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I WAS an active Manager, Wrestler and Commissioner. Now I voice Act and Give advice to the young lions of wrestling.
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Who is your favorite UFC fighter and DC villein?  Sam Wesley Shiveley
Bas Rutten and Bane
was nL Night of Champions canceled?  Jam
Damned if I know, It's not my department. I usually just show up when everyone is on then we stweam.
shawn michaels vs undertaker where michaels retired was best wrestlemania match ever  Dildo Swaggin's
I disagree, it's a good match but I think Donkey Kong is the best match ever.
Finn Balor  John Bash
I seriously am excited about it. Just please for the love of God get him on TV ASAP. Along with Steen and Others.
What is in the center of the world?
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Are you a Friends fan?  Alex Simms
Nope, out of the many years that show was on I only liked 2 things from it. When Ross was performing with a Keyboard or the other versions to say F-You" (Hitting fists together)
Top 10 Favorite Michael Jackson songs?  TastelessOne
1.) Can't Help It
2.) Human Nature
3.) Dirty Diana
4.) In The Closet
5.) Working Day & Night
6.)Just Another Part Of Me
7.) I Just Can't Stop Loving You
8.) Off The Wall
10.) Lisa It's Your Birthday (Happy Birthday Lisa)
Named my ufc fighter after you and vince russo.  John Bash
nothing came up, could you tweet it to me, please?
favorite wrestlemania,least favorite,favorite wrestlemania match
Favorite: Mania XIX
Least: 13
Favorite Mania Match: Benoit/HHH/Michaels from Mania XX
1 person likes this Here's my favorite video game music from the Mega CD (Sega CD)
YES!!!! I remember this. Still rocks. :-)
Thoughts on Hideo Itamis english?
Not as Broken as I thought it would be.
Don't undersell you're shit from PWG dude, it was really funny from what I've seen, and someone thought it was important to make sure you got noticed by people when they said you were a founder, whether it was true or not
Oh I am very appreciative of the work that person did. Not dissing in any way.
Best Scenes on the following movies: Ready to Rumble Django Unchained Midnight Express(Turkish Prison) The Warriors Zoolander Dude Where's My Car Howard the Duck Kick Ass 1 Kick Ass 2 GO!!!!!!!!!!  Chris McCoy
Ready To Rumble: "Do People Think I'm Sexy?"
Django Unchained: Mr.Candy's Examination of Old Ben's Skull/Finding out The True Identity of his guests.
Midnight Express: RIFKI!!!!!!
The Warriors: "I'll Shove That Bat Up Your Ass, and Turn You Into A Popsicle."
Zoolander: The Mugatu Foamy Latte Scene
Dude Where's My Car: ZOLTAN!!!!
Howard The Duck: Beverly trying to bang Howard, Hottest Scene Ever.
Kick Ass: Any Scene with Big Daddy/HitGirl "SWITCH TO KRYPTONIIIIIIITE!!!!
Kick Ass 2: Any scene with Night Bitch (Lindy Booth) #Wazzupwhitegurl
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Do you like Based On True Stories Movies
yeah, until they turn out to be fake like "Fire In The Sky", broke my heart when I heard that it was a lie.
I notice people complaining about name changes when guys come into WWE like the artist formerly known as Kenta...Hideo Itami! Do you think that the situation with CM Punk lawyers and WWE which resulted in all his merchandise gone seeing how he's kept his name could effect guys coming in to WWE?  Jam
Well Yes and No. They want something they can market and make a profit off of, back in the day I am sure they made exception to guys they feel would not make much money or felt they had a big enough following. But since Punk turned it into a big thing I don't think they will ever let that happen again. At most maybe let people know they signed a worker under the name they are known and then announce their new name.
What would be your ultimate fantasy match (you can use indy wrestlers too if that's what you want to do)
Scorpio Sky/RockNES Monsters/Willie Mack/ Candice LeRae VS Shelton Benjamin/ RedDragon/ Tadarius Thomas/Vanessa Kraven
Who do you think is a very underrated wrestler?
Alex Wright
Would you consider Vic Venom an honorary member of the Snaketion?  LFace8
We have been trying to reach out to him but for now we have the Fake Vic Venom.
You're chosen to take 5 chops from one of these two, who would you chose?  John Bash
Sasaki, Hands down. He doesn't get enough love. He's one of my favorite Japanese Legends.
Is Squared Circle Jerks returning/ did it return?  Matt Gallacher
It's returning I just don't know when at this time. The new website is taking longer than expected. But the show WILL be back.
What is the best commercial you’ve ever seen?
No particular order.
Sure have, it beats Hayabusa by 1000
are you gonna watch night of champions  NICK BLAZE
I did, wow what a shitty ending.
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When you can justify a lie?
If it's for a surprise or to protect someone.
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I showed my dad the carlito videos and now he won't stop saying "das not considerate" you've created a monster dino.  not duel
Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
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