Myron Lomonaco
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What's the best thing you can purchase for $5?

Some trees lol

You're cute af

Thank you (:

You are so cute

Thank you (: who is this

What building you stay in ?

I commute -__- but in trying to get a dorm now if some are left

school u go 2


i cld jus take my time with you

Fr lol

you cld get id ;)

Oh fr (;

wld u smash sumbody jus 4 the nite

yeah if they kute lol

y u so damn cute?

I have no idea lol

who u think iam? n u gotta quesss...either frend female male stranger etc????



Cutie that never hmu no more

u jus i said y n u said u mean y llf its all gud u jus lucky

Lol alright if you got a kik dread_head23

What shoes did you wear today?


llf yes while u correctin me


Is it bad that I wish we could have sex just once?

Lmaooo your anonymous tho

lol y????

Wht you mean why

u cute asf;)

Thank you (: I wish I knew who this was

lol bcuz imean days cood b better


I feel you

Who do you trust more, your friends or your parents?


im ite :)


Why just ite

how u doin lol :)


Lol good (: wbu

How tall are you???


Cause you don't like Kiking folks back!!! How we sposed to have a healthy relationship if u dont talk to me. Communication is the key. Lmfaoooo


Lmao alright I got you (:

Mack? (:

I don't even know where to start. Kute af, kool af, funny af but she broke up with me /= lmaooooo

You cute shawtayyyyy

Thank you (: