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Now that registration is over, how many women signed up to go through recruitment?
It is still unclear. We won't know until final decisions are made about all appeals.
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If I don't rush now, but want to later, how does fall informal recruitment work
Usually we do not have fall recruitment and if we do only a couple organizations usually participate. I would not bank on having fall recruitment next year. If you do want to go through the recruitment process, the next available opportunity would be spring recruitment 2016.
when you say very few appeals will be issued, what is usually the exact number?
It depends. It's different every year because it depends on how many people appeal and what their reason for appealing is. For example last year we had about 30 people appeal and only accepted 5 to go through recruitment.
I know all of the sororities have chapter at different times but what days is it typically?
All organizations have chapter either Sunday or Monday in the afternoon or evening.
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could you explain what bid day is like and what happens
On bid day everyone meets in a location (TBD) to open their bid cards. Pi chis will reveal their affiliation that day and then you will be given a manilla envelope with a bid card inside. From there everyone will open the bid day cards together and go to the women holding those letters in that room to then with go together with all of the women that got bids to that organization's house. From there each organization has some sort of bid day theme to welcome new members in. New members will meet the entire chapter, hang out, and eat food.
When do we find out if we meet the requirements to rush GPA wise?
Once final grades are in and submitted we will contact people who have signed up for recruitment but do not meet the grade requirements (probably by the end of next week). From there you will have until January Thursday January 8th to submit an appeal to Very few appeals will be granted and only under extreme circumstances.
Why is there a minimum GPA in order to rush?
One of the main pillars of greek life is scholarship. Each national organization has a GPA standard as well. We want members that are well rounded and will be a good face for greek life. Going to Elon is about getting an education so we like to have a standard to hold our members to.
When do we get our Pi Chi's?
Sometime during the second week of winter term!
If your gpa doesn't meet the minimum after fall can your winter term class be counted also to raise it?
No winter term grades are not included in the GPA calculation.
Is it absolutely mandatory to attend recruitment convocation the Tuesday night before recruitment starts? I am studying abroad for winter term and do not get back until that night so I would not be back in time for convocation.
No if you are coming back from being abroad its fine to miss convocation. However anyone on campus is required to attend
When is the last day to sign up for recruitment?
December 12th by 5 pm!
I accidentally put the wrong room number on my registration. What should I do?
Email Shana Plasters at and she will help you out.
is it true to join sigma kappa that you have to have a 3.2 gpa?
Nope not true!
Are readmitted elon students allowed to rush in January?
Yes, as long as you have an Elon GPA of 2.75 and 12 completed Elon credit you may register.
What should we do for people that want to write us recommendations?
You can have them send it to
Greek Life
Campus Box 2971
ATTN: Org Name
Elon, NC 27244
By January 10th 2015
If we have recommendations, where do we send them?
Send recommendations to
Greek Life
Campus Box 2971
ATTN: Org Name
Elon, NC 27244
by January 10th 2015
Are transfer students able to rush?
Transfer students are eligible for recruitment if they have been at another school for a year or more. Freshman who transfer here second semester are not eligible to go through recruitment.
What do sororities want to know about pnm's?
They just want to get to know individuals. They are looking for girls to be active members in their organizations. They want to see if some of these people could be future leaders of the organization or introduce new ideas to the organization. Each organization is founded on different beliefs and values and they want to look for members who will uphold these values.
Best part of recruitment?
The best part is going to each organization's house and seeing what makes them unique and special. You'll meet a lot of amazing women throughout the process who have things in common with you and who are completely different from you. If you be yourself and keep a positive attitude, you will really maximize your experience.
I've been hearing a lot of stuff about a cap on the amount of girls that can rush, as long as I sign up before the deadline am I guaranteed to be able to rush?
Yes! We do not have a cap on how many people can participate in recruitment. That is a rumor people come up with. As long as you register before December 12th at 5 pm, have a 2.75 Elon GPA and have completed 12 Elon credit hours you are eligible to sign up for recruitment and will be allowed to participate in the process.
Why do sororities need your GPA other than the 2.75 requirement?
Some organizations hold higher standards than the 2.75 GPA for women going through recruitment and want to know who is qualified.
What activities do sororities do?
I'm not sure what you mean by this question. But each organization on campus participates in ritual, philanthropy, social and sisterhood events.
How does recruitment work?
This is a pretty big question that if you do decide to go through recruitment your pi chi will answer more in depth. Also more information can be found on the greek life website. But here is a summary version
Day 1- Go to all 9 organizations for information round
Day 2 go to max of 7 houses for philanthropy round
Day 3 go to max of 5 houses for sisterhood round
Day 4 go to max of 2 houses for preference round
Day 5 bid day
Are there interviews for recruitment?
Nope! You just go and have conversations in each of the house every day during the week of recruitment
in order to go through recruitment does your current gpa have to be a 2.75 or your cumulative?
Your cumulative GPA must be a 2.75.