Eddie Straughn @EddieStraughn
Eddie Straughn @EddieStraughn
This is just something to give myself something to do :) ask anything you want. Twitter & Instagram: ‎@Eddiestraughn Follow me :)
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Hey (:
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are you single?
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Hey do you have a Kik?(:
Who are u talking to?
Your momma
Sex paragraph?
Wtf? O.o
We're you on homecomingg court? Saww youu at the game andd youre so handsomeeeee
Not this year, but thank you so much (:
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who are u following on here ?
No one
I said .... First of all it's "Landon" not Landen ..... And you couldn't get her if you tried..... Sorry 'bout you nigga!
First off, I didn't even spell her name wrong. The person who asked the question did. And secondly I never said I could get her or wanted to.
Ummm , it's Landon and you couldn't get her I you tried! Sorry 'bout you :/
What are you talking about?
Mhmm I see how it is just wait till Monday  Shelby Reid Lewis
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You almost made me face plant this morning Eddie..  Shelby Reid Lewis
That wasnt me But oh awkward im in your first period
Yeah, I know now (: I wasn't thinking and the name didn't click right away :/ sorry
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Landen Carter listed you as one of the hottest guys at Sunlake on ask ... You two would make beautiful babies
Who's that? Lol
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heat do u look for in a girl? And do u like blondes or brunettes?
I don't look for anything. If you do, you're never gonna find it. And idc about hair color? That's kinda stupid to choose a girl over.
Looking for a gf?
Not looking for one, but I'm not trying to stay single
Going to homecoming?
Yeah (:
Who's your tweet about?
You're so cute!!!! :)  Alexia Muniz
Wow, thank you! (:
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What's the youngest age you would date
5 1/2
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First 4 to like get 10 likes?
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Is the girl u like in ur grade ?
I'm not sure if I like anyone
Would you date a girl a grade younger then you?
I've answered this question a million times before.
Do you like anyone?
Idk, maybe
Who are you going to homecoming with ?
I don't know.
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Did you make homecoming court?
I think ?