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Since there are open houses due to frats being asked to leave, would Elon consider adding another sorority to accommodate all the girls wanting to be involved?
Right now there are no plans to add another sorority to our panhellenic community.
What are the chances of Elon starting a new sorority soon?
Elon recognizes the number if individual who want to participate in greek life is high, as well as the number of individuals in each organization is high. Right now there are no plans to add another sorority to our panhellenic community.
Has A Chi O already started their COB? How would they notify you if they wanted you?
Informal recruitment has started, and it is an invitational process.
If you get offered a bid in a second recruitment after formal recruitment but do not take it can you still do informal recruitment in the fall?
If you do not accept a bid then you can still participate in informal recruitment in the fall. However, fall informal recruitment is never guaranteed and not all groups have it. We will not know until the beginning of fall semester if organizations, and which organizations, will be participating in informal recruitment.
How do you get involved in A Chi O's continuous open bidding?
Continuous open bidding (COB) is an invitational process, where organizations invite girls to participate. If you did not receive an invitation you can participate in recruitment again next year.
How many girls can live in each of the on campus houses?
Each chapter house houses between 10-13 women.
How many girls can live in the Phi Mu AXiD Zeta Sigma Kappa houses? How is it decided who gets to live there?
Each chapter house in the greek court houses between 10-13 women. Each organization has their criteria and makes their own decision as to who gets to live in their house.
If you get a bid from a sorority during spring rush and DO NOT accept any bids can you rush another sorority in the fall?
No, by accepting a bid, even if you drop an organization that day, you are ineligible to participate in recruitment for 1 year (aka Spring 2016).
how do you apply to be a pi chi
Pi Chi applications will be available Monday, Feb. 18 until Wednesday, Feb. 25. Applications will be available on the greek life website, and are a printable word document that you are to turn into the greek life office in Moseley center by 5:00 p.m. on the 25 (however you can turn them in before that as well). The application consists of answering a few essay questions and recommendations from your chapter president, a member of your executive council and a former pi chi. You are to turn in your application with the essay questions, and whoever writes your recommendations has the responsibility of turning them into the greek life office. Group processing day will be Sunday, March 8.
If you get bid from a sorority during spring rush and don't accept can you rush another sorority in the fall?
No, by accepting a bid, even if you drop an organization that day, you are ineligible to participate in recruitment for 1 year (aka Spring 2016).
I know we can find out who will be doing COB or who will participate in informal session but who do we ask or when do we find out what sororities are participating?
Email Shana Plasters at for more information
When the greek life office figures out which organizations have continuous open bidding, will the girls who went through the recruitment process and didnt receive bids get an email, or will it be posted on the greek life website?
If you are interested in COB please email to get the necessary information.
is there a fall rush for sophomores?
There may be fall recruitment next year based on what organizations fall below average campus total once the seniors graduate. This will not be determined until early fall.
What is continuous open bidding? How does that work? And when does that happen?
Continuous open bidding (COB) is an informal recruitment process. Chapters under the campus total average will be eligible to participate in COB. This may include anywhere from 1 to 2 spots or 10 spots in an organization. The logistics of COB are still being worked out, but basically the chapters eligible would hold a couple informal sessions to talk with women and then give bids to women they would like to join their organization. This process will happen within the next few weeks.
If you don't get a bid from the one sorority you had you heart set on on the final day, is their any opportunity to be accepted once the final bids and acceptances are counted?
If you have accepted a bid on bid day there is no way you will be given a bid to another organization. There may be opportunity for fall informal recruitment, if that chapter is eligible for informal recruitment. However if you have accepted a bid to an organization and decide to drop that organization, you are not eligible to go through recruitment for 1 year.
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Is there any way to switch into your second choice sorority?
I'm sorry unfortunately you cannot switch to your second choice. I encourage you to continue to stick it out in your organization for at least another week. New member period is very overwhelming so make sure to ask for help! Your new member educator is a great resource to express your concerns to or even your pi chi. You have six weeks before you are initiated to try your org out and if you decide its not for you can drop and go through recruitment next spring, if you so choose. But my best piece of advice is to reach out for help!
Can you clarify what no boys during rush means? Can I not even talk to a guy who is strictly a friend?
We don't want you to talk to men during the week of recruitment because we don't want them influencing your recruitment experience. This experience is all about you and is focused on what you think is best for you not what your boyfriend/best guy friend is best for you. It's only for a couple days!
What is convocation for?
Just a night to get you pumped up about recruitment and also answer logical questions. Dean Waters and the Director of Greek Life, Shana Plasters, will be speaking at convocation as well. It won't last more than an hour!
When do we get our recruitment schedules?
At the beginning of each day of recruitment from your Pi chi. The first day you go to all 9 chapters just in a varying order from everyone else.
Can you be asked back each day including pref round and then not get a bid?
Yes if you do not maximize your options it is possible to not receive a bid.
can you go through recruitment and et a bid and everything and then decide you dont want to be apart of a sorority
Of course! If you realize greek life is not for you at any point in time you can drop out!
Does the recruitment class size for sororities change because so many girls are rushing this freshman year?
Maybe a couple more people (like 4 or 5) will be in each pledge class but it shouldn't be drastically different from the pledge class size from last year.
when normally is the new members' retreat?
Its different for every chapter but usually a couple weeks into the 6 week new member period.
Are there evening activities during the first and second day of recruitment?
No! You'll be so tired by the time rounds are over and you speak with your Pi Chi you'll just want to go to eat dinner, relax and go to bed. It's important to stay healthy and get enough sleep because the days start early and are very long.
what happens the weekend after recruitment?
Each organization is required to submit to Greek Life a New Member schedule. This includes things such as learning about the organization, study halls, meeting other women in the chapter, doing activities, etc. This would be a great question to ask women during recruitment and ask what their favorite activity was.