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Emilie xx @EmilieDas
Emilie xx @EmilieDas
call me maybe:D
17 yasindayim Kibris - Rum tarafinda yasiyorum gerisini ask mee <33
Savas mi istiyon? KAMOON canim xx
RSS answers
bunu begenenlerin pp sine göre soru at <3 kırma bizleri
pp ne demek?
What are the first things you notice when you meet someone?
Do you have official app for Android?
Whom have you hugged today?
cem demek isterdim
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When is the world going to end?
2050 :/
What question do you hate to answer?
Are you ugly
Dikkat et canm yaptillarina z  Cem Yalıç
tamam askim <3
Dikkat et yapdiklarina canim x
Neyi anlaman canim ??  Cem Yalıç
Bosver askim x
Because i love u  Cem Yalıç
me to but...i dont know
Kusme bana sakin !  Cem Yalıç
Facede nasıl kayıtlısınn
Meliz Emilie Daskan
I love you  Cem Yalıç
Me 2 askim
Are you scared of the dark?
yeah :/
  Cem Yalıç
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kimsin sen -,-
nice =) xx
yep xx :)
what is the name man?
Cem x
ow yeah do you have boyfriend?
yes ive got x
fine you x
fine do you keep ryan?
oww fuck
oh Jane how r u
aşkımı beww
sikip giderim canımm
kees hade bye
cem kim aq hepsinin amk sen benimsin :Dd