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I WAS an active Manager, Wrestler and Commissioner. Now I voice Act and Give advice to the young lions of wrestling.
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What was your favorite clothing to wear in the 80s
My Jean Jacket and my Voltron shirt.
Whether it be Live or in Studio. 1 thing is for sure it's SO FUCKEN SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOTH. But this rocks too
What do you think is the new online trend right now?
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Who is the guy at AWS with the stupid mustache and boring style
Ryan Drago :-P
Hey Dino. I'm moving to Panorama city in California. Do you want to hang out and/or teach me to wrestle? You sound like a dude it could drink a beer with.
haha Well thanks I like to think of myself as someone who is approachable. I'm not much of a beer drinker but I will chill. I take it you are a guy lol
Do you have an impression you do that you feel people ask way to much of and can start to tick you off?  Mackenzie Metts
NAh not really tick me off, I just don't do it if I am not comfortable. I love to entertain people however I want to make sure I enjoy the voices I do. However if I was being paid then I will do the voice again and again lol
Why do you think wwe is pushing roman reigns to the moon  bob jones
Because he's a pretty boy and he's a monster. thats all, Not really based on skill.
U know im a fool. You got me wrapped around your finger. Did You have to have to let it Linger?  Chris McCoy
I seriously didn't think I would connect with a Cranberries song until I reached my 30's. lol
Have you ever heard of Happy Boy by The Beat Farmers?  Justin Anderson
Yessum, I want to use it in a scene about a guy who is really having a shitty chapter in his life. lol
Do you like the backstreet boys and nsync too?  Matt Phillips
Yes and Britney Spears is kinda cute. I also watch TRL on MTV
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If u had to some up your imagination ,What would it be? Its definitely Zelda Rubinstein with Hack Myers body.  Chris McCoy
Clive Barker meets Marc Maron meets Mike Patton
how do you do such great impressions  rooney
Thank You for the compliment, To Be honest I don't think I do great ones, I do what sounds close enough to the person I am trying to impersonate.
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Oh, I understand. I was like worried a bit because I went there via the link and like it never started. But thanks for clarifying. So what are your thoughts of the former members of The Shield as solo competitors?  John L. Ocasio
Rollins and Ambrose are Amazing because I have seen what they can do on the Indies. Roman has a ways to go to prove that he is not just another pretty face.
I just wanna say thank you for being awesome. I have some really bad days and when I can come home and watch the new legacy things it makes me laugh. Your an amazing voice guy so keep it up!  Kenny
Thank You Kenny. We seriously Love to hear that our goofy shenanigans can bring smiles to people. Thank You for Watching and Supporting :-)
Best njpw theme liger , bullet club , or nakamura  bob jones
3.) I really love how the other song mashes up well with this.
2.) This Version I liked More, Plus I am a Devitt Guy, No AJ.
1.) One of the Greatest Of All Time, Also So Damn Peppey and Toe Tappin.
I chose my wrestling school apw but I got some things I need to do but if we meet in the ring lets start with a handshake and it with a hug u in  Kristopher Campbell
Alright. Good Luck To You on Your New Journey. Rooting For You. :-)
Worst bump you have ever taken?  Matthew Snow
Fireball to the Head. Also Getting the Light Flash from Human Tornado diving onto me and his foot tapped the top of my head.
Man i just need Paul Heyman or Zelda Rubinstein singing Nate Dogg's part of "Aint No Fun" in my life. Also awesome work with that new African Impression you have debut on Battle ground. Keep up the sexiness my man!  Chris McCoy
Thank You Very Much :-)
Dino I wanna say thank you for answering my question about bad memories I am beginning to ace it and truly look at u as one ofy inspiration I thank you  bob jones
(HUG) Stay Strong
Favorite Western film ever, nig? If you have never watched a Western, then what the hell is wrong with you?  KenS
Death Rides A Horse. I only show those who I consider close that one. Some I wish I could take back.
Have you seen anything weird lately?
What is your favorite wrestling company of all time?  John Bash
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What is the best thing to eat for breakfast?
whoever is next to you. If that person turns out to be Lucky Charms then munch away :-D
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why don't you allow anonymous questions  rooney
Some Twat kept Rick Rolling Me. It wasn’t the fact that it was a joke about a decade old. It was the fact that said twat lied by saying they had found an hour loop of the superior Rick Astley song "Together Forever" (Truth)
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go back to the staple center  rooney
I want to but it might be a while because I gots important improv shows to attend and make people laugh. :-)