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I WAS an active Manager, Wrestler and Commissioner. Now I voice Act and Give advice to the young lions of wrestling.

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If you where a police officer for one day what would you do with the authority?  KenS
See how much tail I can get just by wearing the uniform :-P
Would you rather have white hair or no hair?
White Hair. I could grow it out and look bad ass.
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What do you like to cook?
Breakfast for my guests, I also like to cook Spaghetti and Ramen, I also like to bake (It has been forever)
If you were given a time machine to travel backwards in time, what are the three mistakes that you would want to rectify?
I would have told myself in High School you are not fat, its all in your head. I would have told my teenage self that those who bring you down don't mean a fucking thing do your best and chase your dreams and only rely on yourself to make yourself happy and 3 I would have let it end between her and I that night because she would never be with me the same after that.
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Also do you have any tips on how to learn to do impressions of someone ?  Vincent Van der Hoek
Listen to anything and everything you can find on the voice you are trying to do, study the way they say certain things. Everyone has certain sounds, keep replaying it and repeating it until it sounds like it to you. Have confidence in the voices you do. If not perfect to you then keep practising, you will get it. I never thought I could do a Randy Savage because it hurt, but now I can do it no problem. Practice and Good Luck. Rooting For You :-)
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What do you say to the reports that Mama Hernandez was seen sneaking into your apartment leaving the next morning with $100?  Sam Wesley Shiveley
Video or I call shenanigans.
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How do you think the world will end?  KenS
When anything I do or say starts becoming really popular lol
Have you ever played tennis?
Yup, real life and Mario.
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Has Paul Heyman ever reacted to one of your videos like Cult of Paul E Dangerously or the Paul Heyman Wyatt theme song ?  Vincent Van der Hoek
Nope he is a busy man he cannot be bothered by that. I will have to get his approval by getting more famous.
What is your favorite song by Michael Jackson?  KenS
Dirty Diana
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Out of 10 how u rate pwg as a school and company  Kristopher Campbell
School 0 because they don't have one. Company I give it about a 7
When you were in gym class playing whatever sport your teacher had you play, which professional sports player did you try to emulate? Whose shot/swing/mannerisms did you take up after watching sports?  KenS
AC Green
Pizza or Pasta? - Gamebox  Tyler Light
Pizza Meat Lovers with double cheese.
If you can compare your personality to any certain comic superhero, who would you be?  HD
Batman, I analyze everything because nobody can be fully trusted.
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Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?
Whatever, chicks seem to dig those fruity monsters :-)
What would you name your first child?
Lockdown. :-P
What do you dream about?
Things that will never happen.
If you could do anything now, what would you do?
Make something that will be my legacy, right now and not as life goes on.
What is one thing your parents allowed you to do that you would never let your kids do?
Watch TV as much as I did.
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Do you think i should get a PS4. i have the finances to get one, but i am still dodgy about getting one - Gamebox  Tyler Light
Blu-ray player, free GAMES monthly, sharing technology available, also streaming for any game. I say go for it if those things entice you.
Do you like Becky LYNNch as a heel?  ChaosDDT
Yes, I like her very much in heels >:-)
What is the last thing you said to someone?
No problem whatever can get you out of debt.
Do you believe in love?
I believe in a thing called love just lissentuduhriddumuhmuhhah!!!!
But seriously, I believe in love amongst family and friends, but I don't believe in it for me. Personal opinion of mine.
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Hey Dino. How have you been? And what are your thoughts about the build-up for the Survivor Series? For example, who do you think that will join #TeamAuthority and #TeamCena respectively?  John L. Ocasio
I really think the obvious choices will be made. I mainly want to see the undercard have an amazing team and also an NXT team elimination match.
excuse me if I ask this wrongly, but Freight Train is somebody who makes me curious. Is that his voice or a disability? sorry if that isn't read write.  Jam
Uh huh