When was the last time you broke the law?

Um idk I j walked today.

Chuck said shuddup. That's all have a nice day

Who's chuck.

Hello, how are you today?

I'm ok, wby?

Do you have a favorite song

No. But I have been listening to Get Like Me by Nelly almost all day lmfaoo, don't judge.

Im glad I followed you your gorgeous

Which one of the 4 new followers is this that made a tweet saying "new follower>>>" lmao?

Is josh your boyfriend?

Nah. He's mine doeee.

What makes someone attractive?

Being josh, lmfao

How often do you think about your future?

Every single day dude.

What are your classes?

biologyA- Niedermeyer
Y Indv Skill Building- Barton
English- Murray
Personal Fitness- Deluca
World History&Geo-Grizzell
Geometry- Brach

What was the last thing you paid for?

Food beotch.

y u hoe me out

probably cause you were annoying, never left me alone, and i talk to someone but idk. it depends on who this is.

How many times a day do you visit Ask.fm?

like once or twice.

Who was ur last kiss

I don't wanna say, lesbihonest.


You aren't worthy enough to love me, bye(:

I don't know how to give a hint without revealing the identity of myself...

What's the first letter of your name? & boy or girl?

What time of day is your favorite?

Night time!!

11 baybayyy .

Yea I have 7 piercings.

1 2 5

I'm 5'5".
Yes I'm a virgin.
No I do not smoke.

Do we become happy only when we meet the one we love?

No, this is not true. You become happy when you make yourself happy, you can't depend on others for happiness cause you never know when you'll be let down.

What is one thing you're sure of?

I know for sure who I can trust with my life. Love you

I'm sorry but I never reveal myself... (That's why this is on anonymous)

Aha it's fine, can I have a hint on who you are?

I wana slide my cock thru your ass cheeks not your ass hole in between the cheeks

That's very odd. Sounds fab dude.

When is the last time you told somone you love them?

I told josh I love him this morning.

Hey are you okay?? You seem down... I just wanted to let you know that whatever you are going through... Everything will be alright.

Ong who was this? I love you so much. Hearing those words is good, thank you anon!! ❤♥



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