Phasayi ❤ @DoWatISAYI
Phasayi ❤ @DoWatISAYI
Hunnit Spots,Dalmation bitch ❤
You should want a BadBitch like this || im 16 || love fvshion & muzic || silly sexy single && freakyy ;) ||
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wanna kno sumn ask me : ) i wont bite. . .unless we in bed ; ) ❤
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Lemme see them abs
Who r u ;)
what's ur kik
I just wanna be on top of u and grind on that dick till u cum while i rub on yo nipples
Well maybe u could if u wsnt anon.
If we were laying on opposite sides of the bed & your feet were cold & we had to use body heat which part of my body will you put your feet ?
I would twist our legs together n wrap up wit u n hold u ...maybe steal some kisses
Follow? You're cute btw  Will Harris Jr.
thnx && okayy
If we were laying opposite sides of the bed & your foot touched my dick would you move it away or leave it there ?
leave it then giggle lol
boredd , hmu??
boredd , hmu??
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who wanna kik??
who wanna kik??
im bored hmu♥♛♡
ask for my kik or #
im bored hmu♥♛♡
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oh depends on how important u r to me, i am sensitive but i also have a idgaf attitude
u get madd. fast
u askin me or tellin??
u a bottom or top
so would u go. out.with a girl
yea but ion think she gettin da D lol
Think I'm cute?"I hope so just gave u my kik;)<3
who you??
u gay or bi
gay unless u a bad ass female!
What about ?
Omg i got a porn site ! :D is it famous yet ??
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Yeah mobile
Pornhub, xvideos, redtube &&
Know any good porn sites? Horny af!
Ctfu my bad im late but did u mean mobile or ??
Who knows the most about you?
Is shopping a form of entertainment for you?
Hell yea ! One of da best !
When last you had sex
Like da begining of march
What song is stuck in your head?
Beyonce - Pretty Hurts
do u got instagram
Ion b on rlly but its ‎@ifotogenik
wanna kik :p
Sure : ) -baddollyyy
I live n Alabama n if u talk to me n like me would u date me r nahh  Cordell Humphrey
If ur sayin do i do long distance relations den yes :)