Phasayi ❤ @DoWatISAYI
Phasayi ❤ @DoWatISAYI
Hunnit Spots,Dalmation bitch ❤
You should want a BadBitch like this || im 16 || love fvshion & muzic || silly sexy single && freakyy ;) ||
wanna kno sumn ask me : ) i wont bite. . .unless we in bed ; ) ❤
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Ive Grown
Ive Grown
Wut u do wit that big fat butt?
Anything for da right nigga
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ask me questions :)  τђє гєคl ๔є๓คгς๐ (✔)
Only cuz u cute lol
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You got a bf ??
whats ya kik
ask me questions if u wanna & follow me  τђє гєคl ๔є๓คгς๐ (✔)
Ok lol i gotchu
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Suree lol
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Whats ur IG ??
How tall r u??
About 5'11-6ft
How old r u !?
16 until August 20th ! Jus wait on it !
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U a freak or naw ?? ;))
Very much so
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How many bodies ??
Last you had sex ??
Begining of dis month some time
Last you been checked for hiv and aids and stuff ?
Last month
Why you so damn sexy but you single !!??
Lol idk but thnks
I've been wanting to claim you as bae. Kik me demolition_kid
U kik me , baddollyyy
ђคppy รมก๔คy ♡  τђє гєคl ๔є๓คгς๐ (✔)
Happy Tuesday ♥
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Lemme see them abs
Who r u ;)
what's ur kik
I just wanna be on top of u and grind on that dick till u cum while i rub on yo nipples
Well maybe u could if u wsnt anon.
If we were laying on opposite sides of the bed & your feet were cold & we had to use body heat which part of my body will you put your feet ?
I would twist our legs together n wrap up wit u n hold u ...maybe steal some kisses
Follow? You're cute btw  Will Harris Jr.
thnx && okayy
If we were laying opposite sides of the bed & your foot touched my dick would you move it away or leave it there ?
leave it then giggle lol
boredd , hmu??
boredd , hmu??
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who wanna kik??
who wanna kik??