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what is the deadline for the application?
Recruitment registration closes on Friday, December 18 at 5:00 p.m.!
I just sent in my greek life application but I forgot to put my picture. How do I add the picture to my application when it is already submitted? I did not see a way to edit it.
It's okay - the picture is not required!
Can you rush if you are a transfer student for the 2016 semester?
Yes you can!
If I have special accommodations is there an exception to the GPA requirement to rush? Do they give special accommodation students any leniency with the GPA requirement?
There are no special accommodations to the GPA requirement. If you do not meet the requirement you can you through the appeals process. That application is posted on the Elon fraternity and sorority life website.
Should we still fill out the legacy information if we are a legacy of a chapter that is not at Elon?
You can if you would like! If you do and the chapter is not at Elon it will not affect you during the recruitment process.
For the portion of the application where it asks, "What are you looking for in a sorority experience?" and "What one word would you use to describe you?" Are we expected to be answering in paragraphs or in one to two sentences?
Feel free to answer in a sentence or two! Be concise, but if you feel like you have more to say you are welcome to make your answers longer.
Is there anyway one can still rush if they don't have a 2.75 GPA?
If you do not have a 2.75 GPA you can go through the appeals process, which is outlined on the Fraternity and Sorority life website. You will be notified if you do not meet the minimum GPA requirement. Appeals will be due January 7, 2016.
Will sororities not want to recruit me if I only have a 2.75 GPA?
As long as you meet the minimum GPA requirement you are eligible for recruitment. Each organization does have their own academic standard that they might take into consideration during the recruitment process.
what do the commitments look like during new member period? how much time should i expect to set aside and is everything mandatory?
New member period activities and its time commitments are unique for every sorority. Out of all the events that you attend during your new member period, some will be mandatory and some will not be -- however, you will find yourself wanting to attend all so you can meet your new sisters! I would set aside around 3-6 hours per week for your sorority during your new member period. Though it is a time commitment, we still encourage you to continue membership and involvement in all other campus organizations during this time period!
There is a rumor going around that more girls will be left bid-less this year. I was wondering if this was true or, if quota determined by however many girls are left at preference divided by the number of sororities?
That is not a true rumor! Once again, we try to maximize women's opportunity to receive a bid from an organization. We will decide quotas once we know how many women are registered and planning on going through the recruitment process.
If we are a legacy does that have any weight in the recruitment process? And it says that the application is closed on the website. Could you put a link to the application on here?
Each organization handles legacies differently -- for some it does hold weight in the recruitment process and for others it might not. You do have the option to put on the application if you are a legacy of an organization.
And here is the link for the application!
Is it bad not to stay for winter term and still rush?
Of course not! Staying on campus is not a requirement for going through the recruitment process. The same resources that you would be available to you on campus (mainly your recruitment counselor) will still be available to you if you do not stay on campus.
If you have a GPA that's barely past a 2.75 does that affect your chances of getting into a sorority?
It depends on each organization. Each sorority has their own GPA requirement for members and academic goals for the organization as a whole.
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do sororities get to see our grades during rush
Since you will be signing the grade release on the recruitment registration form, organizations and our Fraternity and Sorority Life office will have access to your grades.
Do any people rushing submit letters of recommendation for sororities or is it better not to?
Letters of recommendation are not required!
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Do the service hours you complete for your organization's philanthropy count for completing the Service ELR?
Unfortunately you cannot. Since you have to complete a certain number of hours within the same organization over a short period of time while completing the ELR workbook, you might not fulfill the requirement for the ELR in your own organization (because of the hour requirement for the Kernodle Center). However, if you have a leadership position within your organization, you CAN complete the leadership ELR!
If you are someone who does not drink a lot, do you feel left out being in a sorority?
Not at all! All of our organizations are values based and have a focus on leadership, philanthropy and scholarship. While social is a aspect of it, it is not all that our organizations are about. In each organization that are women who chose to not take part in drinking and are incredibly active members. You can make the most out of your time in your organization if you chose to stay substance free!
I have heard rumors about hazing, if that were to happen how would the situation be dealt with?
Please be assured that all of our organizations have a strict no hazing policy! In the case that you are/feel like you are being hazed, please report it immediately to our Fraternity and Sorority Life office in Moseley 224 or report it to the hazing hotline!
What is the schedule like during fake break for rushing for a sorority? Would I be able to go on a quick trip during fake break at all?
If you choose to go through the recruitment process you will unfortunately not have enough time to take a trip during that break. Winter Term exams are on Jan. 25 and recruitment will promptly start Jan 27 and conclude on Jan. 31 with bid day activities, and then spring classes will start Feb. 2!
What is the process of mutual selection like? For example if a sorority is not on your list but your on theirs do you still continue the process?
The mutual selection process entails you wanting to go back to and organization and them inviting you back. As long as those preference match up, you will be going back to that organization! During recruitment we maximize your options at all opportunities -- so if you do not have a organization listed as one of your top preferences but they have invited you back, you will return to that organization if you have room on your schedule! To learn more about the mutual selection process, please come to our Recruitment Information Session on Nov. 4 in upstairs Lakeside at 6:30 OR 8 p.m.
If a person's GPA is above the 2.75 requirement to participate in recruitment, is it still a big factor in receiving a bid from a sorority?
The 2.75 GPA requirement is only a factor when registering for recruitment. Each organization has their own GPA standards that they require for their members.
I am unable to attend Miss Recruitment and was wondering what is the preferred business casual attire? Is it nice pants, nice shirt and heels or a nice dress and heels and should it be pretty business or only slightly business attire?
Hello! Business casual attire is not required this year. All days of recruitment are casual (IE jeans/leggings, flats/boots, shirts/sweater), except for preference round which will be cocktail attire. For the causal days, please wear whatever you would normally wear to class or to hang out with friends! Think of cocktail attire as attending holiday event or a nice dinner with your family.
Is it possible to study abroad this winter term and still rush? Will I miss important meetings with my Pi Chi group/Panhellenic meetings that are during winter term?
It is possible to study abroad and still go through the recruitment process. You should be back in time for the recruitment process, and if not, our FSL office will work with you to ensure the best recruitment experience! Over winter term, you would just miss meetings with your recruitment counselor, but you can still stay in touch with them via text/email if you have any questions about the recruitment process while you are abroad. Please attend our fall Panhellenic events (Panhellenic Panel and Recruitment/Sorority Life information session) to learn more about recruitment!
Are sororities indifferent/accepting of sophomores who are unaffiliated and want to rush? Is there an equal chance of getting a bid if I was a freshman vs. sophomore?
All women going through recruitment have a equal chance of receiving a bid to a sorority, no matter the grade standing!
Can you rush if you start attending Elon in the Spring with transfer credits?
Yes you can!