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I WAS an active Manager, Wrestler and Commissioner. Now I voice Act and Give advice to the young lions of wrestling.

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Do you believe there's somebody out there for everyone or that it's all a matter of trial and error?  Cameron
Personally I think it depends on the person who asks this question. I been told it's trial and error. I also been told there is that 1 person. However I have known some people who have died single or have yet to meet anyone at all. To some it is in the form of many people. To me it is a matter of how the person makes/made you feel. There will always be joy and pain. Some more than the others. However I have only been in love twice and it didn't work out. Until that day comes when I fall in love again and if it lasts I will still only be able to answer from my own personal experience. I do hope one day it is something I can shed some insight on more.
What's your favorite thing to do in the spring?
Sit at the park in the shade with music, a pen and paper and see where my mind goes and what I can write down.
What hobby do you wish you could pick up?
Painting. Can't draw for shit.
What role does religion or spirituality play in your family? In your larger community? Among your friends? How do you think this has affected you?  Lucas
Religion has played a big role in my family life. As I was growing up I had a relationship with something higher up than me. I believe that there is good in the world and the day we stop worrying and sit back and let life happen ( though sometimes it can tear us down) we must not forget the things and the people that are still in our life that love and care for us. Also to not forget the things around us and not let the desires of other things get to us too much. My friends believe in many different things but it has not affected how they treat others who believe differently than them, They would not be in my life if they did. I am very grateful for my connection to the universe and earth and the people I have met and who have stayed. I would say I am a pretty lucky guy. :-)
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What is paradise for you?
Green All Around me, nice cool windy day ( Maybe light overcast), a delicious refreshing drink ( Maybe a Cucumber lime Gatorade or a Peach/Raspberry Sprite), Steak or Ribs cooking on the grill, My friends hanging back in my home playing the wrestling game I co-created, My Family laughing and all the little ones growing up with little ones of their own running about and playing in a wrestling ring, while a Sexy Nerdy Woman comes up and sits next to me smiling about with a sci-fi ring on her finger as she grabs my hand I smile big and enjoy what I see in front of me. All my loved ones Happy in a Happy Place I built.
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Do you wipe standing up or sitting down? And with that said, Butt to Balls or Balls to Butt?  WWE Idiot
Standing (Slightly Squatting) If you wipe sitting down you are just not wiping thoroughly.Taint To Butt.
What things should you never tell your parents?
Anything about your relationship that is not a simple cut and dry case.
What’s the most scared you’ve ever been?
Haunted Mansion. That Places scares the piss out of me. Next to Anything with Dinosaurs. Rides or anything in front of me. Movie screen or tv screen I am fine. but both them shits exist in real life.
Who is your favorite teacher?
Ms.Cooke, Drama teacher......STACKED
What's the coolest thing you've ever seen in a museum?
A Poker Cheat Sleeve. Gamblers use to slide cards into their hand with it. Super Dope.
What are you obsessed with?
Catching a break with my career.
If you could close one fast food chain because of disgusting food, which one would you pick?
"McDonalds, McDonalds......Kentucky Fried Chicken And A Pizza Hut."
How do you get in the pool?
Butt first
What are you listening to right now?
Rowland S. Howard "She Cried"
What's the worst place you have ever been to?
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What is your favorite candy?
Candy Bar: Kit Kat
Tangy: Sweettarts
Who was the last person you talked to?
My friend Sarah
What are you interested in?
I am interested in landing a steady acting gig and making a nice living off it.
How quickly have you fallen in and out of love?
Fallen 4 months in. Fallen Out almost 2 years later
What is your best feature?
My humor seems to be the thing.
How can you live till the age of 120?
I dunno, blow a gypsy?
On a scale from 1 to 10 how weird are you?
What scares you?
Anything Scary :-)
What's your favorite movie snack?
Peach/Raspberry Sprite, Popcorn and/or Cookie Dough Bites
Who knows you the best?
My Cousin.