Erazem Poljanšek @Dookiedude
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What is the last thing you forgot?
I just can't remember..
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Are you a leader or a follower?
I'm a bystander.
Well fuck.
This is awkward.
do you miss anyone from high school?
Lovro Papič... :'c
aaaaaaahahahaha good joke
all true from the heart!
give me a cigarette
I don't smoke:)
Or does ass kick you?
Swine, how dare you!
Opisi me^^  Niiciix
-always laughing in my face and that makes me uncomfortable
-you keep asking for money... (The answer is still no)
-you think you're batman but you're clearly robin.. (I'm batman)
-you look like a koala in that hoodie with ears..
I think that's enough haha
Do you pee or just pretend to?
Take a seat, don't blink, and push yourself in the shadows
Do you kick ass?
Your pic on ask is funneh
That's why it's there
Who are you?
I'm just a simple flower girl i am!
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Are you from this planet?
Baby I'm outta this world!
herro? ???are you here??'
What up?
are you working ? or are you going to school?
I work and go to school.
Im a very busy bee
you look funny :D
That's rude!
But thanks anyway i guess.
How to find true love?
You go to a punk rock concert..
are you mexican?
Viva la Mexico!
are you mexican?
5 dobrih filmou
Snatch, superbad, 21 jump street, lock stock and two smoking barrels, hobbit (all of them)
When was the last time you screamed?
band practice.
In bloom.
Why wouldn't you take a first date to McDonalds?
expensive shit for almost no food at all.
Where should you never take a first date?
do you have the time
Do you treat your body like a Temple or more like an Amusement Park?
Like a lady.
What's the best concert you've ever been to?
Green Day!