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Bobby Ramos @DinoWinwoodsGhost
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I WAS an active Manager, Wrestler and Commissioner. Now I voice Act and Give advice to the young lions of wrestling.
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If I were to get into wrestling what would be the best way to go about it?  Cameron Stewart
Training. Whether it be for announcer ref manager or wrestler. Get training.
How is your video game coming along?  kolton neville
Slowly, but have been working on some gear and faction designs while downtime at my recent temp job :-)
Are you going as the famous Dino Winwood for Halloween?  Cameron Stewart
Eww no, I am going as Bray Wyatt :-)
Is there any update on the SQJ Website?  ChaosDDT
I submitted a new write up and logo for the show so far that is all.
Favorite Foreign Object?  Cameron Stewart
Thumbtacks Second is Flaming Barb Wire Board.
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I don't know if you don't like talking about this but, what happened with you and PWG?  Jett Willard
I got written out and erased from existence Well the website.
What are you most excited about right now?
were you at BOLA 14? if not there was a guy on night two in the crowd that looked just like you  Mick
Nope, have not been back for years. I ain't paying for a show lol.
What nl,member can u do a voice of the best  Kristopher Campbell
Everyone knows that answer :-)
Are you working on a Tyler the Creator impression?  Chris McCoy
Possibly :-)
if you had a second chance, would you rassle again or do summin else?  Patchy Oatch
I would wrassle again AND do something else.
What's that one controversial opinion or two you have that you wanna get out there but worry you'll be judged for or lose friends over? Can be about anything. If you're not comfortably answering that, I understand and respect any desire to pass this question.  Laura
I don't think Melissa McCarthy is funny. I would like to see her serious acting chops but whenever I see a movie of hers I tend to tune out for the well has run dry. It's Like a mix of Chris Farley and Mike Myers.
I find American Dad funnier than Family Guy.
In N Out is not all that and frankly I wish California should get a better Burger representation.
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Any tips on how to do a impersonation of Mean Gene?  Jam
Try your best to sound like a professional announcer, that was pretty much all I did to do his impression, also say "Fuck It"
If someone wanted to view some of your in ring work where would they go to do so?  Guy Incognito
Youtube, look up Dino Winwood or Naughty Bobby Ramos Wrestling
Your thought s on hiroshi tanahashi winning iwgp again  bob jones
Another Rainmaker victory over him is in his future :-P
I've never watched new japan wrestling ,but I've been wanting to. Are there any matches you would recommend?  Zach Kirk
Anything of Prince Devitt, Okada vs Tanahashi, Young Bucks, Karl Machine Gun Anderson vs Okada or Tanahashi or Nakamura. G1 Climax tournament from 2013 and 2014 are your best bets as well. please enjoy :-)
Do you play an instrument? Which?
I play a little bit of Piano, Guitar, and Xylophone .
What song u think should use a raw or smackdown theme  jalan Miller
How many people do you think you've met in your life?
Over 1000
Favorite PPV theme song of all time?  Joey Pitt
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If you had to get someone to laugh in 1 minute or less, what would you do?  KenS
Sure would. I know certain words when said a certain way can make their cheeks rise (Face or other)
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What's your favorite holiday?
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If you could only chose one then what do you want Michael Jackson to be remembered by, His Singing - Dancing - or his Music Videos?  Sam Wesley Shiveley
Singing, His dancing kinda has elements of the same moves, though still amazing at it, his music videos kinda took a back seat after "Scream" but that is just my opinion.
Thank you for responding Dino.. I have many questions and there are many problems with my situation so i will not bother you anymore :)  thecombra14
There is no bothering you just need to relax and have confidence in what you can do. Study and Train and you will be fine. Also never be afraid to branch out to other feds.
To continue the wrestling manager questions(BTW thanks for all the tips :) ) ,how you will get your first chance to manage someoneg? I know that it not a simple answer question :)  thecombra14
when the promoter thinks you would be a good fit or if a wrestler wants you to work with them.