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Nice goals today... Youll make Jv for sure or maybe even varsity bench
totally ;)
Still think you are super cute
why thank you
Funniest girls in your grade?
no idea lol
Best football player for sophomore? & best basketball player for sophomore
Karl for football and Jared for basketball
Don't be a punk and actually list them (:
babe..no one is a beautiful as you so there's no point :)
Cute junior girls?
you :)
I was shocked bae
why were you shocked?
Favorite girls in your grade?
Britney Ciara Katie Maddie Megan there's more lol
Why didn't you take a pentalty in regionals finals last year
I was having a bad game and felt it was the right thing for the team..but after everyone shot I realized I should have lol
Hottest freshman?
Morgan and Phoebe probs
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How bad do you want a title this spring?
reealllll bad
Messi or Ronaldo?
Now tell me a secret
I love you.
Can I get a pic with you before you go pro?
lol..pro? but sure let's
get a picture
I didn't wear underwear to school today
Tell me a secret
you tell me one first<3
Best freshman soccer player at Johnston ;)
Theo ;)
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Could you go for the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?
Are you still friends with someone from kindergarten?
or nah
What cleats do you wear. How much do they cost?
Puma EvoSpeed's and like 250
How many pillows do you sleep with?
Gayest Bosnian at Johnston?
they're all gay..jking love most of them
Best guy friends? Best girl friends?
Armin Admir and Ferid and idk if I have a girl best friend
I saw you last week and you noticed me and id love to hit you up but im not sure if you'd wanna talk to me
where did I see you? and hmu whenevaaa
Hugs or Kisses?