Are you shy?

Na concealed

Chill tf out dude you're extremely sensitive and have no humor geez! Smh! It's not that deep so stop ranting on twitter

I know who you are

Don't have homework sorry.: ) but u are not hard to figure out its visible mi son! Who ever she was had you whipped it's ok.

Please have a seat, you're lost

Your ex must've scarred your heart because you seem like u in pain when u speak on women.

My Ex? , uh How about a single parent home.... You should do your homework next time

Good job on your competition last week!

Preciate it

Why u made a new twitter n ig?

Because I wanted too

Who was the last person u gave your shoulder to lean on?

My Momma

A famous female you want to meet?

Not one

How many curvy women u been with

As many as I'd like to be with

Ever made love


Kool aid flavor?


If u r madly in love with someone is it hard for u to keep her a secret?

I don't believe in faluinting

The biggest rumor u heard about YOU?

When somebody acted like my name wasn't Ed

Why you don't want a girlfriend?

Beacuse the modern day concept of a girlfriend is illogical

Your two nieces, are those your sister's kids?

Na they my auntie , sister , first brother kids

Ever dated a female cancer?

Ion think so

Hey! What you been up to?


The oldest chick u dated?

Older than me

Most relaxing spot?

The beach

I never knew you played football Jamie Carter

Yup all threw HS, broke my right my senior year and focused on track

Who is your favorite football athlete?


Do you play hard to get

Do i really look I have the time to play? ..... Lol no

Would you date a girl with kids?

Not sure

How long does a woman hair has to be for you to date her?

Really ?

What you ate for dinner?



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