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Bobby Ramos @DinoWinwoodsGhost
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I WAS an active Manager, Wrestler and Commissioner. Now I voice Act and Give advice to the young lions of wrestling.

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Given the chance would you sign to pwg again  gamming2
Yeah, I think I would be a great heel there.
Do you believe in witches and wizards?
Sure Do. I know a Witch. :-)
hey... what was your opinion on Brian Kendrick, Paul London, and Kenny Dykstra  Simon Haley
Brian Kendrick: When i first saw him wrestle as Spanky I seriously was Inspired. Chatting with him as a person he is one chill and cool dude.
Paul London: Blown away by his moves and the fact the fans made up the "Please Don't Die" chant for him had me impressed. Getting to know him was one of the coolest conversations ever. He is My Brother For Life.
Kenny Dykstra: I felt he was an underused talent much like London and Kendrick. That era had such great talent however not a clue what to do with it. I remember really liking his match with Jimmy Wang Yang (Also Underused) on Smackdown.
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favorite quote in wrestling p.s love you dino  bob jones
Note really a quote or a promo but a moment.
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what is your favorite Smackdown theme song and favorite Raw theme song (the opening song)?  Simon Haley
Favorite Raw Theme:
Favorite Smackdown Theme:
Favorite Sunday Night Heat Theme:
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So is Arm VD still gonna be randomly showing up on nL or has Jawnny made him gone like the Doink stuff and Jericho doing Mama Hernandez. He said Arm VD died the other night and I didn't know if he was kidding or saying Arm VD is gone? if so shame on him for taking funny things away Lol.  Jam
He alive
What are some attributes you look out for when you're browsing camgirl sites? Who's your favorite camgirl?  KenS
Thickness, Tattoos, breast size, Cosplay
Who's your favorite pr0n star? Who's your one guilty pleasure pr0n star?  KenS
Too many to list though going through my history I seem to like them Loud Curvy, Thick, or Milfy.
Examples: Nikki Santana, Marie Louise, Chloe Nichole, Marilyn Mason, Nina Hartley, Beverly Paige, Ginger Lynn, Selena Castro, Kristen Halborg, Tiffany Blake, Karla Lane, Sierra Skye, Brittany O'connell, Erika Xstacy, Lisa Sparxxx, Samantha 38G, Gianna Michaels, Eden 38DD, Sarah Jay, Pinky, Lexxxi Lockhart, Chavon Taylor, Alexis Silver, Phoenix Marie, Brandy Talore, Kobi Tai, Mia Khalifa,
Guilty Pleasure I would say Gidget The Midget :-P
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Favourite movie of all-time?  Harrison Payne
That cannot be answered singularly. The Shining, Oldboy, True Romance, Blade Runner, A Clockwork Orange, Death Rides A Horse. Shutter Island, Tenebre, The Chinese Connection (Fists Of Fury). WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy more to list
Post a picture of your favorite outfit!
Post a picture of your favorite outfit!
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Would you rather be royalty or a reality TV star?
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What's your currently favorite show on TV?
Was it fun making the lioncock trailers  David Lopez
The most fun I ever had making something. The first trailer was the better of the two mainly because we just decided to do it one night and post it the next day. We had no idea how big it got until we went to Germany and some of the wrestlers and fans were quoting it.
How gay would a Danshoku Dino vs Dino Winwood match be?  Verylost
Not Enough.
Are you romantic? Why or why not?
I was once told I am, a Loooooooooooooooong time ago.
Wanna here something funny?  Zachary White
"I Love You"
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Do you think $150 a month is a good price for wrestling training?  John Bash
That is actually cheaper than I thought training would be these days. Short Answer YES
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What is your favorite scent?
Fresh baked goods
Who is the greatest WCW Champion in history and why is it David Arquette?  Cameron Croley
It's because he donated the money he got for it to Charity and he actually did not want to do it in the first place.
Second is Randy Savage :-P
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Hey Dino!! Hope you're doing well. I am a huge Kenny Omega fangirl. What do you think of him?  Miss Kristen
Doing Well My Dear, thank you for asking :-).
I love his work the man can make anything fun and entertaining. His matches are nothing short of Incredible and I Love Love LOVE his current Bullet Club Gimmick. Reminds me of my favorite Wii game No More Heroes.
I loved you and Russo going back in forth even though he didn't listen still happy you said what you wanted  gamming2
Yeah it was interesting, I know that if the question comes up again about his statements I will not hold back. :-)
Craziest party you've ever been to? What the hell happened?  KenS
I went to a party at Scott Lost's house and this group of assholes would not leave when everybody else wanted to sleep, so once they got out the door we closed it and locked it. Some drunk bitch started banging and kicking on the door to let her back in. When we told her to stop kicking on somebody else's house she got all hellfire. I then told her to be quiet, she then said for me to get up and say it to her face. I then stood up and bee-lined over to her and told her to her drunk face very calmly to be quiet she is waking everyone else up. She then proceeded to call me "Fat Fuck" and said that she was "a mother and she deserves respect", to which I then pointed out to her that she is out partying at the late hours getting a drunken mess and causing damage to someone's home while her daughter is at home and then sarcastically called her a "good mother". She then pie faced me that caused me to lose my balance and spill a drink on my friend who was sleeping, I then got up right away and bumped her with my belly, knocking her on her drunk flat ass. to which her friends grabbed her and took her to the outside before it came to serious blows. She was screaming, I then kept screaming back "I didn't lay a hand on you", while a room spinning drunk Scott was on the stairs screaming for her to get the fuck out of his home. We then all went to sleep once they left and woke up the next day speaking of the events that occurred. Shit was wild.
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Who is the most famous wrestler you've met/spoke to, and similar question, who's the most famous wrestler you would consider a friend?  Joe Hemmings
I would say as far as status goes Anyone in the WWE Currently from Daniel Bryan to Simon Gotch. One I consider a Friend if not a Brother I would say Paul London/Sinn Bodhi
Which movie do you think is overrated?
That is a tough one I think I am going to say 300, Superbad or any of the Apatow Movies from Funny People and On.
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I love your RVD impersonation. It's spot on. Could I get you to record some lines for something? Get the ball rolling on something cool. Maybe a playthrough of an old silent WWE Game using your vocals?  paynexkiller
Thank You. Unfortunately due to some bad experiences I no longer do free voice work.