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Girls in your grade you want to get to know better?
I'd like to get to know everyone so feel free to hmu
Nothing's wrong with you cuz you're perfect
Dude what's wrong with you?
You're hot ok
thanks bb
Who do you like?
Ur gayyyyy
do u even talk to girls?
ask me to hc
who are you
favorite seniors?
I'm not sure lol
can i talk to you using chatous?
what even is that
You should dm people you don't know to find a girl
Do you know who im talking about (;
idk do I?
elvir i've been working hard on my boot, you know
haha I believe you ;)
Favorite ginger?;)
Mitch :)
Her name starts with either a E or N i do not remember.
yeah I'll get right on that
You and that one girl should date
which one girl? haha
Best soccer players in your grade. Boys and girls
Boys: Cade
Girls: uhmm not sure..Kimrey is good
Favorite Drake?
I don't know any Drake's.. ;)
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On a scale from 1 to 10 how weird are you?
Ali loves you ❤️
who's Ali?
Hottest senior girls?
idk any seniors..
Hottest girls in your grade
theres a few ;)
Favorite incoming sophomore?
Theo ;)
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HEYYY ELVIR!!!! - your Favriote cousin Dino
sup dawg
You the ugliest nigga in the squad