? Do I know you?
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I know you are.
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If you could witness any historical moment, which one would it be?
Ohh umm the Greek God and Goddesses Mythology :D
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Follow back  Soccergirls
Followed :)
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If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?
Two gay people :)
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I missed you <3
Same here come on kik :)
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HII <3
HEY <3
2 people like this Tbh I miss you ok. :o  A.
Bae!!! I miss you heaps!! Come to Australia for a vacation or something then we can hang out and you know have heaps of fun!! Ily hun xx
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likes get Tbh :) plzzzz pretty :(
Alright gorgeous!!
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