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What ?
How many games do you have on your phone?
Saro 4
انتي معجبه .......... ؟
انتى ازاى قابلتى اليسا؟ ليكى شغل معاها؟
زي ما كل الفانز قابلوها ♡♡
What makes you special?
Being Me ;)
اليسا كنجمة ناقصها صوت قوي وتصير بيرفكت #وجهة_نظري
She is perfect ;) already 3ndha the most amazing voice ! مو كل صوت قوي حلو يا بطل ;) احساسها و جمال صوتها و والأداء يكفي♥ even her voice is unique♥♥
امممم هلق ليش تخصصك طب وجراحه وتشيشين ؟؟
الله كاتب :)
انتى رائعة كل العالم العربى بيحبك وانا كتير بحبك
Is that for me ? Awh sweet♥
فى ناس فى العالم موهبين بس ما حدا اكتشفهم ياترى شو رايك
كل مجتهد حياخذ فرصته يوماً ما !
اليسا ملكة الاحساس
Akeed ♥
وش هي اول اغنيه لي أليسا سمعتيها ؟
Bady doub elly elly bejnoun b7bk ana mjnon♥ and bt3'eb btru7 r7 tb2a ya 7yati bal alb balru7 bal ah b3'nyatiii ♥,♥ w ajmal e7sas ♥,♥ awl al a3'any aly sm3tahm l elissa♥
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but she won't make any concerts any more at Egypt :( .. at least for awhile :/
Inshalla everything will be alright there and then she will do too many concerts in Egypt :)♥
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What is the last thing you said to someone?
I love you to my friends♥
Can I kiss you
Who's this ? So I can tell I ehh aw la :P
how i can call/meet Elissa ? :o "adore" her <3 <3 she is my life :)
Attend her concert and u can Contact her manager mr.Amen
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ما هو أهم مخططاتك ليوم الغد ؟  AFrɑ'ɑ SɑɑD ✨
To do what my mom and my friends asked me to do :D
ما نسبةة الصراحة لديك ؟!
It depends bs I guess 99% :D
How old are you ?
1993 .. e7sbeha :D
Hellooooooooo ♡  HebaElissian
Hello dear :D
قابلتي اليسا شخصياا ؛(
Yes thanks god my dream came true ♥
Names of the lebanese elissians you've met in general ?
I saw most of them :D they are all nice and kind :)
What do you think of tattoos?
♥,♥ I wishhh if I can have one !
Where would you like to live?
Lebanon ♥ my dream is to live between Lebanon , dubai and jedddah that would be perfect :"""D♥
Do you care what other people think of you?
No ! آخر همي !
Are you left handed or right handed?
Right handed