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This Isn't A Question!

You like giving or getting head?

I Like Getting Money!

tweet drunk more often

I Got You! <3

when you dropin that thursday the 12th?

Never...Old Stuff Is Old Stuff! When Can I Hear New Stuff From You?!

You Think I Can Make It In The Rap Game Bruh Lol

Wheres Your Music!?

how you became such a trill nigga ? Teach me. I need to know. -- kidzrevil.com

Wish I Could Tell You Man...You The One That Got The Internet On Smash...HOW CAN I BE LIKE YOU?!

When are you going to cut that baby ass fro though?

Sometime In May!

I miss you :-*


Why donchu come to Montreal

Funds...I Would Love To Live There...I Met My Future Wife At A Show I Had When I Was There! ^_^

U dont have time for a girlfriend but what about friends with benefits?

Nicole Lovette

Shhhhiiiiiit I'd Love To Have A Friend With Benefits...If She Got Dental Insurance & Health Insurance. She Can Be My Best Friend For Life!

What have you been listening to lately?

A Lot Of Philly Club Music,My Forthcoming EP,A Mix Forthcoming Mix I Did...And Om'mas Keiths' Album! :D

how to make trap leads?

Find A Preset On A Synth Of Your Choice Then Tweek It Until It Fits The Track Your Making!

Have U Been Trippy

Whats Your Definition Of Trippy?!

If you had an opportunity to meet one person in the world one time...who would it be?

It Would Be You...The Person Who Asked This Question!

Do you have a girlfriend? Cuz your really cute.

No Time For Girlfriends...I'm Too Busy Creating History! So....No!

do u rock nike? what shoes do u wear

Yes I Do Rock Nikes. And I Wear Anything I'm Into...I'm Thinkin About Coppin A Pair Of Sauconys!

Did you fuck Azelia Banks?


do u do features

Yup...Hit Me At logancjean@gmail.com If I Like The Tune...We'll Make It Official! :D

smurfos sibling here.. doing big things man, lookin good we see you. only look up on that stairway.

Thanks For The Compliment D...How You Been Man?!

do you even compress?

Yes...I Do Compress...In Real Life And In My Music!

Yo. when's an ep getting done

i have several done...check dollarbin.bandcamp.com

What are your plans for the Valentine's Day?

To Get Paid Then Party! :D

What's your favorite drink?

Agua...I Hope You Weren't Talking About Alcohol. Were You?!

If you were a car, what kind of car would you be?

A Maserati


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