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On a scale from 1 to 10 how weird are you?
Ali loves you ❤️
who's Ali?
Hottest senior girls?
idk any seniors..
Hottest girls in your grade
theres a few ;)
Favorite incoming sophomore?
Theo ;)
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HEYYY ELVIR!!!! - your Favriote cousin Dino
sup dawg
You the ugliest nigga in the squad
Was southeast Polk good?
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That was not being honest say her name
text me and I'll tell you :)
Who do you like? Be honest.
you :)
Girls that have the cutest toenails??
I honestly don't know hah
Kids in your grade you're excited to play with next year for high school?
DM or text someone your interested like a heart or something. something.
to much work lol
Are you looking to talk to someone? I dare you to DM them (:
you can slide into my dms if ya want :)
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Why'd you guys lose to IC West?
unlucky I guess
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Someone your crushing on? Even a lil idrc
you bae :)
Gcully or cpsaucy whose better
love them both and they're both good :)
How does armins wiener taste
Girls in your grade you have secretly been wanting to see this summer?
idk a lot of them..so they should like hmu ;)
Nice goals today... Youll make Jv for sure or maybe even varsity bench
totally ;)
Still think you are super cute
why thank you
Funniest girls in your grade?
no idea lol
Best football player for sophomore? & best basketball player for sophomore
Karl for football and Jared for basketball
Don't be a punk and actually list them (:
babe..no one is a beautiful as you so there's no point :)