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Panhellenic Council @ElonGreekLife
Panhellenic Council @ElonGreekLife
Elon North Carolina
The Elon Panhellenic Council manages this account - please feel free to anonymously ask any questions pertaining to recruitment, Greek life, or sororities!
Ask about recruitment!
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in order to go through recruitment does your current gpa have to be a 2.75 or your cumulative?
Your cumulative GPA must be a 2.75.
How do I submit an appeal about my GPA? And do members of the sororities themselves decide whether to accept a PNM's appeal? If not, who does?
You must wait until after final grades are in to submit an appeal. You can register for recruitment and the Greek Life office will notify you if you need to appeal and instructions on how to do so. All appeals must be submitted to You will have until Thursday January 9th 2015 to submit an appeal. From there the Panhellenic Exec Board will review your appeal and make a decision. You will be notified by that following Monday January 12th of your decision.
So I registered, now what?
At this point the next step in the process will be to wait for an email from your pi chi (sometime during the second week of january). You will meet with her 2 or 3 times before recruitment. Then recruitment starts january 28th.
Do I need a certain GPA to pledge a particular sorority?
Every Elon organization requires members to have a 2.75 GPA in order to be eligible for membership and recruitment. It is important to keep in mind that you do not "rush" a particular organization. We have a structured process that requires you to go to all 9 organizations the first day of recruitment and then whatever organizations you have left on your schedule the remaining days of recruitment. You should be open to learning about all of the organizations and not be concerned with only one. Most of the time being closed minded does not work out in your favor.
Do I still have a chance at getting a bid if I don't know very many girls in the sororities or go on any lunch dates?
Yes! You don't have to know women in greek life in order to receive a bid from an organization. The week of recruitment should be for you to meet women from all the organizations and get to know them then.
Is the $60 fee refundable if you choose not to rush?
Yes! Up until recruitment begins you can decide not to go through and get your money back. Just go to the greek life office and they will take care of it
If I get a bid, how much of a time commitment are the first 6 weeks of pledging before initiation?
The first six weeks in the organization are the biggest time commitment. As mentioned in a previous post you are meeting lots of women and learning all about the organization. You will probably send about 3 or 4 nights a week doing something related to your sorority (some optional others not) and that usually ranges for an hour or two
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What do you do during pledging?
This is a time to learn more about the organization (where/who it was founded by, philanthropy, etc). and also get to know the women in the organization. You will participate in different activities to get to know girls, progressive dinners, big/little week, learning ritual information, study halls.
How big of a time commitment is a sorority?
It's a pretty big time commitment. Most people compare it to adding a class (for time spent). There are weekly chapter meetings, different committee meetings, rituals, philanthropy events and service hours. It varies by week but there is always something going on
Why do dues in different chapters vary so much?
Each chapter includes different activities in dues, such as t shirts, more social events, bigger philanthropy events, etc. Also nationals for each organization may require different amount of money from each org.
On the application, do we fill in our gpa or do we leave that blank? Assuming that by the end of this semester it will be different.
You can guess or leave it blank. We will verify it with the registrar at the end of the semester so we have the correct GPA.
If your grades are not exactly at the GPA necessary to rush is there anything at all that you can do such as prove that you have actually been working hard?
You can submit an appeal and explain why your grades aren't where they should be. However VERY few exceptions will be made and only with very valid reasons. So continue to work hard the rest of the semester! You can register and pay for recruitment now if you would like and then once the office gets your semester grades you will be notified if you are not eligible. If you don't get approved for an appeal you will be refunded the money.
If I am currently on medical leave from Elon, am I still eligible to participate in rush if I intend on returning this spring?
I would email Shana Plasters at and ask specifically. She is the Director of Greek Life and will be able to give you a better idea.
Do we need to have formal/senior type pictures or does any picture work?
Nope! Any picture that you feel comfortable in and like of yourself is perfectly fine! Formal or not!
What is the best thing about being Greek?
It's hard to pick one best thing and of course it is different for every person but I would personally say the friends I have made and the leadership opportunities. I have been exposed to so many different types of people (those very similar to me, very different, different backgrounds, different personalities, etc). It has made me think critically about what I do and led me to participate in different experiences that I never would have imagined. It's nice to have a support system that knows when you need a hug or when you need some tough love. I also love my ability to gain confidence with the leadership available in my chapter and in Greek Life. Speaking in front of a 100+ people can be terrifying but the more often you do it the better you become at public speaking. It has also tested my problem solving abilities and how to get all these different types of people to work together to create something fabulous.
Is there a cap on recruitment this year?
Nope! There is never a cap on recruitment! You just have to register before December 12th at 5pm
what do you wear to each day of recruitment?
Day 1 What you would wear to class
Day 2 What you would wear on a date
Day 3 Business Causal
Day 4 Cocktail Dress/ What you would wear to a holiday party
Don't stress about this now! You should be able to find these items in your closet. Your pi chi will also let you know the dress attire for each day and can help you pick out outfits. For more ideas you can look at the Elon Greek Life Pinterest page.
How many people typically drop out/get cut during the process?
It's different every year because we have a different number of people register every year and women make different decisions every year. We can't forecast what women will choose to leave the process because that is their choice. We can't really give an exact number.
If you receive a bid but then decide afterwards you want to drop out can you still do so?
Yup! You have the six weeks of pledging to figure out if Greek life/ that organization is for you before initiation. This is a time to get to know the organization members better and what it entails to be Greek. However I would really consider before registering for recruitment if it is something you want to do.
what day does recruitment open?
I'm not sure what you mean by this question. Registration starts tomorrow October 29th at 9 am and ends December 12th at 5pm. The recruitment process is done over fake break. Recruitment will last from Wednesday January 28th to Sunday February 1st.
is the service sororities' recruitment process the same as all the other ones?
Nope! They do not participate in formal Panhellenic recruitment. If interested in a service sorority I reccommed emailing the chapter president of the organization for more information. This can be found on the Elon student organizations page.
do we need to dress up for the panhellenic panel tomorrow night?
Absolutely not! Wear whatever you feel comfortable in! It's just simply a conversation no one will be judging you on your outfit.
Does everyone get a bid? How do people not get a bid?
Remember this is a mutual selection process. You are looking at organizations that you fit well with to join and they are looking for women that fit with their organization. Not everyone who goes through an invitation to join an organization.
i'm not sure if I want to be in a sorority because of the cost of dues but is there anything that is similar to the social aspect of being in greek life?
Of course! I recommend checking out the list of organizations on Elon's Web page. Many people have also had great experiences with service sororities like ESA or APO, business fraternities like AKPsi, club sports/intramural teams, Elonthon, etc. Look into a few of these organizations to see if they are right for you!
If our GPA does not meet the required 2.75 how likely is it for Panhellenic to accept an appeal and let someone rush??
Highly unlikely. We accept very few appeals under rare circumstances. But you still have a little less than half a semester left so get those grades up!