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If I started going through recruitment as a freshman and it ended up not being the right fit at the time, would I be able to still go through as a sophomore?
Yes, if you decide during the recruitment process or any time up before you are initiated into a organization that it is not the right fit you can drop out and then go through recruitment again the following year. If you are initiated in an organization and you decide after that it is not the right fit you will not be allowed to go through recruitment again.
If a student does not get a bid sophomore spring, are there no longer opportunities for the sophomore to rush?
No, you can go through recruitment as a junior in the spring during formal recruitment.
I am planning on transferring to Elon in the fall. Can I still go through recruitment if I am transferring in as a junior?
Yes you can definitely go through recruitment in the spring if you so choose to as a junior.
Do a lot of girls' with boyfriends rush? Is it common or no? Would I just bring a guy friend to formal and things like that? I'm just kinda curious about people's opinion on joining a sorority with a boyfriend!
There isn't a statistic about girls who go through recruitment with boyfriends vs. without boyfriends. My advice is to do whatever you feel comfortable with. In the end it should be your decision to decide if greek life is right for you, not anyone else's. You could bring whoever you wanted to a formal.
Where do we have people writing rec letters send them to ?
You can start sending in recommendations at the end of September to the Greek Life Campus Box ATTN: Beta Beta Beta (whatever the Greek organization is).
I'm an incoming freshman and I was wondering if letters of recommendation are needed to join a sorority, and if so when do we need to get them in by?
You definitely don't need recommendations for every organization or even at all. If you want to have one or two written cause your mom or sister or someone special was in a specific organization you can. But you definitely don't need to do them for all of them. If you do send a recommendation it can be sent in next year starting in September up until end of December.
Will elon be doing informal rush in the fall?
No there will be no informal fall recruitment next year in the fall.
Is it possible to rush to rush next year if I plan to study abroad in spring semester?
Yes! However, you must talk to the pledge educator if you get a bid in order to work out a plan.
Since you have spring recruitment, do the new members move into the house in the spring or in the fall of their sophomore year? Do most girls live in the sorority house?
If you choose to live in the house you would move in the following fall. There is only 10 to 13 spots in the house so most of a pledge class won't live in the house (pledge classes are between 40-60 members). Each organization picks who lives in the house differently (ex. GPA, interest, essay writing)
How is rush handled at Elon? When are the requirements due? Do you need Photos, transcripts, resumes and rec's? Do you need letters to be recruited by all of the sororities We live in Texas and it is all due May 1st, 2014.
It's much more laid back at Elon than big southern schools! You definitely don't need resumes and transcripts. Elon has a delayed recruitment which means we don't do recruitment until the end of January. Women can't even register to go through recruitment until end of October- Early November. There is a spot on the application to add one picture if you want but you don't need to. Also you definitely don't need recommendations for every organization or even at all. If you want to have one or two written cause your mom or sister or someone special was in a specific organization you can. But you definitely don't need to do them for all of them. If you do send a recommendation it can be sent in next year starting in September.
Is it common for sophomores to rush? I wasn't interested until now so I was thinking of possibly going through spring 2015 recruitment. Is that common? Or not really??
Yes! Plenty of sophomores go through recruitment. There is a wide range of sophomores who do it. It includes girls who transferred in the spring and were ineligible to go through recruitment freshman year, girls who transfer at the beginning of sophomore year, girls who were not interested freshman year but now are interested, etc
Will any organizations do informal recruitment this fall?
No, it is highly unlikely.
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If you rush as a sophomore during formal recruitment but plan on studying abroad during fall of junior year will sororities not want you?
No not at all! It may happen that some of your sisters will be abroad with you! You will still have all of spring semester to bond with your sisters and learn about your organization
Can you be a varsity athlete and join a sorority?
Yup! It can be tricky sometimes to work with practice schedules during the week of recruitment but if you can make it work with your coach you can do it!
Are transfer students welcome to rush as well?
Transfer students are welcome to go through recruitment! They have to have either been at Elon since the spring of this year or the fall of next year, have at least 12 credits, and have a 2.75 Elon GPA. Students who are spring admits for 2015 or transfer spring semester 2015 will not be allowed to go through recruitment unless they have been at another school for an entire year before.
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Is it possible to rush in the spring and study abroad for winter term next year?
It is possible to do that! You would just want to make sure that your trip is back before recruitment starts (aka when fake break begins).
Is it true that Delta Gamma might be coming to Elon?
Nope! We are currently not adding any Panhellenic organizations to Elon's campus. A latina sorority is in the works of being brought to campus but that is under a different governing council and thats the only one!
Will there be fall rush next year?
At the moment there are no plans to have a fall recruitment. At this point if you would like go through recruitment the best option is next spring 2015.
My daughter will be a freshman next year at Elon (2014-15). Does she need to get her recs and photos together this summer? We live in Texas and girls around here get all their recs/photos ready by June, even for deferred rush Texas schools.
Absolutely not! Recommendations are totally not necessary and you definitely don't have to send pictures. If you would like to send a recommendation (though its not required) you can start sending in recommendations at the end of September to the Greek Life Campus Box ATTN: Beta Beta Beta. You can include a picture on your application when you register for recruitment if you want but you don't need any other pictures besides that one.
I'm a freshman who was originally going to rush but then couldn't because of family reasons that I needed to be home for over fake break. Would it be weird for me to rush as a sophomore?
Nope not at all! Plenty of sophomores go through recruitment and end up happy! If its something you are interested in then I would definitely go through!
I heard a rule that you can't really talk to a friend who is in a sorority during this week, when should you stop texting and talkin with them? Is it bad if you text them before Wednesday?
Yes this is true. We do not want anyone influencing you're decision during this process. Starting today at 5:30 you can no longer talk to Greek women outside of during the rounds of recruitment. The Greek women are also aware of this and will no longer be texting or talking to you after 5:30 today. Talking to Greek women up until 5:30 today is fine.
How does bid day work?
If you do not receive a bid after preference round, your pi chi will let you know in the morning before bid day events begin. If you received a bid, you will head to the bid day location, there will be a pi chi reveal, and you will open your bid card, and then run down the hill to the respective organization.
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If you don't rush, is it possible to receive a snap bid?
If an organization still has spots available on bid day, they may offer anyone who participated in formal recruitment and meets the Elon recruitment requirements a snap bid.
what does extension mean?
Extension is the process of adding another sorority to campus.
Will Elon be open for extension any time soon?
Greek life and Student Activities work very closely together to decide on the extension process. At the moment, they are not having this conversation.