Drake Harris @Drakeharris1
Grand Rapids
Michigan University football player
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Who do you know from lansing
Lots of people but don't feel like naming them
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Hottest juniors to be at grc?
Katie D, kortney, Sami
Ever seen Jessica's mad skills on the softball diamond?
Jessica who?
Youngest age of girl you would date right now?
You have almost 10k twitter followers as a high school football player..... That's not popular?
Lol idk
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has your gooch ever been licked?
Lol has yours
Kick OSU
Hail yes!
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How'd you get so fast
Hottest Zeeland girls
Ummmm there's alot
How did you become so popular?
I'm not
How many tats do you have, and do you want anymore?
1 and yes
The girl who told you she was in tenth grade but was actually twelve lmao
What's your favorite food?
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Think you will play in the NFL?
If I keep working and improving
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Want kids?
When I'm older yeah
Who is Brooke vis
Everyone knows about you and Rachel last night haha...
Dream car?
Lookin forward to a rematch this year in football
Who is this
Who was the best DB you faced this year?
Kid from moeller
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Most amount of times you've jacked off in one day?
Do you know Ryan Verhelst?
Bre veldman is?
Why did you leave Northview?
Better choice to be at christian, nothing wrong with northview but Christian was just the right choice for me
What recruits are you going hard after? who's your next guess to commit?
Going after hand
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