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when this year/how can you apply to be a Pi Chi?

Pi Chi applications will come out in October

Are their certain packets I need to fill out to be considered during the February rush process?

When registration comes out for recruitment, you will just fill in some general questions about yourself.

What are the new sororities coming to Elon in the fall? Will they be open to join if you are a sophomore or junior?

There are no new sororities joining our campus this fall.

If I was a member of a sorority at a different school and transferred to Elon how would that work? Do I have to re rush? Can I only join the sorority I was a member of or can I join a different one? Im not sure how this works

You would join the organization that you are a member of. Remember, you join for life :)

Is there any way for a sophomore to rush in the fall?

Continuous open recruitment would only happen if our organizations are under chapter average. That will not be determined until next fall, and is not guaranteed.

I still haven't gotten my Phi Chi! What should I do?

If you have not received your recruitment counselor yet please make sure that their initial email did not go to your spam folder! If it did not, then there could have been a misspelling when you put in your email on the recruitment application. But no worries, email and we will get it figured out!

Have all of the Pi Chi's emailed their groups because everyone I have spoken to received their Pi Chi, yet I have not heard from mine. I know I am registered because I have received confirmation emails.

If you have not received an email from your IIX it might be because you input/misspelled the wrong email address on your recruitment application. If you have not received your Pi Chi, please contact

Can you participate in informal recruitment after formal recruitment when you are on medical leave

No -- you will have to be on campus to participate in recruitment.

How will we know what sororities are participating in informal recruitment after formal recruitment. I know y'all always say you can participate but never tell us how

Recruitment post formal recruitment is something that we will know only after formal recruitment and we process our chapter sizes. YOU will have to take the initiative to contact our office and see if there will be a recruitment period, as well as checking the FSL website.

I submitted my application and payment, but didn't get a confirmation email. I am being told that it was never received and now I cannot go through rush. Is there anyway to appeal this decision?

Unfortunately there is not a way to appeal this decision. Should any of our organizations be taking new members post formal recruitment, and you are eligible, you will be able to participate in recruitment then.

How many girls are rushing and is it true that the office of FSL is making it more competitive to get a bid?

The number of women participating in the recruitment process has not been solidified yet. As to the latter part of your question, that is not true. The FSL office does not affect your ability to receive a bid from an organization if your are eligible to participate in the recruitment process.

From what day to what day does rush actually last?

Recruitment starts the morning of January 27 and concludes with Bid Day on January 31.

Is there any way to join a sorority if you are not available during fake break to rush?

Should our chapters be taking new members post formal spring recruitment, and if you are eligible, then you can join an organization. However, that is not a guaranteed time to join.

When will we hear if we have been granted an appeal?

Our Executive Council is still reviewing appeals and will be notifying all those who have appealed soon.

When will our Pi Chi get in contact with us? We're too excited!

They will be contacting you within the next week.

When will we find out who our Pi Chis are?

They will be contacting you within the next week.

Will there be fall recruitment in 2016?

That will be determined next fall as we get chapter totals from our organizations.

On January 27, will there be events occurring at night? I bought tickets for a concert and I was just wondering if I could still go.

Day 1 is going to go until around 6:30 p.m. or so. You might find yourself so exhausted from the day that you would rather not go to the concert, especially since you will be starting early in the morning for Day 2. Your Pi Chi will go over the schedule in more detail when you have your first meeting.

Do you go to all 9 houses on the first and second day, are all 9 houses split between the first 2 days (5 the first, 4 the second), or do you go to all 9 the first day and only up to 9 (mutual selection) the second day?

Between the first two days of recruitment you will be going to all 9 organizations. There is no set number that you will go to each day. Schedules are completely random, so you might go to only 2 organizations the first day and then 7 the second, or maybe 4 organizations the first day and only 5 the second. No two schedules will be the same during the week of recruitment! You will only visit each organization once between the first two days. There are more rounds of recruitment on the first two days than organizations, so you will have some free time between the first two days between rounds of recruitment. The recruitment scheduled will be explained to you in more detail with your Pi Chi!

Is it very likely that many girls will not receive bids this year? And if so, what options are there if we end up bid-less?

There is no maximum on the women allowed to receive bids. If you do not receive a bid during formal recruitment, should any chapters be accepting spring new members post formal recruitment, and if you are eligible, you would be able to join then. In addition, you can get involved in other areas on campus, such a other organizations, club sports, etc.

Is it true that only 500 girls are allowed to get bids this year?

That is not true! There is no maximum on the amount of women who are allowed to go through the recruitment process of receive a bid.

Were we suppose to get a confirmation email or anything like that after we completed the online registration?

Yes, you should have!

What are the outfits for each day of recruitment?

Day 1, 2 and 3 are casual (jeans, flats, boots, sweaters, shirts, etc.) and day 4 is nicer, such as a cocktail dress. You will find out more about outfits as you meet with your Pi Chi and you can have them help you pick out your outfits prior to recruitment!

I know that letters of recommendation are not required, but how much do they help, if at all?

Letters of recommendation are not required nor at they weighted during the recruitment process.

I will be graduating high school in 2017 and hope to go to Elon in the fall, is there anyway to get mailed information about the sorority and find out how I can do my best to join?

Information about sorority life will be available to you when you come to campus in the Fall of 2017. In the meantime, you are more than welcome to look on our Fraternity and Sorority Life website to learn more about our community.


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