Elliott Avis @ElliottAvis97
Elliott Avis @ElliottAvis97
I got dem h8ers, ill go post a Facebook status about how much I h8 sum1 lol Private Joke bitches
Q's please bitchessssssssssssss
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Who was your idol when you were growing up?
My dad
How often do you get touched/grabbed/pinched on the bottom?
What don't you like about your height?
In nothing
Name a boy with a bigger bum than yours.
Uh I don't know
How are you feeling about results day?
What shoes did you wear today?
Nike SB
Do you like your height, if so, what do you most like about it?
I do because I see everything
Is your bum getting bigger?
I guess
What image do you have as your desktop background?
A$Ap Mob
How tall do you think you'll get?
Go do ows
Done any homework?
No haha
I'd love to give your bum a squeeze.
Well I'm sure we can arrange something
Is your ass jiggly?
No it isn't
What is your favorite summer song?
Asap Ferg Hood Pope
What do you look for in a girl?
Someone kind good personality not shy
Tell me something interesting about you.
I don't give a fuck about what a girl looks like
Your bum is huge.
Thank you ;)
How did you get so tall?
I think it's from my grandad
Are you still growing?
Yeah haha
How often do you get compliments/do people talk about your backside?
A but hahaha
How are you feeling?
cutest girls?
Oh my god there's loads
What's your height then?
I wish my bum was as peachy as yours.
Please measure yourself i want to know how tall you are