Jake Davis @DoubleJake
Jake Davis @DoubleJake
Formerly "Topiary" of Anonymous / LulzSec. Not all answers serious. Private messages and serious notes/statements sent to my inbox will not be made public. Email: JakeDavis@comic.com
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can you dance?
I am lord of dance as you know
It is said that you had 16 VMs on your laptop, what were OS' and what was the purpose of it? DId you know pentesting?
I had one VM, Ubuntu, and it had 15 snapshots of previous versions. Hardly 16 virtual machines, but they insisted it was true for two straight years.
Why didn't you use VPNs and other technologies (SSH, Tor, etc.) to stay 'Anonymous' ?
I used all of those things. Not very well though.
How.old are you?
680,313,600 seconds
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jake i am your fan :(
Nice try Hector.
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The fan on my laptop is loud and it overheats sometimes. How do I fix this?
Maybe CPU is working overtime because you're looking at too much HD Goatse in the background, maybe your fan has dust in it, maybe you should just manually slow its speed down, or maybe just open it all up and use an old toothbrush to clean out the gunk no doubt built up by years of basement dwelling.
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‎@LulzSec Who is in charge of this twitter account currently?
The Metropolitan Police gained control of about 50 of my passwords, one of which was the LulzSec twitter. I'm not sure if anybody else has that password at this point. It's virtually impossible to memorize without serious effort.
How are you monitored by your parole officer? Do they check your internet history every week etc etc?
My parole officer doesn't oversee that particular area. He and I have regular meetings to discuss my life in general and if the probation service can be of assistance. I'm very pleased with how smoothly it all runs compared to past encounters with private security companies that treat you like dirt.
My computer-related conditions are taken care of by a branch of Scotland Yard and will be for the next 4 years. I assume there's monitoring afoot both because it's in their interests and because that's just the kind of thing that happens nowadays. It doesn't interfere with my work or day-to-day business.
I would be lying if I said the Internet history/encryption ban wasn't a general nuisance, but I also accept that there are certain parties in positions of power that are, excuse my language, sh*t-scared of how the youth use technology. I'm just happy to be able to use the Internet again after being banned for two straight years.
Have you ever thought about de-bunking any of the myths of hacking to make more realistic media portrayal of hacking in general? Also as a part 2 I am curious to why you all plead guilty, to me this infers you acknowledge it was wrong, is that really how you feel?  Lewis Richard Phillip Cowles
I gave a short 15 minute talk at the Wired 2013 conference last October that tried to paint a realistic journey through the hacking world, you can find it here:
Also I spoke with Charles Arthur for the Guardian's Tech Weekly podcast here: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/audio/2014/mar/19/jack-davis-lulzsec-topiary-tech-weekly-podcast
Overall I would assume most mainstream media knows the general ins, outs, and realisms of hacking, but that doesn't make for a good story. "CIA website hacked" makes a good story. It wouldn't be in the professional interests of those kinds of journalists - especially tabloid hacks - to take the air out of the situation, so they won't. That's a pretty common thread for most topics.
To answer your second question, I plead guilty and not guilty. The guilty plea (to conspiracy to commit computer misuse) came with a "basis of plea" which detailed each event and what I accepted was right, wrong, regretful, and justified. There was a mixed bag. I plead not guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud, because I was not guilty, and eventually the prosecution realised that and dropped the charges entirely just a few weeks before the trial was set to begin.
Jake davis my good friend how was it in shetland islands?
Pretty cold.
Wait who ratted you out? Sabu?
It was a simple combination of IP tracing and police intelligence.
I actually recently got in trouble at school because they assumed I was going to hack them for having Notepad ++, a third party task manager, and a p2p chat client installed on my school computer. in there words the school servers house delicate information and will not tolerate me attempting hack.
The staff in charge of your school's computer network sound so preposterously stupid that I am sure one day their systems will be compromised as a result of that.
Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 is not very cheap compared to the fully functional iPod touch I bought for 8.5 USD. I think Apple wins this round.
Apple does win this round. You did not win this round, though.
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Jake I have a question. If we had two piles of coins, pennies and dimes, which have infinite amounts then wouldn't they be equally worthless? Isn't the point of a currency is to have a limited amount to create its value? So if we had an infinite amount it would destroy the US economy and would be in
I don't know, but if there were infinite coins and you were blindfolded and told to divide the coins into two piles, each of which must have exactly 20 heads, and you were told that 20 heads already existed in the mix of infinite coins, you should totally just flip the first 20 coins you find and segment them.
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I seem to remember the CPS/Police wanted to charge you with fraud, but had no evidence at all. What did they suspect you did, but didn't do
They charged myself, Mustafa Al-Bassam and Ryan Ackroyd with two further counts of conspiracy to commit fraud, i.e. suggesting that LulzSec was driven by financial gain. I only plead guilty to the core conspiracy charges (DDoS/hacking ones) in 2012 and was awaiting trial for the fraud for almost another year before they dropped them three weeks before the trial. I was entirely honest with what I did and didn't do, and financial gain played no role. This was made clear in the end.
Favourite kind of alcohol?
Solid pints of ale, red wine, champagne, whiskey.
I bet you smell like bladerunner and summerfruits
Blade Runner & Summer Fruits is a fantastic shampoo.
Lulzsec is the best hacking group there ever was. What was the second best?
Sounds like you're an FBI agent trying to make ex-LulzSec members casually accept that their group sits within a ranking system. Poor display. 0/10
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What would you recommend as a cheap, open source alternative to an iPod Touch?
Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 is a fairly reliable piece of kit.
Dude, you sound fun. Let's hang out. I'll bring crisps.
Bring bananas, we don't want to have low potassium during our meet. You're the guy in the unmarked grey van, right? The one with the ice cream jingle?
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I don't really need to renew Norton, do I?
Is the Space Pope reptilian?
How man offers have you had from movies or TV?
I've had thirteen production companies directly asking for my help in converting the LulzSec "story" into a thriller/crime movie or TV drama and two direct offers for my "life rights", one of which implied a moderately large sack of cash. I turn these things down every time. I have no interest whatsoever in converting what was a tough time in my life - and the lives of other LulzSec folk - into a cheap piece of entertainment for Hollywood.
When it comes to telling the story in a meaningful way, I've helped out with a couple of small plays/radio shows that have a hacker or "deep web" element, and always happy to consult on scripts that need a bit of insider (i.e. nerd) knowledge. Apart from that, I'd prefer that my soul wasn't ripped out through my kneecaps.
Favorite memory from times of lulz?
I enjoyed the companionship with people like Ryan Ackroyd, Mustafa Al-Bassam, and Darren Martyn, who were obviously just aliases at the time, like me. We had a nice rapport despite only having the Internet to show it. Maybe one day we can all work together on something more positive - I actually have some possible (legitimate) work opportunities for them, but of course I'm banned from communicating with them for the next few months.
Where and how do you find great music? Also, what are your musical preferences?
I'm a fan of anything with clever lyrics, especially tracks that go beyond the "if it's not worth saying, sing it" approach that seems to be everywhere. Recently listening to lots of Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Firewater, Lovage, The Limousines, The Real Tuesday Weld, combining a bit of comedy like Jon Lajoie, Flight of the Conchords, Bo Burnham. Throwing in some mellow Erik Satie now and again, and found this great album called "Sing Me to Sleep: Indie Lullabies". Search in Spotify: spotify:album:47c5bpI6VYdwMAMb24rSi6
I like your shoe
I accidentally cleaned them with black shoe polish instead of brown, so they've gone a strange colour with light and dark patches throughout. Still, they're good wear-on-head-for-webcam-photo material.