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That's why I hacked your twitter bitch

ok n I still be on it and I have another #unbothered


what's cute

U taken?

not officially but, yeah I'm off the market

You to cute to be single

cuff me then lol

That's why ya mom a bitch n she suck dick

😂😂 umm she grown her suckin dick is obvious 💁💁

What's so funny?

deez nuts

Tafari suck mad dicks


what the person you was with wasn't good enough?

naw that's not why

oohhhhhh I'm telling

I'm grown 😼

and you already talking to someone else?

I been talking to him b4 my relation then we stopped now we talk again

didn't you just get out of a relationship?


Talk to anyone?

one person

Right tafari ain't shit I look better than him anyways tf 💯

idk u so I CNT tell

U single


I can svck you ⬆... Hmu? 👅👅👄

u hmu

Why you single?

wasn't ready for that relation

Fuck tafari get with a real nigga like me


Why won't you and tafari go back out?

jus wait on it 😉✊❤😼

Yall was so cute

we bouta be together

Wats ya name?


Why u stop fucking with tafari

we ard now

I am fuckk all these mfers they ain't shit

ctfu idek u

What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

me typing a rap to my friend 😂😂 I got bars


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