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Loooooooooool Oo fe m3looma kman wfa2 msafra >Out
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh out w b8oooaa
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3refti wfa2 7wwari wlla lssa !? Tra he o5t nour 7wwari ;D
blahi o5tha m3looma jdeda :p
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وقولوا بسم الله على غزالن طب وقولوا بسم الله (*_^)
بسم الله :)
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wsh t7seen feeh ?
a7ss ene aba asaafeer
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looolooo ana a7bbbk ya roo7 shahdoo Oo a7b kl shai feeki Oo bl.4at 6eebat Galbk Oo ur smile <3 mwwwah
w ana amooot feke ya a7la shahdo fe aldonya
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