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Who do you like
Hahaha a lot of people
If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?
Me on January 1st 2013
Best place for a first date?
Go to the zoo and if that doesn't work wait till nighttime and go layout under the stars and talk about everything and anything
If you could be successful at any one thing in life, what would it be?
Taking over the world
Get over ur ex
Have you done that already
Done what
So is that a yes or no?
Oh this is Shane bosley
Oh this is still Emily Lynch
You should put them on display like Cassidy
Mannnnn I wish I looked like her
You have nice tits js
Thanks hahahaha
Bitch no you're not
You fuck in the lake?
Wtf kinda question is this
I'm Shane Bosley
I'm Emily Lynch
I'll do you if you do me?
Stranger danger
Rim job?
Dead no bye HAHAHA
What about with a hot guy
Noooooo bye
Would u with a guy you didn't know
No omfg
Just answer
No not rn
Would u do that with someone rn
Why are you on anon asking me these weird questions
If do that with u rn
Idek who u r
Would u have shower sex?
Probably one day
Guy or girl?
Would u?
Probably one day
Have u ever showered with someone naked
If you could live in any fantasy/fictional universe, which would it be?
Where world peace existed & Money wasn't a thing..oh & where having a pet elephant was normal