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Ejejejej dej dedej Ema Rakovec ful je lusna res tak cukr da waaa *0* ce ti je lusna jo dodej in klikni prosim polepsu bi mi dan!!stay awsome dude /m\

Mal sm pozn ampak ok

kaj bi ti razumel/a če ti nekdo reče da si simpatična oseba

Da sem simpatična oseba.

Are you ready?

69 lajkou:3

Immature..... *giggle*

what are you doing right now?

It's the question of who i'm doing.

What's your favorite video game?


Erazeeeeeeeeem <3

Strangeeeeer <3

Scheenshotas zadnja sporocia fb/sms?

Why the fuck would i do that?

opiši svoje sošolke vsako posebaj :)


What freaks you out?

Miley Cyrus

What is the last thing you forgot?

I just can't remember..

Are you a leader or a follower?

I'm a bystander.


Well fuck.
This is awkward.

do you miss anyone from high school?

Lovro Papič... :'c

aaaaaaahahahaha good joke

all true from the heart!

give me a cigarette

I don't smoke:)

Or does ass kick you?

Swine, how dare you!

Opisi me^^

-always laughing in my face and that makes me uncomfortable
-you keep asking for money... (The answer is still no)
-you think you're batman but you're clearly robin.. (I'm batman)
-you look like a koala in that hoodie with ears..

I think that's enough haha

Do you pee or just pretend to?

Take a seat, don't blink, and push yourself in the shadows

Do you kick ass?


Your pic on ask is funneh

That's why it's there

Who are you?

I'm just a simple flower girl i am!

Are you from this planet?

Baby I'm outta this world!

herro? ???are you here??'

What up?

are you working ? or are you going to school?

I work and go to school.
Im a very busy bee


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