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I WAS an active Manager, Wrestler and Commissioner. Now I voice Act and Give advice to the young lions of wrestling.
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are you excited for global force wrestling whenever it finally happens? I just hope it doesn't become tna 2.0  Cory Bender
I am really hoping it becomes real competition for WWE. I really hope it doesn't go the route of TNA. I always get excited for a new promotion.
What mic do you use for Streaming/ Podcasting?
I use an M-Audio Producer USB
What if a certain someone were to send ya an HDPVR and a Xsplit hmmmm
I would figure out what those were and find a way to use them, also I would ask if you would like me to cradle the balls (Whether you are a guy or a girl :-D)
Why not have a Duelet?
there will be those as well. :-)
Can you do an entire album where you sing several love songs as Duel?
To be honest I would rather have Duel do it himself :-)
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DolphZigglerBryan is streaming EWR
is it still going? I was at an improv troupe meeting
Dino I'm a 16 year old Irish boy and my dream is to become a wrestler but as you can imagine the chance isn't really there and I was wondering if you somehow knew of any schools or promotions in Ireland that can help me I'm not a smart guy so school isn't an option for me long term
First off Greetings and Second You are smart don't let anybody tell you differently, everyday we learn something whether it be a skill or lesson in life that makes you a smart person. As for promotions in Ireland I have not seen too many around for sadly it is difficult for me to find ones to follow. I say look into your local schools or camps and start getting yourself into shape, I cannot say how they will be towards you (Though I hope they will see your potential and desire to be a wrestler). Start off watching the basics, World Of Sport Wrestling is the best for basics as well as stuff that is not really used today but will be well received. Keep a character of yourself in your mind and worry about that later for now get your training. Thankfully with the internet you can look into schools and go with which you feel is best, it doesn't have to be prestigious or pricey, as long as they are wanting to train you for the sport and not the money (but they will charge in some way). I wish I could be of more help, but I am glad to hear that the wrestling world has someone new who would like to get into the sport. I wish you the best of luck in everything with your journey and PLEASE keep me posted on your progress. I am rooting for you and I know that I am not the only one.
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How do you feel about like Harper? I believe he maybe the break out star of the year.
I feel the same way I really luke, Like Harper. :-)
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Easiest thing to say as Carl Sagan is "They say that space is curved"
Working on that, But I have a project planned for that voice (That is all I can say about it for now)
Is it at all weird to you seeing friends and people you worked with on TV or on NXT?
Nah, just surreal, The fact I got to hang out and be apart of the journey that these amazing and very talented individuals took to get where they are. I am So proud of each and every one of them. I just wish I could have said Bye and Best of Luck to them in person.
If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?
Christina Hendricks and Kat Dennings Doing a Topless Hug. >:-D
1 person likes this i saw this and thought of you. Go loko Dino.
You have struck Platinum Gold lol.
What does the survey say?
Did you get blown up in the ring early?
When I first started. But if you keep up the cardio and training you will be fine.
I watched a backyard wrestling match I like how you did the ring i could imagine how long it take to build it during rain and sunny days You've came along way for this moment and I must say I am so proud of you what you dreamed being a pro wrestler you have come a long way to accomplish something yo
Oh, Thank You Anonymous. :-)
Dino, what is your opinion on the King of the Mountain match, and do you think it should come back?  Free Ballin Fridays
To be honest I really liked the idea it added something that TNA needed to keep things interesting and frankly I think it would be cool to see it now but I think they would need more exciting talent.
What would you say are some of the best things about being a part of newLEGACYinc?
Being able to hang out with some amazing people and entertain and above all help people forget about their troubles of the world.
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Has there been any impression/impressions you haven't been able to pull off?
Right now Wade Barrett and Carl Sagan have been my recent obstacles.
I need a good Steiner botch quote for #SteinerSaturday on Wrestling Quotes, have any ideas?
"So All you White Trash right now, SIT DOWN, Get On Your Knees and pay homage to the next world champion"
Was CM Punk, Chris Hero, and Steve Corino friendly in person?
Punk was to himself but always showed enough respect to shake the hand of some random kid on ring crew. Corino Loved the LowKi thing and was very nice, I also wrestled his kid, I sold more than Ziggler, Hero became a good friend :-)
Favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd song?
"Tuesday's Gone" Where'd I go wrong on this Savage impression? I can usually do it fairly well but I don't know what the hell happened here...
Be more guttural, also his pattern is loud, low, LOUDER! More spirit fingers, point with your pinkie. Also make sure you try to make your skeleton pop out through your skin :-)
LOVE Portishead, Death Grips was a non conventional Surprise ( I Favorited it), Swans had a creepy vibe in the beginning ( Which I Love) then worked itself into a display of the title "Lunacy" then went into a dream like ambiance. ( I favorited it as well. Thank You for these :-D)
I know you're not much of an ring of honor guy, but what do you think they need to do to be a better company?  John Bash
I think they are a solid indy company slowly SLOWLY building up to a wider audience, the only thing keeping from them getting more noticeable is lack of Characters, the wrestlers are REAL people even if their names are obviously stage names they still need more characters to sell to people. That is what the networks and sponsors want.
Why don't you just install OBS on your computer, and stream a blank screen with you talking over it? I'd watch it!  Joey Pitt
I am computer illiterate and I run on a program I know nothing about even more.
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