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Have you ever been nude outside?
Do you smoke?
What apps do you mostly use on your phone?
Twitter sadly
I thought you hated kim
I did but hating someone takes too much time & causes unnecessary stress
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Would you go in a dunk tank?
not a question but you are super gorgeous
Thank you!
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At what age you kissed for the first time?
Sleep naked?
what is the nicest thing someone told you today
what is the nicest thing someone told you today
What do you think of Elijah Hankins ?
Cool dude, easy to talk to, pretty cute
Lol i know there's so many creeps
Who saw u naked
Your dad
Lol I'm laughing at all these "questions"
Same. Like wtf people. This is ask not tell
Who'd u skinny dip and streak with and when did u go
Creep gtfo
How often u naked?
You're weird
Hottest redhead you know
My ex & Garret Rollins
I'm not gonna lie I'd pay to see you naked. You're one of the hottest girls I know
Well thanks
Cutest Wichita guy you know?
Too many sorry
And that would be?
No one
Do you ever hangout nude? Have you ever skinny dipped or streaked completely nude? Has anyone seen you naked besides your parents?
Yes yes yes
If you could date one guy in Augusta who would it be?
Someone who doesn't want me.
U send nudes?
Do I sit on your lap
I think that's part of if but idk
How do you give one haha
Good question haha once you learn how let me know
Can I give you a lapdance