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At what age did you find out that Santa wasn’t real?

Dnu maybe 6....7....

Not just talking


Ennooo ericccccc


enoooo Ings likes talkingg

Im sexy

yes you are ;)

Where are you from?

Lebanon. You?

you're cute xx

Thanks x u too :D

When will you be 18?

sept 24 :)

got kik?

nop, its useless

Where's nigeria?

Africa :D

Who's your closest friend (girl) ?

You asked me this exact same question like 2 months ago :p, MAKHASIK :D

What's the worst thing someone can do on a first date?


you have no idea who this is so....

Okay yara is sleeping nw x_x who's dis? :p

That was not my question , there is a reason why it is called ask fm ;cc

Haha yeah I know, but khls I alrdy know who u r:p sooo.... Ders no use to it now ;;)

Some1 other than me , or any mother ;-)

Hahaha who's dis?? -.- yaraa?!

Mention some1 you hate


Oki . Mention some1 you love

YOU! ;)

Why are you so mean on ask fm

Coz der r a lot of lifeless people wit useless questionss..I dnt even answer all of dem

What is a saying you say a lot?


who do you miss the most right now?

You:) Fag, get a life

how often do you jackoff?

Ohh... only when your mums around:)

-.- I MEANT BAD -.- dickwad. Pft

Hahaha shutup!! -.-

I love mad bitches that's my fucking problemmm

I love BAD bitches -.- not mad ! Dnt spoil d songg

Hey! I just met you.. And this is crazy.. But here's my number... So call me maybbbbbbe :o

Get a life -.- I'm not sure who you r , but get a life :p


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