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send pics to me on snapchat???
You & josh are one of the cutest couples I've ever seen
What's your secret to being so perfect
How old are you?
16 but 17 in a month
Ur fuckin attractive
Well thank you!
Anal is first base though
Not even close. Idk what bases you're talking about
You into anal?
Why do you box dye your hair?
HAHAHA Fuck you Brenden
When are you going to date Logan?
I have a boyfriend.
You a virgin?
Lol no
I'll fuck you for a quarter
Pass but thanks
What about a dime
Will you fuck off for a dime?
Would you do me for a nickel
Why do so many people ask you sex questions lol
Good question. Wish I could tell ya
Do you how do?
Do you believe in the possibility of there being unknown species amongst the stars?
Uh hell yeah! If you don't think something else is out there, you're dumb
You are beautiful Emily.
Wow.. Thank you so much
If you had to choose between the a guy that isn't attractive on the outside but is a total sweetheart and would do anything for you Or a guy who is attractive but a total dick, who would you choose and why?
Neither bc fck dat
Who is the last person you dated?
Who do you like
Hahaha a lot of people
If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?
Me on January 1st 2013
Best place for a first date?
Go to the zoo and if that doesn't work wait till nighttime and go layout under the stars and talk about everything and anything
If you could be successful at any one thing in life, what would it be?
Taking over the world
Get over ur ex
Have you done that already
Done what