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Ask about recruitment!
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When do we get our recruitment schedules?
At the beginning of each day of recruitment from your Pi chi. The first day you go to all 9 chapters just in a varying order from everyone else.
Can you be asked back each day including pref round and then not get a bid?
Yes if you do not maximize your options it is possible to not receive a bid.
can you go through recruitment and et a bid and everything and then decide you dont want to be apart of a sorority
Of course! If you realize greek life is not for you at any point in time you can drop out!
Does the recruitment class size for sororities change because so many girls are rushing this freshman year?
Maybe a couple more people (like 4 or 5) will be in each pledge class but it shouldn't be drastically different from the pledge class size from last year.
when normally is the new members' retreat?
Its different for every chapter but usually a couple weeks into the 6 week new member period.
Are there evening activities during the first and second day of recruitment?
No! You'll be so tired by the time rounds are over and you speak with your Pi Chi you'll just want to go to eat dinner, relax and go to bed. It's important to stay healthy and get enough sleep because the days start early and are very long.
what happens the weekend after recruitment?
Each organization is required to submit to Greek Life a New Member schedule. This includes things such as learning about the organization, study halls, meeting other women in the chapter, doing activities, etc. This would be a great question to ask women during recruitment and ask what their favorite activity was.
if i am in a sorority and my roommate is not, can she still come with me to the sorority house
Not if she ever plans to go through recruitment. Each chapter has different rules about it but if your roommate wants to go through recruitment later on then no.
What kinds of questions do women ask you at each house/ what kinds of questions should we ask them?
They range from get to know you questions like "where are you from?" and "what's your major?" to things like "what's your spirit animal?" You can ask women in houses any questions as long as they don't pertain to alcohol, boys, politics, religion, money, inappropriate things. We call them the no "B's" (booze, butt, bucks, boys, Barack, Bible).
During recruitment are we being judged on what we are wearing?
No! Be comfortable in the clothes you have and follow the dress attire for each day. There are so many girls that sororities don't have time to analyze every single aspect of every single girl's outfit.
Do you have any tips for going through recruitment?
Your pi chi will be a great resource during recruitment so USE HER!
Be the best version of yourself.
When talking to women in the chapters, make sure to ask them questions and don't just give one word responses.
Focus on the conversations you have with the women during the week, not the stereotypes you hear (cause they are not true).
One woman cannot get you into a chapter nor can one woman keep you out of recruitment.
About how much time will be spent in each house? Does this time increase with each day?
Your Pi Chi will go over this with you. But each day you go to less chapters and spend more time there.
Day 1: 25 minutes
Day 2: 40 minutes
Day 3: 45 minutes
Day 4: 1 hour
What is the procedure for informing girls if they've been dropped from recruitment?
Your Pi Chi will discuss your schedule with you each day in person.
With such a large number of women rushing this year will there be bigger pledge classes or more people who get dropped?
Pledge classes may be slightly bigger. It's hard to tell what will happen it depends on how the week goes. There is no way to tell if there will be more dropped or bigger pledge classes. Don't stress about this cause there is no way to know!
What is the no boys rule with pledging?
That was a rumor started on yik yak. You can talk and hang out with boys during the pledge period/every day. You can't believe everything you hear
If you sign a SIP for a chapter on preference day, are you guaranteed that bid for the next day??
How common is it to be dropped completely?
Its a different number every year so it varies.
Do any of the sororities ever give snap bids or can you only join one by formally going through rush?
Some do have snap bids and there may be Continuous Open Bidding (COB) after formal recruitment. But that will not be decided until formal recruitment is over.
Is there fall recruitment for sophomores?
It is still to be determined.
How many girls are in each pledge class?
It varies based on how many people go through recruitment every year but usually between 50-60 members.
Is there a way we can withdraw from rush?
Yes! Email Shana Plasters at and she will assist you and refund your money.
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Some of my friends at larger universities told me a large portion of girls get cut from recruitment. Is this similar at elon or do most get into a sorority?
It is true that not everyone gets a bid. Our percentage of women who get bids each year varies. Not sure what you mean by "large portion". Keep in mind that bigger schools have more people and thus naturally more will be not receive bids.
is there a way to update my profile and put a picture after ive registered?
You would have to call the greek life office and have them do it for you. Its not necessary to have a picture.
Can you explain what a suicide bid is?
It is not called a suicide bid. That is an offensive and outdated term. It is called single intentionally preffed (SIP). This means that on preference round if you have two chapters, when you go to sign your bid card you only put one chapter down. Thus you can either get a bid to that one organization or not be involved in Greek Life. Your Pi Chi will talk more about this.
how is it decided who can dance in the greek week dance?
Pretty much whoever is interested and willing to commit to practices.