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Is there a cap on recruitment this year?
Nope! There is never a cap on recruitment! You just have to register before December 12th at 5pm
what do you wear to each day of recruitment?
Day 1 What you would wear to class
Day 2 What you would wear on a date
Day 3 Business Causal
Day 4 Cocktail Dress/ What you would wear to a holiday party
Don't stress about this now! You should be able to find these items in your closet. Your pi chi will also let you know the dress attire for each day and can help you pick out outfits. For more ideas you can look at the Elon Greek Life Pinterest page.
How many people typically drop out/get cut during the process?
It's different every year because we have a different number of people register every year and women make different decisions every year. We can't forecast what women will choose to leave the process because that is their choice. We can't really give an exact number.
If you receive a bid but then decide afterwards you want to drop out can you still do so?
Yup! You have the six weeks of pledging to figure out if Greek life/ that organization is for you before initiation. This is a time to get to know the organization members better and what it entails to be Greek. However I would really consider before registering for recruitment if it is something you want to do.
what day does recruitment open?
I'm not sure what you mean by this question. Registration starts tomorrow October 29th at 9 am and ends December 12th at 5pm. The recruitment process is done over fake break. Recruitment will last from Wednesday January 28th to Sunday February 1st.
is the service sororities' recruitment process the same as all the other ones?
Nope! They do not participate in formal Panhellenic recruitment. If interested in a service sorority I reccommed emailing the chapter president of the organization for more information. This can be found on the Elon student organizations page.
do we need to dress up for the panhellenic panel tomorrow night?
Absolutely not! Wear whatever you feel comfortable in! It's just simply a conversation no one will be judging you on your outfit.
Does everyone get a bid? How do people not get a bid?
Remember this is a mutual selection process. You are looking at organizations that you fit well with to join and they are looking for women that fit with their organization. Not everyone who goes through an invitation to join an organization.
i'm not sure if I want to be in a sorority because of the cost of dues but is there anything that is similar to the social aspect of being in greek life?
Of course! I recommend checking out the list of organizations on Elon's Web page. Many people have also had great experiences with service sororities like ESA or APO, business fraternities like AKPsi, club sports/intramural teams, Elonthon, etc. Look into a few of these organizations to see if they are right for you!
If our GPA does not meet the required 2.75 how likely is it for Panhellenic to accept an appeal and let someone rush??
Highly unlikely. We accept very few appeals under rare circumstances. But you still have a little less than half a semester left so get those grades up!
I am currently a sophomore in college, but considering on transferring to Elon in spring of 2015. Am I eligible to rush in January?
Yes!! If you have been at another school for one year you are allowed to go through recruitment at Elon. You must have a 2.75 GPA as well. Registration opens October 29th at 9am until December 12th at 5pm. No late registration will be accepted!
What are the specific themes for each day of recruitment? I know one day is philanthropy day but wasn't familiar with the rest of the setup, thanks!
Day 1- Information Round- general get to know you questions and interactions
Day 2- Philanthropy Round- learn about each organization's philanthropy and participate in a craft related to the philanthropy
Day 3- Sisterhood Round- watch videos on the organizations sisterhood and talk with members about what makes their sisterhood so special
Day 4- Preference Round- intimate ceremonies about organization and very special
Day 5- Bid Day- each organization will have a different theme to celebrate/welcome new members
More information can be found on Elon University's Panhellenic Council's Facebook page or the
What do I do with recommendation letters? where are they to be sent? along with a few people have told me that they are to do it through their website and it is all in a database? which is the right way? Where and How do I apply to participate in rush?
Each organization handles recommendations differently. I recommend checking on their national website to see what their guidelines are. However you can also always send recommendation letters to
Greek Life
Campus Box 2971
ATTN: Org Name
You may register for recruitment starting October 29th at 9 am until December 12th at 5pm. All of this information can be found on the Greek Life Website. I highly recommend going to the different recruitment info events this fall to learn more about Greek life before signing up.
What are the upcoming events in the fall that a potential new member should attend?
Great question!
We have a PanHellenic tailgate this Saturday October 25th starting at 12:00. This will be an event where you can meet women involved in Greek life.
Tuesday October 28th at 6:30 or 8:30 Greek Panel in LaRose Theater in KOBC- Please attend one of these sessions to learn more about what it really means to be in Greek Life. There will be representatives from each of the 9 organizations there to talk candidly about their experiences. If you can only attend one event, this is the event you should go to!
Tuesday November 4th- Miss Recruitment in Mckinnon- This event talks more about what the week of recruitment will look like.
Look out for facebook events for each our recruitment events for more details on the Panhellenic facebook page!
When is the last day to register for recruitment?
You must register for recruitment by Friday December 12th at 5pm. NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
Hi I am abroad this semester but would like to rush this comming spring. How do I go about registering ?
You can register starting October 29th online from the Greek Life website by filing out an application. The fee to go through recruitment is $60.
What is the average amount freshman pledges have to pay in dues?
Roughly between $600-$800 for the first semester (initiation dues/pins, formal, national dues, etc). And then the dues are between $600-$800 for the year each year after (roughly $300-$400 a semester). But go to the Greek Life Panel on October 25th to learn more about dues and other aspects of greek life!
Can a coach prevent a varsity athlete from rushing?
Certain activities are not optional for recruitment and others are not optional for sports. If you have questions I advise you go to the greek life office in upstairs Moseley and talk to your coach to see what the expectations are for each person and if it is even feasible.
Is it possible to both rush during Spring Recruitment and study abroad during spring semester??
Yes! However, you must talk to the pledge educator if you get a bid in order to work out a plan.
I know that being in a sorority is expensive. Is there anyway to directly transfer payment from on campus jobs to paying for the sorority? Also, is there any type of scholarship that an help pay for the cost?
Most sororities use Billhighway (an online dues site for sororities) to pay for dues. I don't believe there is a direct way to transfer funds. I would recommend creating a separate savings fund that you can use a debit card to pay directly. Dues can also be paid over a period of time so it is in smaller increments. Some organizations do offer scholarships through their nationals. You can look at the national website of each org to find out if they offer scholarships. Some of the organizations on campus also offer scholarships from their chapter as well.
my daughter is calling me a bit spun out about getting letters from people that know her that went to various sororities, two of which I haven't even heard of. :) how important are these letters and when do they REALLY need to be in? :)
They are definitely not necessary at Elon. If you have a special connection to one or two organization you can submit a letter of recommendation. The latest date letters can be sent in is January 10th 2015
If you withdraw from a class first semester but still have at least 12 credit hours, will you still be able to rush?
As you as you have completed 12 Elon credit hours and have a 2.75 before winter term then you will be allowed to go through recruitment.
Can you rush as a junior if you have never rushed before?
Yes you may go through recruitment!
Is it possible to join a sorority in the fall?
Not this year. There will only be spring recruitment at the end of January
What are the days for 2014-2015 recruitment?
January 28th to February 1st!