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smoking pot kills brain cells... you never get those back :/

you're an idiot

U r hot as fuck d8 me plz


Are you scared of dads with guns and daughters?

Dad's with guns are scared of me

you have snapchat ?

eddiestraughn <-----

You grew up to be a good guy, eddie. Im proud of you. Just keep a good head on your shoulders.

I know what's best for me, thanks

Ay u got a kik


What's your Kik?


So there's a girl I know that I think you may have been interested in freshman year. Is there anyone that you wish you had talked to?

Idk, I just wanna know who you're talking about

Do you play any sports?

Swimming and Diving, Track and Field

You seem upset over your ex looks like that's what you get for playing your ex before that. Lol

Haha fuck you marissa

What's your kik ? (:


Do you have a kik


I heard you smoke a lot now

Now? It's been longer than you think and if you don't know me well enough to know that then it's non of your business anyways

I heard you smoke a lot ...true?


Who are u talking to?

Your momma

Sex paragraph?

Wtf? O.o

We're you on homecomingg court? Saww youu at the game andd youre so handsomeeeee

Not this year, but thank you so much (:

who are u following on here ?

No one

I said .... First of all it's "Landon" not Landen ..... And you couldn't get her if you tried..... Sorry 'bout you nigga!

First off, I didn't even spell her name wrong. The person who asked the question did. And secondly I never said I could get her or wanted to.

Ummm , it's Landon and you couldn't get her I you tried! Sorry 'bout you :/

What are you talking about?

Mhmm I see how it is just wait till Monday

Shelby Reid Lewis

You almost made me face plant this morning Eddie..

Shelby Reid Lewis


That wasnt me But oh awkward im in your first period

Yeah, I know now (: I wasn't thinking and the name didn't click right away :/ sorry

Landen Carter listed you as one of the hottest guys at Sunlake on ask ... You two would make beautiful babies

Who's that? Lol

heat do u look for in a girl? And do u like blondes or brunettes?

I don't look for anything. If you do, you're never gonna find it. And idc about hair color? That's kinda stupid to choose a girl over.


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